‘Teen Mom 2’ Producer Says Filming Season 6 was Sometimes ‘Heartbreaking’

Babs is coming back! Oh yeah, and these girls are too.
Babs is coming back! Oh yeah, and these girls are too.

The sixth season of Teen Mom 2 premieres tonight on MTV! While The Ashley has done her very best to keep y’all updated on the lives and hijinks of Chelsea Houska, Leah Calvert, Kail Lowry and Jenelle Evans in the months since the fifth season ended, she can tell you that we’ve never seen a season like Season 6!

The show’s executive producer, Morgan J. Freeman, recently spoke to Observer about Season 6, and discussed what it’s like to be standing on the sidelines, watching these girls’ lives crumble.

“It’s heartbreaking sometimes…everything in you wants to say, ‘Stop! No!’ but that’s not our job,” he said.

As The Ashley told you in her 2013 book, Teen Mom Confidential, the production and camera crew do not step in during filming, unless there is a real danger for one of the cast members or her kids.

(The Ashley can’t elaborate, but her production source tells her that this actually happened one time during the filming of Season 6. Production had to be shut down because the girl was putting her kids in danger.)

“We’re there to document things, but if someone is doing something that puts someone in harms way we would definitely step in.” Morgan said. “There’s no science to it, it’s a human thing. If someone was in danger yes we would step in, but for parenting decisions we don’t step in. You know when that line is being crossed. We put the welfare of everyone front and center.”

Never Forget.
Never Forget.

Morgan revealed that, although the crew doesn’t step in, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have strong feelings about certain choices the girls or other cast members make while filming. In fact, this happened last season in regard to Jenelle’s boyfriend/baby daddy/fiance/thing, Nathan Griffith, says Morgan. During the (epic) scene where Jenelle’s lawyer yells at Nathan for acting “a fool” while being arrested for a DUI, Morgan says that the crew was cracking up.

“We weren’t cheering because of the drama around the outburst or anything like that; we were actually high-fiving behind the camera because we were like, ‘Yes! Someone said what we want to say!’ As producers it’s not our job to say anything like that but when someone does say it, we consider it a win,” he said.

Morgan also provided a brief summary of what we can expect from the gals this season, which started filming in December 2014. He mentioned that Leah’s story, in particular, will be interesting to watch play out.

“Leah has her plate full—she’s struggling with Jeremy and then co-parenting with Corey,” he said. “When you’re watching this, you’re thinking, ‘How much can one women deal with?’ What you’ll see this season is that Leah asks for help. That’s an important step for her.”

As The Ashley told you, Leah went to rehab in May after one failed attempt. She was released a few weeks later and is now seeing T.R. Dues, a man with two kids of his own.

Stay tuned for The Ashley’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 6 recaps! To read her recaps of last season’s episodes, click here!


36 Responses

  1. Leah and Corey/Jeremy just need to duke it out West Virginia Hatfield/McCoy style…be done with the court system

      1. It was like “You live in West Virginia. You should be able to find someone who can give you a *good* mullet.”

  2. What was that one time that production had to shut down because one of the moms put her kids in danger? Does anyone know which mom they are referring to and what they did?!

    1. The first thing that popped into my mind was when Farrah left baby Sofia in the sink for a bath, walked away, and Sofia turned on the hot water.

      I can’t remember if the was in an actual episode, deleted scene, or how it resolved.

      I would assume whatever the instance was, it either involved Farrah or Amber.

      1. I think it’s between these four girls since they mentioned this Season 6 plus they were talking about TM2 since they just finished filming it. It’s between Kail, Jenelle, or Leah. The Ashley used “kids” and Jenelle typical films with both Kaiser & Jace.

      2. I’m pretty sure it was that scene. Farrah put Sophie in the sink for a bath and Sophie turned on the hot water. There was another scene with Farrah that they didn’t cut and that was when she was moving into an apt. (the one where she yelled at Michael because he wasn’t putting up the curtains fast enough, ugh) and she sat Sophie, who was in her carseat/carrier at the time, down OUTSIDE the apt and went in and was unpacking. She forgot all about Sophie being outside the apt. door. lol #scarymom

    2. It says it happened while filming Season 6, the key word is “kids”
      I assume Leah, I didn’t think Jenelle (but is possible) because she doesn’t have Jace to often.

      I guess we will find out this season

  3. So Leah is crying about being overwhelmed but fights Corey tooth and nail from getting more time with his kids. I call bs on Leah and her mess. She just keeps the girls from Corey to punish him, meanwhile her kids have to suffer with an unstable mother constantly moving from homes yelling screamung crying and being overwhelmed.

  4. Oh please…the only thing Leah had no control over was her daughter’s MD. Other than that, she had the world at her doorstep, she just chose to not open the door up to appreciate what she had.

    1. She chose to cheat on Cory and Jeremy
    2. She chose to quit nursing school, beauty school, tanning (whatever she was trying to do with tanning.)
    3. Both Jeremy and Leah chose to marry quickly and pop out another kid.

    Those are all choices – I have no empathy for this chic. You can’t make a choice, fail that choice and then cry wolf

    1. That’s one thing I’ve always wondered about Jeremy… Why was he so quick to sign up to marry/impregnate this girl who already had two kids (one with special needs) & a divorce under her belt?

    2. Obviously she has no control over keeping her legs closed, hope she worked on that in rehab, or the place she went to to “work on being a better mother”

  5. My bets are on Leah because she looked high or drunk most of the time. Pills for headaches my butt.

    But, I couldn’t imagine being a fly on the wall, unable to do anything. Especially when kids are involved.

    1. I know…
      that’s why her drug screen is not accurate
      she has a script for the meds she is abusing over course her drug screen is fine, pay a doctor couple dollars & get a script for meds so she is coveref

  6. I guess it was Leah if production forced her into rehab. It does not look promising that she is already in another relationship. She should be focusing on her sobriety. I think her drug addiction is very sad. I really hope she finds a way to overcome it.

    1. Actually, I read on teenmomjunkies that Leah cheated on her new boy toy T.R. and she’s single and ready to mingle with the next recipient of herpes.

          1. Will all others in favor of calling this guy “New Robbie” please say “Aye”?

      1. Wait, Leah cheated on her man?
        Nope I don’t believe it….she would never cheat.
        Cheating says alot about someones character. She is so great & perfect she would never cheat
        it’s all a conspiracy against her
        [How is that for sarcasm]

    2. Durg addiction? What are you talking about? According to her, she doesn’t have a drug addiction. She just went to “therapy” for her “depression and anxiety”

      1. Her edit last night made me sick. The rumors of drug use and cheating my butt! Still trying to play the victim.

        1. It was painful to watch her scenes. When she was out to dinner, she looked higher than a kite and her makeup looked like she was getting ready for a DUI mugshot at 2am. That smeared eyeliner was really lovely. Then she goes to court and suddenly looks like she showered, put her good weave in, and had someone do her makeup and can string a sentence together coherently. And I see Mama Dawn got herself a Midlife Crisis Mustang! Surprised she found enough cash to buy one since I’m sure she’s handing money over to Leah to help buy “prescription” drugs for her daughters headaches

          1. It was also fun/interesting how happy she and her friend were that she had passed her drug test. I’m never that happy to have a negative test. It’s usually a given.

      2. And to help her be a better mom.

        She needs help keeping her legs closed & staying off drugs all of which she needs to own up to or she will never learn.

    3. I never like hearing someone is *forced* into rehab, it should be the addict’s decision to get better. Otherwise, if they don’t want it for themselves, they won’t take sobriety & the lifestyle change necessary seriously.

      Sure some, once sober & with therapy, can open their eyes & decide they need to make a change – but I’m sure that’s a slim margin.

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