‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Gives Birth to Her Second Child, Gets No Love From Co-Stars

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans welcomed her second child, a boy she named Kaiser, into the world on June 29. Her boyfriend, Nathan Griffith broke the news on his Twitter yesterday, informing everyone that the tweets he and Jenelle had been posting about going to the beach that day were all a cover-up  for Jenelle being in labor.

On Monday he posted a photo of the baby’s feet sitting next to Jenelle’s arm, to his Twitter account, letting everyone know that the baby had, in fact, been birthed.

In later tweets, Jenelle told her fans that she has no plans to sell her baby photos to any tabloids. (Please note that MTV may set up a deal with a magazine, which they can do per her contract for the show. Usually they do this so that the girl can’t make money personally on the photos by selling them on her own. This happened with Kail and Leah. Generally, MTV uses Us Weekly for this purpose, so if you see Jenelle’s pics pop up in a magazine shortly, that’s probably why.)

Anyway, although a few of Jenelle’s friends gushed about how beautiful Kaiser is and how he is “Nathan’s twin,” Jenelle has gotten no love from her ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-stars. Her cast mates, including Leah Calvert and Chelsea Houska, have not as much as sent a tweet to Jenelle, congratulating her on her new arrival. The only ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast member that has shown Jenelle any love is Kail Lowry‘s husband, Javi Marroquin, who sent Jenelle his best wishes yesterday. (Kail later retweeted the message.)

Of course,the girls may have sent Jenelle a private text to congratulate her on Kaiser’s birth, but their lack of public acknowledgement does seem rather strange.

Anyway, congrats to Jenelle and Nathan, and, of course, Grandma Babs!
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  1. She goes through life in all the wrong ways. Instead of going to a real college, she goes to a “buy your certification here” technical school (although something is better than nothing). Instead of staying clean, working and being responsible and showing Barbara she is worthy to take care of her son, she just decides to have another one thinking that will get Jace back. Instead of waiting for her divorce to get finalized she just hops into bed with the first guy that comes along. I have no doubt her intentions are good she just lacks life skills necessary to succeed and makes very poor decisions. I give this 6 months, relationship is over and the baby starts staying with Barbara.

  2. And the “Being Janelle” MTV two-part special featuring fan favorites such as Jace, Kieffer and Courtney shouldn’t be too far behind the birth of General Kaiser and the SS Brigade.

  3. Wow! Poor baby. I always hate seeing Jace’s cute face observing everything around him.
    Btw. Watching the 16 & pregnant life after labor 6. Can’t wait to see your recap of Ariana getting money thrown at her and Reese showing off his shoes and watch. Dr. Drew’s reaction was puh-riceless.

  4. Babies are a joyous ting, but Janelle and Nathan have ALOT of growing up to do. Yes, kudos to Janelle for staying clean and out of trouble, but she is far from ready to have another baby. I hope she surprises everyone. I don’t blame people for not being overly thrilled or happy abt Kaiser, but people also need to remember, this wasn’t Kaiser’s choice. Be glad Kaiser is in the world and hopefully he will overcome his parents!

  5. Congrats Jenelle and Nathan. Im so happy for yall and best wishes to u both. Jenelle are a great mom to the both of ur sons.

  6. Quit with all this hate. Dont you guys have anythjng better to do than hate on someone who is trying to get her life on track. She is a great mother to jace and will be to the new one. Yeah she has made mistakes but that comes along with being a teen mother. She is an adult now and dont need haters bringing her down when she is trying to build herself back up and have a family for jace. Yall dont understand her you dont know what her whole life was about. All you see is what is in magizines and on MTV. Just to let yall know they dont film everything. Just the main points. So u try stepping in her shoes and going through what she has went through since birth and see how well you turn out. Because life isnt always easy. Js #rantover #jenelleisoneofmyfavorites

    1. Dude we spend our life on a site dedicated to reality shows, of course we don’t have nothing better to do.

  7. I hope this ends well, but I don’t see how it can! Is this girl in therapy? Is Nathan, or even Barbara, who seems very mentally and emotionally challenged. The whole rotten little group needs long term help

  8. Jenelle you are not mentally or emotionally equipped to take care of a second child.
    You did not take care of the first one and he is obviously damaged as I have watched every episode. You call him mean and scream at your poor mother.
    This doesnt stand a chance. Your anger issues frighten me for this poor baby. I hope and pray you don’t take out your frustrations on him. Being a mother is not just giving birth. It is a life long commitment, and you obviously have shown you cannot commit to anything except your drug habit and bad decisions. God help this child.

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