Mackenzie McKee Warns Young Girls Not to Sign Up For New Season of “16 and Pregnant”

“MTV fame may help you get deals to sell Fit Tea on Instagram, but it’s not worth it, gals!”

MTV is rebooting its controversial reality show 16 and Pregnant, and, while casting is currently underway, one of the show’s former participants is advising teen girls not to apply to be on the show.

Mackenzie McKee, who starred on the fourth season of ’16 and Pregnant,’ recently spoke to The Dirty about the show, revealing that she thinks girls will try to get pregnant in hopes of obtaining MTV reality show fame. 

“The show was created to show viewers the struggle of what it is to become a mother at a young age, what you miss out on, and sacrifices you must make to raise your child,she said. “I do not think MTV should continue to find new teen moms and show the world they are casting so some 16-year-old could possibly purposely get pregnant for a shot of fame.”

The girls from ’16 and Pregnant’ who went on to star on the Teen Mom shows are now celebrities, but Mackenzie reminds fans that those girls did not do ’16 and Pregnant’ with the expectation of becoming so famous.

“The ladies whom are on ‘Teen Mom’ did not get pregnant for fame,” she said. “They had no clue at the time how far with TV they would come. But they do boldly shared their stories to show others what a struggle it is.”

Mackenzie has managed to squeeze out as much fame as possible from her appearance on ’16 and Pregnant’ and the short-lived Teen Mom 3. (She was incredibly upset that she was not chosen to be added to Teen Mom 2 like her pal, Briana DeJesus.)

Still, she states that the “fame” the girls get from being on ’16 and Pregnant’ is not worth getting pregnant over.

“It’s not what it’s cracked out to be,” she said. “MTV is a short time in your life and a baby is forever. I spent my whole life cheering thinking I was going to go to the best of the best college with the best cheer squad and chase my dreams of becoming a coach. That dream took a turn and so did my life.”

Mackenzie, who is now the mother of three young children, advised teen girls to stay off MTV– and stay out of their boyfriend’s bedroom.

“If I had a message to send out to young girls the age of 16, it would be to respect yourself more,” she said. “Don’t cause an emotional attachment by having sex with someone at that age. You’re too young for a heart break like that. If a man loves you, he will wait for you…don’t expect him to stay because a baby is involved.

“I hate looking back knowing I was sexually active at the age 16 and I pray everyday my daughter doesn’t live the way I was,” she added.

The Ashley will have more information on the upcoming season of ’16 and Pregnant’ soon!

To find out what’s become of some of the other ’16 and Pregnant’ stars since they appeared on the show, click here!

(Photo: MTV)

37 Responses

  1. This is all very rich coming from the girl who has been pregnant five times and begged for boobs on the internet.

  2. Am I the only one that thinks this sounds like an admission that she got pregnant to be on the show?

  3. Can this bitch shut the fuck up…I’m so sick of seeing her name she’s really pathetic and thirsty!

  4. “The ladies whom are on ‘Teen Mom’ did not get pregnant for fame,” she said. “They had no clue at the time how far with TV they would come. But they do boldly shared their stories to show others what a struggle it is.”

    What?!?! Did Mac and Farrah take English classes together and The University of Bob?

    It’s funny how Mac is telling girls don’t go on the show but YOU were upset when you weren’t chosen to be a part of the franchise this go round. I can see why people don’t like her.

  5. MacKenzie, you really don’t understand irony, do you? Why are you warning girls of something that you did yourself?! Your only reason to get Gannon was because you wanted fame and now people are commenting on your mistakes and you don’t like it! GET OVER IT! You are in media, people will comment and say you don’t take care of your diabetes and such because YOU CHOSE LIFE IN MEDIA! And whining how you’re not in Teen Mom 2 and in the same breath you say this, bitter much?! Be a mother and stop trying to stay relevant!

  6. But they do boldly shared their stories

    Star Trek: White Trash. Do boldly gone where no one has done goed before.

  7. I like how two weeks ago she was all pissed off because they picked Brianna over her to come back on the show. But, now she is “encouraging” people to NOT sign up for 16 and pregnant. Someone’s still got a chip on her shoulder!!

  8. As a few have said, this would have meant more if it was coming from one of the girls who opted to be more low key and not try to have a porn career to stay famous, etc, post 16 and pregnant life. Also, it was impossible to not read this and think consider this a case of pointing one finger at hypothetical teens getting pregnant for TV while having three pointing back at her… Like how cheaters often accuse other people of cheating because they’re capable of it so they assume everyone is. Just sayin’!

  9. Wasn’t Mack pregnant BEFORE Gannon? And MTV was filming her then? And she got pregnant AGAIN. I think Mack is a hypocrite.

    1. I agree. I’m sure the loss is painful to talk about clearly but she needs to be honest and so does MTV . McKenzie has been pregnant 4 times by age 21! And now she’s doling out advice?! Give it a rest!

  10. To be fair, I love the message

    But I just check the source *Mackenzie* and I laugh because I mean, get real

    1. Right? If it was one of the girls who only did 16&P and kept her life private since, it would actually mean something.

  11. I’m wondering when she’ll go away and stop acting so self righteous. It’s so ironic how religious she claims to be yet she had two babies out of wedlock ??

  12. This is so funny because Mackenzie literally got pregnant on purpose and has been running with it ever since. I can’t stand this whiny, conniving bitch

  13. She honestly probably could have gone to college and achieved so much more with all the support she had. Her blaming her kids for her own choices is tacky. She shouldve taken better care of herself and stopped popping babies out. She admitted on 16 and pregnant she didn’t use bc because she didn’t want to get fat…. having sex at 16 isn’t the problem being irresponsible at 16 is. This girl needs to sit down and get her sh-t together before talking down on the network that gave her the platform to give an opinion in the first place. Go away if you don’t like it.

  14. What about the girls they have already filmed for 16 and pregnant that you reported about last year? I say they should use what they have already filmed with them. And why did they wait so long to do 16 and pregnant?

    And mack have a seat you just mad that teen mom 3 didnt have the success that teen mom and teen mom 2 have become

  15. She’s incredibly immature and she’s just bitter she wasn’t chosen for the newest Teen Mom. Her advising teens to stay away from MTV and their boyfriends bedroom is just ridiculous- most teenagers aren’t morons and know how to use birth control! Mackenzie purposefully got pregnant every time (including as a teenager) so she’ll have to deal with the consequences of that- she obviously thought she’d have a fairytale romance with Josh and it isn’t working out like she’d thought. Moral of the story is that nobody wants to be stuck with the same person from 15 to forever.

  16. Children are such a blessing regardless of the mother’s age. As a Catholic I believe children are a precious gift that keeps on giving. Let there be life abundantly!

    1. That doesn’t mean teenagers should be trying to have “blessings” in high school. It isn’t a beautiful future for many children born to teens; poverty, abuse, jail, etc. Stop being so naive.

    2. Lol what drugs are you on? Children are a RESPONSIBILITY. If a person can’t afford to live on their own and take care of themself then they sure as hell shouldn’t be having babies.

      1. As a Catholic myself (not as extreme as OP tho), I am ashamed to be the same religion as you! You are the reason why people when they hear “Catholic”, they think I’m one of those crazy ones but I’m not! AND I THINK YOU ARE CRAZY IF YOU THINK GETTING PREGNANT AT 16 ON PURPOSE IS A BLESSING! Sorry but that child ruined her chances of a normal teenage years, fun and free, not diaper duty and baby bottles! (No offense to Gannon, I think he is a great kid but I hope you get my point)

        1. His Holiness Pope Francis loves the little children of the world, as I do also. It’s wishy washy -in name only- Catholics​ such as yourself who dilute and pollute the teachings of the Church. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t use such harsh words even in defense of the truth, but I’m very passionate about the value of life for all His children in this wonderful world created for us all. May your faith be strengthened.

          1. The Pope has also encouraged those in areas inundated with Zika to refrain from conception until it has been contained. Using your own terms..Isn’t that a little “wishy washy”? The Lord can handle the children born to ill-prepared teens, but not to a virus? Perhaps apples and oranges, but birth control is birth control regardless of the reason.

    3. There are already over 7 BILLION humans on this earth. We do not need to be adding any more kids to unprepared parents who are unable to support them and help them become productive members of society. This is a ridiculous way of thinking.

  17. Her grammar is atrocious!
    Also, she hopes her daughter won’t grow up to be like her?? What about her sons? It’s alright if they go around making babies at 16 because why? They’re boys so don’t need to take responsibility for their kids the way girls do?
    … if you don’t want the fame, stop doing interviews and selling yourself on social media and acting like you’re so fake hungry. Just focus on your husband and babies or you will end up with grand babies at 32 …

    1. THANK YOU. Frustrating that all the responsibility seems to be put on young girls and boys aren’t typically thought of as part of the equation even though they contribute 50%!!! So sick of hearing stuff like this. RAISE BOYS AND GIRLS THE SAME. All children need to be taught responsibility for their actions because a baby is a HUGE consequence.

  18. I tend to agree. The current Teen MomTeen Mom 2 girls are a rare exception. They’re really not struggling but most of them aren’t really raising their kids anyway. The current TM/TM2 girls want us to think they struggled to raise their kids but they didn’t. They were blessed. Not many teen mothers have it as easy as they do. They get to sit on their sofas 24/7 while their kids are either watched by someone else or running amok destroying anything and everything in site. MTV is not doing these girls any favors. It’s sad.

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