Hulu Series ‘Vanderpump Villa’ Will Feature Lisa Vanderpump & Staff of ‘VPR’ Matriarch’s Chateau Rosabelle: Meet the Cast of the Upcoming Series

Twelve new employees and not a single one of them named “Tom.”

Bring on the decadence, debauchery and drama! 

Lisa Vanderpump and the hand-selected staff of her French estate, Chateau Rosabelle, are coming to Hulu in a new unscripted docu-drama, Vanderpump Villa. 

“Each scintillating episode follows the elite staff as they try to provide luxurious, once-in-a-lifetime, Vanderpump-curated experiences for guests while dealing with rivalries, romances and raucous misadventures that come from living and working together 24/7,” the Hulu press release for the new series reads. 

The staff of Chateau Rosabelle will take on firework-filled proposals, wild excursions and other opulent events, while also dabbling in “outrageous confrontations” in the French countryside. 

“Here’s hoping for Scandoval: Part Deux!”

(Even Lisa herself called ‘Vanderpump Villa’ “a blissfully complicated experience in the South of France” Thursday on social media.) 

“Each day at the Chateau brings nonstop heartfelt, humorous and heated moments, from staff and guests alike,” the press release continues. “All the while, Lisa evaluates whether this is the team to make her ‘pop up’ experience a permanent reality and add to her ever-growing empire.” 

Check out the cast of ‘Vanderpump Villa’/staff of Chateau Rosabelle below! 

Eric Funderwhite, Chateau Manager (Los Angeles, California)

Stephen Alsvig, Events Coordinator (Las Vegas, Nevada) 

Gabriella Sanon, Events Coordinator (Miami, Florida) 

Anthony Bar, Executive Chef (Los Angeles)

Caroline Byl, Sous Chef (Miami) 

Telly Hall, Mixologist (Atlanta, Georgia)

Andre Mitchell, Mixologist (Dallas, Texas) 

Marciano Brunette, Lead Server (Las Vegas) 

Hannah Fouch, Server (Las Vegas) 

Priscila Ferrari, Server (Los Angeles) 

Grace Cottrell, Housekeeper (St. Augustine, Florida) 

Emily Kovacs, Housekeeper (New York, New York)

A premiere date for ‘Vanderpump Villa’ has not yet been announced; however, you can watch Lisa and the cast of Vanderpump Rules SURve up another round of drama when Season 11 of the Bravo series returns January 30.  

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(Photos: Hulu; Bravo; Instagram)

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