Breakdowns, Walk-Offs & IV’s: Behind the Scenes of the ‘Teen Mom OG’ After-Show Taping (Exclusive!)

Get all the behind-the-scenes dirt!
Get all the behind-the-scenes dirt!

The girls of Teen Mom OG were in New York City this past weekend to film footage for promos and the After-Shows. As The Ashley told you last week, Farrah Abraham was a no-show on Friday, when the other girls were busy filming and doing promotional work for the upcoming new season. However, Farrah missing the day of work on Friday was nothing compared to all of the drama that happened on Saturday during the actual After-Show taping!

Here’s what went on behind-the-scenes of the ‘Teen Mom OG’ After-Show taping, according to The Ashley’s show sources….

Party time!
Party time!

The ‘OGs’ partied hard the night before the filming and needed medical attention.

Three of the ‘OG’ girls– Maci Bookout, Catelynn Lowell and Amber Portwood–hosted a book-signing event on Friday night (along with ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Kail Lowry). After the book signing, the girls hit the town– hard. According to one on-set production source, the gals showed up to the set on Saturday morning feeling very hungover.

To help them recover faster and be camera-ready for Saturday’s taping, MTV called in a company that gives a hangover therapy via IVs, similar to this company. The girls received an infusion of vitamins to help them kick their hangovers.

Keep in mind that all of the girls are well over the age of 21, so they did nothing illegal. The Ashley just thought this was a juicy little nugget to include. She’s not judging anyone for having fun.

A quiet Farrah? That's something we don't see every day....
A quiet Farrah? That’s something we don’t see every day….

Farrah did film…but was very un-Farrah-like.

Although Farrah didn’t come to work on Friday, she did manage to make it for the After-Show taping on Saturday. However, an on-set source tells The Ashley that Farrah was “very withdrawn and quiet.”

Farrah didn’t stay on set very long. The Ashley’s sources tell her that Farrah only filmed one segment in front of the live audience. (She may have filmed on her own without the other girls or audience; The Ashley can’t be sure on that.) One source says that Farrah filmed a scene in which she discussed visiting the grave of Sophia’s late father, Derek Underwood. 

“She got really emotional during that part,” the  on-set source tells The Ashley. “She kept to herself pretty much. The other girls were nice to her.”

At one point, Farrah was on stage with the other three girls, the source said.

“Farrah was crying and Catelynn gave her a hug and Amber held her hand,” the source added. “You could tell that even Maci felt bad for her.”

After filming that scene, Farrah left the set and didn’t come back. An audience member tells The Ashley that they were told that Farrah “had to catch a flight.” The Ashley is not sure if Farrah actually walked off set, or if her early exit was planned ahead of time.

This is just the tip of the argument iceberg, apparently...
This is just the tip of the argument iceberg, apparently…

Farrah’s argument with Producer Larry was much worse than is shown in the trailer…

According to one source, we only saw a little part of Farrah’s big fight with ‘Teen Mom OG’ producer Larry Musnik. In the trailer, Farrah can be seen screaming at Larry that she doesn’t “need to be part of this trashy ass show anymore!”

After Farrah left the set, the audience at the After Show taping was allegedly shown a more extended clip that was even more disturbing.

“In the clip we watched, Farrah physically pushed Larry in her front yard,” an audience member told The Ashley. “She called him white trash and all these other mean names. They showed us the clip after Farrah left. It was almost like they did that on purpose.”

One of The Ashley’s other sources provided more insight as to what caused the giant blow-up.

“The reason Farrah was fighting with the producers in that clip was because she didn’t want to film,” the source said. “Larry the producer said she was at breach of contract because she was filming a show with her mom Debra that’s similar to ‘Teen Mom.’ That’s what started Farrah off on her rant.”

(Please note: The Ashley has not seen the extended clip, so she can not confirm that Farrah pushed Larry. However, it appears that it will be included in the upcoming season.)

Apparently, Farrah and Larry have made up since that scene was filmed, however. They were seen hanging out together at the Viacom Christmas party, held this weekend in New York.

"Here she goes again..."
“Here she goes again…”

Maci, Amber and Catelynn are tired of Farrah getting special treatment.

The Ashley’s sources say that Farrah’s ‘Teen Mom OG’ co-stars were appalled after watching the clip of Farrah and Larry.

“Catelynn, especially, seemed angry about Farrah’s behavior,” the audience member said. “She said that Farrah is so nasty to everyone, and that Farrah gets special treatment that the others don’t.”

The on-set source claims that, even for the After Show taping, the girls had to wait on Farrah to film.

"I still don't understand why I can't just marry myself?!"
“I still don’t understand why I can’t just marry myself?!”

Marriage was mentioned…

Amber discussed her upcoming wedding to Matt Baier, but Maci (whom fans have suspected is engaged to longtime beau Taylor McKinney), never mentioned marriage at the taping. In fact, she wasn’t wearing a ring at all (unlike in recent snaps where she had a ring on her left hand.)

Farrah, who’s back together with boyfriend Simon Saran, did mention marriage.

“She said that she didn’t plan to get married,” the source said. “She did say she wants to adopt a child, though.”

The Ashley will be releasing even more juicy ‘Teen Mom OG’ news this week, so stay tuned!

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50 Responses

  1. it’s so dangerous that amber is drinking- especially to the point of a hangover. if shes not already back on pills she probably will be soon

  2. There is an ad at the end of the article for Depends. It seems fitting considering the bullshit Farrah is constantly spewing

      1. Not necessarily. I use Chrome on my phone with the ‘Do Not Track’ setting enabled. Because of that, some websites show ads that aren’t based on browsing history or location. Right now there is an ad from Gerber, despite the fact that I have never visited their website or Googled anything about them or any other baby products in general

  3. If shes looking into adoption maybe she can find a nice normal family for Sophia (and possibly a nice therapist to help Michael through what appears to be Stockholm syndrome)

  4. Farrah is the brattiest bitch ever. its like when is enough gonna be enough MTV? Yea the show was pretty boring without her rants but she got physical with a producer. Where do you draw the line?

    1. I was one who was excited for Farrah to come back mid-season last year because she was fun to hate, but she ended up being a little boring, too. Her drama was the same bs, just more forced now because she thinks that’s why she’s popular. I felt horrible for her “boyfriend” and fake friends, too.

      All in all, I wouldn’t be sad if OG didn’t come back at all, never mind without Farrah. The whole show is boring now. They’re all leading normal lives, even Amber in her way. And I don’t mean that in a bad way, it’s great for them that things have worked out the way they have. They just don’t need to be on TV anymore.

  5. IV therapy for hangovers is like swatting a fly with a Buick. “A company” did the treatment, not nurses? The risks that come along with IV treatment (infiltration, extravasation, phlebitis and staph infection) alone do not outweigh the benefits for anyone who is getting them for “vitamins” or a “hangover” therapy. This is a trend that needs to stop.

  6. It might be legal for them to drink but it is ridiculous that they showed up with hangovers to the reunion show that they are paid to attend. If MTV had to get IVs to make them presentable that is disgraceful. Imagine someone with a real job turning up for work after heavy drinking and instead of getting fired their boss provides free hangover treatment!

    1. I’m sorry… sounds like you’re implying that somehow wouldn’t be the best job ever? Maybe I’m reading your comment wrong.

      1. Obviously it would be a great job. I was just trying to express how unlikely it is in the real world. I guess I meant something more like “Can you imagine”.

  7. If Farrah really did push Larry, that should be the end of it. She’s out. And even if she didn’t, after all the shit she’s pulled she still shouldn’t be allowed back. People don’t want to see her anyway. It’s not like a train wreck that we all love to hate, the audience genuinely hates seeing her every week when we could be watching more of the other girls. It’s time to stop giving her the attention she craves because it only makes her giant, ugly head even more inflated and delusional.

    1. Farrah (and Debra) both are in dire need of psychiatric help. I personally wont watch the show anymore because of her. And I do think the other girls are correct in saying she gets special attention cause her and her family are such wack jobs.

    2. Well I guess I’m not in the majority but I like seeing Farrah on the show. Her comments and behaviour are ratings gold.
      The other 3 are super boring. Without Farrah it would just be Catelynn sad and depressed and clinging to Tyler, Maci sitting on a couch begging Taylor to marry her, and Amber sitting on her couch whining and bitching about life.
      Farrah is an awful person in real life but she makes good TV with her delusions of grandeur.

      1. I agreed with that last season but Maci, Catelynn and Gary have new babies now so I think that will be more fun to watch than Farrah just screaming the same old stuff at everyone. I think the other girls will have fresh storylines now and Farrah will be the boring part. They should get rid of her now and give Butch and Larry their own section instead.

    3. You really think they would throw her off the show for pushing the producer? You clearly haven’t watched the last few years of the Real World. MTV doesn’t throw people off shows for violence anymore. That stopped a long time ago. Now they just make damn sure they capture it on film and use it to promote the show.

    1. It’s because she botched her face up with all those plastic surgeries. It’s funny that people think putting all those implants and injections in their body makes them look better when a lot of the time it just makes them look worse. That’s just my opinion though.

  8. She wants to adopt?
    She is hardly with her daughter as is, she is flying all over doing promotions for her line on sex toys.

    She is too selfish to ever adopt.
    But it’s a moot point, she will see a commercial for Save the whales & want to adopt 1, she doesn’t even pay attention to what she says…whatever happened to that phase when she was going to be a plastic surgeon?

    1. She wants to adopt and then sell the exclusive story to some media outlet before sending the child out into the world to do “it’s own thing.”

      1. Of course she does.That is the only reason she would ever adopt a kid. Interest in her is kind of dying down and she figures adopting a kid would put her back in the spotlight again, maybe even get her her own reality show. The only interest she shows in the child she has is in using her to bring attention to herself. This young woman should NEVER EVER allowed to adopt. She is a toxic, disturbed person, maybe even a dangerous one.

  9. All 3 girls have a history of substance abuse in their family. What’s the point on going out and getting drunk?

    That’s right…they are at the age where it’s the “cool” thing…

    1. I don’t fault Maci and Catelynn for drinking. (Well maybe if it’s still a regular thing for Maci). Just because there’s a family history of substance abuse, doesn’t mean they’re automatically abusers. My dad and two of his brothers are alcoholics and I partied my way through college without developing an addiction. Now I’m older and drink socially a couple times a year with no problem.

      But, Amber should not be drinking. It doesn’t matter what her substance of choice was, part of being sober is abstaining from all addictive substances, alcohol included.

      1. Where did I say they would become abusers? It’s the idea that you can’t have fun unless you’re drunk. God forbid they actually have fun without getting drunk. There’s so much to do in NYC and that’s what they choose? Yes I’ll judge.

  10. I don’t have any respect for these Mtv people. They are exploiting someone with obvious mental and emotional issues for ratings. And the girls have every right to be pissed about Farrah getting special treatment. Amber put her hands on Gary during an argument and she got arrested. Farrah put her hands on one of the producers during an argument and there is no repercussions for her at all? Total bullshit.

      1. No, I probably will still watch it. I’ve been watching it since the first season. It just pisses me off that Farrah is back on the show.

        1. I don’t watch it anymore, I find it just way too pathetic that A. MTV still looks to squeeze money at of these losers and B that none of them have achieved any kind of real successes. They are all doing the show still because what else is there to do? Farrah actually does the most outside of MTV to make money, nothing she has done is illegal, that’s the bottom line, I don’t care about porn, it’s legal and a multi billion dollar industry in this country, if no one watched it, there would be no movies made. Regardless of what she sells to make money, she and the rest of her family members are all gravely mentally ill, and that is just never addressed. The others are all losers, they are so dissappointing, what do any of them do to make the world a better place, to use their celebrity to make the world better than they found it? They haven’t and probably never will, Amber is also mentally in, she is so lazy, and needy, has to have a male in her life. As long as there is a penis everything is great for her. The ilk she is will is just the biggest loser she could have found, even though he found her, through her some bait, and she like the lost loser she is took the bait, hook line and sinker. Tyler has horrible anger issues, I never see that addressed, I don’t see their situation ending well either, because at some point the cameras will stop rolling. It’s just a lose lose situation for all of them in the long term. I come on here to comment because I love Ashley’s wit, but watch their show? No way, haven’t in years!

          1. Well, I don’t think they are losers. I know Catelynn and Maci travel all the time and do speaking engagements. Maci also recently graduated from college. Yeah, it took her forever to finish but at least she did it. I don’t think there is anything wrong with being a stay at home mom like Catelynn and Amber are doing. Farrah on the other hand can do whatever she wants but to me it looks like she is just doing all she can to capitalize on her fame because she loves the attention.

          2. How is Amber a stay at home mom when she doesn’t even have custody of her child? She should stop being lazy, sober up, and do all the great things that she said she was going to do when she was in prison. She’s very unemployable with only a ged and a conviction but she should use the MTV money to better her life while she has the opportunity.

          3. @Maggie I agree with you but somebody did say on another thread that Amber is in school now so we shouldn’t speculate. We don’t know everything that goes on with these people’s lives. We only know what Mtv shows us.

    1. I don’t think MTV had a part in Amber getting arrested, other than releasing the footage. The police decided to pursue it on their own. They might decide do the same to Farrah when this footage airs.

      Also Amber repeatedly assaulted Gary, slapping, punching, kicking etc, and she did it in front of their child. That’s not the same as one push – even though it was very wrong of Farrah to push him.

      1. Hopefully there is no jugde who gives back her daughter.She is very irresponsible.What was she thinking with all that drinking?She is an addict,she should stay away miles from alcohol.

      2. I didn’t say Mtv had a part in Amber getting arrested. I was just saying that Amber had to pay a serious price for things she had done and Farrah just gets away with everything. Her parents and the Mtv crew just enable her by not doing anything to make her pay for her actions.

        1. Really, if you think about they are all being enabled ( both teen mom shows). I have not seen any of them take responsibility for themselves or their actions. When the show is over most of them are going to get a hard dose of reality.

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