New ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle is Just the Trashy Gift That Keeps on Giving!

Future Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is apparently taking after one of the stars of Teen Mom. Unfortunately, that star is the oft-arrested, always arrested Butch, a.k.a Tyler’s dad.

It seems that Jenelle, was ARRESTED in October for breaking and entering, as well as marijuana possession! 

Anyway, according to Hollywood Life ,  Jenelle was picked up by the cops on October 15 for “allegedly breaking and entering into a home that wasn’t her own. Not only that, police claim she had one-half ounce of marijuana and a pipe on her as well. Jenelle was released on a $2,000 bond. She’s had her first hearing and is expected in court for a hearing January 10.”  

“I’m not going to lie to you, Jenelle…it’s going to take a lot to catch up with me…”

That’s not the first time Jenelle has been picked up for breaking and entering. In 2008, her baby daddy’s mom called the cops on her after she found that Jenelle had allegedly broken into her house by climbing in through a window to see her then-boyfriend, Andrew. She was arrested after she refused to leave. The charges were later dropped.

Also this year, on November 21, Jenelle was involuntarily committed to Brunswick Community Hospital by her mother! However, she was released the next day when she was found “not to be a threat to herself or anyone else.”

Jenelle’s life is so full of drama that MTV has made her disable her Formspring account (twice!) Apparently her battle with fellow 16 and Pregnant Season 2 star, Nikkole Paulun, had become so heated on there, they made her take it down.

Nikkole and Jenelle were once friends but now hate each other because, well, they’re teenagers and that’s what lame teenagers do. 

If you want to read some of the horrible things they said about each other over on the Facebook, click below.


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  1. White trash moms. I mean, I hope they all starve to death when the welfare runs out. I will laugh. Maybe MTV could show them hookin’ for a dollar menu meal. LOL.

  2. I always felt sorry for Nicole, but I think that maybe she just is getting back what she’s putting out there. RACIST.

  3. i dont care about the post.. just the fact that we have the same birthday! yay =] and i prefer nikkole over janelle anyday. because janelle is a really bad person and shouldnt be shown on a teenagers channel where very young and impressionable teens are going to be watching.

    1. You and every teen mom on this show are vapid,self righteous, ignorant, uninformed, overtly made up idiots. Also, they all wear to much make up. They don’t know anything about real life. “like, i totally, like they are totally like, like, like, driving me crazy” you are all a bunch of white trash. Even the people who sympathize, or god forbid empathize with these dumb sluts are trash. Please, stop breeding. You are just spreading stupity. MTV is trash

  4. Oh and if your offended by the word ‘nigger’ then go look it up, because no where does it actually state that it refers only to black people, white people can be niggers too, Hell Jenette is one. Look it up.

    1. No sweetie actually she meant it as a racist statement. Why else would she call him a nigger? He is BLACK! Sure anyone can be a nigger but you and I both know that was a term given to blacks. Why would I just up and call a black man a honky? Doesn’t make too much sense. She was indeed being racist. Please educate yourself before you type.

    2. That word should never be used because of its negative connotation. Regardless of who you’re talking about, you should be ashamed to use that word due to its history. The Ashley will never use that term, and you really shouldn’t either. Just my opinion, but I think a lot of people share it.

    3. @ Morgan They mean that toward Jenelle boyfriend who by the way is Black so the meant it to be racist way to hurt Jenelle boyfriend who has nothing to with the situation Nikkole and her lame ass friend are racist and everyone knows that N word is meant toward just Black person. So maybe you need to read your history book and check it out because in history the word was specific meant toward African American. Not White, or Hispanics

  5. haha. The only reason they picked Jenelle was because she would bring publicity because she is so dramatic and rude to her mother. She best be lucky she wasn’t my kid, because I would of popped her so hard in that smart ass mouth of hers she wouldn’t know what hit her! I liked Nikkole, she was at least respectful to people who were helping her!

  6. There argument was so stupid and it look like Nikkole and her friend are jealous that Jenelle was pick to on teen mom 2 no one like Nikkole everyone think that she is weak ass bitch who allow Josh to treat her like crap. What I don’t like is Nikkole and her friend her lame ass friend calling Jenelle boyfriend the N word which was so not cool and it makes them look racist everyone know if you are not Black you should not be using that word I hope that Josh leave her ass she deserves every mean thing

    He said to her and does to her and its funny how she can defend herself and talk shit to Jenelle but when Josh was disrespect her own mother on national television she sit there like the wack bitch that she is a didn’t defend her own mother. Jenelle is not a good mother right now but that does not mean in time she wont be

    1. You are human trash. Your opinions are a joke. People with IQs below 35 dont even have opinions. They just have big vacant, empty brain farts that they push out with great effort to make it seem like they know whats happening around them. “like ok totally?” You, personally, are why other countries hate americans. Fuck your vanity

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