The “16 and Pregnant” Girls: Where Are They Now (By the Numbers)

16-and-pregnant-girlsThere have been five seasons of the controversial reality show 16 and Pregnant. (We’re still waiting for that sixth season you promised us, MTV!) The show, which premiered in 2009, has been a big hit for MTV and today enjoys a cult following unlike any show The Ashley has ever written about.

While we have been able to keep up with eight girls from 16 and Pregnant, following their lives via Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2, fans can’t help but wonder what’s happened to the other girls who once starred on the show. While The Ashley does her best to keep you updated on all the other girls, she felt it was time to update her ’16 and Pregnant: By the Numbers’ post from several years ago.

How many girls from the show have gotten pregnant again? (Hint: it’s a lot!) How many have gotten married? Who still has custody of their kids? Use The Ashley’s stats below to find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about what happened to the girls of ’16 and Pregnant.’

The Girls of 16 & Pregnant: Where Are They Now?

*There have been 59 girls featured on ’16 & Pregnant.’

  • Of those girls, 95% (56 girls) chose to parent their babies
  • 5% (girls) chose adoption


*25% (15 girls) have married their baby’s father

  • 10 of those marriages have ended in divorce or separation
  • are still married

75% (44 girls) never married their baby’s father

*Only 17% (10 girls) are currently still with their baby’s father from the show. 83% (49 girls) are no longer with their baby’s father.

 * girls have had their baby’s father die

* 17% (10 girls) have married someone else since the show. 12% (girls) are currently engaged.

*14% (8 girls) have lost custody of their baby (born on the show) at some point since the show. (Not counting the girls who chose adoption)


*There have been 62 babies born on ’16 & Pregnant.’ There have been an equal amount of girls and boys born on the show.

  • 50% have been girls (31 babies)
  • 50% have been boys (31 babies)

*There have been 3 sets of twins born on the show.

*The most common baby names featured on the show are Ayden and Aubrey, with 3 girls naming their babies each of those names (although they are spelled differently.)

*53% (31 girls) have had a second child (or are expecting a second child currently) 

  • 13 of those girls got pregnant by the same guy who fathered their first child
  • 18 had their second child with a different guy

*47% (28 girls) from the show still have only one child

*12% (7 girls) have had (or are expecting) a third child. (This doesn’t count miscarriages/abortions.)

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  1. i really wish mtv would put together a book of every 16 and prenant girl and where are they now kinda thing/? i personally am so interested in all the girls i have seen… not just the ones who became teen mom stars…….. and if there is a book and im not aware of it can someone lmk please!!!!! on facebook…Corinne Lyons or instagram….. same name! i REALLY thimk it would be a great book and id purchase it in a second!!!!

  2. Shocking is These girls continue to get knocked up, the tean pregnancy rate hasn’t dropped, if anything this program encourages teen pregnancy

  3. Who are the 6 with three children? I’m counting 7. Leah, Jennifer Del Rio, Maci, Ebony, McKenzie, the girls who’s sons father drown, and I was thinking Lori (who was adopted herself by older parents and they wanted her to choose adoption) hasn’t she had three children? I was thinking she had 2 boys and a girl.

  4. As much as I can’t stand Dr Drew aka Dr these-girlses-can’t-do-anything-wrong, some of the statistics he throws around about break ups and further pregnancies are almost scarily replicated here.

    The vast majority of the girls have said that their situation would be different- that they’d stay with the father of their child, get married, get a degree and a good job and I think it’s totally fascinating how, even with good intentions, this has so rarely happened.

    It would be brilliant to see stats of those who work/don’t, arrests, addictions, degrees etc because I’m pretty sure that none of the girls have the life that they thought they would after their episode aired (other than maybe Chelsea and possibly Izabella Tovar, although she’s had a second child, I think she’s still studying and with the original father. Interestingly, both have wealthy, supportive parents).

    These stats just show to me that the show is important- it’s easy to dismiss what Dr Drew says but looking at this, it’s hard to ignore what’s actually happened.

  5. Why aren’t we getting TM recaps?? 🙁 I miss laughing my a$$ off at The Ashley’s take of the show. I could care less about Kendra ontop TBH or Duggar pervs

  6. I don’t disagree with the article, I just can’t remember; who was the third girl to have twins? I know Leah Messer & Jennifer Del Rio but who was the third?

  7. I would love to see 16 and Pregnant baby daddy verdon of this lost because a lot of the 16 and Pregnant father have more than one child by different mothers

  8. Thanks for the updated statistics! Very interesting…!!! I would love to know some more statistics like mugshots/arrests, graduated high school/college and custody numbers! I know it’s an insane amount of work with just the arrests but I’m so curious! Keep it up, I really enjoy this site!

    1. Ditto; if time and resource were no issue or restraint, I would love to see those further stats you mentioned – I’d particularly be curious to know about the high school and college completions of those who had more children vs. those who only had the one child (or chose adoption). I know if you really want something (and have a support system) you can achieve anything, so I’d be interested to see which group kept it together/progressed the best; maybe I’ve even judged those who had second/third kids unfairly, thinking they’d screwed up any small hope of still realising their dreams.

      Thanks to The Ashley for the stats, recaps, news reports and major laughs – I enjoy so much even when the new eps haven’t aired here (in the UK) yet ???

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