Jillian Michaels Accused of Breaking ‘Biggest Loser’ Rules: Was it a Scam to Get Ruben Back?

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That awkward moment when you get sold out by your producers….

Jillian Michaels is a cheater. At least, that’s what the producers of The Biggest Loser want you to believe.

On last night’s episode, it was revealed that Jillian had “broken the rules” by giving her team caffeine supplements without consulting the show’s medical team. Because of this, her team had some pretty heavy penalties laid upon them, resulting in White Team member Craig Arrington being sent home.

Due to Jillian’s “cheating,” last week’s weigh-in, which saw the elimination of celeb contestant Ruben Studdard, was deemed void. Host Alison Sweeney announced that Ruben would return to the Ranch because of this.

How convenient.

It’s no secret that the show’s big-wigs were disappointed that Ruben was sent home so early in the game. The producers, who recruited Ruben to be on the show, were likely counting on the American Idol vet to deliver big ratings for the season, and certainly not planning on their superstar being the second contestant eliminated from the Ranch.

“Maybe if I start singing they’ll let me come back too?”

During the weigh-in, Jillian stood quietly as Alison announced what she had done, and when asked for comment, seemed extremely annoyed by the whole “scandal.”

“I stand by my opinion,” she told the contestants. “A caffeine supplement is significantly healthier than unlimited amounts of coffee. My only regret is that my team, they’re the ones suffering the consequences of my professional opinion.”

The Ashley felt that something wasn’t right with this whole thing (Why would Jillian suddenly become a drug pusher? Aren’t the contestants filmed and mic’d at all times– how did their taking these pills go unnoticed?)

Just as suspected, Jillian confirmed on Twitter that the “scandal” wasn’t exactly as it seemed. (Her tweet has since been deleted.)

None of the other trainers or current contestants have mentioned the “cheating scandal” on their social media accounts, most likely in hopes of it being swept under the rug and forgotten. However, Jillian’s reputation has been sullied, and poor Craig was traded in for the more famous Ruben.

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UPDATE: During the regularly scheduled eliminated contestant media telephone conference, Craig answered a few questions about the elimination. However, producers declined to make themselves available to discuss the scandal. Read more about that here.

(Photos: NBC)

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  1. As a long time fan of this show, this should really piss me off but before this, the season was painfully boring. It was either bring Reuben back or bring Conda back. Haha. Such a lame way to do it though. Jillian’s been a trainer on the show for like 9 seasons and has never cheated before? Yeah, about that. I’m not a fan of the red line every week and the show being 1 hr instead of 2. Takes away from the drama. Voting is why people watch these shows. Survivor, Idol, Big brother, X-factor. This better not be the beginning of the end. I’m interested to see the ratings for the past few seasons…

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