Is Anyone Else Tired of Seeing Ali’s Face? Or is it Just Me?

“I’m here to haunt your dreams! You can run but you can’t hide!”

We get it, Biggest Loser. Ali Vincent lost weight. A lot of weight. She looks good (except for she has that weird phenomenon going on where her head looks like it has been photo-shopped onto her body…do you know what I mean? And I don’t know why they gave her that bowl haircut, but anyway…) But do you have to cram her now-skinny face down our throats every chance you get? If I have to see her on one more product, I will knock myself out with a can of Biggest Loser protein powder. (Um…guess whose face is on that though?)

“Me again.”
Ali Vincent
Guess who?!

Don’t get me wrong; I think it’s great that she lost weight. I even liked her when she was on Season 5 with her mom, the cantankerous Bettie-Sue. However, since she won and became the first-ever female “Biggest Loser” they have wheeled her out every chance they have to promote everything from Biggest Loser scales to Biggest Loser fat camps. In fact, it seems like you can’t make it through one commercial break without seeing her persistently perky face beaming back at you saying “get off the couch. Make something of yourself!” Aw, man, I would but I’d rather just go make myself an ice cream sundae.

Sure, she’s a good role model, is a positive person, yada yada yada. But there are quite a few other Biggest Loser winners and contestants that I would like to see more of. Why not wheel out Bettie-Sue every once in a while? I’d much rather hear her wise cracks than see her daughter’s face…again.

“Member me?!”

I’m not sure why I’m so fired up about this…maybe I’m hungry. Wish I had a Biggest Loser Ali Vincent Nutrition Bar….


  1. There are just some people who are just plain annoying. I am happy for Ali and her weight loss. However her whining voice annoys me. They way she speaks to her mother annoys me. Her laughing at her own jokes annoys me. I don’t begrudge her a thing, she is not the type of person I would want as a close friend. I certainly don’t think you hate yourself or jealous for having an opinion. You are entitled just like Jeanette.

  2. Lady,,,, get motivated w/ life. Get a new life. Stop playing the “drama queen triangle”. Quit hating on people just because u hate yourself . Jealousy , envious and self-hated are your barriers. Girrrrrrrrrrl? Live on. Peace p

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