‘Teen Mom 3’ Star Briana DeJesus Says Her Four-Year-Old Daughter Can’t Wait to Get Plastic Surgery

"Maybe when you're in first grade you can get them!"
“Maybe when you’re in first grade you can get them!”

By Holly & The Ashley

The stars of the Teen Mom franchise clearly aren’t afraid of getting plastic surgery, but are their children next to go under the knife? According to Radar Online, the young daughter of one ‘Teen Mom’ franchise star is already eagerly awaiting the day when she can get plastic surgery just like her mother.

Teen Mom 3 star Brianna Dejesus got a boatload of plastic surgery last weekend courtesy of Dr. Miami. (Her sister Brittany DeJesus and Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry also went under the knife.) Briana brought her four-year-old daughter, Nova, with her to the surgical center and apparently that trip had a big impact on the little girl.

Briana, who underwent a breast augmentation, Brazilian Butt Lift and labioplasty, told Radar that Nova is already saying she wants to get a boob job like her mommy.

“She kind of understands because when I got my breast augmentation the first time, she noticed that they were much larger,” Briana said. “I told her that a doctor opened me up and put stuff to make my boobs bigger. She goes, ‘I want my boobs done.'”

Let’s just let that marinate for a second…

Briana said she had to explain to her four-year-old why she wasn’t able to get a boob job…yet.

“I was like, ‘No! Not now. Not anytime soon,'” Briana said. “I want her to be much older than I am and I would let her go for it. If she wants something to make her happy and to boost her self-confidence up, I’m all for it.”

Of course we all know no one talks plastic surgery (or plastic molds of body parts) like original Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham. After Farrah gave her daughter Sophia $600 for losing her baby teeth, she sat down with US Weekly and talked about how Sophia is already asking for cosmetic procedures.

"How else are they gonna be FABULOUS like me?!"
“How else are they gonna be FABULOUS like me?!”

“My little Sophia is going through a hard time right now, losing all of her teeth and she’s not so secure,” Farrah said. “I think it’s really a struggle losing your teeth right now when everyone’s looking at looks. So, she lost her first big tooth, and she’s just like, ‘Mommy, I want teeth like yours!’ and I’ve had my teeth cosmetically done, so they’re looking pretty perfect.”

Farah went on to say that Sophia really “values” all of the plastic surgery her mom has had done.

“You’ll see that my daughter does value how I’ve done my look and invested in myself, and I feel like if [plastic surgery is] not harming her and making her look better, and keeping her healthy into her older years, I have no issues with that,” Farrah said. (Hey—Farrah may even pay for it! After all, she paid for her mother, Debra Danielsen, to have her face liquidly lifted!)

Like Briana, Farrah has said she would support Sophia in going under the knife is that’s what Sophia wanted.

“I’m going to be supportive because it hurts me to see my daughter worrying about her looks, even while she’s losing her teeth right now, so that’s sad,” Farrah told the magazine.

“I think my daughter looks beautiful regardless if she’s losing her baby teeth or if she’s having a bad hair day,” Farrah, the same person who waxed her then-three-year-old’s eyebrows several years ago, said.

While Briana didn’t appear to be fazed by the backlash that the article garnered, several Radar readers commented that they were appalled by the story.

“Terrifying what these toddlers think is ‘normal,’” one wrote.

“Great role models,” another wrote sarcastically.

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20 Responses

  1. Wtf she’s just a child and already thinks of plastic surgery!!!! It’s the mother i.e. The kids gran that needs her lips sorted they look like piss flaps dangling under her nose

  2. I have honestly wondered for years whether Briana is somewhat developmentally delayed. The way she acted on TM3 and how much she was coddled by her mother seemed really bizarre. Now that she has taken her 4 YEAR OLD to her plastic surgery appointment I seriously question her mental capacity.

    1. SERIOUSLY!!!!! Her episode of 16 and pregnant she didn’t seem like she was all there, and over the past few years has shown that she is still not all there.

  3. I am speechless. Clearly these mother’s are not going to be supportive when these girls reach their awkward phases in life, and instead of letting them grow into their looks, they’re gonna let them get God knows what done to their faces by the time they’re 16…Be sure to look out for Nova and Sophia on 16 and knifed up.

  4. In all seriousness are young kids actually worried about their looks when loosing teeth? The kids I know are just happy to lose the teeth and meet the tooth fairy (not Farrah’s fairy though….). I think the real issue here is the shame a 6/7 year old feels!

    1. Exactly. It reminds me of a South Park episode when Wendy decides to have fake boobs and when she walks in the classroom with her big melons all the boys are just laughing at her…

    2. If Sophia and Nova are really saying those things, I think that Farrah and Briana tell their kids that they’re not perfect, and they’re not pretty just the way they are, and thats so sad.

    3. No, no normal kid is worried about looks at all that young, either when loosing their teeth or any other time. That doesn’t happen until closer to middle school, when things like their looks and clothes start to become important to them. It happens sooner for girls, but certainly not that young. If these kids are actually worried about their looks, it’s because their parents are telling them that something is wrong. After all, Farrah did start waxing her daughter’s eyebrows when she was like 3 or something. So go figure that her daughter has image issues already.

      1. I know, no kid feels like that at that age!!! Way too young! Around like.. 10-11, sure if they’re overweight they will probably be made fun of. Sadly, it happens, and it’s not OK. But that’s why parents provide healthy meals etc. To say that “this is an age when she cares about her looks” WTF FARRAH. Give your kid some carrots and help her wiggle the rest of them out for some toothfairy money and then go let her get some dirt on her knees by playing kickball outside. It’s not as if her hair isn’t always jacked anyways.

  5. Bad hair day?? Umm Farrah you never brushes that poor girls hair, everyday is a bad hair day for sophia, i just dont understand how she spend so much money in procedures for herself but cant spent five minutes and a two bucks barrette in making a decent hairdo on her daugthers head

  6. Sophia is so going to have a Sweet 16 at the plastic surgeons office! You get to go and stuff yourself silly with food and cake and then a doctor can take all the fat and put it into your lips or your butt! Instead of favors everyone gets a set of boobs before they leave!

  7. WOW…just WOW! They are both idiots! Neither one of their children stand a chance with the role models they have been “blessed” with. It does not matter how much plastic surgery these girls have, they will never be happy with themselves.

  8. W.T.F. What’s so sad is that these girls aren’t grown up enough to understand that confidence comes from within, regardless of how you look. And then they’re passing insecurities onto their gorgeous and impressionable daughters, all because they don’t know how to be okay with themselves or shield their kids from their own BS.

    1. Unless the kids drink the kool aid and don’t stand a chance at realizing this isn’t normal, and therefore they don’t believe that there’s anything to tell…

      1. Yeah….something tells me Sophia will grow up to be just like Farrah. She is already on that track. Unless someone steps in to give her the help she needs, she sadly doesn’t stand much of a chance.

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