Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino: Ready to Settle Down & Get Away from the ‘Jersey Shore’

jersey shore
“Let’s make some babies!”

The Jersey Shore kids are all grown up! Jenni ‘JWoWW’ Farley is about to pop out her first child any day, while Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi will give birth to her second child in a few months.

Their roommate, Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino is also about to take a huge step into adulthood– by preparing to propose to his girlfriend, Lauren Pesce!

In a new interview with The TV Page, Mike–who on ‘Shore’ was known for his hard-partying and frequent bed-hopping–says he’s ready to settle down with Lauren, who he first dated when they were in high school. He’s also ready to leave his ‘Jersey Shore’ days–and Jersey itself–behind.

“I would love to have three kids and two dogs,” he told the site on Tuesday during a TCA event in Beverly Hills.

Mike and Lauren, who dated for nearly four years before Mike was chosen for ‘Jersey Shore’, reconnected last summer and are considering making a move to Los Angeles or Miami.

“I would move tomorrow without any suitcases,” Mike said. “I would love to move [to LA]. I was thinking either Miami or LA — or both. I believe that life is meant to be enjoyed and I would love to try something new.”

Lauren will appear on Mike’s upcoming reality show The Sorrentinos, which focuses on Mike’s relationships with his family. Mike hinted that there may be some sort of “engagement situation” coming in the near future.

“She is with me most of the time,” Mike said of Lauren. “She is sort of my better half. She sort of tones me down and I sort of bring her up, so we even each other out. Cameras there or not it wouldn’t change what I would do, how I would feel or how I would act.”

If Mike and Lauren do decide to tie the knot, Mike is not yet sure whether or not his old ‘Jersey Shore’ castmates will be at the wedding reception, fist-pumping the night away. He admitted that he hasn’t kept in touch with a  lot of them since filming for the show ended, mainly because he’s been trying to get his life together since getting sober in 2012.

“When I got out of ‘Jersey Shore’ I was in bad shape…The past year has been a rebuilding year for me,” Mike said. “If you go through a recovery process, it takes every ounce of your strength inside and out. It is like building a house from the inside out. Once you have done that, you can invite people over for a house party afterwards, because now you are built. Now that I am built, I have been trying to reach out to some of the kids.They were a very important part of my life.”

Click here to read the rest of the interview!

Mike’s new reality show, ‘The Sorrentinos,’ premieres July 15 on TVGN.

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  1. Loud, tacky, under-educated, crass, slutty, without redeming attributes, smug, sleazy, self-delusionally satisfied, unwarrantedly “famous embarrasement of a human being whose greatestest acomplishments are 1) sleeping with girls too drunk to think twice about what they are doing, and 2) bringing shame on a vacation spot in a neighboring state. What’s there to like?

    1. Tola & others-

      ITA w/everyword in your posts.As I said w/Kendra & “Whipped/Hank”posts-I feel they are there for:
      #1. PUBLICITY
      #2. PAYCHECKS-just like Speidi,Aviva & Reid,etc..
      Will be tuning into to answer my POV & see which HE/SHE WILL BE GUNNING FOR THE MOST DIVA SPOT!!??…

  2. Yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck. Sleazy, creepy, vile, man. I hope he doesn’t reproduce.

  3. He makes my flesh crawl. I don’t think that he could be soaked in enough disinfectant for long enough for me to touch him; it would be like licking a used petri dish in an STD lab.

    She must be very brave or have an amazing immune system to consider hooking up, let alone marrying this one.

    You know I always felt bad about the humiliation and degradation these kids from Long Island, NY, brought down onto the Jersey Shore just because they vacationed and whored around there during the summer.

  4. not buying this is real for one second, it’s all about promoting his show, never ever saw him photographed with her in the last year, it’s fake for ratings, I heard he likes men!

  5. good for him. i liked him on the show… he has come along way and i wish him nothing but the bust for him and his family

    1. I feel as if I should respond to this, but I just do not know how to say it. Sure, I wish them well, the same way I wish EVERYONE well. I just cannot imagine liking him or any of these embarrassments; that suggests some sort of admiration, and HOW could anyone admire, (or like-what’s to like?), ANY of these people? It’s all beyond me.

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