Briana Manson Responds to Fans’ Petition to Get Her & Husband Matt Ericson Booted Off ‘Little Women: LA’

"They want to get rid of US!?"
“They want to get rid of US!?”

Little Women: LA fans have apparently had enough of Briana Renee Manson and her cheating husband, Matt Ericson. In fact, hundreds of fans have already signed a petition to get Briana and Matt booted from the hit Lifetime reality show!

However, the pregnant reality star doesn’t appear to be even a “little” concerned that she’ll lose her day job. (Yes, that was a horrible pun.)

Last week, one disgruntled ‘Little Women: LA’ fan started a petition calling for the network’s vice presidents of reality programming  to kick Matt and Briana off the show, due to Matt’s alleged record of domestic violence, his “abusive” onscreen behavior toward ‘Little Women’ cast members, and his admitted infidelities.

“Several disturbing facts surrounding Briana’s now-husband Matt and his past have come to light which call into question the safety of Briana herself, her young daughter, and her fellow cast members. This new information leads us to believe that it is no longer appropriate for Matt and Briana to remain on the show,” the petition states.

“Matt, Briana, and Lifetime TV are sending a dangerous message to women by ignoring the above facts and allegations. This message is that abuse, infidelity, disrespect towards women and hostility towards co-workers should be both tolerated and excused,” another part reads.

Over 800 people have already signed the online petition.

On Tuesday, Briana posted her thoughts about the petition against her and her husband.

“For those who keep posting a petition to get Matt and I kicked off ‘Little Women:LA,’ which is a top-rated drama reality series, I want to say thank you for bringing even more attention to the show!” she wrote on her Facebook fan page. “By not supporting us you have given us more publicity! All press is good press for this business… So thank you!”

Unfortunately for the fans petitioning to have Matt and Briana removed from the shows, these fan-driven petitions have rarely been successful in getting anyone kicked off any reality show. (Remember, over 18,000 people signed a petition back in April 2015 to have Farrah Abraham removed from Teen Mom OG. The petition did nothing, as Farrah has since been cast in two more seasons of the show.)

It’s been a rough few months for Briana. In addition to getting a lot of online hate over her dramatic relationship with Matt, she was also recently hospitalized after she went into early labor. Doctors were able to stop the early labor, and Briana is now in her seventh month of the pregnancy.

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38 Responses

  1. I know then are married but I my self would never trust MATT at all . When he is on the reunion show and if someone give him a Question you can see his face all red ( he would reply , it’s hot with all the lights mmmmmmm ) now he is married he would get half of what she is earning , now he has got hold of her , he will have an affair

  2. Terra Jole and Briana Manson should be removed from Little Women Of La for how they are disgusting people them and their husbands makes everyone sick here on how they act to Christy and her Husband I will be leaving a lot of feed back to the producers and every internet on lookers to make sure they are fired they are nasty people who makes me sick I always voted against Terra Jole on Dancing with the stars. I will continue showing the negative on these people.

  3. It’s truly disgusting that Lifetime, which at one time was a very Great network. But with Matt they have crossed the line. Really, allow a sexing pig, abusive and very offense to women is truly disrespectful to their loyal customer. Lifetime has great shows until Little Women of La. How can those mother’s allow Matt around their children, it’s their job to protect those children from people like Matt. You have lost so many fans and we ALL think not allowing Kristy to see the children cause your just being mean is BULLYING as her daughter is well mannered and beautiful, therefore, shes a good mother which is so cruel in the world to bullied by those who supposedly say they been bullied! So Lifetime promotes Sexing, adultery ,violence & abuse against women with Matt! Shame on all of you all for Bullying Kristy as our teenagers in America our struggling. Drop the show only La as the rest our fun Drama adults but do not have BULLYING and a sex offender around child. Sorry, La Mom’s that’s not being a good mother and Dad’s step up to the plate as a man and protect your children from Matt! Lifetime, I hope you no longer air this show endless you remove Matt and Brianna from the show. Horrible morals and he needs help but not around children, women or in this show. As he admitted he needed help. Do the right thing for your viewers!

  4. Briana is a sad little woman seeking attention. I have watched the program since it began and she thrives on this controversy. It will bite her in the rear eventually. She has turned her back on her family and clings to an unsuccessful, publicity seeking man, huh, the male Briana?
    Her “singing” career went nowhere, surprise surprise. Anyone that listened to knew that was a dog before it started, ugh.
    She failed…fails to pay her bills, which is not surprising. Her husband is living off her and she is unable to see beyond her needs and wants, which most certainly do not include bill paying.
    She truly is a negative example and even sadder, for not only women, single mothers everywhere but little women.

  5. We all know what an idiot Matt is and furthermore the idiot who stands by him!?? and we all know he will mess up again!? Just give it some! And they will both look like bigger idiots!?????

  6. Brianna is an idiot like her stupid idiot unfaithful husband!?? once cheater always a cheater and Brianna is an idiot for her not to see what everyone else sees! A cheater!?? get Matt off the show! He’s an idiot!

  7. Really?
    I have stopped watching this show because of Brianna and the thing she is standing beside.
    I also cannot stomach her crappy attitude just as she stated above that this gives her and Matt more publicity abd then she aggrogantly thanks people.
    She is nasty and her yellow teeth drive me over the edge.
    These girls are fighting for her friendshio?Why?
    She has not been a friend to anyone.
    I got so sick of hearing how protective these women are over her,get teal,she is as ignorant as i have ever seen.
    She needs to be with her psychic hubby they are two peas in a pod ,both r very very needy and oh thats so disgusting.
    I wont watch Lifetime that simple.

  8. Hang in there Briana I never believe what I watch anyway.You and matt are the only reason I watch.The head bitch Terra is the dangerous one on the show and Tonya is her tail agrees with everything Terra says.Cristie is the sneaky one and Elana is clearly friends with everyone. And Jasmine is a phoney

  9. I am so sorry to say, I use to love Briana. I felt that she was the cutie of them all until she started with Matt. I was for her relationship with Matt when they first met. I thought he was good for her. I would watch week after week at him slowly moving in on her, and possessing her and manipulating and abusing her. She would act as if nothing happened. She took all of his abuse. I felt that she was not very strong. I felt sorry for her. But now after reading her response, I see she is in with it. I suppose it was just an act for the camera and the public/fans, but she truly had me scared for her. Wow, you guys are good actors and actresses. I can give you that. However, after a continuation of Matt’s abuse on Briana and the way he treat the other ladies, and his “baby was never to see Briana’s family.” I begin to get tired of it all and because Briana would let Matt do those things, I begin to actually HATE Briana, because she said absolutely nothing to him. It was all a game on a reality show. That is the kicker, a “reality show” is what I was looking at; therefore, I thought it was true. But, you all FOOLED the hell out of ME and some of the fans. I write because I was a big fan of Little Women: L.A., I love the show. Now, I hate looking at Briana, I now see her as a piece of SHIT. Go ahead, laugh, have your fun. Know that Briana is the most hated little person on the show. I understand that the network, Lifetime Discovery is not going to do anything about this, which I suppose is good for you. I am sure it made you much money. I wish you all the luck and may Karma visit you all soon. Reality Show, what a piece of crock. Oh yes, why do you want to know what we think?? Why would you want to know what we feel. What are you going to do about it, jump back and laugh??!!. Well, have a great time at it. Best of luck to you.

  10. Ashley, For thousands of women around the world that have faced abuse, Having these 2 continue on the show is a slap in the face.For Lifetime to condone this behavior is painful. We don’t want to see the abuse on our t.v. week after week. Lifetime should be sued for advertising that it is for women, when it clearly is not. Many of us have spent years in therapy trying to forget.Brianna seems almost cocky that Lifetime will keep her in spite of the pain it causes others. It is demeaning and demoralizing to have these 2 people continue. This is not Lifetime for women any more it is lifetime for Matt and Briana. Women were not made to be punching bags for their men. Lifetime should not accept this type of behavior. WE as women need to be respected as humans and Lifetime isn’t doing that. It is not ok to abuse anyone. Briana should not be teaching her daughter that it’s ok to accept this behavior from men. She doesn’t care about her kids. I think Lifetime owes the public an apology. I believe we should take one day and boycott Lifetime.They should take some time and think if they really want people like this representing them. Shame on you Lifetime!! What you’re doing is wrong. You need to listen to what the women have to say and to hell with your precious ratings. You should be in a courtroom and not on the t.v. Why don’t you pay for Briana to get some therapy, instead of paying her to represent women. Not a good role model for her kids. Please don’t condone her behavior any more. Do the right thing if you want to continue to call yourself “Lifetime for women”. You don’t need Briana to have a good show.

  11. Seriously does she really think that that show is popular casue they are so important or hot shit? No do they not realise that this show is just making a fool out of them? It unfortunate but people have little people do show and appearances to laugh at them. They all epically this chick needs to get over herself.

  12. Maybe she should leave him but as an adult that’s her call to make and they both need to be left alone to try and save the marriage if that’s what they want. We only see a tiny portion of what goes on in their lives, no doubt some of it is enhanced for grittier viewing…let them get on with their lives and what will be will be.

  13. If anyone should get kicked off the show , kick Terra off…. She has been a nasty cast member…. I used to love her but this last season left me with a bitter taste in my mouth…. She needs to butt out of the cast members lifes…. If Brianna wants a husband who cheats, bad mouths her, and beats her,, let her have it…. It’s her life… Terra was horrible during the reunion show, it should have been the “Reunion of Terra’s Opinions ” because that is what it was… She needs to get over herself….
    I know, she having another baby, but she kinda hijacked her husband into that… It seem, it’s her way or no way… These mini bites of her telling about her pregnancy are just dumb… Get her off the show…. I thought it was funny that she thought she could show up at Lila’s house and be welcomed with opened arms … Lila should have picked up the bottle that Terra threw and throw it at her head … Maybe , it would drop her back to earth…

  14. ,stop watching brings ratings down an tha,ll cancel Briana being cocky bout petition gives more publicity so boycott ratings drop an then gets canceled.. by not watching..the low ratings will do it..

  15. Leave her alone most want to be loved, and pregnant no matter what we think of it if it was that bad the network has a job to protect her and can put things in place to keep her and the children safe. If any thing the family can report it to the right people and they can step in and take the kids if mom is not protecting the kids. Restraining order. So please give her a chance to see what he is willing allow or not if danger happens then we should go after the network. And let cos and the police step in to help them. Or court.

    1. Wait until something bad happens to her daughter or her? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard!

  16. The best thing to do is to stop watching–these type of petitions will never work, the bigger they get the opposite effect they seem to have; to a reality tv producer it just means there is a lot of attention/interest/eyeballs on these particular people, which is gold for their show.

  17. Christie was on the Peoples Court last week. What a freaking liar. Driving without insurance, has an accident (her fault of course), and then trying to blame the other driver. What a shady bitch!

  18. It seems that Brianna has some memory gaps. Remember The Duggars? Please don’t allow Matt’s arrogance to overcome you, Brianna. Your children need positive and thoughtful actions to model.

  19. Unfortunately, these women are so desperate for a man, they never see the truth until it comes crashing down so hard, they can’t avoid it anymore. With that said, lets pop some popcorn and wait for the pending fiasco to play itself out.

  20. I also worry about Briana’s daughter. Matt has stated that he has a sexual addiction and that does not make a safe household for that little child. Briana is just stupid! And I don’t care what happens to her anymore!

  21. It’s ride or die bitchez…. eyeroll. She seriously needs to rethink all the stupid choices she has made.

  22. It takes a real man to push a woman around and then throw in the pregnancy. Boy matts batting a 1000. The reason he beats on woman is because he’d get his ass whipped if he go up against a man. So stay with him and get your butt kick and let your beautiful little girl grow up thinking it ok to be kicked around by some low life man been there baby it isnt worth it.

  23. I’m sure if Matt was banned from the show, he’d leave Briana. It’s sad that he’s such an attention-seeking whore. Briana seems like a really great person, just a little insecure, which is why she gets the attention of assholes like Matt. She could do better, and would probably be 1000x happier if he was out of her life.

  24. I don’t know what to say ..Brianna is just as nuts as her husbaņd eric..thanking the public who are against abusive for giving her more publicly. ..Guess what I will no longer watch there show..I’m sure there gonna be more like me . Never again will I watch the Brainna And Eric nut Abusive Show…

  25. I think that Brianna should stay on the show, I love her but she should open up her eyes and see what a shit bird and low life Matt is. He doesn’t love her, he blames everything on her. He isn’t a man, he can’t even take responsibility for what He’s done. Her friends, family and her fans are worried for her and her children. Please Brianna wake before it’s too late.

  26. That dumb ass should be thrown off the show . With her abusive husband .this crap should be thrown off tv for. Good .. They are sending out the wrong message to women .

  27. Briana was pathetic and stupid before she met Matt and now she is disgusting and should be seriously ashamed of herself. Briana’s. Daughter needs to be taken out of that home ASAP as long as Matt is there! I serious fear that Matt is going to physically or sexually abuse her! Matt is a disgusting and manipulative monster!

    1. A lot of people think he already has molested her daughter, after he took her to the father daughter dance (which bridiot didn’t even tell the actual father of her daughter about) that little girl came back very quiet and what looked like running eyeliner from crying. Same people mentioned that when you watch Aubrey after her dance and this crazy town, it’s very worrying! Also creepy mentioned as he was pushing this poor kid out the door that he was going to give her a Popsicle…


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