Exclusive Details: Did MTV Pay for ‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Jenelle Evans’ Engagement Ring?

Nathan put a ring on it...
Nathan put a ring on it…

Note from The Ashley: Every once in a while, The Ashley is given some less-than-accurate information. Although that has only happened a few times in the five years that The Roundup has been running, The Ashley will always let her readers know if something she writes proves to be inaccurate. Such is the case with some of the info that was originally run in this article.

The Ashley still stands by some of what is written below, which is why she left it in print. To explain: The Ashley was offered info from a new source, which she then verified with an older, trusted source. It has since proven to be untrue. Since that information proved to be untrue, The Ashley does not feel confident standing by the other info given by that first source, so she is retracting it. The info from the second source remains, as this person is very trusted.

The Ashley has always been committed to only publishing info that she can verify is true. (That is why she will preface a story with “File this under rumor” or something when the info has not been verified.) Her track record with info posted is very, very good and The Ashley will always do her best to maintain it and be honest with her readers.

The Ashley is very familiar with how things work on this show. However, sometimes rules go out the window if production needs a shot badly enough. That may be the case here.

Below is the revised story. Again, The Ashley apologizes for her error.

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans became engaged (for the third time) a few days ago while on vacation with her baby-daddy Nathan Griffith. Jenelle happily announced that Nathan had popped the question while the pair vacationed in St. Thomas. In an interview with MTV, Jenelle recounted the details of the proposal.

“[He] just tapped his glass, stood up in front of the whole restaurant, and made this big speech,how he loves me, he wants to be with me for the rest of his life,” Jenelle said. “And he’s really happy. And then he got down on one knee and proposed in front of everyone.”

MTV was there to document the whole thing, so it will surely appear during Season 6 of ‘Teen Mom 2.’

Soon after the proposal, Jenelle excitedly posted photos of the engagement ring she received from Nathan. It didn’t take long before the rumors started flying about the proposal, the ring and MTV’s role in all of it. Fans claimed that MTV paid Nathan to propose, paid for the trip and paid for Jenelle’s ring.

After denying it on Twitter, Nathan finally admitted that MTV paid for their hotel stay while in St. Thomas, claiming it was part of their “compensation.”

“I don’t know what’s going on but yea mtv paid for the room as compensation. I’m getting sick of all this drama. I’m in St. Thomas,” he tweeted on Sunday.

The proposal was not set up by MTV, however. Also, Nathan was not “paid to propose,” as some have suggested.

The non-MTV-paid-for ring in question...
The non-MTV-paid-for ring in question…

Why was MTV there if the proposal wasn’t set up by them? It’s very simple, actually. The cast (or anyone under contract, which Nathan is) is required to let the show’s producers know when there is a big event taking place in their lives (i.e. a pregnancy, engagement, etc.) In the instances that this doesn’t happen, MTV will recreate the scene (as they did with Leah and Jeremy‘s engagement).

In regard to the rumor that the network footed the bill for Jenelle’s engagement ring– that’s also false. (This isn’t The Bachelor, guys! We’re talking ‘Teen Mom’ here!)

“They won’t pay for anything like that,” another show source tells The Ashley. “If someone goes out to dinner and it’s on-camera, MTV will pay the bill, up to a certain amount. They’ll pay for activities on camera. So maybe the dinner bill was picked up. But anyone that thinks MTV would pay for an engagement ring is completely wrong.”

The show’s producers and crew didn’t even see the ring until the night of the proposal, the source added. The Ashley is not confirming Nathan paid for the ring; just that MTV did not.

A man named Patrick, who was one of the people that went on the trip with Jenelle and Nathan and will be seen on-camera, took to his Instagram to provide more insight on what’s going on.

nathan jenelle

The Ashley is not confirming or denying any of the other rumors floating around about Jenelle and Nathan, but she wanted to set the record straight on these.

(Photos: Instagram)

68 Responses

  1. SO original. Standing up in a restaurant with a little speech and ring in hand. We’ve only seen that done on every romcom movie since the dawn of time…

    1. Did she and Courtland actually get engaged, or did they just sort of get high and stumble down to city hall for a marriage license?

  2. Except she DID procreate with Courtland. She just terminated it before her first date with Mongo. Selfish and unfair to Jace and all, of course.

    I’ll believe he has a job when I see it.

  3. Wait, this bimbo can read? I’m stunned, though I’m sure her version of college is just a good old votech. The ring, I still think the show paid for it, just because she says they didn’t doesn’t mean it’s true, let’s face it, she is one lying sack is sh*t.

  4. Used to like you Ashley but now with this article it looks like your yet another person in Jenelle Evans back pocket.

    Calling Courtland names, that’s what Jenelles puppets do.

    Try calling Nathan names….alcoholic, dead beat dad (doesn’t pay child support) etc.
    You want us to believe that Mr. No Job spent 10,000 dollars of his own money nope maybe Mommies Money.

    Watch out Jenelle and Nathan you keep saying how much money he has for a dumbass ring and how he supposedly flipped the bill for these dumbass adults vacation and gives NOTHING in support of his daughter… I HOPE EMERYS MOMMA AND GRANDPARENTS TAKE ACTION.

    1. @Heather hahahaa well, clearly you haven’t read my Teen Mom 2 recaps– I have plenty of fun making fun of Nathan! What purpose do I have sticking up for Jenelle and Nathan? Why would I gain from that? As Babs would say, “Ya must be high” to think this. -The Ashley

    2. I bet this is Heather Clouse trying to get attention to her site. She just reported what someone a insider told her. Is she suppose to lie? This is what she was told by someone that knows Jenelle so this is what she knows but the person could be lying of course or maybe they are telling the truth but she just reports what she knows and we were wondering. Also Nathan gets paid by MTV too.

      1. @Mia Heather Clouse does not have anything to do with this site, nor has she ever. This site was established long before her site was around. -The Ashley

        1. I’m not that crazy Heather Clouse.
          I’m freaking shocked with the responses and thumb ups and downs my post got. I stand by all except what I wrote about Ashley.
          Ashley-I can admit when I was wrong, I was pissed off reading all these idiots who are in Jenelles back pocket and lumped you in with them. So I’m sorry.

  5. Seriously people !!!!! If you don’t like her or the other girls or Nathan don’t watch the show. WHO CARES WHO PAID FOR WHAT!!!! Their children are taken care of their bills are taken care of they are doing well for themselves going to school and trying to better themselves so what if they went on a vacation. I THINK EVERYONE ON HERE THAT IS BASHING THEM WHEN THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW THEM IS JUST JEALOUS THAT THEY DON;T HAVE A SHOW OR MONEY OR MAYBE THEY JUST DON’T HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO WITH THEIR TIME AND LIVE SUCH A SAD LIFE THAT THEY HAVE TO TALK BAD ABOUT PEOPLE THEY HAVE NEVER EVEN MET

    1. I’m so jealous of her 13 mugshots and no custody. I just sit here with my shitty boyfriend who’s never ever told me to abort our child. Why can’t I have what Jenelle has?!?

      1. Yeah, I never had to have an ultrasound to see if my boyfriend of two seconds knocked me up, or if it was the abortion I had with my husband’s baby, and clearly that’s something we all strive for. I’m also insanely jealous that she is known IN MULTIPLE COUNTRIES as a piece of shit who should have her uterus forcibly removed. Totally got me there.

    2. Saying ” their children [are] taken care” is laughable. Yes, one of her children is cared for…and it’s not by Jenelle! Nathan’s daughter is cared for…and it’s not by Nathan! Having a roof over your head and growing up in a stable, healthy environment are not interchangeable. If you consider the way Jenelle and Barbara raise the kids (two houses filled with screaming and instability) to be well taken care of, then I guess our definitions of good parenting are different.

      The argument that people who speak negatively about Jenelle are automatically “jealous” is very weak and doesn’t even make sense. As for having “nothing better to do” — you’re spending your time talking about someone you don’t know…while bashing others because they’re “talking about someone they don’t know”. Think about that for a second….

  6. I was a teen mom at 16, and I had my parents help, however I finished school, college, and held the same job from age 18 -30 running a business, BUT i had it hard, school, kid, no life what so ever, the point i am making, Jenelle hit the freaking JACKPOT when she applied for casting of a freaking show on MTV, and yes she got clean and straightened up, HELLO who in their right mind wouldn’t straighten up their life for easy money, the amount she gets paid now I would eat crap, lol, and her salary keeps getting higher because of all the Teen Mom series She holds the highest ratings, and THATS why she got clean, called a great salary ( very easy job) and signed a contract to do it

  7. Nathan doesn’t look to disabled to me.. if he can do MMA then i wonder what kinda disability he allegedly has?? He is just a tool plain and simple that is lazy and dont wanna work. he got accustomed to the MTV paycheck and probably wont ever have a decent job, HIm and jenelle are both trash and thats it. How about taking care of your kids instead of taking a vacation?

    1. You can get a disability rating for stuff other than physical problems. I am a disabled veteran, and besides my rating for my ankle, I have other ratings for stuff you can’t see, like migraines and insomnia. You can be rated for mental health disorders as well, so he could just have a “disability” rating for something that isn’t physical. I thought I read somewhere about him talking about PTSD, but I could be wrong.

  8. Instead of people just ripping on Jenelle all the time, because yes, she is attention hungry, immature, etc etc…I think we have to realize that she’s still working on becoming a better mom and person and isn’t going to be some model example of an american family. I have to at least applaud her for admitting she needed help for drugs and getting that help, and while the 2nd pregnancy seemed like a band aid for not having Jace, for the most part it appears she is doing better now than she was a year or two ago.

    1. Did she get help? I mean, she went to rehab for pot right? But did she go for heroin? I think I remember her bragging that she quit cold turkey (which I believe about a big fat zero). And I don’t remember, did she go voluntarily for the pot? And not trying to split hairs here, but the Kaiser pregnancy was her fourth. For some reason that still grosses me out so much, because who has an “am I pregnant, or is it the abortion I just had” conundrum? Ugh, barf.

    2. Help? She got arrested, laid all the blame on Courtland, and left his sorry behind to rot in jail. She then met Nathan and trap babied him immediately. Not to mention the ‘throw away baby’ in between! What are you talking about?

  9. I thought the same thing! I don’t see how that wouldn’t be incredibly uncomfortable for all parties, not least of all the other, awkwardly clapping, restaurant patrons.

  10. MTV pays for their trips, and probably paid for the ring, but even if they didn’t directly pay, it’s with MTV money that it was paid for.

    1. Well duh. We know they get paid and money from mtv. All reality show people get paid from the shows they are on.

  11. Good for them.. there idiots ..but hey at least there not getting in trouble &actually taking care of there kids and doing Right ..for once!

  12. The problem with Jenelle is that she’s trash, but this is literally the best she will ever be. Everyone keeps taking shots at her for saying “you’ll see, this season will be my redemption” for the past 2 seasons, but Jenelle’s 10 is a normal person’s 4. To most, her high opinion of herself is ridiculous. But to someone who won’t ever be better than a trash bag, she’s doing great. The only thing to do is pity her and the children she keeps bringing into the world.

    1. I thought the same thing! I don’t see how that wouldn’t be incredibly uncomfortable for all parties, not least of all the other, awkwardly clapping, restaurant patrons.

  13. Nathan is not employed by anyone except mtv. You need to re check your sources on this one ashley, his mom is my aunt. He can’t work because his disability checks from the Marines would be cut off. He is paid very well by mtv though. He treated our family over Christmas.

    1. Thats incorrect, you can still work and collect veteran disability checks. Unless you are at a 100% disability rating, the small check you get every month isn’t enough to survive. A lot of vets work and collect disability, it’s not uncommon.

        1. Well that has nothing to do with his disability. My husband works for the VA and is a disabled USMC vet and it’s not an issue. Most of his coworkers are also disabled vets. If Nathan wanted to work, it would have no effect on his disability checks, no matter the amount. If he’s saying he can’t work because of his disability checks, then he’s wrong.

        2. Probably because most respected businesses would A) not want the MTV camera crew hanging around their establishments all the time and B) don’t want employees to have these staged conversations MTV conversations while they are on the clock or C) don’t want to hire someone who is under such strict guidelines of when they need to be available for MTV. It is hard to schedule an employee with a commitment like that attached to them.

          Nathan might not be able to work outside of MTV but I highly doubt his disability status is the reason for it. I know my employer would never allow MTV to film. Teen Mom isn’t exactly good publicity.

    2. I thought he had a sales job – timeshares at Myrtle Beach? He was shown “coming home from work” a few times last season.

      He seems like the skeezy high pressure sales type.

      1. He lost that job after moving in with Jenelle‚ conveniently enough? Didn’t you watch the rest of the season? babs was constantly complaining that he didn’t work and he told JE that he couldn’t work because he was disabled with this scuzzy grin on his face.

        1. Of course I watched it, I can’t look away from this train wreck! 🙂 I remember Babs saying stuff about Jenelle not working, and just that Nathan was using her for money and stuff. I don’t remember any story line about him losing his job though, what episode was it?

          I full on could have just forgotten though. If so, my bad. It’s hard to keep track of all the comings and goings in Jenelle’s life!

    3. I’m a disabled veteran, and I get a disability check from Veterans Affairs every month. You can even work if you have a rating of 100%, as there are two different types of 100% ratings, one where you’re allowed to work, and one where you aren’t. I get 70%, so that means I can only do certain jobs. I had three ankle surgeries, so I can’t do jobs where I walk or stand more than a few minutes at a time. If the Air Force caught me at a job where I was standing for hours at a time, of course they’d think I was lying. If Nathan is working, it’s probably just a job that can work with his disability restrictions.

    4. Wait till Jenelle finds out she paid 20k for college and can’t get a job because she has a criminal background. Most healthcare companies won’t hire people who have criminal convictions.

  14. I’m not defending Dolph by any means, but he does technically have a job – he’s a paid cast member of Teen Mom 2. And since it doesn’t seem like balancing a budget and planning for the future are skills either of these douche nozzles possess, I can see how they are taking exotic vacations and trips to Disney World and buying over-the-top engagement rings. These idiots haven’t earned ANY of these things; their priorities are totally out of whack so they can have all these material possessions and experiences and try to “prove the haters wrong” by saying “here, we’re successful, we spent lots of money!”.

    1. What I find the most ridiculous about those girl is how they get settled with their MTV money but don’t take in consideration that they won’t have 100 000+ coming in every year in 2-3 years.

      1. Exactly – it’s VERY easy to get used to living a certain lifestyle but when the money isn’t there anymore, OUCH. But of course Juhnelle and Turd Whistle don’t get their “celebrity” has a short shelf life and that the cash may not be there in a few years – oh yes, and that buying new cars every few months and taking expensive trips, showering their kids with lavish toys and buying expensive jewelry is not wise – these are not solid investments. But we are dealing with Nathan – the guy who thinks that once he pulls into his driveway he is immune from the police arresting him for DUI.

        1. You all are jealous, because you aren’t getting paid by MTV! Get a life, and stop hating, you all must not work, if you are on here hating on Jenelle all damn day! Seriously get a damn life, and go take care of your kids!!

          1. My mom shaves the front of her hair to make her forehead look bigger and she wants to get a chin implant so she can look like her druggie idol.

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