‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 6 Episode 12 Recap: Family Time, a Felon & a Furniture Truck

Hold on to your crop tops! Farrah's at the wheel!
Hold on to your crop tops! Farrah’s at the wheel!

In these uncertain times, there are not too many things we can be sure of. However, MTV makes sure that each week (except last week, due to Halloween), we are given a little dose of familiarity with Teen Mom OG. We may not know what will happen next in our country but, there’s one thing we can always count on: Farrah is always going to treat everyone like the stuff that’s vacuumed out of the Port-a-Potty outside her house, Matt is always going to offer The Ashley plenty of things to poke fun at him for and Catelynn is always going to be sporting her trusty zebra hoodie. It’s the little things, guys….

Let’s begin before Farrah runs for President because…why the hell not?! (That’s my only political joke, I promise. It’s Election Week, and a reality TV star won the race; The Ashley is entitled to at least one political joke.)

Back to what’s really important in this great nation of ours: ‘Teen Mom!’

The episode kicks off in whatever state Farrah happens to be terrorizing at the moment. It turns out to be Missouri, which is the state that Derek Daddy Derek is buried in. Farrah and Sophia are there visiting Derek’s father. (Wait. Didn’t we already suffer through one “Daddy Derek”-themed episode this season? Must we really be subjected to yet another segment of Farrah attempting to squeeze plastic tears from her eyes and allowing Sophia to run amok in the cemetery, while MTV films?)

What is Farrah doing with her face? If I didn't know her better I'd think that was a smile...
What is Farrah doing with her face? If I didn’t know her better I’d think that was a smile…

Farrah is driving Derek’s dad (and also posing like she just won Miss America, for some reason) around town, and they stop to see the new highway sign that has been dedicated in Derek’s memory. I mean, nothing quite says “In Loving Memory” like pledging to remove used condoms, plastic bags and vagrant hobos from a one-mile stretch of highway.

Minutes later Farrah wrote "Daddy" above Derek's name, and slapped a FroCo sticker on the sign...
Minutes later Farrah wrote “Daddy” above Derek’s name, and slapped a FroCo sticker on the sign…

Naturally, this is quite the Kodak moment for Farrah. She poses with the sign in order to get enough pics to post on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and whatever other social media site Farrah is inflicting her mug on these days.

Sophia looks confused, but the adults are telling her to be happy, so she does her best to look happy. She seems to really just want to get away from these people with Kool-Aid dyed hair and exposed bra straps, though. (These are the kind of ‘folk’ that would normally have to use the Port-a-Potty outside her mommy’s house, after all…)

"Oh, Sophia! Don't touch those other kids, honey! You'll get the poor germs!"
“Oh, Sophia! Don’t touch those other kids, honey! You’ll get the poor germs!”

Later, Derek’s family take Sophia and Farrah to the park so that Sophia can fish, and Farrah can discuss all things “Daddy Derek.” It’s kind of creepy, though, because Farrah is actually being mildly pleasant. (She is also speaking incredibly loud. She must think that these people can’t afford hearing so she has to help them out.)

Farrah says she wants to make sure Derek’s dad has a relationship with Sophia, and then makes sure to do a nice long plug for the furniture store and children’s boutique she’s about to open. (The editors must have forgotten to have the business’ addresses running along the bottom of the screen during this scene. They will be properly lashed at a later date.)

Leah Messe circa 2018...
Leah Messe circa 2018…

As Farrah’s talking about her new furniture, one of Derek’s female relatives looks confused. (She also looks like what I imagine Leah Messer to look like in 20…er…two years. You know you see the resemblance!)

Derek’s family members tell Farrah how proud they are of her. She’s come so far from when she was just Derek’s knocked-up cheerleading side dish all those years ago… Ah, memories!

"Oh you buy all your home furnishings at the Wal-Mart? That's...um, nice..."
“Oh you buy all your home furnishings at Wal-Mart? That’s…um, nice…”

The family says they’re scared that Sophia will forget about Derek whenever Farrah finally latches her Froco-covered claws into a man and gets married. Farrah assures them that there will be “Daddy Derek”-themed episodes of ‘Teen Mom’ for many years to come.

Meanwhile, in Tennessee, the catfight between Ryan and his father Larry still rages. (Too soon for a cat joke?)

Jen is struggling because her son and husband aren’t getting along, so Producer Jaala makes sure to get right on in there to have her discuss it.

This legit could be a condom ad.
This legit could be a condom ad.

At Maci’s, Taylor is double-fisting oopsie babies so that he and Maci can take them to lunch. Maci and Taylor are meeting up with Maci’s grandfather to ask him if he’ll marry them. (Is this the same set of grandparents that Maci was worried would think she was a great big ol’ slut for shooting a bunch of kids out of her unmarried hoo-ha?)

While the gang is shoveling down some “country fried cooking,” Maci asks GrandPaPa to serve as the pastor for her wedding. He jumps at the chance to marry his granddaughter and her baby daddy. Maci is relieved, and then they begin talking about the ceremony.

"So do y'all need some money to buy some condoms or...?"
“So do y’all need some money to buy some condoms or…?”

Maci insists that they don’t include the part in which someone can “speak now or forever hold their peace” if they object to the wedding. The reason? Because Ryan will be attending the festivities and she doesn’t want him to make a scene.

Seriously!? We all know that even if Ryan is there, he’s going to be napping on one of the church pews. He won’t even be awake until Jen throws water on him and tells him to get his bug-eyed self up to go get him some cocktail meatballs before they’re gone. Duh.

"I should have been there for him...I could have taught him how to find rich girlfriends on Twitter..."
“I should have been there for him…I could have taught him how to find rich girlfriends on Twitter…”

Meanwhile, Amber is still in Los Angeles, living the high life (figuratively only, of course) after filming a segment for Dr. Drew‘s show. Matt’s long-lost addict son, Chris, is still lurking around, and Matt says he’s eager to spend some time with the kid.


"He must get a job! Otherwise, what's he gonna do, sit on the bed and play on his phone all day?"
“He must get a job! Otherwise, what’s he gonna do, sit on the bed all day?”

Matt says that he’s worried about “Christopher.” (Apparently Matt thinks it’s more fatherly to call your kid by his full name? He must have seen that on an episode of Leave It To Beaver or something.)

He suggests that he and Amber open their home to Chris so that they can help him get a job.

Um…neither of you two people have jobs. Let’s focus on that first, shall we!?

Amber agrees to allow Chris to move in, but insists that there must be boundaries set for the kid. They agree that Chris is not allowed to drink or do drugs, and that he must go to work. Maybe he can get a job at FroCo? I hear a job recently opened up there?

"Hey hey, Ty....wanna go put that couch to use?"
“Hey hey, Ty….wanna go put that couch to use?”

Finally we check in with Catelynn. She’s off the couch, is dressed and has even let her hair down out of that sweaty ponytail that it’s been in for the last eight months. It’s nice to see Catelynn fixing herself up. She even mixed a little of April‘s Wet ‘n’ Wild “Passion Plum” eyeshadow into some hair dye and gave herself a new purple hair color!

Now, if Tyler can do something with that wiglet that’s sitting on top of his damn head these days, we’d be solid!

We soon find out that Cate had a special reason for getting all dolled up: she and Tyler are celebrating their one-year wedding anniversary.

When Tyler realized his wife had other clothing besides the zebra hoodie...
When Tyler realized his wife had other clothing besides the zebra hoodie…

To celebrate, they take the top of their wedding cake out of the freezer and, despite how disgusting it looks, feed each other a piece. (Luckily Tyler refrained from making any more comments about Catelynn “indulging” during the feeding.)

Later, Tyler meets up with his mom, Kim, in a restaurant. That only means one thing, of course: it’s time for Tyler to talk mad crap on Catelynn over a plate of something covered in cheese sauce!

Tyler tells his mother that his first year of marriage was no piece of [frostbitten] cake, what with Catelynn’s panic attacks, rehab trip and general refusal to wash her hair.

"I was wondering why they didn't attend Butch's Prison Release Anniversary Bash!"
“I was wondering why they didn’t attend Butch’s Prison Release Anniversary Bash!”

Since the producers seem to be sensing that we’re all tiring of the “Catelynn on the Couch” story line, they have Kim randomly bring up Carly. Tyler admits that he and Catelynn have not seen Carly in a long time. Apparently ol’ BrandonandTeresa are tired of the MTV game, and don’t want their kid wrapped up in all that made-for-drama, even from a distance. Tyler is worried that he and Catelynn won’t even get a visit with Carly at all this year.

Back in Tennessee, Ryan has turned his mother’s spare house into a love den. Yes, that’s right, kids, Ryan has a new girlfriend! Naturally, because this is ‘Teen Mom,’ the couple is already living together, even though they’ve only been seeing each other for a few weeks.

No matter how, um, sleepy Ryan gets, he always manages to snag hot girlfriends. WTF?
No matter how, um, sleepy Ryan gets, he always manages to snag hot girlfriends. WTF?

Oddly, Ryan’s new galpal, Mackenzie, seems relatively normal. She has all her teeth,  has normal-sized pupils and doesn’t even have exposed roots in her hair! What the hell? This is very disappointing for The Ashley…

Mackenzie seems to be a good influence on Ryan. She encourages him to make amends with his father, and Ryan agrees.

"I'm just so ding-dang sleepy! Must...get...up...and..make..up...with...father. Need...money..."
“I’m just so ding-dang sleepy! Must…get…up…and..make..up…with…father. Need…money…”

Later, Ryan rolls himself out of bed early to go talk to his dad. He tells his mom that he misses her and his dad, and wants to make up. Jen encourages Ryan to talk to Larry off-camera, and he agrees. Producer Jaala seems disappointed that she won’t be able to capture the moment.

Back in Los Angeles, Amber and Matt are sitting Chris down to grill him about “the drugs.” (Why didn’t they call up Barbara Evans so that she could be in charge of this conversation? Not gonna lie…I wouldn’t have minded watching Babs yell that someone was “HIGH! HIGH!” and asking about “da weeeeeed!”)

"I wasn't planning to use drugs again...unless...why do you have some?"
“I wasn’t planning to use drugs again…unless…why do you have some?”

Chris tells his dad and Amber that he drinks but isn’t “planning” on using drugs again, but you never know. (So basically, he’s on the April  Sobriety plan?) Chris says that life in South Dakota isn’t great. If only he had somewhere else to stay…hint hint…

Matt offers to take Chris in, provided that he doesn’t get all sauced up on the regular. Chris accepts, of course, and Amber even offers to hang out with him until “3 or 4 in the morning” if he wants. Hmmmm…. Normally, I’d make a “Mrs. Robinson” joke here but…Chris is basically the same age as his future stepmom so it just doesn’t work.

Matt starts to apologize to Chris for not being there for him for his whole life, but Amber interrupts.

“Oh, it doesn’t matter now,” she says. (Chris and Matt’s other abandoned offspring may feel differently…)

"So...I'm like seven now...are we ever gonna can the baby talk?"
“So…I’m like seven now…are we ever gonna can the baby talk?”

Meanwhile, Farrah is baby-talking Sophia to new levels of awful. Even Sophia appears to be over this crap. When Farrah tells Sophia that she wants to hug and squeeze her and love her, Sophia flat-out tells her mother to back the eff off.

“I don’t!” she screams.

Sophia tells Farrah that she misses her Grandma Deb, and is sad that she didn’t get to see her while they were in Missouri. Farrah, of course, rolls her eyes. To make Sophia better, though, Farrah Facetimes Debra so that she and Sophia can chat. (I assume they are going to discuss what Deb is allowed to borrow out of Sophia’s closet and what she’s not?)

Farrah must still be in “Missouri Mode” because she actually treats Deb like a human being during the phone call. She tells her mom all about the furniture store she’s about to open.

"Are you SURE this is a wise parenting decision, Ma?"
“Are you SURE this is a wise parenting decision, Ma?”

In Michigan, Nova is heading to April’s ciggie-smoke-filled abode so that Cate and Ty can celebrate their anniversary. When Catelynn asks Nova to kiss her goodbye, Nova straight-out slaps her in the face. (Nova’s probably mad that Cate didn’t even bother to put a gas mask on her before bringing her into April’s house.)

"This is crazier than the time Butch was driving away from the cops 'cuz he had a mullet full of crack!"
“This is crazier than the time Butch was driving away from the cops ‘cuz he had a mullet full of crack!”

Tyler and Catelynn head out to the sand dunes to celebrate their anniversary. They drive around the dunes for awhile, and then have a romantic picnic on the beach. Things are going well until Catelynn blurts out that she hopes to be knocked up by the time their second anniversary rolls around.

Oh, yes, by all means, squat out more kids! Catelynn is having trouble getting off the couch, and is barely able to handle the baby they currently have! This may be the worst idea any ‘Teen Mom’ star has had since April decided to marry Butch!

That face we all made when Catelynn said she wants another kid really soon...
That face we all made when Catelynn said she wants another kid really soon…

Tyler admits he wants “lots of kids” but Catelynn is worried that she’ll get post-partum depression with every kid she shoots out.

They start taking about the Carly situation, and vow to talk to Adoption Counselor Dawn to try to convince BrandonandTeresa to let them see Carly.

They meet with Dawn, who brings a Folder ‘O’ Fun with her. Inside the folder, she shows Cate and Ty the forms that they signed back when Carly was adopted. She reminds them that they agreed to allow BrandonandTeresa to make the final decision about visits. Catelynn is upset that she signed away rights when she was only 16 years old, and is now regretting it.

"I'm watching you, kid. I'll be counting my hoop earrings at the end of the day, you can be sure of that!"
“I’m watching you, kid. I’ll be counting my hoop earrings at the end of the day, you can be sure of that!”

Meanwhile, Amber, Matt and their new houseguest Chris have touched down in Indiana. Chris is in awe of the size of Amber’s house. It’s probably the first time he’s seen a house that big that didn’t have a meth factory set up in the kitchen!

Matt reminds Chris that there are to be no drugs or drinking in the house because he and Amber can’t be around that.

Wait. Hold up. Wasn’t Matt literally drinking a beer in the last episode of this crapshow?! And making jokes about how he was sober despite the fact that he was guzzling beer faster than Maci on a Saturday night?!

"I mean, you can't just sit around the garage in folding chairs all day doing nothing, ya know?"
“I mean, you can’t just sit around the garage in folding chairs all day doing nothing, ya know?”

Amber (wearing an MTV T-shirt, natch) tells Chris that this will be no vacation. He will have to get a job, despite the fact that not all local businesses tend to be keen on hiring people who know their way around the prison yard.

Amber tells Chris that she knows a guy who hires assorted felons and degenerates to do manual labor. She vows to try to get Chris a job with him.

"If only I'd gotten to Amber on Twitter before my dad, I wouldn't be lugging roofing tile right now!"
“If only I’d gotten to Amber on Twitter before my dad, I wouldn’t be lugging roofing tile right now!”

Later, Chris comes home from his first day of work. He tells Amber and Matt, who are maxin’ and relaxin’ in some folding chairs, all about his fun-filled day of pulling weeds instead of smoking weed. Chris says that he likes that he actually did something with his day.

Amber says she enjoys being able to boss Chris around when she is missing Leah. Speaking of Leah, she will meet her future stepbrother later that week, and Amber is excited.

Something tells me that lady next to Maci isn't buying that this is the first time Maci's ever opened a bottle of champagne.
Something tells me that lady next to Maci isn’t buying that this is the first time Maci’s ever opened a bottle of champagne.

Back in Tennessee, it’s time for Maci’s bridal shower. It’s being held in some sort of barn (naturally), and all of Maci’s ridiculously good-looking friends are in attendance. Even Jen is there to watch as Maci unwraps her gifts and guzzles champagne. Jen tells Maci that Ryan and Larry have made up, which makes Maci happy.

Over in Texas, Farrah is hard at work, trying to get her furniture store ready to open. Deb arrives (wearing an open back leather ensemble, as you do). Apparently “Missouri Mode” Farrah is gone because Farrah’s back to being a miserable wenchnozzle to everyone she comes in contact with.

Oh, Deb, your outfits NEVER disappoint! Yeehaw!
Oh, Deb, your outfits NEVER disappoint! Yeehaw!

Later, when Deb  (who for some reason is now wearing not one, not two, but three Western belts) dares to tell Farrah that she missed her while she was in Missouri, Farrah explodes, telling her mom that it’s normal for people to go visit their families.

“Ugh…life is great,” Farrah barks at her mom. “Let’s just keep it moving!”


This is business as usual for Deb, who doesn’t even seem to notice anymore when Farrah is screaming at her. She has a surprise for her daughter, which turns out to be a weird pillow that tells Farrah that she’s basically turning into her mother.

Hahaha, good one, Deb! Hit her where it hurts!

"And also, MOM, Sophia told me she wants her shirt back!"
“And also, MOM, Sophia told me she wants her shirt back!”

The next day, a “gorgeous” furniture truck has arrived for Farrah. She asks Deb where the gas goes in the truck, and when Debra starts to explain it, Farrah gets all tarty and starts yelling at her mom. If I were Debra, I’d march my belly-shirt-wearing self back in the house and tell Farrah to shove that truck up her backdoor!

Farrah is flipping out. She calls her mom a “f**k face” and tells her that “listening to you talking to me dumbs my f**king brain. God bless America.”

Whoop. There it is– the rambling Farrah quote we’ve been waiting for all episode.

Farrah literally gives herself a pat on the back...
Farrah literally gives herself a pat on the back…

On the way over to the furniture store, Farrah is no longer mad. Instead, she’s complimenting herself for being so smart, successful and great.

“Thank God I was blessed with a brain,” she says.

They pull up to the store and Farrah is getting emotional.

“Aww!” she exclaims. “I made it to my backdoor.”

Here's a pic of Ryan taking out the trash (kind of), that has no purpose except that it made The Ashley laugh...
Here’s a pic of Ryan taking out the trash. It has no purpose except that it made The Ashley laugh…


It ain’t gonna get any better than that, folks. Let’s end it on that note!

Until next week!

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  1. ToThe Ashley; you’re the funniest episode re-capper!! Love the way you describe these people …..especially Farrah. Please give us more Snark! Don’t hold back !

  2. Nope, I’m a therapist and a PhD, and guess what, she is classic, prototypical borderline. Fascinating disorder, but also complicated and tiresome (these are the people that therapists will jump out of their office window to avoid, aside from the very rare true antisocials, that is).

      1. Pretty much, because they have a complete lack of insight. Key symptoms include emotional lability and an inability to have any kind of “real” relationship with others due to deep-seated irrational beliefs and inability to control their emotions. The disorder is “incurable” in that personality disorders are essentially pervasive and unchanging (other than getting worse) throughout the lifespan; with this particular disorder, the lack of insight makes it worse because how would one go about working on an issue if they refuse/are unable to recognize that they have one? In a borderline’s world, everyone else around them is “crazy”/unfair/the bad guy with the borderline completely failing to recognize that the common denominator in their inability to have any stable relationship is themselves.

          1. I don’t think I can answer that accurately, because I haven’t observed enough of her day-to-day life or interactions with others to make a well-informed diagnosis of Miss Lohan. It’s a diagnosis that can be tough to make and shouldn’t be thrown out there without being extremely confident. Because Farrah’s is so prominent, and we have seen so much of who she is, consistently, she has basically spelled it out for any mental health professionals that watch this show as a guilty pleasure/hatewatch, lol. 🙂

  3. This whining by Catelynn and Tyler about not getting visits with Carly is making me VERY angry. My God they are NOT her parents now. When if ever is that going to sink in? Can they not see that decent people like Brandon and Teena dont want THEIR daughter anywhere this trash heap of a show or have to be subjected to these two neurotic losers- which will only confuse her? I have a special interest in this I suppose because I gave a child up for adoption many years ago. It was a closed adoption and I wanted it that way. I didnt think my child’s adoptive parents were some sort of babysitters – they were her parents! We reunited when she was 21 and I was able to tell her how much I loved her and I was able to see how much her parents loved her too. I never felt they owed me a thing. I owed them everything as far as I was concerned.

  4. this has to be THE worst she’s treated her mother. i can’t wrap my head around any mom allowing themselves to be spoken to that way. i’d be picking my teeth up off the floor. deb needs to tell farrah she can handle her own fucking business and kid and, if she ever grows up and learns how to speak, call me. MAYBE i’ll THINK about forgiving you. bitch. she’s going straight to Hell if she doesn’t stop her bullshit, and stop milking a dead boy for everything. disgusting. heard chris didn’t last long; must’ve fucked up quick. love that larry and rhine made up but seriously maci, come on down off your high horse now. as if he’d really stand up in church and protest. when asked if he was bummed about not having more time with bentley, he basically said nope, i’m glad taylor’s there to carry my load. he’s said he hoped they’d get married cuz taylor was a good guy and he could’ve had maci back anytime before taylor and never did soooo..i think you’re safe maci. i feel bad for cate but once again, unless they didn’t show it, she’s excusing behavior from people she loves. if b&t are cutting off visits, it’s because of tyler and she needs to let him know how uncool that shit was. i doubt it was her weed use since they didn’t reveal that until this season and b&t couldn’t have seen it, so what else would be the reason?

  5. I have no idea what Deb’s problem is with Sophia’s other grandparents. She has always seemed to have this animosity towards them for whatever reason. She gets jealous when Farrah goes and visits them. They seem like ok people and like they really want to be a part of Sophia’s life, and not just on Teen Mom. Sophia probably helps them cope with the loss of Derek….and this episode Farrah was on a whole other level with the insults…I didn’t think it was possible. She called her mother a “fuck face”. I don’t even know what to say to that…but if Deb wants to sit there and take the verbal abuse, and still defend her daughters disgusting behavior then so be it. I don’t feel bad for Deb. Farrah’s been degrading her for YEARS, and instead of cutting her off, she still enables her.

  6. I love Matt offering to find his son a job working on their houses. Can’t he get him a job like Matt has mooching off a teen mom? Farrah is single, I think Leah and Kailyn are too. And with Jenelle it is only a matter of time. Actually I think Chris would be perfect for Jenelle. History of drug abuse and felonies. Kids out of wedlock he doesn’t look after and he actually kind of looks like David while having the manbun that Nathan wears.

  7. I thought it was pretty rich when Matt told Chris (topher) that if he was going to live in “their” – by which I mean Amber’s – house, he needed to get a job. But I guess it is about the only option since the couch is taken, what between Amber, Matt, and the designated doggie piss stain spot, and/or whichever producer lost at rock paper scissors and has to sit on the piss stain to make awkward conversation. Mind you, don’t confuse the piss stain on the couch with the shit stain on the couch, by which I mean Matt.

    1. Yes!!! I couldn’t tell if Farrah was joking or serious…and knowing Farrah she was probably dead serious. She completely set herself up with that LOL. I’m curious to see when Sophia is older how she copes with the fact that her mother made a porno and sold models of her vijay. She’s going to be a walking target at school.

  8. Deb has got to be medicated because I want to bitchslap Farrah and it isn’t even me that she’s screeching at. I mean, if I asked where to put gas in a truck (but thank goodness you were blessed with a brain, Farrah, you dumbass) and my mother informed me that the ramp I’m pointing at with the gas nozzle is actually the loading ramp, obviously the correct reaction is to explode in a rage only seen by people on ‘roids…

    Someone needs to knock some sense into that woman, like, yesterday. Actually, both of them.

    1. You’d think with that world champion belt Deb was sporting, she’d be better at kicking some ass….

  9. Farrah is absolutely a disrespectful pos!! Just when I think she hasn’t topped her nasty comments to her mom, there it is again!! Yelling at her mom like that is not a way anyone should speak anyone especially a mom. Not standing for crazy ass deb bc she created that monster, you’d think she would put her In her place but I guess the cash flow and plastic surgery over rules all!! And of course Sophia’s closet of clothes, lol
    Cate and Tyler should have seen this coming and I believe Brandon and Theresa are making the right choice by keeping Carly out of the teen mom spotlight!! I certainly don’t blame them…time and time again they explained to keep it quiet and on the down low, but they gave those rights up and that probably was the best decision they made. What happened to I want Carly proud of us ie: going to college and making something of themselves other than an indent on the couch and in their bed.
    As far as Chris staying at their home and not really knowing him is definitely a bad decision. Not saying that he shouldn’t be around children but that’s how problems happen. Putting Leah around strangers is not a good thing.
    Nothing much to say about Maci other than I hope she stops counting on her reproductive issues as a form of birth control isn’t working and someone like her obgyn needs to explain that to her. Or oopsie baby number 3 will be on their way…
    I’m done tyvm @theAshley for another rockin recap!!

    1. Chris needs cash and a place to crash, Chris knows the key to Ambers house and heart is being a ‘regretful’ druggy or felon, that’s how the last three guys got in, Chris is smart and doesn’t mind to blackmail his dad a bit. Now Chris has a roof over his head far-far away from his baby and baby momma and now Chris has money. Be like Chris when you need a cool and fancy place to crash and your bio dad is a giant idiot playing house with a giant blind fool.
      You will even get a job arranged for ya so you don’t have to sit around the house with Ambie all day, having to make up crap to tell her about how you have seen the light all of a sudden.
      Heck you might even take the ultimate revenge on your dad and steal his cash cow right from under his nose.

      1. OMG wouldn’t that be great! Amber and Chris realise they are “soulmates” and she dumps Matt. But of course she wouldn’t be so heartless as to kick him out so they would maintain the bizarre living arrangements. I would definitely keep watching to see that.

    2. I think you mean oopsie baby number 4 lol She loves drinking to much. Wasn’t she filling up a travel coffee mug with wine?
      Anyways, Amber keeps pissing me off every episode with her dumb decisions. If I was Gary I would only allow Leah to have supervised visits. All of these random men in and out of the house. He is some stranger, druggie, deadbeat. Dude couldn’t even stay still to hold a convo and she invites him to live with her because Matt says so. If it wasn’t for Amber, Matt would probably be living in some filthy rented room on a mattress eating Ramen noodles, beer and harassing women on Twitter. I’d keep every penny, piece of jewelry and anything valuable locked away in a safe. He seems like the type to steal and pawn things to get high. Hopefully Gary has something to say next episode.

  10. It’s convenient of Matt to offer help to his son and “be a dad” when Amber and MTV are footing the bills. *eyeroll*
    I could not believe Cate said she wanted more kids when she can barely take care of Nova. Also, I know how sad they must be about not seeing Carly but what I think they have to remember as she gets older that what’s better for her might not work for them. The visits are emotional and I’m sure confusing for her and if B and T don’t think it’s a good idea this time than that’s it. Cate and Ty will always be in her life but not always the way they want it to be, B and T are not just babysitters they are Carly’s parents.
    When Farrah said that back door comment I immediately thought of the Ashley and couldn’t wait for this recap. The wayp Farrah talks to people is a disgrace.

  11. Does anyone else think Ambers behaviour is getting more erratic recently? Twice she has posted large sets of ranting videos on Instagram in recent times.

    Having an actual, confirmed addict in the house (Matt obviously being a bit of a grey area) is not good for recovery I would imagine. I’m not saying she is using again, but it must be a struggle.

    1. True…and getting plastic surgery with a complimentary dose of painkillers can’t be great for it either

  12. Farrah needs a reality check ..her mama needs to slap the hell outa Farrah..hard!! Farrah thinks she’s better than everyone and nobody knows as much as Farrah!! She’s so disrespectful!! Grow up Farrah!! And lose that big ass of yrs!! Macy needs ta woman up and stop taking them babies to day care everyday!! Be a real mom and get yr tubes tied!

    1. When Deb told Farrah ‘no’ the last time, she ended up doing community service.
      She is probably scared she will end up in jail when she raises her voice to Farrah, let alone her hand.
      These people need to demand respect from their daughter. I would not do a single thing for one of my daughters when she would disrespect me like that until she treats me better. But I don’t have to crawl up someone’s back door to make money.
      Treathened my husband and 7 year old to stop cooking and cleaning for them when they don’t start to pick up after themselves this very day. I’m not their personal house slave.

  13. Literally laughing over here–bugged eye self and ciggie smoke filled abode!!too funny. I think this your best work to date!

  14. I genuinely wonder if Farrah was molested as a child, which led to her detachment and bizarre emotional issues as well as her anger towards her parents.

    If it’s just a personality disorder, is she bi polar? What’s her diagnosis?

    1. I would say she shows more Narcissistic personality

      Symptoms include an excessive need for admiration, disregard for others’ feelings, an inability to handle any criticism, and a sense of entitlement.

    2. Lots of people speculate some kind of sexual abuse and that her parents covered it up and knew. Hence the severe problems this family displays…

      1. That trash can was filled to the brim lol. If his looks like that imagine what Maci’s is like. Tons of beer and Enfamil cans, sport drinks and take out containers.

  15. Farrah is absolutely INSANE. How is she going to ask a question and then bitch when someone gives her an answer!?! Wtf is that! Lmao

    1. Tactic?
      Sorry judge, I was clearly insane and didn’t know how to run a business. The people around me should have stopped me (angry look at Deb in leather court catsuit) but they in fact made me do (ugly cry) all of THIS (points at pile of unpaid bills). I’m a single mother and widdow. I would have been when my fiancee would have had more time to marry me before he…(cry) My life is sooo hard. please understand I can’t pay all these bills, my daughter just lost two teeth judge.

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