“Teen Mom2” Star Jenelle Evans is Going to be an Aunt!

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Grandma Barbara is going to have her hands full!

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is going to be an aunt! Her sister Ashleigh is pregnant– with triplets!

According to recent reports, Ashleigh is planning to move into Barbara’s house to finish out her pregnancy.

“Oh boy..more graaaanchildren!”

She’s due to give birth sometime in the fall! It’s been reported that Ashleigh, who now lives in Southern California, had a volatile relationship with her mother, Barbara, back when she was living at home. Things seemed to have improved since then, probably because they are living over 3,000 miles apart!

Although Ashleigh is young, she does seem to have a lot more going for her than Jenelle. First of all, she’s married (as of October 2009), living on her own and–get this– her husband actually has a JOB! (Creepy Kieffer doesn’t understand what that word means…someone explain it to him please!)

Will Ashleigh’s husband be joining her in Casa de Barbara?

If the reports are true, Barbara’s house is going to end up looking like a Motel 6, what with her and her live-in boyfriend, Ashleigh, the triplets, the husband, Jace, Jenelle and whatever creepy guy is mooching off of her at the moment.

Babs is going to have to “bust her balls” a lot harder if she’s going to be able to house all of these people!! MTV, please give Barbara her own show!!!

Update 10/18/11: Sadly, Jenelle’s sister has miscarried and is now pregnant with only one baby, a boy, who should be due pretty soon.

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  1. Omg icant believe that Jenelle’s sister is pregnat wit triplets dhats 3 kids wow!Imean she does look young how old is she,but at least shes married her husband has a job and kiieffer doesnt isnt dhat a damb shame!!im not tryna be mean r anything im jus sayin!

  2. First of all Jenelle is not pregnant her sister is and she has not even been on she show so how would she benefit from the money?? Second people can have triplets without taking anything, the sister has been married for 2 years maybe they have been trying to have a baby and couldn’t and HAD to see a fertility doctor.

  3. Ok, I know I might be reaching, but who else thinks she got pregnant on purpose so she could get in on some of that good ‘ol Teen Mom money? I mean, she could very well have planned for one and “oops,” ended up with triplets….but my suspicion is that she might have taken something to stimulate her ovaries (google it.)

    Oh MTV. I really feel for Barbara. In fact, I think she should be being paid directly from MTV, and no one else since she is the primary caregiver for Janelle’s kid. At least she won’t blow the money on boyfriends, drugs and tattoos.

    And Shouldn’t MTV be setting up trusts for these children. I kind of can’t wait until these babies are all 18 and suing the pants off their parents.

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