Mama June Shannon Claims Daughter Anna Cardwell’s Last Wishes Regarding Daughter Kaitlyn’s Custody Were Filmed for ‘Mama June: Family Crisis’

“Tune in and see for y’all’s selfs!”

Mama June Shannon claims the upcoming season of her Mama June: Family Crisis will prove to the public that it was her late daughter Anna Cardwell’s dying wish for June to be the main caregiver of her 11-year-old daughter. 

As The Ashley previously told you, Anna passed away in December from cancer, leaving behind two daughters– 11-year-old Kaitlyn and eight-year-old Kylee. 

After Anna’s death, Kylee went to live with her father, Michael Cardwell, while June was preparing to take custody of Kaitlyn. However, Michael– who has been a consistent father figure to Kaitlyn since she was an infant despite the two not being biologically related-– is now fighting June for custody of Kaitlyn. 

Anna and her daughters in 2022…

Earlier this month, June claimed that Anna’s “dying wish” was for Kaitlyn to live with her instead of Michael, and earlier this week she doubled down on those comments, promising ‘Mama June: Family Crisis’ viewers that the footage of Anna’s final wishes would be included in the upcoming season of the WEtv show.   

“We are following Anna’s wishes at the end of the day,” June told The Sun. “People will see that all this season of the show.” 

June went on to say that “a lot was covered on camera” for the upcoming season. 

“The world will hear it from Anna’s mouth [that she wanted me to have custody of Kaitlyn],” she added. 

June has also accused Michael of only wanting custody of Kaitlyn for the money and has argued that “Kaitlyn wants to be raised by her biological family.” 

Michael’s attorney told The Sun that while he’s heard June’s claims regarding the alleged footage of Anna’s final wishes, he hasn’t seen any proof that any such footage exists. 

“We have heard that before, I believe that’s been Ms. Shannon’s claim for some time, but we’ve seen no documents and no footage of anything,” the attorney stated. “To be frank, this is a court case that is going to play out in a courtroom in front of a judge and not over any reality TV show.

…doesn’t understand what that means.

“We’ve not seen any official documents or any even informal documents that pertain to [Anna’s] decisions,” he added.

The new season of ‘Mama June: Family Crisis’ is set to premiere in February on WEtv and ALLBLK. 

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  1. Big June couldn’t give up drugs to raise her own kids. Big June couldn’t give up the man who molested Anna to raise her own kids. Big June shouldn’t even be in consideration to raise someone else’s child. She is an absolute disgusting excuse for a mother and that little girl needs to be with her sister and the man who has been stepping up as her father her entire life. Period.

  2. The fact she was in her deathbed probably meant she wasn’t of sound mind so anything she said wouldn’t hold up in court


  4. Things said on reality shows aren’t viewed as truthful statements in court and definitely are not legally binding. Reality shows are partially scripted. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if June exploited Anna during her last days when she was on pain killers and not thinking clearly. June is such a scumbag for doing this to Kaitlyn. She probably misses her sister and dad so much. Hopefully, Michael gets some custody time while the case is pending.

  5. This all should have been legalized months ago.

    I’m sure June stalled and hemmed and hawed just so it wouldn’t be.

  6. I doubt she’d let June take Caitlin after June chose P🚪🚪mark over her own flesh and blood.

    June took advantage of a sick vulnerable Anna, for fkn ratings.

    Bribing Caitlyn ( I’ve no doubt ) to live with her, whist begging others to send gifts for this poor child, who not only lost her mom, but now ripped away from her sister too, I pray the judge there had a fkn brain cell and gives Michael custody.

    You do not seperate two grieving kids from each other.

    June is a Selfish horrible excuse for a mom and grandmother.


  7. June has literally stolen money from her daughters, so she’s not one to be clapping back on someone else that she thinks is in it for the money. She is the one in it for the money, because if Kaitlyn isn’t in her custody, then she can’t use her to exploit her on reality tv. Having Kaitlyn would make her interesting again to WeTV. Kaitlyn deserves to grieve NOT on reality tv, and I don’t think that Anna would want her 2 daughters to be raised separately.

    1. And also, what money is June even talking about, that Michael is supposedly after?? Anna didn’t even have any money! June stole what she had supposedly put aside for her from the show, Anna was even working at Walmart like 2 years ago! She doesn’t have any money, and whatever social security or whatever that the girls would get as survivors isn’t a lot. Probably Michael spends more than that per month already on her, since he pays for both girls’ schooling!

  8. I really hope the judge doesn’t allow her to “raise” her granddaughter given that she is an addict, legally blind, didn’t raise her own child for years and on top of everything, took the side of the abuser of her own daughter. She’s not fit to raise a cactus just because she shares DNA with the girl.

  9. I honestly believe the only one Anna discussed her true wishes regarding her children and what she truly wanted is with her new husband. Who clearly is keeping quiet and is privately grieving for the loss of his wife and respecting Anna by not selling stories to the media.

  10. One could argue that she wasn’t in her right state of mind. Another could argue she was trying to please her “mother” before she passed because of all the turmoil they went through. June lost custody of her child not too long ago. What judge would willingly hand her another child whom she barely knows? It makes no sense and no one wants to see it play out on TV. We’ve seen your life play out for years and you’re not fit to have a child in your custody. Get a grip.

  11. june is SUCH a trashy 🗑️ piece of sh*t 💩~ like, it’s honestly hard to believe such an as*hole exists. for real ~ f*ck her and her thirsty AF clan o’grifters. 🖕🏻

    1. Anna did say her ex was K’s father and always would be before she became ill.

      So this custody battle is between her father and a very unfit grandma perhaps.

      Anna also didn’t consider June her mom for a long time and he was there and having a relationship with the child her while life. June wasn’t even in the picture for most of the child’s life.

  12. Maybe this sounds heartless but it really doesn’t matter what her final wishes were because she didn’t make them legal. At the end of the day Kailtlyn is a child and it’s important for her well-being to be considered more so than Anna’s supposed dying wish. June didn’t raise any of her kids and has a drug problem. She repeatedly put drugs and men above her children. Is she really the best person to be raising a child who just lost her mother? It sounds like Kaitlyn being with her sister and father is what’s best for her.

    I do wonder if Anna didn’t make a custody arrangement because she thought it was a given that the girls should remain together and be raised by Michael.

  13. This poor kid just lost her mom! How dare either of these two fight over her. Let the kid choose where she wants to be. At least for now while she deals with this. Unbelievable how grown adults can use kids as pawns like this. Selfish and disgusting.

    1. Why are you attacking the father that raised that child, has a real job, supported that child, and stays out of the spotlight? Kaitlyn is a CHILD. More than her wants need to be considered given that she’s not fully grown yet. Things like, I don’t know, her safety are more important than her wants right now given that her grandmother has let abusers into her kids lives and has a drug problem. Her father has every right to fight for her and her little sister to stay together. Lost my mum at almost the same age. That child is not okay or thinking clearly. Your comment reads like you have no idea what you’re talking about and just want to be included in the conversation.

    2. Her father (biological or not, he is), isn’t “fighting”. June is the one fighting, constantly contacting the media, putting bs posts and videos out on all her sm. SHE is selfish and disgusting, she always has been, always will be. She’s complete and utter trash.

      The child, as much as we’d like her to be able to make the choice solely, does get a say, but will not get the final say. A judge will determine based on all of the evidence presented, including speaking to the child (and professionals who have also spoken with the child), and decide what is in her best interest. All we can hope for is that the judge will make the right decision, which is to not let June anywhere near her, ever again.

  14. Does it really matter what her wishes are? Wishes aren’t legally binding. I would think that the court decides who is most fit to be a parent.i believe I had read that Michael was kaitlyns father figure for a long time, not to mention he is the father of her little sister. Wouldn’t that be the most ideal person to raise the 2 girls? Especially given that he wants to?

    1. First thing June is not Anna’s next of kin, her husband is. I know the ex husband wants the custody, but does June want her for the money too? Didn’t she take ALL the girls money. Keep them babies together, he is the only dad she knows.

    1. She exploited her dying child on her deathbed for sweet sweet reality show money after the girl had cut her off for years. The only reason anna came back to film was desperationation and vulnerability at her lowest time. And she gotten taken advantage of. It’s straight despicable. This isn’t any different for june. Seperating two sisters who need each other the most after their mother’s death. Meh that’s just another day for her.

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