This Week In ‘Teen Mom’ Relationship Statuses…

Congrats to the, um, happy couple!

It’s been a big week in the ever-changing love lives of the Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 stars. Since these girls’ relationship statuses change faster than I can type, I figured it would be best to compile all of this crap into one, ridiculous article.

To those of you who revel in this crap as much as me, enjoy. To those of you who have better things to do than worry about than who Jenelle Evans is dating this week…um…shouldn’t you be reading stories on CNN’s website?

Ok…on with the freak show!

*Let’s start with the big news! ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans is engaged!

That’s right; Jenelle is now promised to her Marine boyfriend-turned-ex-turned-boyfriend again, Gary Head!

Bets on how long it takes her to pawn this ring?

She announced her big news on the Twitter this morning, posting photos of her ring and letting her fans know that she’s finally found a good guy. (This comes just weeks after she got back with–then dumped–Creepy Kieffer Delp.)

She told her Twitter followers, “[the engagement ring] means everything to me he actually takes care of my every need and Jace’s every need.”

While The Ashley is thrilled to see that Jenelle has finally ditched ‘The Kieff,’ she is skeptical that she will ever see Gary and Jenelle walk down the aisle. (Of course if we do, it will most likely be featured on a “very special” 90-minute episode of ‘Teen Mom 2.’)

*’Teen Mom’ baby-daddy Ryan Edwards broke up–then got back together– with his girlfriend Dalis Connell.

This is pretty typical of these two. They have a fight, break up, announce that they’re single on Twitter, then get back together. There should be a rule that you can’t change your Facebook relationship status or announce a breakup over Twitter until at least 48 hours has passed. Anyway, we will be seeing Dalis on the upcoming fourth season of ‘Teen Mom.’

*Gary Shirley made sure everyone knows he and Amber Portwood are DONE!

The ‘Teen Mom’ dad cleared up any misconceptions that fans might have that he and his troubled baby mama are back together. 

“Amber and I are not together,” he told his Twitter followers. “I’m a single feller. We can’t be together I think you guys understand why I just can’t anymore.” (Being that AMBO is currently sitting in a jail cell, I can’t really blame him!)

The Ashley will be sure to update you when someone else gets engaged, arrested, dumped or attacked by a pack of wild boars.


  1. Did anyone else notice that they’re calling the finale of 16 and pregnant the SERIES finale?

  2. This is disguisting considering he cheated on her and hit her now there getting married doubtful.

  3. Jenelle and Gary are not going to get married. hahahahahahahaha. Yeah right. Lasting relationships that started in early 20’s are rare. It definitely won’t last with jenelles immaturity and selfishness. Especially when she was with her ex a week ago. It’s very entertaining though!

    1. “Lasting relationships that started in early 20s are rare.”

      Um… rare, huh? And where are you getting this data?

    2. Ya – wondering where those stats came from. My husband and I met when we were freshmen in college and have been together for 10 years, married for 2. My parents met when they were 22 and have been married 29 years. I also know a lot of other people who met their spouses in college and therefore were in their early 20s…

      Anyways – TheAshley I love your teen mom/16 and prego posts. No such thing is too many!

      1. Agreed.. not sure where the stats came from but I’d LOVE to see them? My husband and I have been “dating” since I was 14, and he was 16. We’re now 27 & 29, happily married with a little one on the way and 3 crazy dogs. I love our life and love that we’ve gotten to grow together as a couple and seperately. Don’t tell me that young relationships that last are rare. That’s not a matter of statistics, but a matter of opinion.

        1. also wondering where those stats came from been married 6 years and i got married at 17. Everybody in my family got married at 17 or younger and still married.

  4. serious journalism is a joke these days… keep doing what you’re doing, this site is great!

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