‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Jenelle Evans & Nathan Griffith Break Up Days After Jenelle Tries on Wedding Dresses

“Even we don’t know if we’re together!”

By Holly Rasmussen & The Ashley

UPDATE: The Ashley needs to clarify that the wedding dress photos of Jenelle were actually taken months ago, but not posted until this week. This is most likely due to it being an officially MTV-approved story and the magazine was likely required to wait until after the engagement episode aired to run them. (If they girls are quoted in the mag directly, you can be about 90% sure that the interview was set up/approved by MTV. In almost all but the rarest cases, the girl doesn’t receive payment for these interviews.) 

Unfortunately, but the time they did, it appears that Jenelle and Nathan’s relationship had changed once again! 

Just days ago, Jenelle Evans from MTV’s Teen Mom 2 was was seemingly preparing for her wedding, trying on wedding dresses at David Tutera’s famous bridal shop (and letting the paparazzi capture it all, naturally). The mom of two told OK! magazine she couldn’t wait to spend the rest of her life with fiancé Nathan Griffith, and that the couple was planning to get married next summer.

Prepare to be shocked: It appears that there’s trouble in paradise for the engaged um, lovebirds. This morning, Jenelle took to her Twitter to inform her fans that she’s been having nightmares and panic attacks. When asked by a fan if these episodes had anything to do with her hubby-to-be Nathan, Jenelle informed the fan that she and Nathan are no longer living together!

While it doesn’t appear that Jenelle actually purchased a dress yet, let’s hope she keeps any and all receipts. After all, she and Nathan have broken up and gotten back together more times than anyone can even count.

While Jenelle is still following David Tutera and several other wedding-related Twitter accounts, she’s no longer following her “fiance” Nathan. It appears that they have also defriended each other on Facebook.

MTV cameras have been there to capture the whole sad saga of Jenelle and Nathan’s relationship—from when they first met (on a dating app) to their first date (while she was still legally married to Courtland “Cold Sore” Rogers).

MTV filmed the beginning of their relationship last season which led up to the birth of their son, Kaiser, and their engagement this season. It hasn’t all been a bed of roses, however. MTV was also there to capture the fight that almost called the whole wedding off (the first time).

We will have to wait until later in the season to see it, but cameras were rolling when Jenelle had Nathan arrested for domestic violence. (Who else is counting the days until the episode in which Nate is screaming “Jeeeeenellle!!” from the back of the police car?!)

Just days before this latest breakup, Jenelle was telling OK! that her rocky patch with Nathan is in the past.

“I’m really excited to start planning the wedding,” Jenelle told the magazine. “I’m wearing my ring again and happily showing it off still.”

Jenelle claims their one-year-old son, Kaiser, was the driving force that brought them back together.

“We wanted to work things out with our family. And we are back to being best friends like we used to be,” she said.

Jenelle had said that the wedding would most likely be on the beach with a “backyard reception.” What? No Olive Garden?

Jenelle said her mother, Barbara, will be in attendance. Hopefully she can make it through the whole ceremony without referring to Jenelle as her “bitch of a daughta.”

While rumors flew earlier this year that her fiancé was cheating on her, Jenelle claims that is no longer an issue.

“We’ve moved past it. We are completely honest and open with everything having to do with our relationship,” she said.

Stay tuned: The relationship status for these two changes more often than Chelsea Houska’s hair color!


  1. It’s like good riddance they’re “broken up” again for the umteenth time….but if this is for good I’d hate to see who the rebound is….Jenelle has one of the worst track records of finding a good guy. We have yet to see a “decent” boyfriend. Nathans such a shithead and Keiffer was/is a smackhead…I’m afraid to see who’s going to be the next influence for Jace and Kaiser(Roll)

    1. There was Josh, I think about three seasons ago. Babs even like him. He was the guy who lived with his mom, but in a ‘we share the rent’ kind of way. That may have been her shortest cohabitation to date. But yeah, whenever the phrase “compared to the rest of her fiancés” can be used… *rubs temples*

  2. It must be embarrassing, friending and unfriending your significant other on social media all the time. Same with changing relationship status. When I met my boyfriend of 5 years, I didn’t even change my own to “in a relationship” until a good 6 months into things because I didn’t want to have to change it back if things didn’t work out. This girl is unfriending and unfollowing her FIANCE every other week. Do these people simply have no shame? (Of course they dont.)

    And you just know at some point during the breaksup she did her trademark fake victim cry. WHY ARE YOU SO MEAN TO ME I DIDN’T DO NOTHING TO YOU I’M SO DISTRAUGHT RIGHT NOW DUDE

  3. Ah, who could keep up with it. I would just put a button on the home page that lights up when they are ON and assume they are off and horrible all the rest of the time.

    1. No, one of those workplace signs that says it’s been ___ days without an accident. Only ours would say days without someone being accused of domestic violence.

  4. I wasn’t even sure if they were back together in the first place

    Anyway, I’m impressed they managed to break up without police assistance this time.

  5. This doesn’t necessarily mean they broke up. When they got back together, Jenelle said Nathan kept his apartment to live in and would just sleep over sometimes, so this could be what she’s referring to when she says they aren’t living together.

  6. and in a few weeks they will have solved allll of their problems and will be soul mates again. they are both too immature, insecure, selfish and just plain stupid to ever be in a healthy relationship with each other or anyone else. nathan is an absolute douche, jenelle loves drama, and those poor babies are stuck in the middle of all of this. both she and leah need to be single for a long, long time to grow up and prioritize their lives; men should never come before their children. but that will never happen. jenelle will be doing this same old song and dance for the next 20 years and will have another few marriages and kids under her belt by then. what a shame that she can’t see what every one else sees.

  7. They are a terrible couple. I have never heard anyone fight the way they do. It’s terrible and an awful example for the kids.

    1. It’s amazing how far from “normal” they are, yet I’m sure they think it’s completely normal and acceptable to have arguments like that. And in front of children. And on national TV.

  8. I love this blog but Jenelle was not in NYC a few days ago trying those dresses on. She did that wedding dress photoshoot the same day she went to Bupa and did the hand prints in the sauce promotion. She is wearing the same clothes. This was several months ago.

    She was also single when she was in NYC and had split from Nathan just a couple weeks before going.

    1. Duh..just look at the hair!!! She dyed it black a while ago..Ashley def slipping up in her JE coverage lately..kissing a little too much JE ass in my opinion.

  9. I don’t see on her twitter acct that she has said Nathan and her have split. please link your source so we know if it’s true or not.

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