Resurrected! New Season of ‘Kate Plus Eight’ Set to Air in December

"We are back to haunt your dreams!"
“We are back to haunt your dreams!”

If you’ve been jonesing to watch Kate Gosselin treat her kids poorly on camera, you’re in luck! TLC, the network behind the Gosselin family’s reality show Kate Plus Eight has announced that it has picked the show up for a brand-new season! The show, which has been on hiatus since 2011, will feature Kate and her eight investments children: 13-year-old twins Mady and Cara and 10-year-old sextuplets Alexis, Joel, Leah, Hannah, Aaden, and Collin.

According to a press release distributed by TLC yesterday, the new episodes are set to air in December and will follow the kids and Kate on a vacation to New England.  (Hey, Katie ain’t gonna miss out on a free trip!)

The new episodes will also focus on the kids’ schooling. The twins are about to start eighth grade while the sextuplets are entering fourth grade.

“The kids [will] prepare for new teachers and hobbies, while balancing their time between friends and siblings,” the press release says.

A ‘Kate Plus Eight’ special that aired in June averaged more than 2.1 million viewers, which may be the reason the network has regained interest in the show. The Ashley finds it odd that so many people are still interested in Kate, especially after the extremely cringe-worthy interview she and her twins gave to the Today Show back in January, in which Kate basically demanded the twins tell everyone how great things are at home. The twins, in an act of rebellion, refused to speak. The Ashley loved every minute of it!



  1. Or maybe she realizes that viewers are anxious to see more, and why not make a little of the money she needs to raise and educate her kids,

  2. I for one, will not watch that game starved woman exploit those children again. I truly liked the show in the beginning. Although I never liked control freak Kate. Although, I do suppose with that many children, one must be at least somewhat of a control freak to maintain a semblance of order. But that woman is way too over bearing. I loved watching the children grow over the years. But enough is enough. No more for me.

  3. I’m very disappointed to read this. It’s clear that Kate is fame hungry and sees her kids as her way to stay famous. I cannot stand to watch her inflated self ego and the way she treats her family.

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