EXCLUSIVE: ‘Teen Mom 3’ Star Mackenzie Douthit Reveals Secret First Pregnancy

16 and Pregnant Teen Mom 3We first met Mackenzie Douthit, who is set to star on the upcoming MTV series, Teen Mom 3, on an episode of 16 & Pregnant during the show’s fourth season. The episode documented her pregnancy with her now one-year-old son, Gannon.

However The Ashley has learned that, shockingly, the pregnancy shown on MTV was actually Mackenzie’s second pregnancy by age 16, not her first!

Although it was never mentioned during her ’16 & Pregnant’ episode, Mackenzie got pregnant once before she became pregnant with Gannon and appeared on ’16 and Pregnant.’ In 2010 she was pregnant with another baby, a boy she and her now-fiance Josh planned to name Oakley. She recently hinted at the tragic loss of Oakley on her Facebook page.

The Ashley’s sources tell her that Mackenzie carried the baby but had a tragic late-term miscarriage. Mackenzie became pregnant with Gannon very soon after the miscarriage. They also say that it’s very likely that this will be a plotline for Mackenzie for ‘Teen Mom 3.’ The Ashley believes this because the production team loves to find sad things in these girls’ past and drag them out and milk them for all their worth. (‘Member all the episodes they got out of Farrah Abraham‘s sad story about her baby daddy dying?)

Mackenzie, now 18, is set to marry Josh in less than three months and move to California.  Josh has enlisted in the military, and the couple will be living on a base.

(Photo: MTV)


  1. I swear, you people will believe anything you read on the internet. How are you so sure this is true. I need hospital docs to believe this.

  2. Sad to say but what the hell!!! She had 1 baby then another now another! Bottom line teens should not be having babies! Its ridiculous there no way around it I know adults who should be having babies and y the hell is mtv glorifying this its sickening and sad! Sex is a huge responsibility and kids dont seem to understand that they think its all fun and games. I understand kids will do what they will but come on 3 kids where the hell r her parents! Or any of there parents for that matter. They r throwing away there younger years by having babies getting married and being miserable then getting divorced. For what the fun of sex?! I was 18 when I first had sex I had 3 jobs loved on my own and had birth control and condoms. I had my first child young at 20 but I had my stuff together married his dad who is in fact a wonderful choice of father and mate and am now 25 on baby #3. I dont go out nor feel the need to club and party because I did that already. Kids need to realize how important those years and choices r. Before they make one they cant take back. I pray for the girls these days they keep getting younger and younger and no self worth. But some of them r making the best of the choices they have made as for the others they need to be smacked intp a reality check. I hope mackenzie stops having children she may have the money because of this mtv and her husband working but shes still a baby herself who hasnt experienced life or lived. And her husband is … there r no words… he just needs to grow up. God help our youth! If only schools would talk les about abstinence and more about safe sex. No one wants the kids to have sex but the fact is they r so teach them how to be smart and safe about it. Mtv should make a show about kids who have sex at 16 and get stds! Theres a show stopper!
    Head strong mother and wife of 3

  3. mackenzie does not use birth control and on the dr drew reunion special her mom said mackenzie is a diabetic and pregnancies are very dangerous for her this dumb girl needs to cop on and if she does not want to use birth control because in her words she will put on weight she should make her boyfriend wear a condom period. I was never a fan of this bunch of girls it will probably be the most boring season of teen mom like alex for example drama queen and briana was just boring katie was ok but this prob wont be the last teen mom the more seasons of 16 and pregnant that come the more teen mom shows will follow

  4. Well I’m a teen mom and I’m still not on birth control, it’s fine. It’s her life don’t hate, if she wanted a baby then let her she not ur daughter,

  5. indeed it is a tragic loss, but i still think Mackenzie is just dumb… first time she got pregnant im pretty sure she had to face the same problems as the second time, but she still acted like “i dont know, i dont know”. and her story of not wanting to take birth control because she would gain weight seems a little bit fake (or she’s super ass dumb then). it seems to me that her pregnancy was planned and she deliberately wanted to be famous and appear on MTV. and i can’t really blame her, she was just a gullible teenager who believed what she saw on Teen Mom 1&2 was real, all the former teen moms being famous, rich and able to party every night. teen mom series should be concluded since it no longer shows the struggles of teen pregnancy, just the bright sides of getting rich and fame.

  6. Although I do feel very sorry for Mackenzie’s loss, I have to say I’m kind of disappointed in her. In light of this information, her decision to not use birth control and continue having unprotected sex just seems stupid. She doesn’t have the “I never thought it would happen to me” excuse to fall back on, because it already happened to her once. If she wanted another chance at having a baby after her loss I understand, but considering what we saw on her 16 and Pregnant episode (her and her parents having to return bottles for extra money, her waiting until she was 7 months along to begin looking for a job, her insistence on participating in cheerleading while pregnant even though she could get injured and harm the baby) it seems like she really wasn’t in a place where she should be having a child.

    Like it or not, the girls featured on the Teen Mom franchise are viewed as role models by many young women. Although Mackenzie’s loss was tragic, it doesn’t make her behavior any less irresponsible, nor does it mean that she will be a good role model for teen girls.

    As much as I love the show, I’m with the people who say that MTV should just end the franchise. It was a good idea when it started, but it’s just gotten out of hand.

    1. I totally agree with everything you said. It just throws her whole episode upside down and AGAIN makes it obvious that the angles the producers want to go with are totally contrived. Ditsy blonde cheerleader gets into trouble because she didn’t want to gain weight, oooops! Not. And the fact that she STILL wasn’t on birth control during the doctor drew taping … well I hope her mother is still praying real hard! The whole franchise just gets shown to be totally fake over and over again.

  7. Late-term, doesn’t that usually mean she had the child but he was born deceased? That’s really really sad and probably way she had Gannon so quickly. I hope there aren’t anymore teen moms after the 3rd one. Jenelle ruined the franchise and Amber was close but she ended up in jail where in all honesty Jennelle needs to go. Could already tell Amber seemed different when Dr. Drew interviewed her in jail. I think there will always be at least one girl who is a liability ie Amber (TM1), Jenelle (TM2), now just gotta wait to see who will it be for teen mom 3.

      1. How do you know that? She is a great mom, even got rid of her no good baby daddy that she had to chase to get him to go to the hospital while she was in labor.

        1. How is she a great mom? He straight up told her he was addicted to drugs, and as a result would not be a good father. She ignored him, kept the baby against everyone’s wishes, then blamed Matt for not helping. Not to mention she has pictures of her then 5 month-old planking on a high stool and in a front facing car seat.

  8. This certainly makes it seem like Gannon was a planned teen pregnancy.

    I sincerely hope MTV is reconsidering adding another Teen Mom show to the air. We’re only two seasons away from Alex being diagnosed as bi-polar, abandoning her kid for drugs, and having Dr. Drew coddle her. Enough is enough.

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