Duggars Confirm: Jinger Duggar Has Married Jeremy Vuolo! Get Wedding & Honeymoon Details!

"We're hitched, y'all!"
“We’re hitched, y’all!”

Earlier this week, The Ashley reported that Counting On stars Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo were reportedly tying the knot this weekend, and today, the Duggar family confirmed that the big event has already taken place.

In a YouTube video posted to the family’s channel, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar discussed their daughter’s wedding. 

“We are so excited for Jinger and Jeremy. They just got married,” Jim Bob says as he and Michelle stand inside a church. “They are such a sweet couple. Jinger is one of the most dynamic, beautiful, Godly girls that I know, and Jeremy is such a passionate, loving and kind spiritual leader.”

“Congratulations to Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo!” Michelle added. “We love you guys.”

While the video didn’t reveal much in terms of wedding details, it appears that Jim Bob is wearing a sea foam green shirt under his suit, which may be a hint as to what colors were used in the wedding. (You may recall that Jinger’s sister, Jill Dillard, used sea foam green as one of the theme colors of her 2014 wedding.)

November 5 is a big day in Duggarville already. Jessa and Ben Seewald‘s son Spurgeon is celebrating his first birthday today.

Before today, none of the Duggars had confirmed the reports that Jinger and Jeremy were getting hitched this week. The couple had chosen to keep their wedding date and details private. (This is very different from the weddings of Jill, Jessa and Josh Duggar, in which the date was announced in advanced and there were numerous People magazine stories about wedding planning leading up to the big day.)

In fact, all of the Duggar Family’s social media accounts have yet to include a mention of the wedding.

UPDATE! People magazine has obtained additional details about today’s wedding. The magazine states that the wedding ceremony was held at the Cathedral of the Ozarks in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, and the reception was held at the Christian Community Fellowship. Nearly 1,000 guests attended the wedding. (So much for keeping things small, as the couple had hoped!)

Jessa served as Jinger’s maid of honor, while Jeremy’s brother Charles, took the role of best man. Jeremy’s dad, Chuck, officiated the ceremony.

The couple has a big honeymoon planned: Some alone time to “get to know each other” in that special way, followed by a trip to New Zealand and Australia.

“We are so excited and so thankful for this amazing trip to start our marriage together,” the newlyweds told the magazine. “Most of all we are just excited that we will be together– married!”

The couple posted a wedding pic, along with a message to their fans, on their family website.

“YES! We are married! We are so thankful to God, our parents and our wonderful families and friends for celebrating this day with us and for helping us arrive at this moment in time. We love that we now are beginning our lives together as one, before God.”

People has confirmed that Jinger’s Wedding episode of ‘Counting On’ will air on November 15 on TLC.

Wanna see the first photo of Jeremy and Jinger’s wedding? Click here!

Watch the video featuring Jim Bob and Michelle’s wedding message to Jinger and Jeremy below:

(Photo: TLC)


  1. This is probably a rude thing to ask, but I do wonder…how would Jim Bob and Michelle feel if one of their son-in-lawsntreated their daughter hownJosh treated Anna. What would their reaction be?

    1. Late to the party, sorry. I was wondering the same thing. I don’t think Boob gives a hot damn about his daughters’ well being, look how he handled the molestation situation. He is all about control and makes it look like he is concerned. Why do you think all the kids (except Jinger, but I think she’ll be back in AK soon enough) live in JB owned homes? Sure they don’t really have real jobs to support themselves but Boob has full control. I bet he would blane the daughter for not being a ‘joyfully available’ wife that made him stray. I hope to god I’m wrong here.

      1. Agreed, unfortunately.
        Although blatant physical abuse (black eyes and the like) could cross that line. Hopefully we never find out.

  2. She looks beautiful in her wedding picture. 1,000 guests after the “small wedding” bs haha. These two may be former virgins but they being attention whores ???

  3. Jinger stole Jessa’s thunder! I’m almost surprised that she agreed to be matron-of-honor, but, it was a way to stay closer to the spot light I suppose. Jessa must be livid that Surgeon didn’t get top attention on his first birthday, I’m sure Surgeon had a fun day anyway.

    So glad Jinger is married now, I was afraid Jim Bob would somehow stop the marriage. I wonder if there will be a pregnancy announcement by Christmas? I can’t help but wonder what is running through the two former virgins minds now? Is it WOW!! It was worth the wait! Or, is that all there is, what’s the big deal? Bwaaahaaahaaa

    Congratulations Jinger and Jeremy! Have a very long and happy life together.

  4. 1) I looked at the clock and thought “There’s a really good chance that they’re…’being intimate’…right now.” Thanks, brain. Could have gone without that.
    2) I like to think that she did it on Spurge’s first birthday intentionally (he’s one, doesn’t know or care, and there’s cake and people) to spite Jessa and in the process head off a truly desparate TLC story-arc of ‘The Life of Spurge’.
    3.) Poor Jana. (ALWAYS, ‘poor Jana’. That girl is a saint.)
    Poor Joy.
    Poor Hannie, who at eleven is going to be dragged into the work of three moms because of Michelle’s ‘missing back muscle’ and the fact that the family functions under the premise that the boys (five of whom will be legal adults by the end of the year) would immediately want to sin with members of their own sex if they were presented with any sort of domestic task outside of a ‘girls versus boys’ episode.

    1. lol I was just thinking that!…Jill’s husband isn’t awful, but Jessa is so pretty and her husband gets uglier and uglier the older he gets….yikes.

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