‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Mackenzie McKee Announces Her New Book “Straightening My Crown: Conquering My Royal Mistakes”: Get More Details!

“Writing a book was easier than staying married to Josh all these years!”

Clear off another spot on your Teen Mom bookshelf, because yet another girl from the MTV reality franchise has written a memoir!

Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee is the latest ‘Teen Mom’ to try her hand at writing. She announced today on Instagram that her book, Straightening My Crown: Conquering My Royal Mistakes, is now available for pre-orders. This is the first time Mackenzie mentioned to her followers that she was releasing a book.

“I’m so excited to officially announce my new book!” she wrote. “I can’t wait to share my life story with everyone, there are so many details and stories that you never got to see on the show. You can pre-order a hardcover copy using the link in my bio, It comes out this Fall. Thanks for all your support!”

According to its page on Amazon, the book— which will be released on October 12— is a “raw, courageous account of a young woman determined to turn her turmoil into triumph.”

The book will apparently cover Mack’s time on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 3, as well as ‘Teen Mom OG,’ and will delve into such topics as her difficult childbirths, her Type 1 diabetes and the death of her mother, Angie Douthit.

“Kids, don’t be playing with that dynamite in the house! I’m working on my writings!”

“But through it all, Mackenzie never falters in her deep love of family and God,” the book’s official description reads. “In her new memoir, Mackenzie proves there is more to her than what the glaring spotlight of fame has shown. She confronts a never-before-shared secret that upends her young life, and explores her struggle to gain acceptance in a family where she felt she was the only one who was less-than-perfect.

“Follow along as Mackenzie learns to stand tall, conquer her mistakes and fears, and ‘straighten her crown’ in an effort to help others straighten theirs.”

“Oh, ding-dang, Mackenzie. Was I supposed to get you a crown?”

Although it is not revealed what that “never-before-shared secret” is, The Ashley suspects it may have something to do with Mackenzie’s first pregnancy (which happened before she was featured on “16 and Pregnant” during her son Gannon’s pregnancy in 2011.)

As The Ashley exclusively reported years ago, Mackenzie got pregnant by her now-husband Josh McKee, around 2009/2010. Unfortunately, that pregnancy ended in a late-term miscarriage. Mackenzie once revealed on her private Facebook page that she and Josh had planned to name the baby boy Oakley. (The Ashley can’t confirm this is the “secret” mentioned in the description, but she suspects it is.) 

Anyway, Straightening My Crown, is published by Post Hill Press, the publishing company that has published all of the ‘Teen Mom’ girls’ books over the years. With Mackenzie now being added to the ‘Teen Mom’ authors list, that leaves only Chelsea HouskaCheyenne Floyd and Briana DeJesus as the ‘Teen Mom’ stars who have not published books about their lives

Mackenzie’s book, Straightening My Crown: Conquering My Royal Mistakes, can be pre-ordered by clicking The Ashley’s Amazon Associate link below! 

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32 Responses

  1. “I couldn’t convince my skeezy boyfriend to wear a condom, now I make 6 figures”

    Compelling literature.


      I’m not a Mackenzie fan, by any means, but…GROW UP PEOPLE!!!

      And honestly, who do you know that can make 6 figures for doing practically NOTHING!!!

  2. I think @TRUE DAT is having a bad day. You OK girl.

    As far as Mack’s book, you all know how I feel about her A, lunch!

    stay lit

    1. First off, thank you for asking. Yes I’m fine.

      But I do have a legitimate question @SIR NIBS, why are the majority of your comments perverted?

      And a legit question for the rest of you, why are you on my back for my OPINIONS but okay with him leaving these disgusting comments? It makes ABSOLUTELY NO sense.

  3. If this book is anything like her boring storyline is on TMOG, then she should’ve spared the public of this drivel. It’s enough we have to watch her whine about her “marital problems”, that lets be real are completely made up for TV, now she wants us to read about it? A HARD PASS.

    1. “Made up for tv”??? So that’s why she separated from him due to his infidelity TWO YEARS BEFORE she joined TMOG.

      1. Were they LEGALLY separated? No, right? And where are they right now? Oh that’s right, conveniently back together. One minute he’s “cheating” with her cousin, the next she claims she blew it out of proportion, one minute he’s cheating with some girl at a rodeo, the next it’s not that big of a deal, one minute he’s not moving with them to FL, the next he misses them and wants to come, the list is endless. They’ve milked the “infidelity” and “marital problems” storyline to death, and it seems like you’ve been gullible enough to buy it. Mckee’s always complaining about infidelity and making empty threats about divorce, but in REAL reality (not reality TV) it’s all about as genuine as when Jenelle says she’s leaving David.

        1. Legally separated would mean divorce, so no they weren’t.

          But they separated in 2017 and she didn’t join TMOG until 2019. Do the math, 19-17 is 2. So how was it made up?

          The first time was with a “buckle bunny” (that’s what a groupie is called in the rodeo circuit). The second time was when he was talking to a close cousin of hers and she said she blew THAT one out of proportion.

          And she has said that the only things holding but is 1) her kids and 2)her bringing up, for which a marriage isnt something you just throw away due to some issues. Now, if she was raised like Jenelle or Amber to think that a relationship /marriage is something you just throw away (whether you have kids or not) she more than likely would have left LONG AGO.

          I’m not gullible but I do consider HOLY MATRIMONY as something you dont take lightly.

          1. In many states you have to be legally separated before you can file for divorce, especially when you have kids. So yes it was made up. FOR YEARS the girl was constantly running to the blogs with the story about how she was leaving Josh, remember when she was also in talks to make a sex tape?? The girl says and does anything for attention, and as long as people believe it, she’s going to come out with “books” pushing more fake stories. The only REAL and genuine storyline she had was her mom.

          2. @LEXII, she obviously does have love for him (as for whether they are reciprocated I’m not sure, I HIGHLY doubt it though). But he does love his kids and his kids love him GOD KNOWS!!

            But she was raised in a moral household where that saying of “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” doesnt apply (at least not in the marriage aspect).

            Here mom was the main reason she has stayed, to please her and to make her proud.

    1. Nobody’s forcing you to read it. But don’t knock someone for at least doing something productive and speaking about their struggles, whether it’s a teen mom or an ordinary person of the street.

  4. Mackenzie McKee doesn’t seem a likely wordsmith. Does the book come with a disclaimer?
    Caution: reading the enclosed musings may make you dumber.

    1. Exactly! From the person who asked if open heart quadruple bypass surgery was serious or a big deal or whatever idiotic thing she asked. I don’t remember verbatim???‍♀️ I will never get over that. Good grief.

  5. She wants people to preorder her book SEVEN MONTHS BEFORE RELEASE!?! I wouldn’t even preorder a book from my favorite authors that long before release, then again, they would never do that!! Something seems hinky here… she has a book cover shot already, apparently the book has been written. Why not release now?

  6. I honestly don’t read any of the books from the “Teen Mom” girls so I don’t care about this one either.

  7. I’m not a Mackenzie McKee fan (mainly because of Josh) but I do like her family so i may give her book a try.

    Lord knows I’m not a Leah fan either but her book Hope, Grace and Faith was AMAZING!!

      1. No, I’m not kidding. Leah’s book was really good(just like this one might be).

        Struggles are real no matter who you are and it’s best to express them in some written (book, song, journaling, etc) or verbal (talk to a counselor, family or friends)form. Otherwise you’ll bottle them up and set yourself up for a HUGE explosion.

        1. As some who’s lost a parent, you do bottle up your emotions if you don’t find some productive way to release them.

          When I lose it, it’s like looking at that character from The Exorcist that’s head goes spinning around. I’m yelling, screaming, crying, you name it (other than physical violence) and I’m probably doing it.

          Its not a bit funny. And I take personal offense to your ? emoji @Carmen. Not cool, not cool AT ALL.

          1. Thank you @IMO, I do try to delve deep into my faith but somedays the emotions just release and before I know it things I wouldn’t normally do or say come out.

  8. I’m not a big Mackenzie McKee fan (mainly because of Josh) but I am a fan of her family so I may give this book a try.

    Lord knows I’m not a Leah fan either but her book “Hope, Grace and Faith” was AMAZING!!!

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