Reality Star Courtney Stodden Confirms She’s Pregnant with Her First Child

"I hope the baby comes out with platinum blond hair!"
“I hope the baby comes out with platinum blond hair!”

UPDATE! Courtney has confirmed her pregnancy to Us Weekly.

“Doug and I weren’t planning on going public with this so soon. I’m only four weeks along in my pregnancy. But some things are out of your control,” she told the magazine.


Courtney Stodden and her husband Doug Hutchison are adding to their wacky family tree! Reality Tea revealed on Saturday that the reality star and her much-older actor husband are expecting their first child.

According to Reality Tea, Courtney and Doug recently sent out a video to their friends and family that showed Courtney waiting for the results of a pregnancy test she had taken on May 11. In the video, the couple learns that they are expecting, according to the site.

“Once she sees the double lines indicating ‘pregnant,’ she sits down and looks happy and scared. Doug asks her how she’s feeling and she says ‘a little overwhelmed,'” the site stated of what the video showed.

This will be the first child for both Courtney and Doug, who are about to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary on May 20.

Courtney, who recently starred on Lifetime’s reality trainwreck, The Mother/Daughter Experiment with her estranged mother, Krista Keller, married Doug back in 2011 when she was just 16. (He was 50 at the time of the wedding). Doug appeared on an episode of ‘Mother/Daughter’ to discuss Krista’s claims that she and Doug had romantic feelings for each other, despite him being married to Courtney at the time.

Courtney recently told WonderWall that her husband has been longing for a child.

“Doug really wants children,” Courtney told the site. “It’s a challenge because he really wants children with me, and I eventually would love to have kids, but it’s all in good time.”

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  1. I feel bad for her. This young lady is so lost because her parents didn’t have her best interests at heart and pimped her out now its going to be harder for her to leave this creep.

    1. I’ve gotta agree with you…her parents have got to be some pretty bad people to let their 16 year old daughter marry a middle aged pervert…they’re the definition of opportunists…that mother especially. She completely exploited her daughter to get a little bit of fame. Courtney doesn’t seem too thrilled about this baby…I know she had left Doug a few years ago…I’ve always wondered why she went back…$…and now she’s stuck forever

  2. Maybe miscarriage wouldn’t be so isolating and carry such a stigma if people stopped treating it like it should be hidden away like a dirty secret. If she wants to share, good for her. I will, however, judge her for that super icky marriage she’s in.

  3. Why do people, especially celebrities, announce their pregnancy so early? It’s sad but miscarriage is more common than people think (10-25% of all pregnancies maybe even as many of 50-75% if you count chemical pregnancy according to the American Association of Pregnant). I personally lost one at 4 weeks and a co-worker lost one at 12 weeks, it happens.

    It just seems dumb to announce it to anyone other than close friends and family before the second trimester, but what do I know? It’s not my uterus.

    1. I lost my son at 20 weeks. Stillbirths happen, too. Losing a wanted baby isn’t something you can just get over in complete secrecy. Everyone bonds with pregnancy differently- a friend of mine commemorates her child who was miscarried at 9 weeks every year. I didn’t bond until I felt movement. There are probably women who weren’t affected by their miscarriage.
      Losing pregnancies is common and our cultural taboo about never mentioning it should stop– we spent months crying at work. Lying about why would have been bizarre.

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