10 of the Hardest ‘Teen Mom’-Themed “Would You Rather?” Questions Ever: Play Now!

Your face when you imagine yourself involved in any of the scenarios listed below…

‘Member back in elementary school when kids would play “Would You Rather?” and ask you whether you’d choose between marrying a prince or having a pet tiger (or something equally as odd)? Well, in an effort to bring back that game (because, in The Ashley‘s opinion, it was basically the best game to come out of elementary school, other than “MASH”), The Ashley presents… “Would You Rather? The ‘Teen Mom’ Edition!”

Take the quiz below, and choose between two impossibly hard scenarios!


  1. Would you rather get your head shaken by Kail or bacon slapped by Jeremy?

    I love bacon and Jeremy is so entertaining to me. He’s not unreasonable. He was just really stupid to ever associate with WV’s biggest celebrity.

  2. Haha! I’d rather do any of these situations than listen to Nathan talk. His arrogance mixed with ignorance really goes to my soul.

  3. That tattoo is one of the scariest things I have ever seen! As if having sex with Ambie is bad enough, you’ll have a stretched out and creepy version of Leah staring at you.

  4. Well, MASH will be played in the lunch room tomorrow ?

    These choices were horrifying, hope I don’t have nightmares about deb dressing me.

    1. That’s a good one lmao I love Barbara’s voice but I bet Colie loves Chelsea’s baby voice when their having sex lol

      1. On the other hand, Jenelle plays nice in front of the cameras because she wants a good edit. The shit starts when she sees the episodes / has to go to the studio. At least you’re not waiting in your car for hours without food or drinks. I’d choose Jenelle.

    1. I chose Jenelle, give her some feathers and Kesha tickets and you’ll be golden. Plus think of all the vacations you get to go on. Lol

  5. Good lord this was tough. I had to reason with some of these – “if I had cigarette smoke circling me for a year, I may get lung cancer,” or “I guess if the tattoo of Leah was on my neck I could wear scarves.” What a nightmare.

    1. I didn’t know she had that awful tattoo on her!! that’s realllllly bad. like, barely even looks like Leah, bad.

    2. Ikr lol i picked the tattoo id be buying alot of scarves lol that tattoo is horrible…if it didnt have the horrible portrait that doesnt even look like Leah it would be cute lol

    1. You can paint some extra eyebrows thought. I don’t know how you can soort of cover up a miss Piggy hairdo (no hate to Chelsea in person, the reunion hair is all they have/had in common)

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