Dakota Meyer Says ‘Teen Mom OG’ Is a “Trailer Trash” Show About “People Bitching About Their Exes”

“But…am I lyin’?! NOPE!”

Dakota Meyer may be a star of Teen Mom OG, but he’s certainly not a fan!

After Monday’s episode aired, Dakota took to social media to rip MTV and its parent company Viacom for allowing ‘Teen Mom OG’ to stray so far from its original purpose— to show the hardships of teen parenthood— and only look for drama.

“What’s sad is that Viacom has turned ‘Teen Mom’ into a trailer trash ‘Real Housewives’ instead of showing what the true struggles of parenting are,” the ex-husband of Bristol Palin wrote in a message posted to his Instagram account on Tuesday. “I’ll bring my VLOG back and show you what single parenting looks like since they can’t seem to figure it out.”

In the caption of the post, Dakota continued his tirade against the show.

“It’s time to call it what it is @TeenMom, parenting is way more than everyone sitting around bitching about their exes,” he wrote.

Dakota was likely fired up over a particular scene from Monday night’s episode in which Bristol talks to her son Tripp about the possibility of him continuing to have a relationship with his former stepdad Dakota, despite the fact that Dakota and Bristol are divorced. Tripp was seen saying he did not want to keep in touch with Dakota, although the boy looked incredibly uncomfortable having the conversation with his mother, let alone on camera for a TV show.

While Dakota has frequently used social media to take jabs at Bristol (just as she has done to him), he has stayed relatively quiet on his feelings about the show, except to say that he was basically forced into filming by Bristol.

“I hate it but I had to in order to get my kids,” he told an Instagram follower back in October.

Bristol has yet to respond to her ex’s post; however (not surprisingly), Ryan Edwards‘ wife, Mackenzie, “liked” Dakota’s rant about MTV on Instagram.

Watch the scene in question from Monday’s ‘Teen Mom OG’ episode below!

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram)


  1. I’ve watched the OG girls since their 16 & Pregnant episodes aired and I will never watch this show again because they added Bristol. She might be the most trailer trash person they have ever had on this show. Simply because her moronic mother conned some people into thinking she was mentally qualified to be president, doesn’t mean we should give a damn what this girl does. Between the bar brawls and baby daddy drama, she should be crowned Queen of White Trash. The irony of them hiring this homophobic trash queen after firing David is completely lost on Viacom and MTV. This girl spent years preaching nonsense about abstinence and then showed up to the RNC pregnant. I guess we can thank her for making her mother’s hypocrisy and bad parenting apparent before anyone was stupid enough to elect her to office. Dakota should stop bitching, he should have been aware he reproduced with an attention seeker. Bristol has done everything she can to keep herself in the public eye.

  2. We are all to believe that he signed his contract and never watched the show to see all the smut slinging??? It’s insulting he’d think we are all stupid enough to fall for this crap that he really thought he was going to show the nation the struggles of a teen parent, how old is this dude?

  3. Is anyone else confused how Dakota was “forced” to be on TM2 by Bristol? So he wasn’t allowed to see his kids unless he went on TM2? Is is custody courts in Texas or just the Palin’s riches? I am just confused how someone can be “forced” to do anything. Bristol must have forced him to sperminate her twice and get married to her.

  4. This from the guy who bitches about Bristol constantly on the show. I bet he didn’t mind those paychecks though. Same with Ryan and Mack. They all love to trash Teen Mom yet it has afforded them the lifestyle to literally not work and live in nice homes.

  5. I don’t like Bristol. I don’t like her at all. But this guy is becoming annoying, just SHUT UP! And take care of your kids, stop having rants on Instagram, dear God, how old are you?!

  6. He isnt 100% military PTSD. He was a royal dick before. He’s losing control because he thought people would worship him & they dont. He thought MTV would paint him in gold & they didn’t.

    1. How would you know if he was 100% military PTSD or not? You would seriously have to

      1. known him BEFORE his enlistment
      2. be a psychologist or a trauma specialist

      None of which I’m sure you do.

  7. I find Dakota really difficult to watch. He’s so full of anger and rage, and looks like he’d flip at anytime. Having many ex military in my family, I know the effect PTSD can have on the individual and their family and friends. They’ve always had counselling to support them, and none of them use it like he seems to do. What he experienced is shocking and of course it wouldaffect his mental state. However, he seems to blame her for it. I can see how that would become draining, especially when she seems to remain calm with him. On a side note, he always seems to wear the same T-shirt, and his hair looks dirty.

    1. Totally agree. He milks it and it is not an excuse for treating your wife like crap. Use therapy to improve your behaviour, not justify it. I watched an Auschwitz docu the other day, that really shows the difference between the generations mental stoicism.

  8. The fact that Mack liked his rant just shows how incredibly bitter and immature she is. If MTV asked her and Rhine back, she would join in a heartbeat. Doesn’t she have a new baby and a fresh outtta rehab junkie husband to worry about? Why’s she always so wrapped up in what TM is doing…

    Dakota on the other hand…I saw this coming…it was only a matter of time. He seems like he can be difficult, but at the end of the day he has no problem bitching about his “trailer trash” relationship and cashing those MTV checks.

  9. On the other hand , Dakota seems to do his OWN fair share of “trailer trashy” bitching about Bristol too.

    Which seems to be adding heavily to the sheer “nothingness” of Bristol’s segments, with so many viewers (including myself) either fast forwarding through it — or mentally organizing their weekly grocery lists to kill the time.

    Just saying.

  10. It’s astonishing that these people trash the show but continue to be associated with it. Mackenzie says the show is fake and takes shots at MTV whenever she can when at the same time she’s bitching about not getting any camera time at the reunion lol.

  11. He’s absouletely correct.
    It’s interesting how I listened to my parents, made smart decisions in my life and used birth control so I wouldn’t become a teen mom… and I’m not living in a mansion or making anything close to $250,000..
    How does that work out? They’ve become stars and now have deals everywhere because they didn’t use birth control when they were 16?
    There’s so much drama and trash in the show, it stresses me out. I still watch it, but the show is mostly background noise while I cook or something…

  12. No lies detected! Call him bitter or salty or whatever, but did he lie??! Why should they get to live like “The Real Housewives” when they made poor decisions? The shows purpose is defeated. Time to end it

    1. Whining about how the show has lost its aim while collecting the paychecks especially because they “gave you a bad edit” or fired you is bitter and salty. Plus, duh. We know this already!

  13. Oh, come now, Bitter and Salty, everyone is already aware of this. No one watches for the true teen mom struggles. That ship sailed seasons ago. They watch for the train wreck drama much like the Housewives.

  14. He spent his whole time griping about Bristol and cashed that check. He’s just as trailer trash as them. In fact,he isn’t a single parent struggling to pay the bills,he and Bristol both have custody of their daughters and it seems like he just advertised his VLOG and will likely be making money off that. That makes him no different than the teen moms. Is he wrong,no but he’s a damn hypocrite

    1. There is something a little off kilter behind those eyes, but at the same time he has been genuinely traumatized in his life.

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