‘Biggest Loser’ Contestants Threaten to Quit After Learning About Twist!

"Oh hell no!"

There’s been some major drama brewing over at the Biggest Loser Ranch this week! The Ashley heard from her inside source that there was some unrest happening over there earlier this morning, and TMZ has just broken the official story that nearly all of this season’s contestants have walked off the show!

The contestants walked off the show and threatened to quit after learning about a horrific end-of-season twist that could cost them their shot at the $250,000 grand prize. Apparently, the producers were thinking about bringing back all of the already-eliminated contestants to compete for the grand prize at end of the season.

Obviously, the contestants had a right to be pissed off, as this is a terrible idea. Having the players that were eliminated come back and be eligible for the big money is a slap in the face to the contestants that have worked hard and survived until the end.

From what TMZ is reporting, the contestants learned about the twist while they were in the middle of shooting an episode. They joined together and walked off the set in protest, forcing production of the show to be shut down for the week!

"What the hell are they thinking?!"

The Ashley has a source very close to the show, and she has contacted the source to see if they can give The Ashley some inside juice on what’s happening over there!

This is The Ashley‘s message to the head honchos at ‘The Biggest Loser:’ stop with the damn “twists.” The show is good on its own and every time you throw in one of these lame-ass ideas to “shake things up,” it just makes things more annoying and confusing for us viewers, as well as the contestants. Just leave the show’s premise alone. Stop trying to change things up.

I can’t imagine that this new twist would sit well with this season’s contestants, considering they are the biggest group of game players that the show has ever seen. In fact, just last night trainer Bob Harper said that he wasn’t a fan of most of the people on the show this season. (Click here to read all of his not-so-nice comments!)

The Ashley will update if she gets more gossip about this!

UPDATE March 2: The Ashley has learned that Jeremy is one of the contestants that walks off the show. No word yet if he comes back but he met with an attorney to discuss suing the show!!

(Photos: NBC)

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  1. Honestly I don’t see the big deal in them doing that. That is what they did last season.. everyone got to come back and compete for the money fair and square. Just because they are still in the game doesn’t mean they worked the hardest, it’s a popularity game too. Conda’s (sp?) brother is definitely most of the reason why she is still there and I can think of people who worked a hell of a lot harder than she did that got eliminated because people didn’t like them. I liked the way they did it last season when they let everyone come back and go for it.. but that is just my opinion =)

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