‘Counting On’ Star Jinger Duggar to Marry Jeremy Vuolo This Week (Report)

"We're gettin' hitched-- SOON!"
“We’re gettin’ hitched– SOON!”

File this one under “report” until The Ashley can completely confirm it.

The current season of Counting On is coming to an end, but it seems the the producers may be saving the “best” footage of the season for last. According to many hints and reports circulating the Interwebs, Jinger Duggar is set to marry her fiance, Jeremy Vuolo sometime this week. Friends of the Duggar Family have been buzzing about the nuptials on social media, and an event that resembles a bridal shower (held in a barn, naturally) took place recently.Members of the Bates Family recently made comments on social media about attending “the wedding” this week. (Shoutout to the Pickles4Truth Facebook page for finding these screenshots!)

While Jinger may be getting hitched this week, the wedding episode will not be shown live. The next two episodes of ‘Counting On’ will (once again) feature many flashback clips, including one episode devoted to rehashing the weddings of Jinger’s sisters, Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald. The following episode will be called “Courting Jinger,” according to TV listings, and will basically recap Jinger’s life up until this point. It is rumored that these two episodes will be leading up to the big “Jinger/Jeremy Wedding Extravaganza” in two weeks.

Members of the Duggar family were spotted filming last weekend. It’s assumed that the footage filmed on those days will be part of Season 3, even though TLC hasn’t officially announced that the struggling show has been renewed.

Jeremy and Jinger have already stated that they will not have ridiculously big weddings like Jinger’s siblings did.

“We’re trying to keep it intimate, between family and friends,” Jeremy told Us Weekly. “We want to be very intentional with who we invite.”

Unlike Jill and Jessa, Jinger has done her best to keep her wedding date, location and details under wraps.

The Ashley will update this story when more info becomes available!

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  1. She may well be getting married soon but it wont be televised for a while. There have been no episodes featuring wedding prep, shower, dresses, groom crap etc etc which is taking place over past 6 If weeks or so. It wont get from filming to production rap that quickly.

    1. I don’t think so. When he was a pro soccer player he said he was very into the “fame” and glamour of it all before God “called him to the church life”. So I would assume he’s not….he’s creepy as hell though lol

      1. I can take him not being a virgin. It’s better than being a child molester. Can you image the two different conversations the would be groom had with their future father-in-laws. Jeremy has to explain not being a virgin whereas Josh would have to explain molesting his sisters.

  2. Watching all of the way the children grow up then get into relationships and get married have changed my life. I am 58 (59) on the 5th. I have patterned my life how it should have been all my life. I am single but now without being treated with respect and having the love of God guiding my life. I may be older but my dad is 80 and I would have to have his opinion being positive or I would not have a courtship or any other type relationship. Pray for me and my family that God keep guiding us all. My son 35 has also decided to live his life the way God wants and by how you all are examples. I thank God for all of you.

    1. So you want to model your life after people that support, hide, and encourage a sibling and little child molesting, adulterous, pedophile?
      Wow, that’s creepy as hell.

  3. I love you both and I have truly loved your journey so far and look forward to continue watching your life together. Love your story

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