‘Teen Mom’ Special Focusing on Farrah Abraham’s Mom Debra Danielsen Gets Air Date

“I better stop at Forever 21 and load up on new clothes for the premiere!”

UPDATE! MTV has apparently moved up the “Being Debra” premiere date! The special is now airing on Wednesday, February 15 at 8 p.m. EST

Hold on to your pleather pants! The Teen Mom special about Debra Danielsen is officially happening!

Back in November, The Ashley told you that MTV was planning to do a one-hour special about Farrah Abraham‘s mother, Debra. On Wednesday, Deb herself announced on her personal Facebook page that “Being Debra” officially has an air date.

“Get ready for the premiere of the MTV Special “Being Debra” on April 3, 2017!” Debra wrote in the caption of a photo she posted of herself. (Naturally, Deb is wearing pleather Daisy Dukes, a top hat and knee-high stiletto boots in the photo….as you do…)

Debra has said that her fiance, Dr. David Mertz, will be featured in the “Being Debra” special, and it can be assumed that Farrah and Debra’s ex-husband Michael Abraham will also be making appearances.

In the comment of her announcement, Debra hinted that she would be rapping during her special.

No, seriously…

“It is fun and David Merz and I had fun making it,” Debra wrote to a fan about the special. “Hope you will enjoy my rap ‘Debz OG’ and the music video.”

The Ashley is not sure if Debra is kidding about the rap music video or not but…she’s praying to the reality TV gods that this is not a joke.

“Being Debra” is just the latest MTV special to focus on one of the parents of a ‘Teen Mom’ girl. Last year, the network aired “Being Barbara,” which focused on Jenelle Evans’ mother Barbara Evans, as well as “Being Butch,” a special about Tyler Baltierra‘s father Butch Baltierra. (Click here to read The Ashley‘s recap of “Being Butch!”)

The Ashley is not aware of any more “grandparent” specials being filmed at this time.

“Being Debra” will reportedly be airing on Monday, April 3.

(Photo: Facebook)


  1. I’m not watching that crap. An entire hour of Deb ONLY, and her creepy fiance and wretched daughter?? I’d rather watch paint dry.

  2. This woman just can’t grasp it she is aging and that she is not a young girl anymore. I mean, it’s even weirder Farrah doesn’t say anything to her mom considering she likes to comment on everyone else. Debra, ACT YOUR AGE!

  3. Wait… What?!?! Dear God… I will def NOT be tuning into this crapfest.. But I will for sure be anxiously awaiting theashleys recap!!! Thanks Deb!!

    1. Do you really think that Debra did this without express permission from Farrah first? Do you not know how their relationship works these days?

  4. They take the wacko grandparents and let us get insight to the insanity. I can’t Flippin wait! Barb and butch have a lot of redeeming qualities. Debra has none, zero, zilch.
    But the fact that the 50 something old lady dresses like a hooker, that’s been put out to pasture. Is enough to get me to watch. A psycho rap video will be icing on this poo cake!

  5. GOOD LORD. I can’t believe this whack job isn’t hanging her head in shame, for raising such a foul mouthed, obnoxious daughter. This is all the evidence we need to (at last) realize this show has JUMPED THE SHARK.

  6. I have absolutely no desire to know anything more than I already do about Debra’s life. Can’t stand Farrah or her enabling family.

    1. I didn’t think either of them had anything left to share with the world. I pretty much though theyd already put it all on display.

  7. Is she gonna be wearing thaf hideous wig she had on at the reunion, oh please I hope that wig makes another cameo. She looks absolutely ridiculous in this outfit. Id be so embarrassed to be relatives with them. But I will be watching, snarking, and keeping a lookout on the recap that I hope follows.

  8. This will be reality tv gold.
    As another commenter said; everyone will be laughing AT her, not WITH her and Debra is so self absorbed she won’t even see it. It’s going to be great ???

  9. Won’t watch it. Yak! Can’t stand that family. They are Total loonatics… and not in a good way. Why MTV thinks anyone is interested in Debra?!

  10. Debra’s wet dream come true. Good for her? Lol. It’s gonna be hilarious but sadly most will be laughing at, not with, her.

  11. This is a waste of time and money. Farrah/Debra/Michael need to be on TV less and not encouraged to continue milking their 15 mins of fame. I’m not remotely interested in learning anything new about Debra.

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