Um…What the Hell Was Allison Wearing Last Night on "Biggest Loser?"

"Anyone seen my fishing license?"

Um…seriously, what’s this all about?

Your fashion inspiration should never be Bob Villa...

When did Rosie O’Donnell became the wardrobe consultant for The Biggest Loser? Alison’s outfit last night consisted of my dad’s fishing vest, a newsboy cap, a plaid shirt straight outta Seattle circa 1992 and thick freaking eyebrows…. (don’t forget the bonus John Lennon granny sunglasses in some of the outdoor scenes! I had a pair of those in 1995!)

I’m not saying she needs to be dressed to the nines during the outdoor day scenes. I’m just saying that I’ve seen better outfits on guys knee-deep in trout at Mammoth Lake!

Seriously, has anyone else noticed how ridiculously bad Alison has been dressing this season?! Even her hair is noticeably bad.

Did Allison steal this 'do from a Golden Girl?

Did NBC fire the stylists for this show or something?

Just sayin’….

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  1. hahaha! I love this! I only watch the show right now to see what horrible outfits she’ll be in. Right now I’m watching her in NZ with a snakeskin jacket and bicycle shorts… AMAZING!

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