Farrah Abraham Goes on Instagram Rant: Makes Racist Comment About ‘Boot Camp’ Co-Star & Accuses Kendra Wilkinson of Doing Drugs

She may need another season of ‘therapy’…

Farrah Abraham has undergone plenty of on-camera therapy, with the most-recent stint being on Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition, but it doesn’t appear that the therapy has helped the reality star change much.

The Backdoor Teen Mom took to Instagram on Friday to address the explosive fight that went down on the previous episode of ‘MBC.’ During the episode, she hurled a racist remark at her co-star Paula Johnson. In her Instagram post on Friday, Farrah made yet another racist comment about a ‘Boot Camp’ co-star (this time aimed at Paula’s son, Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson), and accused her other co-star, Kendra Wilkinson, of doing drugs.

(The Ashley has left Farrah’s Instagram caption intact to preserve the “Farrah Speak.”)

“The Irony of tonight’s @wetv season finale shows you what’s wrong with American families, society,” Farrah wrote. “(Meth wh0res”kendra) (Alcoholism & attacks Paula ) Enablers every family member on the property but myself. The stereotypical African American Chad Johnson & the mother who is always out to be against her daughter (Debra) I can control myself I’m happy I don’t need to be Shamed by what’s wrong with our world and I rise above the mediocrity and hate crimes in this house- I’m very proud of this eye opening and much needed show by @wetv#familybootcamp cheers to one historical season finale & changing social issues one show at a time.”

Farrah seemed to think that there was nothing wrong with accusing someone of being a “meth wh0re,” or calling a man a “stereotypical African-American” (whatever that means.) At press time, the post was still on Farrah’s Instagram account.

Kendra took to Twitter to respond to fans’ comments about what Farrah had said on-screen and online.

“I’m 32 now n too tired. Lol,” Kendra told a fan who asked her why she hadn’t fought Farrah for what she had said. “As much as she hates me n everyone thinks I hate her. I don’t. I see the innocence in everyone.”

Fans were not happy about what Farrah had said on her Instagram post.

“This statement just proves how money can’t buy class,” one person wrote in the post’s comment section. “I thoroughly enjoyed Teen Mom when you were not on it. I can only hope that in the near future you realize how completely judgmental and delusional you are. I wish you and your family the best in life. @mtv PLEASE stop paying this person to spread hate.”

“So funny how you are a deadbeat mother and a p**nstar but you still think you’re better than black people. Racism is a mental illness. I hope you seek help for your chronic issues,” another wrote.

Farrah’s father, Michael Abraham, attempted to defend his daughter’s statements on Twitter, explaining that ‘Boot Camp’ helped Farrah change her ways.

“All ..as Kendra said she does not hate Farrah & Farrah does not hate her..they both learned from their exchanges on WETV I care for them both,” he tweeted on Friday.

The only problem? Farrah had called Kendra a “meth wh0re” just a few hours before he made this statement.

‘MBC’ therapist Dr. Ish Major also weighed in on Farrah’s racist remarks.

“I don’t believe [Farrah] is racist,” he tweeted. “I do believe she reacts explosively in a way to cause the most hurt possible when she feels attacked.”

“Farrah is not a racist and the good Doctor knows what he is talking about,” Michael responded. “And Farrah is working hard to correct this.”

See the Instagram post in question below:

(Photos: WEtv, Instagram)

41 Responses

  1. Farrahoe’s poor imitation of Kim khardasian is pitiful enough now this cheap slut dares to make racist comments. With her Fat Flabby boyfriend Simon being 3xs as dark as Hank Baskett had better watch herself because there are a long line of ladies that would love to beat the daylight out of her “cut and paste” tragicface.

  2. Just one thought…farrah needs to get her Ancestry DNA done. She’ll probably find out she has some of her so called “racist” blood in her heritage.

  3. Do you think that maybe, just MAYBE, MTV might FINALLY pull the plug on her and get her OFF THE AIR??!! Like, what more does she have to do/say for them to get rid of her? Racist comments-check, abusive-check. I refuse to believe that she brings in that much money that they can’t fire her. Everybody hates her. And not in a “ooh I love to hate farrah” way, everyone just literally hates her and doesn’t want to watch her anymore. She is literally the reason I stopped watching TMOG.

    1. I don’t hate her and get a kick out of watching her on tv. I don’t take everything she says or does so seriously or so personally. She’s good entertainment and stirs up so much passion in people (such as yourself) that mtv won’t be getting rid of her anytime soon.

  4. I can’t even begin to understand what Farrah was saying. It may as well have said, “purple monkey dishwasher”.

  5. For someone who just said to their daughter. We don’t discriminate, we don’t have hate crimes ect…
    Sounds like an ignorant, illiterate imbecile!!
    I just can’t even fathom anything this woman says..
    Maybe it’s all for tv? Trying to stay relevant?
    Nah forget I said all of that, she’s racist. No matter what she proclaims not to be.

  6. >>calling a man a “stereotypical African-American” (whatever that means.)
    If you don’t know what that means then you’re a moron who lives under a rock. We can see right through the virtue signalling, TheAshley.

  7. Michael has to work really hard to find something to defend in his daughter. Surely he can’t believe his feeble attempts to excuse her behavior. This whole family is so wrecked.

  8. I wonder if Farrah’s rants have caused people to boycott her businesses? If not, they should! I can’t imagine patronizing her businesses anyhow.

    1. I’m sure her businesses run themselves into the ground just fine without help from a boycott.

  9. I think even if someone tried to give her proper therapy she’d go once and never go back. Then she would go online and try shame them and ruin their practice. Michael & Debz OG (she will never be anything other than that for me now) would never have her committed. She’s just going to get worse as time goes by. The only thing we can hope for is that they end teen mum or get rid of her and that no other reality shows pick her up.

      1. It’s so funny to me cuz even I can speak better than her and I wasn’t even born in an English speaking environment! LOL, I guess fame can’t buy you brains.

  10. Deborah follows stevieryan on Twitter and Stevie is always trashing Farrah lol. Deborah says Stevie is awesome. Haha she told Stevie she doesn’t know how Farrah became so racist but she says she apologized on the show.

  11. Man, I’m just glad we all aren’t able to be infected by her stupidity when she runs off at the chops!

  12. omg she is so damn stupid. She literally can’t string more than 2 words together that make sense. I have never seen anyone talk or write this way, and I work in the field. It’s so bizarre.

  13. For Farrah to say she’s the only one that doesn’t contribute to the fall of society is utterly ridiculous! She is he epitome of what’s wrong with society: The participation medal receving, entitled, spoiled racist brat. This is now the 3rd time she’s brought race into an argument or a rant (maybe even more than 3rd time). I gave somewhat of a pass the first time she made a racist statement to Blac Chyna because I do believe Farrah could have been that ignorant and out of touch, but I’m sorry imo, 3 strikes your out. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck…it’s a freakin duck! I do believe that Farrah was abused by her mother but I think it’s possible that she wasn’t disciplined if that makes sense. Now that the tables have turned and her parents need her in their lives for money, she has all the “power” and knows it. She has no right to talk about the others’ problems. At the end of the day, she was a teen mom who did porn and has a nasty attitude.

    1. She knew what she was saying when calling BC a monkey come on. Monkey is one of the many racial slurs against black people. Farrah knew that and that’s why she said it. Come on now.

  14. Farrah is an illiterate idiot that thinks she’s better than everyone else when in reality she’s just a sad and pathetic person. Farrah feels entitled to behave however she feels like because people continue to enable her ignorant behavior. She’s just a pitiful person that lives in a sad Farrah land of delusion.

  15. This is not even funny anymore, I legit think she has some form of brain damage, because no one with a high school education would write like that on purpose. I don’t know that much about the heifer, but if she’s not a serious drug addict or something there is some form of mental impairment going on. Seriously.

  16. Tv therapy is far from sufficient for Farrah. She needs real therapy. From a real, certified therapist or Psychiatrist. Not these quack on-tv doctors. Maybe they do have degrees but if youre doing therapy on tv it’s pretty much a joke. If anybody thinks she benefited from any such therapy they are as delusional as she is. She needs private, individual therapy but someone who will not tolerate her bullshit or dance around her problems just to placate her. She needs to be challenged and made to actually deal with her horrible behavior Deb could definitely benefit from her own therapy as well!!

  17. Farrah is a terrible, horrible person…not to mention, stupid. I barely understand what she’s trying to say in that post. She needs to fall off the face of Earth ASAP.

  18. Honestly, despite the racist comments I don’t think Farrah’s a racist. She dated a black guy on the first season on TM. She has insults nearly every person that comes into contact with her and her pulling the race card is just another tactic. Farrah is just an extremely sick individual that has nothing but hate in her heart. She is a complete narcissist and is completely out of touch with reality.

  19. Whilst I hate her, im thoroughly convinced she is genuinely mentally ill and needs a firm intervention before she spirals any further.

    When you compare 16&P/TMs1 Farrah to current Farrah, they’re like completely different people. As much as early Farrah was a bitch, she worked hard, had ambitions to attend culinary school and maintain a stable career, and had better social skills with the ability to communicate somewhat coherently.

    Now she’s constantly wide eyed, is barely able to string a sentence together and/or type properly, leaps from “ambition to ambition”, and is much more highly strung and delusional. Her behaviour is becoming increasingly more irrational as time goes on, and her epic mood swings are uncomfortable to watch.

    As I said, I really don’t like her, but she’s rapidly getting worse in a manner which doesn’t seem to just be down to her being a bitch (which, don’t get me wrong, she is), but something more sinister.

    For the sake of herself, her child, and those around her, she desperately needs help, voluntarily or not.

    1. This is happening to all the teen moms from both series. They are spiraling out of control. Chelsea is the exclusion.

    2. I agree, there has to be more going on here than her just being an unlikeable person. She really does need a diagnosis and some help.

  20. (Whatever) Michael may be the most pathetic of all. Why does he always defend Farrah and try to soften her hurtful and rude comments? She doesn’t even call him dad, humiliates him, yells at him, claims he was an abusive father. Yet he’s this super supportive dad who’s there beside Farrah no matter what. He must be a mazochist. Either that or she pays him. ?

  21. I’m not fully sure I even understand what she was trying to say in her insta-rant. I can’t imagine what her train of thought is like. Do you guys think everything is crystal clear in her head and then somehow comes out as a jumbled mess, or are all her thoughts in her head just as incoherent as they come out? Yikes.

    1. I believe it’s the latter….everything she posts and SAYS makes absolutely no sense….she doesn’t even have sense enough to have someone proof read anything before she posts it.

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