Answers to Your ‘Teen Mom 2’ Frequently Asked Questions!

The Ashley seems to be getting asked the same questions about Teen Mom2 and its cast, so she decided to answer all of the most frequently asked questions in one Roundup (on The Roundup).

Remember, if you have any more questions about any reality show (except Jersey Shore because The Ashley just can’t stomach it, sorry), you can always ask The Ashley on Formspring. Try not to be creepy though.

Anyway, a lot of people ask me what the current relationship statuses are for the cast of Teen Mom 2. When The Ashley went to the taping of the Teen Mom 2 reunion (which airs this coming Tuesday) things were a little different than they are now.  Here are the current statuses (as far as The Ashley knows…) as of today.

Kail & Jo: Broken up. They are NOT engaged as it was reported in some creepy magazine. They do seem to be getting along a lot better these days, though.


Still going strong!

Kail & Jordan: Still together and happy. (They are also NOT engaged, as Kail confirmed to The Ashley over on the Twitter.)


Chelsea & Adam: Here’s where it gets tricky. Currently, they are not together. However, on Tuesday’s reunion special, they are together. They have broken up since then, as it was filmed in February.

Jenelle & Kieffer: The status of these two creeps changes so frequently that it can’t be determined. They were still seeing each other as March 27th, Jenelle confirmed on her Facebook.

More of your frequent questions:

Is Kail still living with her mother?

No. Kail has cut her mother off since the last episode taped and is currently living in her own apartment. She has been working with an organization that helps single moms to help her with her living expenses (but she is working and is not trying to get a free ride, like many of the show’s ‘fans’ say. She is working and going to school to make her baby’s life better. There’s nothing wrong with that.)

Is Jenelle homeless? Or is she living with Barbara again?

After the tense conversation she had with her mother during the Reunion taping (read about that here) Jenelle said she was moving in with her friend Tori and Tori’s boyfriend. She did, indeed, move in with the couple and another friend. Things went south when Jenelle called the cops on her roommates to report that they were playing loud music and smoking pot and drinking underage. (That’s kind of like the pot calling the kettle black, isn’t it? You can read the whole story here.) So Jenelle is back with Babs and Jace, for the moment.


From Kail's twitter this week...

Is there going to be another season of Teen Mom 2?

Although it hasn’t been officially confirmed, The Ashley is almost certain that, yes, there will be a second season. Not only is it a cash cow for MTV but it has some of the network’s best ratings. Plus, Kail posted a few photos of Baby Isaac that you can clearly see a film crew in the background. (They are current photos).

What about the original girls? Is there going to be another season of “Teen Mom?”

This one is definitely happening. Gary stated on his Twitter that Season 3 will have a  June or July premiere date. Farrah has also talked about the new season.


What’s wrong with Leah’s daughter, Ali?

Ali with Chelsea's daughter Aubree in Los Angeles for the reunion.

At the reunion taping, The Ashley asked Leah during a commercial break if they had found out what was wrong with Baby Ali (she was super sweet, just FYI). Leah said that they still didn’t know. I’d assume by now they at least have some idea, however, they have chosen not to disclose it right now, which is fine and totally within their rights. The Ashley’s original thoughts on what was wrong with her have since been proven wrong.

Is Leah pregnant again? What about Chelsea?

No and no! Leah told Dr. Drew that Corey would like to have a little boy SOMEDAY down the road (and stressed that she didn’t want another baby anytime soon). From that, a magazine made a cover story out of it. Go figure. And Chelsea is not pregnant either. All of the “Teen Mom 2” girls told Dr. Drew that they use the IUD for birth control (except Jenelle who said she has the implant.)

Leah apparently was tired of answering this question and posted this on her official Twitter: “Neither Chelsea or I are pregnant!! Dang!!!”

Has The Ashley answered all of your questions? If not, let me know!


  1. I am so disappointed in the show Teen Mom. When I first started watching you were teaching girls to not get pregnant and how hard it is to raise a baby. Now the show is like a BIG JOKE almost everyone on it has gotten pregnant over and over young and unwed. This show is teaching young girls its ok to get pregnant over and over.THIS IS SO WRONG!!!

  2. if your a teenage mom trying to people not to have a baby. but all u guys show is nice cars houses and vacations. how is that teaching them to me I can have a good life

  3. Hey, you have awesome information! Thanks so much :). I noticed that you always talk about their official twitters and I’ve searched awhile and could never find anything. Can you please give me the links to their official twitters? (everyone who has one from season 1 & 2.) Thanks! btw, Kailyn lives in my hometown and I have friends that have seen her around, so if I ever see her I’ll make sure to write it here :).

  4. Watching this sorry show for the entire 2 season, I see that teenage pregnancy has nothing to do with birth control. It is a choice of the teenage bimbo mothers to HOOK the man into marriage/and or commitment. There isn’t one of these baby daddy’s that wanted a kid so early. The mom’s did it deliberately, and they are all saddled with the consequences. This is the underclass of America, why poverty continues genertion after generation.

  5. So glad to hear that there will be more seasons in the future. The thought of Teen Mom ending is too much to handle. For reals.

  6. Hey Ashley! To prove kail is working hard not just getting a free ride, it was confirmed recently on Kail’s twitter she was hired for a second job at Forever 21. Also confirmed on twitter, 16 & Pregnant Season 2B’s Ashley Salazar has a new boyfriend. They just adorable! Check it out on Ashley’s twitter 🙂

  7. It`s really nice to see Kailyn smiling,she seemed so unhappy with Jo and his family.Can`t really blame her though.
    I was wondering what`s up with Kailyn`s mom?

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