‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle Evans Responds After Confirmation of Her Pregnancy is Leaked


Jenelle Evans has been hiding her pregnancy in the months since The Ashley first told you she was pregnant, but after confirmation of her pregnancy was accidentally leaked yesterday, the Teen Mom 2 star can no longer deny that she’s expecting her third child.

Still, Jenelle took to her social media to respond to the news that her pregnancy had been confirmed via a recent police report. (Click here to see the report and get more details on that.)

In a statement posted to her social media accounts, an angry Jenelle responded to the news of the pregnancy confirmation.

“So sad.” “Disappointing.” “She should have her tubes tied.” “Did she have a miscarriage or is she still pregnant?!” “3 baby daddies!”

These are only some hate comments I have been receiving since yesterday. I don’t understand what is “disappointing” or “sad” ?! Why not ask if I’m ok from the car accident?! Why not be concerned about my health?! I want privacy. All of you disgust me. It’s all about gossip these days… Funny someone else comes out with news they are pregnant and the world is overjoyed.

And everyone wonders why I’m so private lately?! Because all of you are up my ass and so nosy it’s unbelievable. ??‪#‎F**kOff‬

Jenelle is obviously referencing her ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-star Chelsea Houska, who announced her pregnancy this week and was flooded with congratulatory messages by fans of the show.

This will be the third child for Jenelle, and the third for her boyfriend, David Eason. Currently, Jenelle has son Jace by her long-gone ex Andrew Lewis, as well as son Kaiser by her ex-fiance, Nathan Griffith.

(Photo: MTV)


  1. I think that Jenelle is not at fault and no one should blame her you critising her for being happy and in love . y not cristise one of us we also make mistakes ….. She just needs privacy !!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Not at fault? Of course she is! She’s gotten herself knocked up at least 4 times by 4 different men. Making babies is 100% a choice, and, in her case, a clearly bad one that she’s made over and over again. She is, absolutely, 100% responsible for her decisions and the resulting consequences.

  2. I don’t think revealing Janelle’s pregnancy was anyone’s d@#n business. I find it funny how men can go around having as many children as they please with however many women and not get labeled but yet people find time to label women who to a certain extent do the same. If your not going to help her take care of her children then keep your nasty comments to yourself.I like to live by the motto,”those who live in a glass house shouldn’t throw stones.” Grow up people..

    1. Whoever said men can go around having as many children with as many women as they please? I think anyone with a brain knows that having multiple children with multiple people is irresponsible and crazy. Her children are going to be affected by her choices.

  3. Let her be its her life. Shes had so much drama in her life its just getting old and boring. Shes an adult and entitled to have as many children as she likes its no on elses business what she does. Everyone needa to just worry about themselves. There are many women out there with more then one xhild and more then one bany daddy so ease up and find someone else to hover over.

  4. I really don’t understand the people who think Jenelle is a great mom. My only hope was that these people probably didn’t have children of their own. I am reading through the comments and am truly disgusted, by how many of these “fans, actually have their own children. How can anyone who has children say she is a great mom? My heart brakes for all these children, with mothers who are great moms, like Jenelle. It really says a lot, as to, what kind of mother you are if you consider Jenelle a great mom.

  5. Is anyone eles as creeped out by David as I am. Something seems really off with him. He reminds me of a younger matt. He’s really obsessed with jenelle. Theven whole relationship is just off.
    Hopefully Kaiser can move in with Barbra. This new kid is going to be another screwed up adult that we will find out about in 25years about all the terrible things he/she went threw.

    1. I actually find him creepier than Matt, which is really saying something. The way he treats Jace and Kaiser makes my skin crawl. Not just with what he says to and about them. That photo he posted on Instagram a few months ago of Kaiser and his caption/hashtags was sickening.

  6. You know who is going to suffer the most ? Kaiser . Jace is thank god with Barbara, but god forbid when that new baby is doing its normal baby thing (crying, needing attention, requiring food), poor Kaiser is going to ask for something or make a noise or express toddler frustration and she is going to LASH OUT AT HIM. She has no impulse or temper control . I can’t even bear to think about how she is going to treat / speak to him on a daily basis . That poor child .

    1. I agree, and don’t agree at the same time. Barbara turned out 3 awful children. All have had trouble with the law, substances etc. A boy who grows up without a father in his life is something like 30% more likely to end up incarcerated in his late teens and early 20s (don’t quote me, as I don’t know if that figure is totally accurate). So the fact that Jace is in Barbara’s care, but is still caught up in the circus that is Jenelle’s revolving door of babies and baby daddies I don’t think he’s out of the woods just yet. I just hope MTV is going to foot the bill for all the therapy these kids are going to need when they’re older.

  7. I see a lot of Chinions as someone else called them (Best. Name. Ever.) say half of us criticizing Jenelle are hiding behind keyboards and saying things we wouldn’t say to her face.

    Bring this hot mess in my face- I will tell her everything I think about her and more. I’d probably get hit by a mason jar, but that would just be her way of dealing with me because she doesn’t know better. But I would tell her my opinions – she thinks she’s a mother because she popped 2 kids out. That doesn’t make you a parent, it makes you someone who is able to pop 2 kids out. I’m a parent because I pay attention to my child and care for him when he is sick, hungry, crying. I don’t tell him he’s a whiny bitch, feed him hot dogs and dump him in a dark room crying.

    We must just have different dictionaries with different meanings of the word Mother

    1. If I ever met chinelle there’s nothing I’ve commented that I wouldn’t say to her face

      So shove that up your pipe and smoke it

  8. Jenelle…. You cannot compare your situation to Chelsea.

    The only thing they have in common is that they both got knocked up as teens, other than that, there’s a reason the world is happy for Chelsea and not Jenelle

    1. Jenelle avoided parenthood as soon as Jace escaped her womb. Chelsea was happy and ready to step up to the plate.
    2. Jenelle is a drug addict…. Period! Who hops from man to man, getting pregnant by each of them. Oh, and doesn’t even attempt to get custody of the first kid she all but abandoned. Chelsea has been with Aubree since day one and besides going back and forth to Adam like a love struck teeny booper, Aubree and her getting her license were her main priority.
    3. Uses Kaiser(Nathan’s trap baby) as a pawn to hurt Nathan. Also gets into physical altercations with every man she’s been with. Chelsea, as far as we know, never/barely dated anyone once she got over Adam. She kept to herself, her friends, her child, and her own little knack at a career and took her time with life.
    4. Jenelle just moves men in like clockwork in and out of her and her kids’ lives. Chelsea met Cole by chance, and although they moved a little fast to me, she still did things half way right/decent. She didn’t immediately plan a baby out of stupidity, they don’t sit around and get high with the child there, she involves Aubree in everything she does with Cole and he was receptive to that. Chelsea took her time in life and although remained single the longest out of all the other girls in her series, it’s obvious good things come to those who wait. She’s in a blissful engagement/soon to be marriage with a good guy who loves her kid as his own and expecting her first child in almost 7 years. Of course we’re happy for her!

    Not a drug addict whose had 5 boyfriends(all addicts and abusers, 3 of which she got pregnant from as far as we know), and who doesn’t even take care of or have custody of her first kid. Like WTF Jenelle? Hell yes we will be happier for the more responsible party in this and not you.

    1. You are forgetting she lacks maternal instinct and isn’t a responsible parent. Getting high with your BFF while your child is ill and needs care fi.
      Moves around every nine months at least, no stability, never moves close to Jace though.
      Used Kaiser to blackmail Nate.
      Oh and the father is not allowed to even come close to his son. He doesn’t even feel bad about abusing children. It’s normal to him.
      All of that is not gossip. FACTS.
      But we are thrilled Jenelle.
      How can you be so f-ing selfish and mindless to create another life that has to live in your and his ‘care’.
      But we are all just wrong and you guys are right.
      Abuse is okay, drugs is okay, fighting is okay, lying is okay, neglect is okay, animal abuse is okay, it’s all about you and whether you feel okay. Many people live like that and everyone and the law is very okay with that, said no one with a heart and common sense ever.

      1. Emmy I totally agree and my list of things I typed pretty much encompasses everything you just repeated. Being a liar, drug abuser, and whatever else I wrote up there it’s obvious that she doesn’t have maternal instinct or anything like that. Haha! Kind of goes without say.

  9. This is her 4th pregnancy (she had an abortion the week before she started dating Nathan) all different dads. She will have this baby & he/she will just be another souvenir from another 1 of her many soulmates.

    No matter how many kids you pop out MTV will eventually move on from you & this show…then how will you support yourself & you pack of kids all with different daddies

  10. If she keeps this up she’s gonna be so confused on the weekends as to which baby goes to which baby daddy.

    1. But their not their neglected abused verbally and mentally

      What are you not seeing that the rest of us see??

    1. Why?
      I think the answer is obvious.
      She is not ok.
      Last 2 guys she meets online, moves them in after a month & gets knocked up in less than a year.
      3 kids all different dads
      Both her & her soulmate of the year have 2 kids already with different dad/moms. Neither of them has custody of all their kids.

      Yeah shes just fine

    2. And why is that ????
      If she was a decent kind person and a good mom she’d get a different response.

      But she’s a lousy mom a nasty daughter to her mom and has a stinking attitude to those around her so fuck off I don’t care about her, I just feel for her kids including the one in her belly, other than that she can go to hell

    3. I t is not about her, that is the problem. It should be about her kids. The stats for children is this situation are horrible. Sexual abuse, verbal abuse, physical abuse goes up over 30 percent more than being a single parent or both parents in the homes. The stats for criminals we hear every day. As these kids grow and the their families are fractured they look for a family in gangs or the model their homelife they saw when growing up.

  11. They are meant to be
    They both have 2 other kids
    From 2 other baby daddies/mommas
    He cant see or talk to his son & she dones have custody of her son.
    These 2 wacky kids are so in sync that is has to be true love.

  12. it’s appropriate that her pregnancy was revealed by a police report. next up a sonogram in the format of a mug shot.

  13. Do you all remember that one guy that “dated” Janelle…it was like for a week…we were introduced very briefly to him on the show. I can’t remember his name but it was after Keifer, before Courtland….had longish black or brown hair, and genuinely seemed like a good nice kid?


    1. Yes! He was good with Jace. Wasn’t there some day when Jenelle was ‘sick’ and he and Babs ended up taking Jace wherever it was she had been planning on taking him?
      I’d have been relieved if I’d been Jace.

  14. I don’t know how many “dating app” guys Jenelle will go through (she met both Nathan and David allegedly on Tinder)until she finally learns that squeezing out babies to either keep a man, or, to piss him off in custody battles when he gets tired of her, never works.

    The biggest losers will ALWAYS be the kids being brought here for this insane foolishness, which has to be the most heartbreaking part of it all.


    1. @Georgied — When you mentioned Tinder it made me realize, Damn, Jenelle Nathan & David are the worst advertisements for Tinder ever!! Yikes :/

    2. I can’t help but think about how hard the teenage years will be for Jenelle’s kids. Their peer will definitely use the show as ammo for bullying, and they’ll eventually Google their mom, and when they see the articles and comments, YIKES! It’s bad enough they have to deal with her as a “mom”, but to have it play out for the world to see magnifies the hurt by a million

  15. Wow how stupid. Not a big fan of Chelsea either, but that toboggan commands respect and has done far more parenting than Jenelle.
    Let’s set up a pot for “Jenelle gets arrested again for assault” I am giving her another week and a half until she flips out and assaults someone locally. She spends way too much time on social media and cannot resist the drama. Her life would be too boring and normal otherwise.

  16. While I do think people that directly message or comment on reality stars posts need to reevaluate their attachment to random people, and it’s especially worrisome when said comments are mean, I don’t think Jenelle should be expecting congratulatory messages either.

    1. And yet here you are… Thanks for sharing your opinion… Now re-evaluate your life.
      You know what? Folks don’t ever question my life choices on social media because I choose to keep my life private and share with my family and friends. These folks don’t do that. Not only that, they are often pretty proactive about sharing whatever dumbass opinion on life or each other. It is how they make their ‘living’ rather than fold shirts in Target or serve fried food at a local food service (and drive a used car with problems). So yeah, that is what they are there for. They are free to leave MTV any season they want to stop taking that check to buy houses and multiple cars and junk food for their babies (and drugs for themselves) with their massive support networks actually raising the kids…
      Just think if Jennelle had listened to the advice to get her tubes tied. But now another life will be wasted by being intertwined with her stupidity and self-centered narcissism.
      Jenelle will always look fat to me.

      1. Oh calm down. The point is, attacking another person, no matter who it is, with such vehemence is not altogether normal behavior. Justify it however you want, but it’s odd and probably not healthy in the long run.

        1. Attacking other posters on this site, as well, Josie!?

          Why can’t you just post about the content of the article, and stop telling g everyone how to post…

          1. She’s a bully I’ve see the comments on other sites from this idiot

    1. Last I checked, grown up’s raise their own children instead of having their mom/Tori heroin addicted friend-nanny)/creepy boyfriend’s barely known sister do it for them.

      But that could just be me. *shrugs*

  17. I just recently started watching this last season of Teen Mom 2 online and I was feeling all kinds of emotions for Jenelle’s children. It probably has to do with the fact I work in Special Education services and I know what kind of damage and abuse she is exposing these children too. Letting your six year old play Grand Theft Auto and stay up till in the morning is questionable parenting but I draw the line at having emotional breakdowns in front of him. Letting your boyfriend of a few months call his Grandma, who is his primary caregiver a bitch among other choice words is beyond damaging. Yelling at your one year old and passing him off like a rag doll to your abusive boyfriend who also refers to him as a “whiny bitch” is damaging. Not to mention these are all things you do in front of a camera, imagine what go’s on behind the camera’s. The way Jenelle treated Kaiser when he was sick was disturbing, and her own Mother had to plead with her that Kaiser was hurting and just needed patience and love. Those children are going to have so many issues when they get older and they will have their Mother and her long list of exes to blame. Having enough money to take care of your children does not mean you are a good parent. All of the money in the world will not save these children from the emotional abuse they receiving.

    1. This is probably the best comment I have seen. What Jenelle views as hate,anger etc. towards her is in actuality fear for her children. We have watched bad parenting from Jenelle for years but this season crossed the line to abuse. Emotional and verbal abuse and medical neglect. Kaiser had hand, foot,mouth disease which as Amanda stated Jenelle ignored until her Mom begged her to get medical care. If anyone saw the unseen moments special,they saw her joking about it with Tori, she couldn’t even remember what it was called. I am disappointed with MTV and even more with North Carolina DSS. I have been a social worker for 15 years and always heard NC CPS was one of the better, more proactive, states.I pray CPS acts before something tragic happens.

      1. What I keep wondering is is at what point would MTV step in? At what point could they be held liable for filming abuse for ratings and letting a child suffer?

        1. Imagine what we don’t see filmed or when the cameras are not there ??
          I dread to think ?

        2. This is giving them viewers and sadly that’s what they want… Apparently those producers don’t care at all about those children, just money… It’s sad

      2. She’s only been a sort of parent for 2 years and that’s as poor Kaisers mom.

        She’s never patented Jace, she acts like an older uninterested sister to her first born

        1. Parented I mean.

          Sorry for that but my restless leg syndrome and itchiness, and thyroid are playing up making me not able to spell correctly lol.

          1. *sending you hugs*

            Have some tea of your favorite soothing yummy variety, some awesome Aveeno ‘overnight skin relief’ cream and whatever you can sneak in to make the thyroid behave for ya.

            Feel better, hon 🙂

      3. MTV watched Leah put 3 children under the age of 7 into a car on a regular basis season before last (and I think some this season, too) high as a damn kite, nodding off and texting at the same.

        But hey, when Jenelle was mistreating the dogs (that pissed me off to no end) MTV sure put up their disclaimer about animal abuse and shit at the end, because people had notified the Humane Society and the SPCA. No damn wrath like animal activists coming down on your ass these days.

        Yet, these bitches can abuse and mistreat their kids and MTV smiles and nods and tosses a sad faced, frownie Dr. Drew at ’em come season’s end, cause they know DPS won’t do shit till a kid is in the hospital or dead. It’s fucking horrific, but those are the facts. Open any newspaper these days and you’ll find a story about how a kid “slipped” through the cracks and was living in a cage in yard for 15 years or a kid “vanished” 8 years prior, only to be found as bones in the trunk of his mother’s car (yeah, actual story from the state I live in) during a traffic stop. The school just “assumed” he’d moved.

        The world we live in. It’s a wonder half us make it to adulthood without having major therapy at some point for the traumatic shit happening around us every day that we just accept as normal.. and that is a sobering thought.

          1. Sadly, that’s the way it goes.

            Until then, MTV will ride these particular money trains till they break. They won’t care whether is the adults or the kids that break first though, and that’s the really tragic part of it.

            If the adults crashed and burned, I’ll be honest, I’ll titter like a little girl seeing Prince Charming at Disneyland for the first time. Like hands to mouth, hunched over kind of tittering.

            I’m not down to see kids suffer through the stupidity of their parents or the company their parents have signed contracts with.

            If MTV wants to be complicit in all this shit.. I hope it works out well for them when faced with the questions,“your crews were there filming and saw she was high/drunk/being verbally/emotionally/physically abuse. What did you do to secure the safe and well being of the child or children?”

            …….. We was filming….

          2. I thought they did, Nathan called CPS
            Jenellewas on 1 of her many vacations & who was watching Kaiser? The trusting/capable Tori…the 1 arrested for heroin.
            CPS talked to Tori & called Jenelle, CPS closed the case.

          3. Jenelle & Lurch are meant to be
            They both have 2 other kids
            From 2 other baby daddies/mommas
            He cant see or talk to his son & she dones have custody of her son.
            These 2 wacky kids are so in sync that is has to be true love.jh

        1. Don’t think for a minute MTV hasn’t put in place the legalese to hold them harmless, and/or advised the producers and film crew on what to do in certain situation.

          Now, will it stop anyone or any agency to hold them liable in a court of law if anything should befall the Moms or kids ? Maybe, but like any business venture, it is a risk/reward analysis MTV has made. These dingbat moms and loser boyfriends fly from the seat of their pants, MTV does not.

    2. I love this comment so much. I’m a pediatric psychiatric nurse. Many of my patients are suffering from the devastating effects that abuse and neglect can have on children. I wish every single person that defends Jenelle could come shadow me (or you) at work for a month and see it for themselves first-hand. Maybe then they would understand what Jenelle is doing to her children and just how awful it is.

    3. it makes me so angry when idiots like this get pregnant by just looking a their scummy Soulmate of the Month and then abandon and abuse the children. I struggled to have my son who is now 3 and that child is my world. Hitting and yelling at a child is disturbing, and Jenelle is a prime example of the type that should never have children. My son is in nursery school half day 5 days a week, he is an only child and he needs the social interaction with others his own age, but when I pick him up I am bursting to see him because I miss him!!! Jenelle manages to leave her kids with whoever to go on vacations and trips – it churns my stomach. My son unfortunately got hand foot and mouth from school and the first day I saw a mark on his hand, I had him at the doctor for medicine and kept him out school to pamper and look after him at home. It is a really unpleasant yet common sickness in toddlers, but it’s disgusting that Jenelle treated little Kai the way she did. He was uncomfortable and needed that much more attention form his mommy and she was not bothered. I know it’s strong and I don’t know her but the feeling of hate rises up watching her and hearing her speak. She doesn’t deserve to be a mother

  18. As long as she keeps cashing those BIG checks from MTV, she’s going to be judged. And I’m not going to feel one bit bad about it. She is a hostile, confrontational, abusive, horrible person to every person and animal in her life. She only wants privacy and to not be judged when the judgement is not in her favor. Can’t have it both ways, cupcake. She doesn’t even have the patience for the one child that is in her care primarily, I am terrified of what another one will bring out of her. She’s a rotten, awful monster of a human being, and if MTV would take her off the payroll, she wouldn’t be able to live this lifestyle and breed like a rabbit. The verification on that facebook she posted her rant from says “Public Figure” Stop being a public figure if you want privacy, Jenelle. It’s not a hard concept.

  19. I am happy for Jenelle. She has come along way since we were first introduced to her on 16 & Pregnant. She is trying to regain custody of Jace from her mom, and has finally found true love & happiness and although having 3 different baby daddies may not be for everyone, its not the people’s choice. It is David and Jenelle’s life and their decision. And since alot of miscarriages occur in the first trimester and Chelsea’s announcement maybe she wanted to wait so not to steal the limelight from Chelsea. I wish her all the love and luck.

    1. It’s comments like this that make me wonder if we are even all watching the same show? Or talking about the same person? Maybe there’s another Jenelle Evans somewhere on a different reality show that I just don’t know about.

    2. Yes, she has come such a long way since 16&P… 15 or 16 mugshots (can’t keep track), heroin addiction, at least 5 new soulmates since 16&P (Kieffer, Courtland, Gary, Nathan, and now Uncle Bad Touch), all who have been introduced to Jace. She constantly disrespects her mom, who is raising her son. If she was really trying to regain custody of Jace, she would have him by now. It’s been 7 years! All she has to do is get her life together, no drugs, no creepy boyfriend, no arrests, and actually show up to court when there is a hearing for custody of Jace. I’m sure paying child support and being nice to Babs wouldn’t hurt either.
      So yes, she has come such a long way.

    3. surely you’re a troll? She says she wants custody of Jace, she has to because MTV is there. She has 100 excuses why it’s never the right time because she doesn’t want him. She found love with Andrew, Keiffer, Nathan, David, Gary, whoever the hell else. It’s not love, it’s co-dependency and it’s sick. I don’t wish Jenelle luck

    1. Yea…it normally lasts a day. She goes on some warpath about how mean everyone is and makes a big bye bye to do…then shes back within a few hours usually.

  20. The fact she can’t understand why people are congratulating Chelsea and not her, just show’s that she shouldn’t be popping out more children. Chelsea’s environment is a gazillion times more stable and loving than Jenelle’s.

  21. ….and, as per her comment…the only people that are up her butt are the clowns that she saddles her children with as “fathers.”. It is actually unfortunate that they didn’t just stick with that. Instead, she has to blow the wonderful financial opportunity she was once lucky enough to have on these overgrown, immature, irresponsible, drug using, lazy, jobless, mooching abusers that are helping her right out of that opportunity while they suck up any savings she may have otherwise had to at least get the kids a backpack for kindergarten. I doubt the money will last much longer than that. So, Jenelle, if you are not busy doing nothing and you are scanning the comments thinking people are being so mean…maybe you will wake up, tell this last doorknob to move out until he at least gets a job (and no, not sucking off of MTV and riding your coat-tails) and doesn’t come back until he has at least $500 bucks in his bank account that he earned on his own, a cleaned up rap sheet, and an effort to provide support for his two other kids. You did say back in March that you wanted to wait a year or two before having more kids because you guys are crowded where you are now. Time to put on your big girl panties, cuz you are having a kid a lot sooner than you planned. He can go and give you the space for the new baby. If he stays it will likely end worse than it did with the douche that you just broke up with a year ago, If he stays and you buy a house, he is going to fight you for it when it does end. Because it will end unless he does a whole lot of growing up, If you did that, you would have a lot more respect for yourself, a better chance at maintaining a relationship with Jace, and the whole rest of the world would rally behind you instead of it only being the handfull of junkie friends hanging around mooching your drugs in exchange for their lying to you about how great you are doing. Because you are not doing great. That is why no one is overjoyed for you.

  22. Barbara's Home for Abandoned children created with soulmate of the day #justlikethenotebook says:

    This also confirms She is never EVER getting Jace back…EVER.

    1. She never wanted him back, and no judge with a brain cell would send him to her even if she actually tried to get him back.

      She don’t want Kaiser he’s just a bargain tool to use against bun head Nathan.

      This time next year or will be uncle Dave and chinelle doing the custody thing, with yet another looser sharing her bed.
      She is an utter disgrace to women, if she wants privacy she should fk off and live her life away from the cameras.

      And to the producers and camera people shame on you, for risking a babies well being and safety for a few moments of viewings, had I witnessed the shit going down in that house, I myself would have reported her and that twat she calls a boyfriend

      1. poor Kaiser is just stuffed with processed food in his high chair, and heaven help him when he acts like a baby he gets yelled at and Jenelle screams God Dude. What kind of person is so delusional that they cant grasp why no one is happy for them having a 3rd child after everyone has seen how she abandoned Jace and mistreats Kaiser?

  23. On this and the other article about the pregnancy, there’s a sudden influx of comments from Jenelle’s fans. Does she send up a bat signal? “Guys, theAshley, the liar, and her fans are talking bad about me and my little blessing. Go take care of it.”

    1. I was noticing the crazy amount of down votes on the common sense comments and thought it was odd….she must have a bat signal….

      1. I wonder who those supporters are, why the hell they think Jenelle has come such a long way and is fine.
        But mostly, I really hope they don’t have children. You must be just as bad or even worse of a parent to think Jenelle deserves your support.

  24. “Why not ask if I’m ok from the car accident”

    Maybe because you get into one like every other week?

    I thought she was dying? Now that we know she’s preggers with Lurch Jr she’s magically healed.

    If you ask me all her symptoms were symptoms of heroin withdrawal.

    We congratulate Chelsea because she has her self together. She’s not getting her exes arrested or causing drama. She has an actual job and she’s been with Cole for a year. Not a few months.

    God help this kid. Kaiser is practically raising himself. He’s pawned off on drug addicts and anyone who will take him so she can wonder off with Lurch.

  25. These young women are paid exorbitant amounts of money to be public figures. They choose to have active social media accounts, product endorsements, and websites. They make more money than many doctors, lawyers, and other talented, productive members of society. It’s outrageous for them to have outbursts every time they are not portrayed in the best of lights or when people are curious about their lives. I am not justifying some of the hate messages, but JE made this a bigger story herself by denying the rumors when she could have, 1. not addressed the rumors, 2. playfully hinted they might be true (had a sense of humor), or 3. confirmed them in a more positive way (like with Chelsea’s adorable announcement).

    A third child even further limits the love, attention, and financial resources that she has to offer Jace. With each new pregnancy, she is leaving him in the dust. She claims she has turned her life around, but if she were truly a good mother she would do better for that child. She continues to neglect her first-born.

  26. The Ashley, Jenelle has been going around now saying she hasn’t been filming with MTV blah blah blah. Is there anyway you can confirm or deny that?

  27. Honestly who cares how many baby dad’s she has. All that should matter is if the kids are taken care of.jenelle has come a long way from what I can see. Everyone just needs to back down and stop with the hate. Shit I have three kids with three different men. It happens.we all live and learn.

    1. It does matter, and it effects her other children in a negative way. Both Nathan and David have been violent and used derogatory language in front of Jace and Kaiser when they know they are being filmed! It’s not healthy for them to see their Mother in multiple relationships with these type of men (Keifer, Gary, Courtland, Nathan, and David) and we have seen on many occasions the negative effects it has had on Jace (his anger issues and cursing). It’s absolutely disgusting to me that she puts her children in these types of situations and then thinks bringing another child into her mess will resolve her current relationship issues. It’s selfish and wrong!

    2. It does happen, but I think people are referencing how she has children so casually with new partners, such as when she went to have an ultrasound to confirm that the baby she was pregnant with was Nathan’s and not the one she just aborted. I think you could agree that’s absurd.

    3. Yes Jenelle has come a long way, she cant be alone for a day so she meets a guy, within a week moves him in, after a year she is pregnant, yes she has learned…wait didnt that just happen for the 4th time? (2nd pregnancy was aborted but she was online meeting her next baby daddy right after it)

      She needs to focus on her kids & stop worryingabout being alone & hooking up the the 1st deadbeat she meets

      1. Before a year she gets pregnant
        Seems like kiefaaaaa was the sensible one after all and he’s a douch so what does that say if the other 2 baby daddy’s

        1. I wonder how Kieffer got away from Jenelle without making a baby in the process. Maybe all they drugs they were on messsed with their fertility?

    4. Taking care of children does not just involve food, clothes, and shelter. Everything they are exposed to in their early learning stages (birth-8) will define who they are for the remainder of their lives. So seeing their Mother with all these different men and watching her have emotional breakdowns will scar them for life. Of course I don’t think everyone is perfect, but if in every single episode of Teen Mom 2 Jenelle is breaking down and exploding at the drop of a hat then imagine what she’s like when not being filmed.

      1. Oh god I shudder to think, poor poor Kaiser and the dogs too

        She isn’t fit to be around either

    5. the problem is – she isn’t taking care of her kids and never has. Jenelle doesn’t give a shit about those kids, otherwise she wouldn’t be trying to rip jace out of the only stable home he’s ever known, and manipulating him by telling him that she had to give him up for financial reasons. She also wouldnt let David call her son a little bitch.

    6. hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahaahahahaahahhahahahaahahaahhahahahahahhhahahahahaahhaa


    7. Hi chinelle
      Your a lousey uncaring nasty druggy
      Useless mom you’ve no patience no tact and no respect for anyone.
      Jace is petrified of you and your abusive fk of the month he’s a danger to Kaiser and he spoke to barb like she was crap on his shoe, he’s the crap and donate you

    1. But if people didn’t love to judge, then reality TV wouldn’t exist and nobody would even know who Jenelle is. And she certainly wouldn’t have made all of the money that she has now. So really she should be praying that people never stop judging her so that she can continue to collect that sweet, sweet paycheck.

    2. Nah, Jenelle brought this all upon herself. I feel bad for her poor kids, I don’t feel bad for her at all.

  28. I should have bet someone a million dollars she’d be pregnant in less than six months after she went on The Doctors and stopped taking her birth control! So not surprised! Poor kids. Jenelle is the biggest idiot loser I’ve even seen!!!

  29. Congrats to Jenelle and David on their third baby I am so happy for them I can’t wait to see pictures of the baby and the show

    1. Find another user name agh, I am modifying mine! Children are gifts. What people like you don’t seem to understand is that it is impossible to congratulate someone who is setting up an innocent baby for a life of neglect,chaos, verbal abuse and possibly violence. David cannot have any contact with his son, meaning the court deemed he was a danger to his own son. Jenelle can’t handle kaiser being a normal toddler. What type of life will this 3rd baby have? It is heartbreaking to speculate.

  30. Who would have guessed that Kieffer was her smart boyfriend. He may have been a felon (which ain’t illegal?) but at least he seemed able to use a condom or convinced Janelle to stay on her birth control. He also never seemed to encourage Janelle when she talked about getting Jace back. I assume it’s because he wanted to be able to do drugs in peace but still.

    1. Did Gary ever get her pregnant? I’m fuzzy on the details. I know she supposedly had an abortion and also miscarried, but I’m not sure who’s babies those were.

      1. She got pregnant with Gary but she miscarried, then twice with Cortland and aborted them. From my understanding

    2. Lmao wanted to do drugs peace ?. He also never seemed violent or inappropriate around Jace. Keefah is definitely the lesser of all the evils.

  31. There really is no middle ground when it comes to Jenelle she is either acting arrogant and smug or playing victim. No in between. No accountability. She knew the more she denied the pregnancy the more attention would be drawn to the matter with people trying to figure out is she or isn’t she. She was hoping to use it to her advantage with a magazine payout. When it got leaked in the police report and she thought it might affect her magazine payout, once again she is just the victim and everyone is just nosy.

  32. It’s so sad. Jenelle has such potential, but it seems that as soon as she gets a new boyfriend, it all goes down the drain and she goes back to old Jenelle.

  33. I honestly don’t care about Janelle which is why I don’t comment on her. The decisions she makes suck in life and it’s the same merry-go-round every year so I don’t find her gossip juicy. I’m honestly bored with her. Nothing ahead says or does surprises me.

  34. gosh just leave her alone dudes!!!!! its so aggravating! bein pregnant aint illegal. and david has many of jobs that he has.

  35. Aww, what a sweet loving birth announcement. “?#F**kOff” Now, let’s contrast this with Chelsea’s birth announcement: a photo of her adorable daughter holding up the sonogram and standing in front of Chelsea and Cole. Sweet, adorable, and full of love.

    And Jenelle wonders why people react to them so differently…

  36. You need to stop having children. Do you even realize how much damage you are doing to these kids? Growing up three brothers all with different last names bein pick on and laughed at because mom is loose as a goose. Mom gets a boyfriend and gets pregnant. Done you learn anything about sex. You have not had one single relationship that has lasted. What makes you think this one will? Your poor kids are doomed before they even start. You think you should get custody of Chase? A judge is going to laugh at you all the way out of court. You are WAY to screwed up in the head.

  37. Jenelle lives her life like a open book. She has a F-it attitude. So, opinions and criticism should be expected. In my opinion, Jenelle seems to thrive on negative attention, she is selfish, lacks empathy, no humility or accountability. And let’s be honest, She liked the Is she or isn’t she pregnant game. Now, she plays victim.

  38. Soooooo…… I tried the flat belly tea janelle is hawking and my unborn baby still makes my stomach stick out ? Am
    I using it wrong ? Dear God is she consuming all these diet- whatever aids while she’s pregnant ? So she’s either lying to us or the companies paying her to promote them….?

  39. So many things wrong here. My goodness, why! If you wanna let every dude skeet in you without protection, whatever, but at least have the responsibility to get on birth control. Why should another innocent being be subjected to this life with her and her family. Now poor Kaiser and Jace are stuck with this goon forever. Nathan can’t sober up long enough to see his son is being verbally abused, but he wasn’t exactly Cliff Huxtable himself when he was with her. Im all for forced sterilization in their situation. Chinelle is just a waste and total embarrassment.

  40. Well she already had 2 abortions , and one was with her husband who was in jail. So this is like her 4th or 5th pregnancy so she needs to stop being a skank and get herself fixed!!!!

  41. I tried to read through as many comments as I could on both of the posts before commenting but something that has really stuck out to me was in the after show Dr. Drew mentioned that she’ll have children fathered by three different men.. Maybe she was pregnant during the taping of the after show and somehow it was reveled then (possibly by a mistake, all of the time lines add up) me the source The Ashley had/s was someone either Someone the audience (they have to sign waivers saying they won’t disclose information right?) or what if it was another cast member or even Dr. Drew himself?! Either way The Ashley was very straight forward about not being about to reveal her source…

    1. I agree. I thought it was strange how Dr.drew was talking about “3 different dads”. I think he didn’t realize that it was a secret that she was pregnant. That is why he kind of changed it into,” well if you have another one with David then it will be three different fathers”. Otherwise there really wasn’t a reason for him( Dr. drew) to even mention anything about ” three different dads.” I thought he basically gave away the pregnancy after saying that on the after show.

  42. Listen you stupid breeder, you put yourself in front of the camera to make a quick dollar and you dare call us nosy? Really? You are a ranting screaming full of rage moron who should not even own a dog which you also mistreated. Get your life together or get the hell out of the public eye and live like the trash you are. I cannot stand watching you scream at your poor mother one more time in front of those kids or at all. You are a mess and I wish those children would be removed from your life permanently.

    1. Girl junk else go walk yourself to the low cost shelter and get spayed. Christ almighty

      1. Barbara's Home for Abandoned children created with soulmate of the day #justlikethenotebook says:

        Whori Tori has been known to Sell loads if Stories…..you get way more $$$$ FOR TRUTHFUL ONES

    1. @Jazzyx– I never reveal sources but this time I will make it clear– my sources did NOT include Jenelle’s sister or Barb. (I WISH it were Babs though!) -The Ashley

  43. People would be saying the same things about Chelsea if she was mommy dearest too. Jenelle is so delusional that she doesn’t realize her behavior is why people are reacting this way.

    1. I know!! My thoughts exactly. She never stopped to consider people are happy for Chelsea because she is a loving mother who puts her daughter first and found a good man after years of Adam’s abuse. Whereas Jenelle treats everyone around her like crap.

  44. You all make me sick if u want talk shit then say it to her face instead of bulling her ovr the internet i dnt watch show really anymore but only problem u had was that if they didnt have the show they wouldnt have the money for these houses or cars n are able to afford there kid because of mtv paychecks but you got try n get money somewere but as far as her being a drug addict i was to n guess what its call recovery thats when you are ok and not on drugs but its a hard road for those judgemental ppl out there and for two i got 3 baby daddies to n another on the way so go ahead and talk shit cuz all of yall are children if u can sit here n judge another person what bis is of yalls anyways n for third atleast she has her children cuz guess wut i lost minw because of my problems and drugs and guess what Janelle didnt so there for shes a better mom then me so hate all yall haters cuz thats all ur guna b u aint famous so their for the bs u say DNT MEAN SHIT haha HATERS

    1. @None Ya, what did you even write? Seriously there were so many spelling and grammar errors it didn’t even look like English.

    2. Fuck off and go back to school
      You sound as messed up as Chinelle
      Neither of you can string a sentence together

    3. I’m sorry. I don’t speak illiterate hot mess.

      If you can repost that after running it through a hot mess translator, I’d be willing to give it another go.

      Punctuation is your friend, by the way. It’s not gonna be bullied by bad grammar, sentence structure or even an all out mauling of the written language itself. It still want to make something out of this.. work with it..

    4. She has her children? Quick, someone call the police. Babs has kidnapped Jace and been holding him hostage for the last 7 years!

    5. That hurt my head. It was clearly an intentional intellectual attack, premeditated even. I plan to sue.

    6. first off, go back to school and get an education in the English language.

      You don’t watch the show anymore which is why you defend her. Or you are as delusional as she is. You ‘get money somewere’ (good Lord) by working, not posting ads on social media and relying on MTV checks. I’m not a judgmental person but Jenelle thinks she can act however she wants and not have any consequences. She mistreats her children, yelling, swearing, shoveling hot dogs into her baby’s mouth to shut him up, God Duuuuude everywhere, its sick. I will hate on her because I struggled to have my son and my husband and I provide a stable home and love which is the most important- something her children will never feel from her.
      You say you have 3 children? What kind of role model do you think you are cussing and not even being able to type coherently?

    7. “Oh my God, Dude!” Are you high, high? The cars and houses that they can afford from the MTV checks don’t make a difference in HOW they are raising the kids. I could do a far superior job living in a backyard shed and driving a Big Wheel with one pedal.

  45. Well Jenelle, while you were doing drugs, getting arrested, not taking care of your kids, screaming at people and involved in toxic relationships Chelsea has been taking care of Aubree, finally got her school stuff done and did not date for a very long time. She waited for the right man who is nice, stable and WORKING. Chelsea created a loving and stable family life for herself. You get pregnant for attention and concern yourself with no one but yourself. You are irresponsible so no we’re not going to be glowing with congratulations for you. If you really don’t like the attention then grow up and get a real life but oh wait you never will.

  46. After all the b*tching she done about Barbara having Jace you would’ve thought she would do better with Kaiser & prove her self worth as a mother. If she really wants people to respect her she needs to respect herself by getting her life together as Chelsea has.

  47. Dont worry about what people say. Take care of your children with your mother. She’s the only one that should listen to. Know matter how much yall fight she’s always there. Good luck,stay clean and do what you have for those little boy.

  48. There’s a huge difference between someone who’s had a bad past and is actively working to change it, compared to somebody who refuses to admit she has some issues to figure out.

    She still acts like a crap parent, still only cares about herself and her d of the month, still invests more time and money into those random men than her kid. She bought Uncle Bad Touch a 2015 truck for cripes sake, but claims she can’t get jace back. Gee. Wonder why.

  49. You’re a terrible abusive and disrespectful little girl. Please get your tubes tied after this third baby daddy birth.

  50. I hope you’re well and okay Jenelle. I don’t care what these people say, I’m not a hater. I respect everyone on Teen Mom. You all have your own stories and have been through so much. Best of luck to you. I hope you have a healthy baby, whether it’s a boy or girl. Congratulations. I hope you are okay from the car wreck and your baby was not hurt. Best of luck, and my prayers are with you and your family. ?

    1. It must get really hot up there in Jenelle’s ass, what with her being pregnant and in a foul mood and all. Might wanna climb down a little..

      Respect someone who abuses and neglects their pets (thank good Nathan found that husky a new home, but this spaz still has that pit bull she is going to just ruin) and treats her toddler like a disposable child she can just toss off onto someone else when she’s fed up? Oh, he can live on hot dogs and dwell in a crib, alone in a room, crying. Prime parenting.

      Got to be fucking kidding me with this super fan bullshit.

      1. your first sentence made my week!! She treats Kai worse than the dogs – they at least get yanked out the cages every once in a while to run around. Kaiser is either trapped in the high chair or in his crib while she lays on the dirty floor Tindering creepy crazy-eyed losers.
        Jenelle has no idea what being a parent is, much less a mother. She thinks shooting a kid out makes her a parent- Dude, it does not. Take a break from attacking people with mason jars and cook your child a decent meal

    2. I really don’t understand the people who think Jenelle is a great mom. My only hope was that these people probably didn’t have children of their own. I am reading through the comments and am truly disgusted, by how many of these “fans, actually have their own children. How can anyone who has children say she is a great mom? My heart brakes for all these children, with mothers who are great moms, like Jenelle. It really says a lot, as to, what kind of mother you are if you consider Jenelle a great mom.

  51. O for fuck sake leave her alone, so she has 3differnt dads for her babies if she is pregnant. Who cares. It’s her life, she is happy leave her alone I like how she stands up for herself and what she believes in. GOD FORBI.. She wants privacy let her have i.. Stop with the nosiness get a life people …

    1. @Kendra If Jenelle wants privacy she can easily have it, she can quit TM2, get off Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. She never complains about lack of privacy when she’s announcing to the world how great her relationship is, how her and Lurch never argue (yeah right), or when she’s shilling shiity products.

      It’s not just her life-there will soon be three other lives involved in this mess. Jace will someday get to watch reruns of his mother choosing drugs and dick over parenting him. She is purposefully alienating Kaiser from Nathan and pawns Kai off to sitters every chance she gets. She freaks out if Kai cries. How in the world is she going to properly care for a third child? Her and Lurch will not last so yet another poor baby being brought into a toxic home. It’s child abuse.

      People care because they see her kids suffering.

      1. You are completely missing the point, it isn’t just because she has babies with these different men. It is because she is not a mother to her children. She is a selfish piece of shit and she doesn’t take care of the children she has now.

    2. Stand up for herself?? How about she takes a stand for these children she’s given birth to?? She does NOTHING for those boys, nada. Poor Kaiser is really screwed now; I hope he’s toilet trained, otherwise he’ll be starting kindergarten still wearing diapers. You know Jenelle will somehow “forget” that Kaiser is still not trained.

  52. I feel for Jace in all of this. He is too young to really truly understand why he is with grandma and not mom. I know she tells him that at that time she was homeless but she isn’t now so wouldn’t he be confused by all of this? I wonder if he feels replaced or not good enough casue His dad isnt and never really was around and Janelle is out playing house with multiple “step daddies” and having other kids that do get to stay with her. Popping out a bunch of kids doesn’t prove that you are a stable mother to get your already existing child back. Why can’t she focus on that before she starts popping out more kids.

    1. 100% agree…and she can’t see past her own selfishness, that Jace is one of the major reasons why people are upset with her. I’m tired of her playing the victim. She needs a huge dose of grow up and get the F-over yourself.

  53. Leave her alone,so what she has three baby daddies she trying to get her life together. Stop being so judgemental and worry about your own lives, I mean ifyou have one, it’s more impotant shit going on in this world. WAKE UP!!!!

  54. Janelle needs to go for therapy. She needs to stop not dealing with her psychological issues by always finding another boyfriend and getting pregnant. She goes from one chaotic situation to another so she doesnt have to deal with difficult feelings. She can remain caught up in chaos.Janelle owes it to herself and her kids to break this destructive pattern.

  55. I can practically hear Jace’s sigh of relief that his place at Barbs is more secure than ever with a second kid… But I wish future kid and Kaiser could get out.

    1. Didn’t make up my name for nothing, I’ve been hoping he makes his prison break and can grow up at Babs’ house… Now I’ve got to change my name hoping another one can leave that Lemony Snicket house 🙁

  56. If they take her off the show she won’t be having all these children she can’t handle do she have to have a baby by every man she meets this is not good I hope her mother live forever bc that’s who is going to have them.

  57. I’m not a fan of Jenelle and I am convinced she needs psychiatric help but I’m not sure why it’s difficult for anyone to comprehend the concept of a person wanting to release news of their own pregnancy in their own due time. Celebrity or not, most people hold off on even telling family and friends for at least 3 months due to the worry of early stage miscarriage. This relentless speculating on her pregnancy is a bit of overkill. If The Ashley’s first report of it was before the 3 month mark (and it seems like it was), it’s no surprise if Jenelle didn’t want to go there.

  58. It’s not even so much that she has 3 baby daddies. I have a friend who has 3 kids by 3 different men but each relationship at the time seemed loving and stable and she is a great mum (incidentally she’s married to the father of her 3rd child now and very very happy!) Anyway the problem with Jenelle, aside from the lying and everything else, is that she is essentially selfish! She’s not maternal which isn’t a bad thing until she keeps adding to her brood and not showing any of them love and affection. A baby is not a band aid for a relationship, an accessory or a way to further your ‘career’ in the public eye. It’s a person to be cherished and cared for and she just doesn’t seem to get that. Those poor kids are going to have attachment and emotional issues when they grow up and it breaks my heart to know that mtv are essentially encouraging this debacle.

  59. I see the chinions are out in full force and are launching an attack on The Ashley today. What’s the matter? Don’t like the cold hard truth being spilled about Jenelle? Face it. She sucks as a human and as a mother. All of this do what makes you happy crap makes me sick. Once you be some a mother your life isn’t about you anymore. It’s about your kids. And her life has NEVER been about her kids. Just her flavor of the month, drugs and Jenelle Jenelle Jenelle. People love Chelsea because she is a great mother and person. Jenelle you just suck all the way around. You will never compare to Chelsea.

    1. Chinions! Hahahaha!

      Honestly, I think a bunch of the down votes aren’t even fans of hers, they’re just miserable people who get off on trolling.

  60. Looks like Jenelle has sent all her friends and minions over here to up vote the delujenelle comments and downvote the common sense ones.

    The Ashley, do you see increased traffic from NC/SC?

  61. It is sad that she has three baby daddies but I wish her the best! Come on ppl try to picture urselves in similar situation, it can and does happen!

    1. Not to me, or anyone I know. It’s called self respect, and personal responsibility. And, of course, BIRTH CONTROL.

    2. For me it has NOTHING to do with how many baby daddies she has. It’s that she is a complete mess. She has no control of her emotions or her temper. She swears and screams every day. She says things to and in front of Jace that are horrifying. She can’t even pretend to be loving and caring towards Kaiser even when the cameras are there – who knows WHAT goes on when the cameras are gone. She literally can’t handle babies being babies.

      She’s a drug addict. Her boyfriend has a bad temper and is controlling and has been trash talking her mother since before he even met her. She can’t go 2 days without a man, even if it means she’s with someone that beats her and spends all her money. She is an ungrateful, hateful bitch to her mother, who is raising her son. She lies to the whole world about how Jace ended up with her mom. She neglects and abuses her animals. She stays in bed with her man when Jace is at her house. She and her boyfriends are constantly getting arrested. Shall I go on? Because this doesn’t even scratch the surface.

      1. U sure sound like a big fan!! How do u know all that stuff about her and her life. I’ve seen the episodes but didn’t know all that. Lemme guess ur really the CEO of her fan club and really just trolling around looking for haters!! Ok Ok. Nothing wrong with being a Teen Mom Fan. Tell ur girl Janelle hey from me

        1. Are you sure you are watching the same “episodes” as everyone else??, because we all see the same examples Shea mentioned.

  62. This bitch is delusional. Chelsea doesn’t have a history of drug abuse. She’s well off, Aubree is in her custody. And she’s marrying a man that truly loves her. Jenelle you just sleep around and trap every man that’s db enough not to wear a rubber. Smh I though Kieffer would’ve been the dumb one but I put my money where my mouth was.

  63. “What I don’t understand is what’s disappointing and sad.” Allow me.
    1. You’re a fucking bitch.
    2. This is your 4th or 5th pregnancy by the 4th guy and you aren’t even 25.
    3. You and your “soul mate” are both deadbeat half-assed parents to the kids you already have.
    4. You and your “soul mate” are both repeat criminals.
    5. You are a drug-seeking addict.
    6. You go on monthly vacations and pawn off the children you barely parent as it is.
    7. You use your older child as a pawn in your relationship with your mother (his real mother) and you use your younger child as a pawn in your relationship with his father.
    8. You have NO FUCKING JOB and neither does your LOSER BOYFRIEND.
    9. You scream and throw fits in front of your current children, particularly at your mother, the woman RAISING YOUR SON.
    10. When poor Kai annoys you by doing what babies do – crying – you pawn him off or throw him in a crib, you piece of shit.
    11. YOU DONT HAVE CUSTODY OF YOUR FIRST KID, YOU TWAT. Poor Jace is going to grow up and see how little he mattered.
    12. You are a FUCKING LIAR.
    13. You are a FUCKING BITCH!!!!!

    1. If I could like this 1000 times, I would. Cheslea is a good mom and a good person. Jenelle is the opposite. That’s why people are happy for chelsea and cole. And cole verses lurch….psh.

  64. Look Jenelle, this is what you need to do:
    –get Dustin to draw up a deal with Doris to temporarily take Kaiser.
    –End it with David, end the lease on your house so he can’t stay there, put –everything in storage.
    –Go to a rehab very far away for at least 6 months.
    –move somewhere far away and focus on getting a job. Do not get a boyfriend during this time.
    –work on rebuilding your relationship with your mother and Jace over time. She will respect this. Still do not get a boyfriend during this time.
    –get both your sons back.
    –live quietly focused on THEM for several years. Then maybe you can think about meeting someone. Make sure he has a real job.
    This is the only way anyone will ever respect you ever again. Good luck.

  65. The fact she really doesn’t see the difference between her life and Chelsea’s is all anyone needs to know, she can’t grasp that boyfriend, house, not gettin arrested recently isn’t the same as the nurturing/healthy life Chelsea has. She has no clue what a functioning relationship in any aspect is. It’s not even fun to snark on or laugh at anymore. She is bringing real life humans into her deluded and unhealthy world.

  66. I think that Jenelle’s business is her own so her hiding it is her right..it is none of anyone’s business but hers and David’s. She can have 9 kids if she wants to, no one should judge cuz it is her life and she can live it how she would like. If other people don’t like it then they should stay out of her business.

    1. If she feels this way she can make her Twitter private, end her relationship with MTV and get a real job to support herself and her 9 children.
      If she can’t do any of that then we have every right to judge her.

    2. Oh so child abuse is nobody’s business? This is why people are outraged. These poor children have nobody to advocate for them!

    3. She’s the one that puts her life out there, if that idiot didn’t want to get judged then she should leave the show, which she won’t do because she’s too damn lazy to get off her fat as and find a real job, then her creepy add boyfriend would have to work too.
      Get out of her ass
      She’s a shit mother and shit person all around

    4. Really? How abouts the fact those poor neglected children will grow up to be burdens on our society? She’s a crappy (and that’s being nice) “mom”, and the rest of her family are too. There’s always a chance they could turn out okay, but, thanks to TM2, we’ve seen enough to know with these kids, the chances are slim to none.

    5. Her job is literally being a public figure. If people stayed out of her business, she’d have no job and no money. Trust me, she doesn’t want us out of her business, she needs the money. She’s already blew through all her past Teen Mom money on drugs, men, and vacations, and needed Barb to pay for her freaking car insurance.

      I love my job but I hate the paperwork. Too bad for me. You can’t happily accept the perks without also taking on the downside. Jenelle can’t cash those MTV checks without having to accept the parts she doesn’t like. She can suck it up or quit.

      And I don’t care if she has 20 kids with 20 fathers, I truly don’t. IF she could be a good mother to them. But she can’t. She’s an unstable mess. She screams and swears daily. Neglects and abuses her kids and animals. She’s got Jace so messed up psychologically that he’ll be in jail by 15. Kaiser makes one fuss and she’s screaming how she can’t handle it and needs Tori to take over. Judging her for the number of kids she has? No. Judging her for having babies and putting everything else before them? Yes.

    6. Holy shit! Your downvote count is amazing!

      The thing is.. Jenelle’s “business”, so to speak, is talking about her private, reproductive choices, and the effects it’s had on her.. hence the show called 16 and Pregnant and then.. many seasons of Teen Mom 2. So, kindly GTFO with your stay out of her business” shit, because she made it out business when she let cameras into her life.. REPEATEDLY and continues to do so.

      Thanks for commenting though! 🙂

  67. You want privacy to do drugs, emotionally abuse your mom, and neglect your kids in peace. Don’t give us some sob story. We don’t actually care about you, we just can’t bear the idea of a THIRD innocent baby being born with full-on withdrawal, just so you can yell at it and pawn it off every day of its life.

  68. Opions r like ass holes everyone has one. Why does it matter to the world if she has 3 child.. Mayb y she was feeling so sick was cuz they took her off her birth control. And we all know what happens when happens.. Hell shir happens.. Grow up!!!!!!!! Love ya jenelle..

    1. I probably shouldn’t even respond to this level of sheer stupidity but here we go.

      If they take you off birth control, that doesn’t magically release you from your responsibilities. I can’t take birth control of any sort because of a clotting disorder. Since I’d rather not get pregnant right now, my husband and I use condoms. Wanna know why? We aren’t white trash junkie piece of shit losers like Jenelle and Uncle Dave. It really isn’t that hard.

      An adult can control their own breeding. Only a total garbage person would say “well they took me off birth control, and tee hee you know what happens!”

    2. I like that you were assigned the “overflowing brain” avatar, crazyb*itch4.0, cause you really are all over the place.

  69. How could anyone be happy for her? She is just simply to immature to be a good mother. We could have said she was young and naive for her actions when she was young, resulting in her having to sign guardianship papers of Jace over to her mom. Except nothing she has done in her life has rectified that. She makes dumb decision after dumb decision and puts these innocent kids right in the middle of it all. She doesn’t understand she can’t force people to see this so called wonderful life when it doesn’t exist. We see that with Chelsea, which is why everyone is happy for her.

    1. She still doesn’t even admit she wasn’t a good mom when she signed over custody! She says he was taken from her and she didn’t have a stable home. Umm you were high, sleeping with criminals, and in jail.

  70. Ignoring everything else (which isn’t easy). Chelsea ANNOUNCED her pregnancy and got congratulation messages. Jenelle has been actively hiding her pregnancy and got found out. She still hasn’t announced it. So even those happy for her (God help them) can’t really even congratulate her yet. That comment was just stupid and a jealous attack on Chelsea. Everyone knows that if jenelle actually announced her pregnancy there would be quite a few poor souls that would congratulate her.

  71. “I want my privacy !”……. Girl get off the damn TV then !!!!! Oh wait …. Then her and Lurch would have to get J O B S and may have to take mandatory drug tests …. Obviously MTV don’t worry about those sorts of things….

  72. I believe this with any celeb. When that person lies and lies and lies about something and then the truth comes out, it will explode more dramatically than if that person would have just told the truth.

    Now if Jenelle would have said “Yes we’re pregnant! I’m doing everything I can to ensure all my kids are happy and healthy.”, there would not have been as much backlash. Will she still get hate? Of course! She has no business being pregnant again.

  73. How do I change my avatar pic? I want something that screams “Daddy Issues”…..like a picture of Matt

    1. Seriously. Cole gives off a positive, good companion vibe. Lurch gives off more of a creepy “I put a baby in you so you’re mine now” vibe

      1. Not to mention that Chelsea gives off the good mom vibe, whereas Jenelle doesn’t have a maternal bone in her body.

        She signed over her rights to Jace and keeps Kaiser confined in the nearest high chair or crib so she doesn’t have to deal with him. What makes anyone think it’ll be different this time around?

      2. Chelsea actually interacts in a healthy way with Aubree. She and Cole have a good solid relationship built on shared values. Jennelle doesn’t interact with Kaiser except to pawn him off on relatives and friends, move him from crib to high chair, or leaves him to play on his own in the floor while she’s in the bedroom doing God knows what with David. Speaking of David, the only thing her relationship was based on is a right swipe on Tinder. They both happened to be horny at the same time and thought each other looked decent enough. Of course she isn’t going to get the same response as Chelsea, people can see this train wreck from a mile away.

    2. Let’s all start calling her Delujenelle

      (I didn’t come up with it. I just happen to think it’s genius ?)

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