‘Sister Wives’ Season 15 Episode 3 Recap: Doin’ a Lil Dance & Makin’ (No) Love

“Like for instance, Christine always makes me do flashmobs and crap…”

It’s time once again to check in with Kody and his parade of sad wives! We again head to Flagstaff, where the group morale is low, and the collective mortgage payment is high. (Also high? The likelihood that eventually we’ll see the Browns on Dateline, along with the headline “Sister Wife Snapped.” My money’s on Janelle, y’all! It’s always the quiet ones…)

Anyway, this episode kicks off at Meri’s house of long faces and lycra leggings, where Meri’s daughter Mariah and Mariah’s fiancée Audrey have just arrived for a visit.  

While we assume this is going to be a small reunion (at least at first), the whole Brown Brigade – minus Kody and Janelle, who are out of town – soon march their way into Meri’s home to hear Mariah and Audrey’s big announcement.

Meri, when was the last time you had visitors that you were actually happy to see?

 After the whole family plops themselves onto Meri’s furniture, Mariah and Audrey tell the group they are leaving Chicago and moving to Salt Lake City because they want to be closer to family.

Um…they obviously haven’t been watching this show. 

Audrey’s face after realizing Meri might be crashing on her couch by the end of the year.

Audrey says she wants to leave Chicago for mental health reasons, which also explains why she and Mariah aren’t planning to move to Flagstaff. Salt Lake City seems like it is a safe distance away from Kody, Meri, their marital problems, Kody’s whiteboard “one house” presentations and/or any sort of family skit Christine may organize. 

“Hey girls, if you’re looking to buy some land, have I got a place for you! Let me tell you about the benefits of Coyote Pass…”

Everyone is also excited because Mariah and Audrey have decided to get hitched in Salt Lake rather than Chicago. (That means a shorter Brown Family road trip, which, judging by the adults’ trip to see the Dargers last episode, is a very good thing.)

Christine tells us that Mariah and Audrey work well as a couple. They communicate well, and she says “they’re willing to do whatever’s necessary to make it so they’d both be happy.”

“A marriage where both parties compromise to make each other happy? What must that be like?”

Later on, we get another “dropping” of big news: Christine FINALLY has an offer on her home in the Las Vegas Cul-de-Sac of Broken Dreams. 

We’re kind of living for Meri trolling the family meetings, not gonna lie.

Janelle say she doesn’t understand why Christine’s house took so damn long to unload. (Meri smiles slyly and you just know she wants to be like, “It’s because it didn’t have a wetbar!”)

Honestly, this fever dream of a show has such a tendency to drag on and repeat the same storylines –- see: rental home/one house/Coyote Pass –- that we were actually starting to forget that these people ever lived in Vegas. 

Anyway, the Sister Wives sit around and giggle about how Kody always wants to have more kids. Christine declares that there will be no more Kody crotchfruit expelling from her loins. However, she knows that the two dozen or so children Kody already has won’t be enough to satisfy his ego.

“I don’t think Kody will ever be done having kids!” Christine tells us, adding that he’ll have to serve his sperms up to another wife because her “womb is closed.” 

The convo goes back to Christine’s house, which she said sold for a lot less than she wanted. (Well, the new owner will have to deal with the Kody hairballs all over the house, and no amount of Clorox could ever completely rid the bathroom counters of the layer upon layer of Kody’s hair gel. It’s only fair…)

“I think they’ll have to take a sandblaster to all that Maximum Hold Spray Gel.”

Kody says that he and the Sister Wives “took a hit” on every single house in the Cul-de-Sac of Broken Dreams, and that they got way less than they thought they would. Apparently folks aren’t lining up to live in houses once owned by C-list TLC reality TV stars. Go figure. 

Anyway, everyone talks about how Flagstaff doesn’t feel like home. Robyn says she misses her home in Vegas “like crazy,” and Kody says that the move there “tired him out.” He says that his wives aren’t on the same page with him, which is exhausting him.

OK BUT WHY DID THEY EVEN MOVE TO FLAGSTAFF?! No one seems to want to be there. Did they lose a bet or something? 

Meri says that, while they all still want to get out to Coyote Pass (um…since when?), she admits that the mental health of the family is “not the best.” 

That’s the understatement of the century! That’s like saying Kody’s hair is only a little Muppet-like. 

Janelle says that she and the Sister Wives want to get the plan moving so they can move out to Coyote Pass (and stop having to listen to Kody yap about it). She says that there is one problem, though: Kody, and his thousand-yard stare. She tells us that Kody just runs from house to house, spreading himself around (ewwww, why did that sound dirty to me?) and “reacting instead of planning.” 

Janelle on why she and the Sister Wives let Kody think he’s in charge…

Kody informs the Sister Wives that just because they’ve finally unloaded all their Vegas houses, that doesn’t mean they have money. They’re still a few bad financial decisions away from being in the hot sandwich line at the Salvation Army.

Robyn, bless her heart for trying to convince us that she didn’t marry a big hairy sack of uselessness, tells us that Kody tends to put “so much into” the beginning of an idea that he starts “getting a little bit exhausted toward the end of it.”

Janelle agrees that Kody gets “lost” sometimes during the “execution” part of an idea.

So…basically…he doesn’t follow through on anything. But he can white-board an idea like nobody’s business!

They all agree that Kody enjoys the beginning part of things, but loses interest quickly once the idea is not new anymore.

This, of course, explains why he has four wives and 165 children.

Obviously, because he made all those kids…

Meri and Janelle want to know which of the God-forsaken lots on Coyote Pass they’ll be given to rot away on. Kody knows that all of his wives are going to end up wanting the same lot, and that it will end up in a Sister Wives squabble. (Or, hey, if you need money…I’d pay straight cash money to watch any combo of the Sister Wives wrestle for their lot in a vat of Kody’s hair gel….don’t @ me! You know you probably would too!) 

Kody— who, mind you, just told us they don’t have any money— tells the Sister Wives that he would prefer to build all seven homes on Coyote Pass all at once. (They need a home for each Sister Wife, plus three rental homes, by the way.) 

He tells us that they bought the extra property on Coyote Pass to rent or to give to their kids. (I’m pretty sure all of the Brown spawn would rather be homeless and living in the desert among real coyotes than bunk-down next door to Kody and his gang of squabbling sister wives on Coyote Pass.)

“It’s weird…not one of the kids replied to my group text when I asked who wants to live on Coyote Pass with us…must be a technology issue…”

Janelle mocks Kody, who apparently told her that he wants to be a real estate tycoon. Janelle told Kody that, before he makes like the Monopoly Man, he should try getting his families into permanent homes first.

Christine, too, is tired of living that Moving Van life and is begging Kody to even get started on one of the Sister Wives’ houses. They all know that Kody’s brain will be on to the next scheme soon so if they don’t want to be sleeping in pup tents out on Coyote Pass into their twilight years, they need to get the project going ASAP! 

Robyn tells us that the only way to get the house-building going is if Kody starts it because “it wouldn’t be appropriate for one of us to lead.” 

I’M SORRY, WHAT? You’re going to allow the Blond Bozo to fire up the bulldozers? You already followed him to the Promise Land (aka Flagstaff) and ended up basically living out of moving vans for years. What the actual hell?

Kody then says what may be the first accurate thing he’s uttered in seasons.

“Maybe the drama problem in our lives is me,” he says.

“Lord have mercy, someone get me a stick to bite on so I don’t say something I’ll regret later!”

Christine realizes that Kody is just stalling because he’s bored with the Coyote Pass house-building extravaganza. She recognizes that he’s ready to move on to the next stupid idea, even though that means his family is left without permanent housing. 

The next day, Kody, Robyn and Meri head out to Coyote Pass, and the Sister Wives start talking about how they don’t spend much time together now (except, of course, when the TLC cameras are there.) Janelle reveals that she only sees the gang “a couple of times a month,” and otherwise she’s just living her life solo. 

Even Robyn admits that there are times that she doesn’t even see Kody “for a long time” and she thinks that he may be gettin’ it “somewhere else.” 

(Does anyone else think that he’s actually just sitting out in a folding chair on Coyote Pass mumbling to himself about how the whole thing is “no fair” and that the wives should have let him build his Polygamy Dream House?) 

“It is no fair. No one ever lets me do what I want!”

Christine is all about living away from Kody and the Sister Wives. She says life on her own is “less complicated” and she doesn’t feel guilty because she enjoys living without all the squabbles, fights and eye rolls.

Kody says it’s easier to take one wife (and her eye rolls and disappointed sighs) and their kids at a time, rather than trying to think of everyone as one family unit. 

Anyway, Robyn suggests that they all “kiss and make up” and Meri’s like, “Um, yeah, that’s weird.” 

Robyn then clarifies that she loves Meri, but not sexually. (Hell, that’s more than Kody does…) 

“Let me be clear: I do not want to get into Meri’s leggings, nor have I ever desired to.”

Also not into Meri sexually is Kody…her husband. The next segment is all about how Meri and Kody’s marriage is in the crapper. Kody describes it as “amicable” and “distant” (hoooot), while Meri says it’s “dead and gone.”

Kody then tells us that he has felt like since the day he said “I do” with Meri, she has unloaded her emotions “into a burden that I’m supposed to carry.” 

Kody declares he’s done carrying the sad sack that is Meri.

“I’m not carrying this burden anymore. There’s no reason that I should,” he tells us. 

I think that’s nice…

We watch as Robyn, Kody and Kody’s burden (in buttersoft leggings) walk around Coyote Pass, and Kody tells us that he hasn’t put any effort into getting along with Meri because he has three other wives who don’t hate him… as much.

“I have three other relationships that are rewarding and wholesome, with children that need me and need to see me,” he says.

Meri, seemingly unaware of all the horrible things her husband is saying about her on-camera, tells us that she prefers to “leave the ball in his court.” 

Oh honey. If I were you, I’d grab that ball and chuck it at his big ol’ inflated head.

“Oh…is that an option!?”

Kody just keeps going, slamming Meri again and again.

“Neither of us see real value in the relationship,” he tells us, adding that if they really wanted to be around each other, they would. 

Later, Kody explains why he doesn’t want Meri to have a house near the Coyote Pass pond. He feels that Meri, sitting up there in her Leggings Mansion, will restrict the other family members’ access to the pond.

What a shame if this were to be prevented from happening again…

Robyn is still trying to sort out the Meri/Kody/Coyote Pass lot mess, and Kody is playing martyr. He tells us that he takes the blame for almost everything that goes on. But, I mean, to be fair, 9 out of 10 times whatever happens is his fault. 

That’s all for this episode! 

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(Photos: TLC)


  1. Oh, too funny!! First Sister Wives review I’ve ever read on The Ashley. The caption on Robyn saying. “Someone please give me a stick to bite on…” and viewers looking forward to Meri trolling the visits. So true! The whole recap was hysterical. I cant think of everything I laughed at because it was, basically, the whole thing.

  2. I believe they moved to Flagstaff because Robyn wanted to follow her son to college because she didn’t think he could handle it on his own and since she and her children are the favorites no one else’s feelings or lives matter. Its actually kind of awful. He uprooted all his wives and his children to follow Robyn’s oldest son. On another note, I actually agree with Kody about Meri and the pond, which is shocking. I do think if she got the pond lot she would restrict access to the family. This is a woman who insisted on a wetbar which required her fellow sister wives, that have children at home and need larger houses, to have to give her some of their budget and sacrifice for her when she did not need it or that large of a house. She also lived in a mansion when they got to Flagstaff. It is totally something she would do just to try to exert dominance.

  3. Everyone catch the shade Kody threw…his relationship with the other wives is “wholesome”…meaning Kody is bringing up Meris cheating and catfish incident again.

    1. Yeah but to be fair if Kody hadn’t mentioned catfishing, Meri would have. Lest we forget because it is the most traumatic, victimizing thing that can happen to a person trying to cheat on their spouse lol.

  4. I do feel bad for Meri, I hope she just up and leave this toxic mess … Get out girl

    I think someday Kody is gonna leave them all, including Robyn, for a pretty young thang.

    I see little signs that Robyn is turning in to another wife for him. I always thought she wanted a community, a family and she got in to that mess. The 4. Wife really was a horrible idea ..

    And Christine was all about the sisterwwife thing and she is just over it at this point. So yeah, that is telling.

    1. Meri tried to leave but it turned out to be a woman catfishing her. She got caught and now has to stay in the multi-mommy compound jail. Seems I recall she bought a family home for a BnB to bore guests with her catfish story as they poked at stale bagels with artichoke spread for breakfast. I am sure she is busy working there as it was her mid life crisis dream after the jewelry store and leggings ventures smdh. I honestly think Meri should be working in a Family Dollar as a cashier in a nice red smock apron in BFE Missouri dragging down customers’ days with her sad stories and “I’m just not really sure right now” reply to everything. After a solid six hour shift she would have gotten it all out at the store and then could go home and enjoy the evening scouring the internet for fiery long-undergarmented passionate flings on the wet bar that she had moved to her doublewide after a lengthy gofundme to complete said action. That is pretty much a best case scenario for us all unless you live in BFE Missouri and enjoy the inflated markup on Family Dollar goods.

  5. I just stared watching this mess last year and all I can think is what the hell are they doing? Everything is a mess! Kody’s personality is horribly ego driven and he needs a grown up haircut for real before he can even be taken seriously. This show is the perfect example of why plural marriages shouldn’t exist. Everyone is F’d and miserable. Is the TLC $ THAT good to continue to embarrass themselves for?

  6. I just stared watching this mess last year and all I can think is what the hell are they doing? Everything is a mess! Kody’s personality is horribly ego driven and he needs a grown up haircut for real before he can even be taken seriously. This show is the perfect example of why plural marriages shouldn’t exist. Everyone is F’d and miserable.

    1. Kody appears like he would rather have a monogamous marriage with Robyn and divorce all the other wives. He treats the other wives like side pieces anyway.

  7. I feel bad for all the wives. I even feel bad for Kody. No one seems to be getting the love and support they need from their relationships. Feeling alone in your marriage is the worst feeling in the world. My motto is that it’s better to be alone than to wish you were, but I don’t know if any of these women really have a financial option. Could any of them support themselves and their kids? Middle-aged women have a tough time. It makes me sad for the wives, and it’s hard to watch.

  8. Kody not wanting to work on things with Meri is 100% because she never truly apologized for her emotional affair with “Sam”, or the fact that if Sam didn’t turn out to be not actually a person, she had agreed to leave Kody for Sam. He’s a tool, but I don’t blame him for being humiliated and feeling betrayed.

    She did that not-an-apology type apology where she put all the blame on the catfisher and being tricked, like “I shouldn’t have let myself be manipulated in that situation”. Instead of taking accountability and saying “I’m sorry I essentially cheated on you and yes I was planning to leave you for my guy on the side if he hadn’t turned out to be fake”. Her texts and pictures sent to this “guy” were all out there on the internet, as well as the transcripts of her comparing this guy to her actual husband.

    I don’t care how miserable you are, if you are unhappy with your husband, you leave first and THEN start something with someone else. If you aren’t willing to do that, don’t act all bent out of shape when your husband resents you and doesn’t want to sleep with you anymore. Again, Kody is a hot mess, but I don’t blame him one bit when it comes to Meri.

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