Duggar Family Weddings: By The Numbers


Note: This post has been updated as of June 2018 and includes information from all the Duggar weddings up until Josiah’s wedding!

The Duggars are an extra-large family, and with 19 kids, they will be hosting their fair share of weddings for years to come. To date, six of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar‘s 19 kids have tied the knot, and more will be following shortly.

Josiah Duggar is the latest of the family’s many offspring to get married. As Counting On fans know, at least one or two Duggar kids have gotten hitched each year for the last four years or so.

Joseph Duggar became the first Duggar boy to say “I do” in nearly 10 years when he married Kendra Caldwell in 2017. While some of the Duggar boys have stayed single, nearly all of the family’s daughters (who are of age) are hitched. Joy Anna Duggar said “I do” in May 2017 and Jinger married Jeremy Vuolo in November 2016. In 2014Jill married Derick Dillard and Jessa married Ben Seewald. Eldest Duggar son, Josh, who the first to get hitched, married his wife Anna back in 2008.

Of course, the first Duggar bride was Michelle, who married Jim Bob back in 1984.

Let’s take a look at all of the Duggar weddings…by the numbers! 

         Number of real flowers at Jim Bob and Michelle’s Duggars wedding in 1984 (Only fake flowers were used.)

         Number of Duggar weddings attended by actor (and uber-Christian) Kirk Cameron (It was Jessa’s, BTW.)

1          Number of Duggar kids who felt the need to sing at their wedding ceremony (It was Josh, of course.)

1          Number of Duggar brides who had to bake their own wedding cake (It was Michelle.)

1          Number of Duggar girls who got married in a non-white dress (Jessa was married in a blush-colored gown, while all of her sisters have chosen a white dress.)

1           Number of Duggar kids who have proposed at a sibling’s wedding (Joseph proposed to his girlfriend at Joy’s wedding.)          

2           Number of Duggar brides who have gotten married at ceremonies officiated by their fathers (Kendra, who married Joseph, was married by her pastor father, as was Lauren, who is married to Josiah.)

2           Number of Duggar brides who have worn Grandma Duggar’s wedding dress (Grandma Duggar and Michelle both wore the dress at their weddings.)

2           Number of Duggar weddings that took place on November 5. (Jinger and Jeremy were married on that date, as were Grandma and Grandpa Duggar.) 

3           Number of weddings Johannah Duggar has served as a bridesmaid in (She was a bridesmaid in Joseph’s, Jinger’s and Joy’s weddings.) 

3          Number of Duggar kids who will have honeymooned internationally (Jessa went to Europe, while Jinger went to New Zealand and Australia, and Joy went to Switzerland.)

4         Number of Duggar brides who wore a short-sleeved wedding dress. (Jessa, Jill and Kendra and Lauren all wore dresses with short sleeves at their weddings.) 

4           Number of  pieces of Grandma Duggar’s wedding dress that have been snipped off. (Joy, Jill, Jessa and Jinger have all had pieces of their grandma’s wedding gown incorporated into their wedding attire.) 

5          Number of married Duggar daughters who have been pregnant at their siblings’ weddings (Jill was pregnant at Jessa’s wedding and Joy’s wedding, and Jessa was pregnant at Jinger’s wedding. Joy was pregnant at Joseph’s wedding, while Jinger was pregnant at Josiah’s wedding.)

6          Number of Duggar kid weddings that took place in Arkansas (Josh was married in Florida.)

4          Number of daughters Jim Bob has walked down the aisle so far

5           Number of daughters that Jim Bob still has to walk down the aisle

5          Number of months it took for Josiah to go from courting Lauren to marrying her

7          Number of Duggar kids who are no longer virgins

7          Number of Duggar kids who had their very first kiss on their wedding day

7           Number of months Joy and Austin courted before getting married

"Ugh, this is getting really old..."
“Ugh, this is getting really old…”

       Number of weddings Jana Duggar has served as a bridesmaid at so far (She was a bridesmaid in the weddings of Jill, Jinger, Jessa, Anna, Joy, Joseph, Michael Bates and Priscilla Waller.)

10        Number of attendants at Jessa’s wedding

11        Number of months Jessa and Ben courted before getting hitched (This is the longest Duggar kid courtship to date.)

12        Number of unmarried Duggar kids currently

18        Number of months Jinger and Jeremy knew each other before getting married

18         Number of years old both Kendra and Lauren were when they married Joseph and Josiah, respectively

19        Number of years old the youngest groom at a Duggar wedding was (It was Jessa’s husband, Ben, by the way.)

19         Number of years old the youngest Duggar daughter was at her wedding (It was Joy.)

"Let's hope he's not gonna sing again!"
“Let’s hope he’s not gonna sing again!”

20        Number of years old Josh was when he got married

21        Number of years old Jessa was when she got married

21        Number of years old Josiah was when he got married

22         Number of years old Joseph was when he got married

22        Number of years old Jinger was when she got married

22         Number of people in Joseph and Kendra’s wedding party.

23        Number of years old Jill was when she got married

29        Number of years old the oldest groom was at a Duggar wedding (It was Jinger’s husband Jeremy, by the way.)

30        Number of dollars each of Jill’s bridesmaids paid for their dresses

32        Number of years Jim Bob and Michelle were married before they renewed their vows

49        Number of dollars each of Jessa’s bridesmaids paid for their dresses

200     Number of wedding guests present at Jim Bob and Michelle’s wedding in 1984

1000   Number of guests at all the Duggar kids’ weddings so far (at minimum)

1399   Number of dollars Jessa’s wedding gown retails for

2398   Number of dollars the most expensive thing on Jill and Derick’s Walmart wedding registry cost (It was a riding lawn mower, in case you were wondering.)

20,000   Number of dollars a Duggar wedding can cost to put on, according to Jim Bob

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  1. Great article. I know the Duggars are really frugal, but I imagine that Jinger’s wedding dress cost quite a bit. How much did she pay for it? How much were each of her bridesmaids dresses? I didn’t know if maybe Renee gave them a great deal in exchange for the promotion of being on tv.

    1. Have you seen David and Prisicilla Waller’s wedding? (Prisicilla is Anna’s sister). In my humble opinion, THIS ONE takes the cake. They live streamed the entire thing, and it is still available to watch on YouTube. All Duggars are in attendance, and some served in the wedding party. Mr. David has QUITE the backstory, if you keep up with any of the Duggar Gossip Boards (he is known as ‘The Pecan Thief’ and I don’t think anyone is convinced he is interested in women. Josh has even made a few quips about it. It’s actually rather sad, because he has no choice of living any other lifestyle since he was born and raised into the same cult the Duggar’s are part of). But none the less, the wedding was SPECTACULAR, with David taking center stage to do a big production number and serenade his bride and guests, and it has the best first kiss of any Duggar extended clan wedding, hands down. 5/5 would watch again. 😉

  2. Funny how Josh’s song the he sung at his wedding was about how he was going to be always loyal and faithful to Anna. Isn’t it ironic? Don’t ya think? A little too ironic? Yeah I really do think.

  3. I just want to wish them all Love and happiness. All the accusations whether they kissed before marriage, I believe the female Diggers saved it for there wedding day, sorry Josh, no disrespect guy just don’t know and don’t really care. GOD Bless Jinger and jeremy, and, the other Dugger married children (adults) and their spouse ‘s. Chow

  4. Not to be cynical, but I would be surprised if the actual first kiss for that family is at their wedding. I know that’s the image they want to portray, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but I’m willing to bet that Jana has been out getting a little something something for years.

    1. That’s so true , I don’t think they saved their kisses for the big day. And maybe there’s a reason Jesse chose a blush wedding dress , maybe she wasn’t a virgin …. These people who live so confined probably sneak out to have a social life

    2. Gawd, I wanna believe your theory. But I’m curious as to how she could ever sneak out or away from Jim Bob to find a dude to privately hang with in any capacity (platonic or romantic).

          1. I would LOVE to know what their siblings are going to do if a couple tried something… text Jim Bob??? lol

        1. Yep and apparently if hey want to text message Jim Bob has to be included in the group text. Apparently they check phone records to make sure that they aren’t contacting them secretly.

          1. One of my favorite talking head interviews was when James was about 9 or 10 and he was ‘chaperoning’ Jill and Derick setting up their home and the producer asked him something about it and his rambly, stream-of-consciousness answer ended with something like “No, I don’t think I’d care if they kissed”.
            The three of them were funny. Derick would be like “James! Come sit between Jill and I so we don’t get too close to each other.”
            He was so over it.

    3. “I’m willing to bet that Jana has been out getting a little something something for years.”

      I know I’m over a year late replying to these posts (just saw this awesome write-up linked to one of Ash’s Teen Mom posts…don’t know how I missed it since I’m TheAshley’s #1 fan!…but have you heard the ‘Jana Gossip’ from a couple years back? When the show was still on, there was a short period where she wasn’t seen or filming. Lots of people noticed, to the point the Duggar’s had to comment on it saying something about Jana being at an age where she can make her own decisions and what not (yeah, right…). Anyway, awhile later one of the big (and pretty reputable) BlindGossip sites did a story that was obviously about here. A few people on social media had photos they took with Jana in Los Angeles, and she was there without her family, which is SUPER weird in Duggar-Land. The website had an ‘insider’ who said Jana had been living with a friend who was a former production assistant on the show in LA for a couple months, a people saw her at a club and she allegedly was even dating someone. They said she ended up going back to Arkansas after JB & Michelle layed the guilt/God on hardcore. The person said they didn’t watch TLC and were not familiar with The Duggars (didn’t know Jana was famous until a mutual friend told them), but said she was really, really happy while she was there and it was sad she went back.

      1. Wish I could go back and edit my post. I wanted to add that if you look on instagram under her name hashtagged, two random people/accounts still have photos they took with Jana in Los Angeles. Both were taken outside on a sidewalk, Jana is wearing a light blue shirt in one, a pink shirt in the other. I really want to know if this story has credence.

    4. Remember the big ‘Jana Scandal’ from her wedding. Heck, I remember even international news outlets covered it. One of the guests and her daughter said Jana and Ben ‘consummated’ their marriage in the changing room of the church before she they made their entrance to the reception, and Jinger opened the door when it was going on a few guests saw. No idea if it’s true or not. But as for kissing before marriage, Jana seems like she would be the most likely to be a rule breaker. She’s always been described as ‘head strong’ and all (ugh). Good for her if she did. They are so archaic.

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