VH1 to Put Twins to the Test on New ‘Twinning’ Reality Show

By Holly Rasmussen

Have you ever wondered if twins have a special connection? Well, the people of VH1 have decided to test this theory. The creators of the popular show, Dating Naked, have developed a competition series featuring 12 sets of twins that will likely be called Twinning. On this game show/reality show, which is due to premiere next summer, the twins will compete for a grand prize of $222,222.22. (See what they did there?)

The show boasts some very interesting characters. According to VH1, the identical twins all have a unique bond.

“Some sleep in the same bed. Some sleep with the same people.” (Are we going into My Five Wives territory here?)

“They all claim special ‘twin powers’ that range from the amusing like finishing each other’s sentences, to the astonishing, like actually feeling each other’s physical pain,” a press release from Vh1 stated.

We’re sure, ‘Twinning,’ (which is the working title) will feature some crazy drama, especially if some of the twins apparently sleep with the same people!? I hope some people mistakenly hook up with the wrong twin because they can’t tell them apart. That would be interesting. I can’t wait for the double dose of drama and meltdowns.

“Twinning is a crazy concept and we are all the way in,” VH1’s Susan Levison said in a statement. “This will be a competition series like no other and we love to pique or viewers’ twinterest [come on, that was too easy]. Come one, come all for the nosiest house show in years.”

Is she trying to make it sound like a human freak show? Because that’s the vibe I’m getting. But I guess all of these competition reality shows have some element of freak show to them.

‘Twinning’ is set to premiere this summer with ten hour long episodes. We expect double the fights, double the fun, double the hook-ups, double the break-ups and double the cheesiness.

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