Deanna Duggar Claims Daughter Amy Duggar’s Son “Went to Heaven” & Met Jesus As a Baby; Says Grandson Once Got “Miracle” Chicken Nuggets On-Demand

At least this Duggar news has absolutely nothing to do with Josh.

Deanna Duggar–- estranged sister of former Counting On star Jim Bob Duggar–- recently revealed that she believes her grandson Dax died as a baby, went to heaven and met Jesus. 

As you do…

Deanna made these claims during a recent interview with the Adnan Maqsood Live YouTube channel. In a video titled “In the Devine Presence: A Young Boy’s Extraordinary Journey to God’s Throne and the Enchanting Realms of Heaven,” Deanna recounted her grandson’s alleged trip to heaven, as well as his ability to have God provide him chicken nuggets on-demand.

The interview begins with Deanna speaking to host Adnan Maqsood of Vision Ministries over video chat, joined by her four-year-old grandson Dax, who is the son of Amy Duggar King. (Both Deanna and Amy appeared frequently on the Duggars’ shows 19 Kids & Counting and Counting On.)

Before Deanna recounts the story herself, Dax tells his version, while sitting on his grandmother’s lap. 

“Hey, I’m Dax,” he begins. “I went to Jesus’ house.”

Jim Bob, jealous that Amy’s son went to Jesus’ house while his son Josh went to the “Big House.”

When asked more about his experience, Dax goes on to describe “Jesus’ house” as “golden.” After Dax delivers his lines, he’s dismissed and Deanna proceeds to tell her version of Dax’s alleged road trip to heaven. 

“In 2019, my mom had a surprise death and I was very devastated and I was just very hurt that I didn’t get to say goodbye to her,” she begins, referring to the accidental drowning death of her and Jim Bob’s mother, Mary Duggar, in 2019. 

The late Mary Duggar…

Fast forward to 2022, Deanna says Dax had a cold so he stayed at home with her while his parents, Amy and Dillon King, went to church. As Deanna and Dax were sitting on the porch and chatting, Deanna told her grandson she “really missed Momo” (Grandma Mary). Dax responded by telling her a story about something that had happened to him as a baby.

“ … he goes, ‘I fell down at mama’s store when I was a baby,’ … and I said, ‘I remember when that happened,’” she recalled, later explaining that Dax had “fallen out of his carrier” when he was around 10 months old.   


“He said, ‘Yes, I went to Jesus’ house,’” she said. “Well, I was so shocked, I didn’t know what to say and I just kept listening. 

“He said, ‘Yes … I sat on Jesus’ lap, I got to go to Jesus’ throne room and see God,’” she continued, adding that Dax claimed to have spoken with his Great Grandma Mary Duggar, as well as another departed family member during this experience. 

Deanna said Dax told her at the time that he would share more of what happened when he was older, which he has since gone on to do. 

“ … Later on, he did,” she said. “He said that Momo said that she missed me and she missed his mama. And I know in heaven it’s different because people can’t really miss people, but that was very special to me because, like I said, I never got to say goodbye to my mom. 

“It’s been a very interesting journey here, because my grandson, I really believe he went to heaven,” she added. 

Deanna said Dax claims to have traveled to heaven via capsule after falling out of his carrier as an infant. 

“Do you have to keep bringing up that detail, mom?”

“ … he said he got in a little capsule and transferred really fast and he saw outer space,” she said, adding that Dax told her he saw “creatures” with “lots and lots of eyes” in God’s throne room. She also stated that there is Scripture that backs up Dax’s claims about there being “creatures” in the throne room. 

“Kids can not make this up!” she proclaimed.

“Um…pretty sure kids CAN make stuff up but…go on Aunt D.”

According to Deanna, Dax described “Jesus’ house” as bright, shiny and beautiful. 

“I was just so overjoyed to hear this, because I know the he really went, because a two-and-a-half year-old– first of all, we never say Jesus’ house, we always say heaven around here, so that was a big clue,” she continued. “He says he can look up any time and he can see God and Jesus.” 

Deanna stated that she also believes that God works miracles through her grandson– sometimes in the form of breaded chicken.

“The other day, Daxy wanted some chicken nuggets, and we were out of chicken nuggets,” Deanna began. “So he just said, ‘I wish I had some chicken nuggets!’ And five minutes later, at our front door, were nine bags of chicken tenders–no antibiotics in them! 

“To me, that’s a miracle!” 

“Or, you know, a coincidentally timed InstaCart delivery…”

“God’s just saying, ‘Hey, I can provide. I can take care of my children, and he brought him chicken nuggets!” Deanna exclaimed.

Deanna said she’s shared this story with friends of hers, who have “acted shocked.” 

“They’re like, ‘Oh, my … but what a story, Deanna,’” she said.  

Deanna did not reveal how family members–- including her daughter Amy–- have responded to her claims. However, viewers seemed to be very skeptical of Deanna’s story, based on the comments left under the YouTube video.

“Aw I wish I was a 2 year old prophet so God would bring me chicken nuggets,” one person wrote. 

“That kid is no prophet. Stop blaspheming God by claiming some offspring of a Z-list reality star is some type of prophet,” another person wrote. 

“You really don’t believe this, do you?” someone else responded. “Please say you don’t believe this. If you do, please seek out a good psychiatrist.”

You can watch Deanna talk about her grandson’s journey to outer space, Jesus’ house and more in the video below! 

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(Photos: Instagram; YouTube; TLC) 


  1. With so much going on in the world , and so many people really needing a miracle , I’m sure Chicken nugs for Dax was really top priority for the big guy in the sky.

  2. We are talking about two women who love attention. I really hope I am wrong, but I feel like they will try to use this poor little child to stay relevant.

  3. not sure it’s a great idea to eat chicken nuggets 🐔🍗 that just ‘appear’ at the front door…

  4. I haven’t been able to stop staring at the header since photo. The moms under eyeliner only goes halfway under her eye and is so THICK. What an interesting approach

  5. When I was 4 I wanted to impress my preschool teacher. So I told her my family had a farm with all these school farm animals. This was a lie, little kids lie and it’s developmental normal.

    Why would she think this really happened?!?

  6. So the kid had a concussion as a baby and now you want to pretend he actually died, went to heaven and met his great grandmother so he can pass along a message to you? Yeah that didn’t happen. All Duggars are cuckoo

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