‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: All the ‘Teen Mom’-Related News You Missed Over the Weekend

“Look at all that juicy ‘Teen Mom’ news!”

It’s been a rather quiet week in the Teen Mom News World, what with the franchise’s biggest trainwreck couple, Amber Portwood and Matt Baier locked away in a Hollywood mansion, filming Marriage Boot Camp. Although the pair has dominated the ‘Teen Mom’ news circuit for the last month or so, they didn’t do anything of note this weekend.

While Amber and Matt may have gone silent (for now), the other stars of Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 kept busy! In an effort to bring you up-to-date on all of the weekend’s ‘Teen Mom’ happenings, The Ashley brings you the “Monday Teen Mom News Pile!”

Here are all the major (and minor but interesting) Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2-related things that happened over the last weekend…

Simon Saran spilled some major tea about Farrah Abraham’s mother, Debra Danielsen.

“How do you like them apples, Debz?”

Simon delivered a steaming hot pot of tea this weekend, blasting Farrah Abraham’s mother, Debra Danielsen, and Deb’s fiancé, Dr. David Mertz in a series of scathing tweets!

In his weekend tweets, Simon revealed that Debra was planning to try to take custody of Farrah’s daughter Sophia in order to garner herself more TV time!

“You beg Farrah for screentime. Heard you and an attorney are talking to take Sophia away. Anything for more screen time!” Simon wrote to Debra, who responded back on Twitter.

“Simon isn’t even in the know. Haha! Just says s**t to make money,” Debra wrote. “He hurts people with his lies and thinks it is ok…I speak truth! No hate. Just want things to be happy and healthy.”

Debra’s reply added more fuel to Simon’s fire. He followed those tweets up with even more scathing accusations about Debra.

“Here’s a truth for you,” Simon wrote. “Debrah slept with two different guys in 2 days her basement in Nebraska while she was supposed to be watching Sophia.”

(For the record, The Ashley is not confirming that this is true or false. If it is true, though, The Ashley doesn’t want to picture Debra’s basement fornication.)

“Debra hasn’t worked in years,” Simon continued. “Leaches off of Farrah and Sophia. She doesn’t care about them like [Michael] does!”

Simon also took aim at Deb’s future husband.

“David has another motive. Just like I called out Matt [Baier], this guy is on that level. He’s hiding something big!” Simon wrote.

After Simon’s tweetfest, Debra told Radar Online that her daughter’s sometimes-boyfriend was lying about “most” of the things he stated on Twitter. (She also called Simon “evil” and “passive aggressive.”)

“He sits at home and makes stuff up,” Debra told the site. “He makes up horrible things. A man who loves my daughter and my granddaughter would do things to make us happy and come together as a family. He continues to tear our family apart and he does a good job of it.”

She denied that she was trying to take custody of Sophia away from Farrah.

“Why would I hire an attorney and go against my family? That’s against my religion,” Debra said. “Simon doesn’t share our faith and talks out of his ass. He can’t talk about stuff he doesn’t know.”

Kail Lowry spent the weekend on vacation…again.

“I came on the only weekend that Jenelle and David weren’t here!”

For the second weekend in a row, Kail was frolicking in the surf and sand on an exotic getaway. Last week, Kail was in Puerto Rico and this weekend, she was in St. Thomas, swimming and sunning with her sons Lincoln and Isaac.

“Had the best week with the boys!” Kail tweeted this weekend after returning home from her trip.

As The Ashley reported in last week’s “Teen Mom News Pile,” Kail was criticized online for taking back-to-back vacations while in her third trimester. Many felt that Kail, who has previously stated that her current pregnancy is high risk, was putting her unborn baby in jeopardy by flying so late into her pregnancy.

Jenelle Evans & David Eason prepared for future vacations.

“Who says you can’t breath and swim underwater at the same time? #Talent”

Speaking of vacations, Jenelle and David actually took a week off from vacationing, instead spending the weekend preparing for their future holidays.

Jenelle announced that she and David were taking scuba diving classes.

“By next weekend I’ll be a certified Open Water Scuba Diver, alongside my babe of course,” Jenelle tweeted.

She also revealed why she had taken a sudden interest in the sport.

“We r sick of going places we r allowed to dive at but can’t because we aren’t certified,” Jenelle told a fan on Twitter.

Don’t you hate it when you aren’t allowed to dive on your frequent tropical vacations!?

Javi Marroquin was out promoting his “tell all” book & revealed its title.

“Hey– even if my book sucks, at least we know it will be better than Matt’s!”

Javi spent the weekend in Atlanta, promoting his upcoming book. The book, which was previously titled Heartlessly Hustled (a nod to his ex, Kail Lowry’s book Hustle & Heart), will now apparently be called No Guarantees. Javi met with ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans at a Meet & Greet, and shot some photos for the book promotion.

Although no release date for the book has been announced yet, Javi promised that more book-related news and events are coming soon.

“Both my photoshoot and my Meet & Greet were a huge success,” he wrote on Instagram. “Stay tuned, we’re preparing to kick things into high gear!”

(Photos: MTV, Instagram, Snapchat)


  1. He needs extensive outpatient but none of it is worth it if he isn’t ready to leave the drugs alone. This wasn’t his doing just like the first rehab stint wasn’t his doing. Anyway, isn’t 30 days only the detox phase?

  2. I have to say I love Jen and Larry. I think that they love Bentley more than anything in the world and maci is a little hard on them HOWEVER I agree with the visits stopping including theirs until either Ryan is out of their or they legally agree he is not to take Bentley anywhere alone. She can’t trust that Ryan won’t throw a hissy fit because they won’t let him drive Bentley somewhere and jen wI’ll stand her ground and not allow him to. They let him get married pretty much on a whim while so high he could barely function. If they couldn’t stop that then they don’t have much control especially with Mackenzie as his new enabler

  3. It’s unbelievably sad that Mtv felt like it was OK not to intervene I understand they wanted to show the seriousness of the situation but clearly McKenzie was not handling it like a rational person and I think it would’ve shown such strength if MTV had intervened because that’s what you want people to do if they see a situation like that I just feel like on so many levels so so so many levels this was appropriate and handled so wrong I will no longer watch that show it’s not about teen moms and their struggle it’s about hiding what they’re actually doing and how bad it really is

    1. You do realize it’s not xanax? Did you see him grab his back pack? Not usually something neeed for a hair cut!! You can see the many true pics on line of his track marks…
      I think him driving made us all ill, but what makes us more ill is that he just used, jumped in his truck and drove beyond under the influence…he could have killed himself, mack and others who unfortunately could have been in the way.

  4. Yeah you’re right she was hitting him to wake him up but she knew he was high when they were sat in the garden trying to arrange the wedding, it was obvious..I can understand her being pissed at him, and rightly so, because he was off his rocker but I guess the point I was trying to make was that instead of running around at last minute trying to arrange this wedding when she knew he was high as a kite, she should have stopped for a second and tried to do something. You could see she was embarrassed with his behaviour in front of the cameras, then she turned them off before she asked him if he had been taking xanex so why on earth would anyone go through with a wedding under these circumstances? She obviously loves him and wanted to marry him but she came across so desperate to get that ring on his finger and was saying it was because of the custardy situation with Bentley but isn’t it Jen and Larry who have him most of the time anyway? There is no way Ryan should have been driving, not in a million years, but again, he was high, it was plain to see, so why did she get in the car with him? Or why didn’t she stop him getting in the car full stop? Because she wanted to get him down that aisle, no matter what. It was all very strange, they just waltzed off at the end, leaving his mother in bits and his dad comforting her. Ryan is a grown adult, I agree he has been coddled too much and probably enabled at times which has not helped him with his drug issue but if someone is as out of it as he was during this episode, doesn’t it seem like he was being taken advantage of by pushing for this wedding? He didn’t even have time for a post-hair cut shower, that’s how last minute the wedding was. He has made one huge mistake by getting in to drugs, and there is nobody to blame for that decision but himself but It seems he is no longer able to help himself or make rational decisions so this is when his wife and family need to intervene and make him get the help he needs before he ends up dead or killing someone else whilst driving under the influence. I don’t blame Maci one bit for bringing this issue to light, god knows how long it wouldn’t have gone under the radar for before something was done to help. And yeah, shame on MTV for not pulling him over and stopping him driving..Don’t they usually drive behind the car when filming?

  5. Oh man I’m DYING watching this last teen mom og episode. From ty and cait wondering what to do now nova’s in daycare (“I might go to the stables NOW THAT I HAVE SOME FREE TIME” – cait), the kail telling amber that she and matt will “get over it” (it being him cheating and having a gazillion children) to debra’s emo fit “no it’s just me wanting to die” this would be one hell of a recap. Please please the Ashley can you do some more episode recaps? I miss them A LOT :.(

    1. I was wondering if I was the only one who thought it was weird that Cate and Ty stick their little 2 year old in daycare just so they can have “free time.” They seem like such lazy and selfish parents. They had everyone fooled in the early years of TM when they would talk about plans for college and bettering themselves. I used to think they were awesome. Now….not so much.

      1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
        Remember when they signed up for some community college courses then promptly dropped out because they were not the “right” courses for their planned career of the week, “adoption counselors.”?

  6. MTV was right to post a quick disclaimer last night about the next scene being disturbing – because it truly was. That scene with Ryan and Mack in the car was a complete game changer for me. Period. Full stop. I don’t remember being that horrified since Leah Messer drove her kids around stoned off her gourd a few seasons back on Teen Mom 2.

    I clearly hope that Jen and Larry catch the playback of this episode, along with Mack who was on the passenger side of the car trying to cover things up by turning the camera off. This, while potentially putting not only themselves in serious danger, but whoever was on the road around them.

    Ryan needs help. Not petting or coddling.

    And not just the “Dr. Drew Reunion Show” kind, either.

  7. Mackenzie looked desperate as hell running around quickly renting a dress, getting a minister, all while Jen is bawling uncontrollably and Larry is kicking dirt around because he is so disinterested in the ceremony and disgusted with Ryan. She is stupid. She knows exactly what she is getting into. And I can’t wait for the reunion, if anyone saw the preview, where Maci tells her she is so full of shit and Mackenzie cannot handle it so she storms off the stage. I am disgusted with what Ryan did but part of me feels a little sorry for him and his clearly debilitating addiction. But the driving should have been stopped immediately! If anyone used to watch the Real World on MTV back in the early 2000’s, their was an episode where alcoholic Ruthie was very intoxicated and getting into a car to drive and production stepped in right away and forced her to pull over and let someone else take the wheel. Shame on MTV AND Mackenzie, who knew he was high as shit, for allowing Ryan to drive!

  8. Can I also just say some things about the episode last night not related to the train wrecks of Ryan and Amber/Matt? When Tyler and Catelynn are putting Nova to bed, they put her in her crib with two boxes stacked inside it!! And Catelynn is developing the deep smokers hack. Every time she laughs, you can hear it.

    1. Totally! I was screaming at the TV, “Don’t put her in there with those boxes!” Did you notice how wacky Cait and Tyler were behaving in the episode? With all of the Ryan drama, etc, it may have escaped most people’s notice, but they both seemed a little high on something. Not that I’m ever around people who are high, but I’ve certainly seen enough of it on TV to begin to recognize it!! Talk, talk, talk, restless, fidgety… Watch it again. I hope I’m wrong.

  9. When Ryan watches this driving scene, if that doesn’t make him want to get help then nothing will. I couldn’t believe Mackenzie didn’t demand to get out of the car or drive herself. How scary. She literally had to shove him in order to make him stay awake. He needs serious help. Anyone who is still pissed at Maci for bringing this to the public, need to take a step back. Obviously nothing is making him want to get help, and maybe this being public will make him get his life together.

  10. I always feel like I need a shower after watching Farrah, Debra and company. So uncomfortable to watch.

  11. McKenzie was the unbelievable last night. I thought she was good for him when she was first introduced on the show, now I’m completely questioning her motives. I don’t even think that wedding should be legal. He was so out of it. No one is doing him any favors by enabling and ignoring his drug issues. I was terrified over that whole driving seen. MTV should have called the police. Very irresponsible. I do not blame Macy one bit for stopping Bentley’s visits. She has to think of her child above all.

    I wanted to kick the TV when Tyler and Cate are sitting there saying “Nova is in school 3 days a week, now what should we do”. Here’s a clue….1. Perhaps go to school 2. Get jobs 3. Clean the house 4. Stop buying animals 5. Stop buying homes. They disgust me to no end.

    David gross, Farah, gross, Debra insane, Simon funny as hell, Baby Goop a lost cause.

    Amber got what she deserved. I’m sorry I believe those two have been getting high all along.

    1. Hahaha… I’m too old to watch it, but watch it as well! LOL Love your name. And every one of your points were on-point. Ding, ding, ding! Give the girl a cigar.

      1. Edited… Re-reading that comment (someone was talking to me while I was typing) and that’s hilarious. But you know what I meant. Your points were excellent.

  12. No reason to doubt Simon, sounds like an empty threat was made to take Sophia, I’m sure David was behind it. Debra deserves what Farrah gives her, she’s a selfish nut case with no self respect . Debra allows herself to be belittled, abused, and humiliated all for the MTV money! Debra has no honest intrest to make things good with her daughter, that’s why Farrah is a mess.

    1. No reason to doubt Simon? Perhaps the fact that he’s guilty of everything he accuses others of doing would be a good reason, lol.
      These people are always at each others’ throats…but Simon is a mooch and a fame whore himself, so, I don’t know why one would believe him over anyone else, lol
      I think they’re all lying whackadoodles of epic proportion..and they’re creating a mini version of themselves in Sophia…truly sad.

      1. Not that he is my favorite person in the world but, mooch and fame whore??? It appears he’s the only one that presents himself to be college education, or educated at all of you look at the rest of these clowns! Looks to me that he makes his own way and will continue to after the show is gone, who else will?? I admit he can make out of line comments and can be mean.. I look at it as brutally honest, David does hate Farrah and Amber does look like it halloween everyday!

        1. Yes mooch and a fame whore. He is piggybacking off the money Farrah has made(and I am far from someone that would stick up for that see you next tuesday, lol), and has most definitely used her for money and fame. Good for him, I suppose, but the whole pot, kettle thing, applies here. Anytime he can put himself in front of the media, be it social or whatever other type..he does. It only works, because he has ties to the TM franchise, though. Without it, would you know who he is? Would anyone? That makes him a fame whore.
          I never said he wasn’t educated….but he’s still a whackadoodle just like everyone else.

          1. Guess we all have our own impressions. To me piggybacking is Nathan, Matt, Mackenzie is getting there… I don’t see Simon that way. Simon appears to take the whole TM as his entertainment comedy, he doesn’t want Farrah as she want him, he doesn’t love her and doesn’t hide that. MTV doesn’t take much intrest in him as they want them stupid or nuts or both! Again, he’s the smarter and it makes all the difference .

  13. She was hitting him to wake him up and he’s damn lucky all she did was be snappy and give dirty looks. It’s their wedding day and he went and got high as a kite, made them both late for their wedding, and sped off down the road basically asleep. I can’t stand her but her hitting and dirty looks and snapping at him were all more than justified. His eyes were even shut during half of the actual wedding! He is the biggest ass on these shows next to Adam. Everyone makes a million excuses for him because he’s cute.
    That said, she’s nearly as bad. If she was a decent person she would’ve made him stop the car and called the police. Just like Jen, she’s more worried about “appearances”. She’s working overtime spinning stories and excuses for him, just like his Mommy. Then she’s more worried about what the cameras will catch than him killing people. I wish there wasn’t a way to shut off the car cameras. Why should they be allowed to do that?! Shouldn’t his mother and his wife be the 2 people MOST wanting him to get real help? Instead they’re both playing cover-up and downplaying everything. And in their free time trashing Maci on freaking Twitter. Grow up! He’ll be dead soon or in jail. Then your perfect little family will really look bad and Bentley will really be screwed up.
    Then just a few weeks after he goes to rehab, this idiot posts a picture of him partying on a boat with a drink or drugs in his hand and covers it up with a smiley face emoji. Seriously?! Yeah ok like he’s “better” now. You’re not fooling anyone, idiot! Enjoy your late nights with your screaming babies, wondering if he’s coming home at 3am, 4am, etc., just like Maci did when she was 16. Except she was smart enough to give him his ring back, while this one marries him in a parking lot when he’s half-asleep and can’t even form a sentence. Ahh, such sweet wedding memories.

    1. I believe that Mackenzie loves him, and I half think he may love her, too (Which is fantastic. I’m all for Ryan loving SOMEONE other than himself). But here’s the thing…She’s 20 or maybe 21, quite a bit younger than he is, and let’s face it, even trashed, Ryan is pretty cute. (He’s not cute-and-worth-it, but that’s my opinion.) He’s better looking than her, is what I’m saying, and she’s only coming into who she’ll be as an adult. I think that underneath that sweet exterior is a budding control freak. Did anyone catch the look she gave her mother when her mother was teasing her to go away, they were having a fun talk? LOL Yeah, I recognize a control freak because I am one. 😉 She’s trying to save him, she doesn’t think she’s good enough for him, and that girl was going to get him to marry her, high or not high. Let’s call it what it is. Desperation, and the beginnings of control. That’s what I saw.

      1. Gawd yes! Mackenzine would squench her face up like a prune and knock him like a head butting buffalo when she was shoving him. She reminds me of Kate Gosselin with her control freak ways

  14. As much as I think Farrah is a lunatic I get where she gets it’s from. David is a pervball and no one can convince me different..
    I think there is some truth as to what tea Simon is spilling, what not sure as of yet what it is but it’s something.
    Everyone going on these luxurious vacays, money does run out and when the teen mom franchise is done, then what? They’ll probably all be wishing they saved some cash..
    Javi have a seat!! Can’t say that I blame him but seriously hadn’t this break up ran its course?

  15. I have to say, I was absolutely disgusted to see on Instagram that Farrah is on her way to Australia for her “Single AF” show. As a proud Australian, my brain cannot tolerate her coming here and trying to land an Australian man!

    Koalas won’t be our only native animal to carry the chlmydia virus if Farrah gets to close to them.

    Meanwhile, where the hell is Sophia while Farrah is skanking herself around? You wouldn’t think DebzOG would be looking after her because we all know that Sophia discriminates against old nannies.

  16. Just watching the latest episode..How incredibly sad is the whole Ryan situation?! Although he is an adult and makes his own decisions,he clearly needs some help and he needs it fast! I’m actually quite shocked and was watching the driving scene with my hand over my mouth as I found it really disturbing..Mackenzie, SHAME ON YOU, for rushing a marriage with someone who is under the influence and clearly not able to make rational decisions! Her true colours really came through on this episode, the snapping, dirty looks and little hits she was giving Ryan..We’ve never seen her act like this when Jen and larry were around! Also, both of them had no seat belt on! I saw the booster seats in the back of the car and couldn’t help think about the kids being in them with Ruan driving..It’s a sad situation all around, I hope Ryan gets the treatment he urgently needs for his own sake as well as his parents and little Benny.

    1. Instead of turning off the cameras she should’ve told him to pull over. It made me so mad that he kept driving. I get that she was in a wedding dress but come on if you have to grab the wheel you should pull over.

      1. I think she knew she should pull him over and drive, but wasn’t because she had to get him to that wedding before he changed his mind or was arrested. No joke.

  17. @theashley, are you going to do an article about javis book? I would love to know big parts of it without reading it and I’d also like to read other comments on it.

  18. LOL, Debra speak is almost as good as Farrah speak. Still, she can’t top her daughter. I also think that Simon, despite him really loving the drama he starts, mostly speaks the truth. Over dramatizes it tho.

    Yeah, Kail, tell me how you’re high risk and still go on vacations despite having your due date set in August. It’s just how you thought you will never have another child but you got pregnant 2 sec after the ‘diagnose’!

    Is anyone surprised Jenelle and UBT are doing this?! They need to munch on those vacations as much as they can! Jace, Kaiser, Ensley, Maryssa who?!

    Ok, I don’t like Javi. He is just as fame whorish as the rest of them. And now that he’s divorced from one Teen Mom star, he just wants to milk it as much as he can. But I am mildly interested in what he has to say in the book.

  19. Simon is right about David,i don’t trust him and thinks he is indeed like Matt.There is something very weird about David…

    1. Well is he marrying deb lol what were we expecting in a man marrying a pleather wearing rapper haha

  20. Wow…that was disturbing. I have to admit I was under the impression Maci/producers were pushing the addict storyline…. but Ryan is really that bad off…

    I’ve had friends who had pill problems, it’s serious. Xanax and pain killers mainly. One guy I knew when he was getting off xanax had seizures when he stopped, and my brother who struggled with xanax terrified me one night warning me he might die and to monitor his breathing. I remember his girlfriend telling me she had found him passed out in the bathroom several times. Other people I knew would mix bars and alcohol and completely black out.

    Fudge that noise, Bentley does not need to be around Ryan at all. Mackenzie is already taking care of Ryan, it’s too risky to have her babysit both of them or having Bentley help take care of/exposed to his father addiction.

    Ryan needs his keys taken away, Larry and Jen need to realize their son needs help and stop enabling, and Ryan needs to sober up and watch the footage of him endangering Mackenzie’s life and innocent women/men and children on the road with him.

    Ultimately it’s Ryan choice though, most of the pill heads I knew were able to kick it but I have known at least 4 people who overdosed and died.

    1. And another thing to add, Matt is legit scary. When he said “I win” that is straight up chillingly creepy. Not to mention his complete insincerity and and robotic way he responded outside the building. It is so obvious that he swooped and manipulated Amber since the beginning for his own gain.

      It was kind of heartbreaking watching Amber deal with it onscreen and start to question herself like she is the defective one. Not the much older creepster who took advantage of a woman in a fragile state. And now he is integrated in her life/wealth that removing herself from that situation is even more difficult especially with his manipulative skills.

      As for Ty/Cate – she seemed actually happy and excited like her old self. But while everything seems fun now, the novelty will wear off once the responsibilities kick in.

      And Farrah, all of them are f* crazy. Simon is the pot calling the kettle black. David is off too, you’d have to be to date Debra. No reasonable man would.

    2. Wait – am I missing something? There’s nothing in this article about Ryan or Maci or Bentley? Where did you see it?

  21. omg seriously dumb and dumber I cannot stand them. Each season one of them is depressed, can’t live blah blah blah. Now they put an offer on another house without even looking at it and after they just moved in to a new house. Yep they are druggies, attention whores

  22. My guess is that Sophia will have a baby of her own in a couple of years, as she’s learned that that’s a surefire way to get rich. And Farrah will probably think it’s a great idea, her #babyboss is going to be such a #hustler.

    And yes, that’s very sad indeed.

    Someone please tell me that I’m too cynical about this. I really feel for the poor girl. ?

  23. Please! Someone get theses girls and guys the help that they need!

    They have been taught by MTV to seek attention and be dramatic. It’s getting beyond sad and pathetic. What sucks is they have such an influence on people’s lives… this isn’t okay. This is total mess. I’m starting to think this show is beginning to cross an unethical line. They could have done some real good with these girls. Influenced and motivated people… Forced them to becoming model citizens instead of all the sad meaningless drama. Geeeeeeze:(

  24. Kail lied about a high risk pregnancy for attention. I’m sorry, but no doctor will let you fly on a place twice towards the END of your third trimester. They don’t recommend doing this even with a regular pregnancy. So a doctor can tell Kail ‘not to wear a seatbelt, and take multiple plane vacations at the end’ and then go and say she’s high risk. Ok… rolling my eyes

    1. I think she also needed a pity explanation for getting pregnant so quickly after her divorce since she claimed she wanted another baby and didn’t think she could get pregnant if she waited.

  25. Anyone watching Teen Mom right now??? Holy the crap!! Ryan is beyond high. He is clearly marrying Mackenzie to take care of him. I’m not shocked… I’m just shocked they’re showing it!!!

    1. He did have the best line, “My favorite Teen Mom memory…none… getting paid”, since Adumb’s “Uncle Bad Touch”!!!

    2. First, I’ve always through Ryan was a waste and clearly he’s high as hell, but no higher than we’ve seen Leah many times (“dye in the baby’s head” as an example). I think MTV doing what they just did with the warning before the scene and then the PSA after the scene was what they should have done when Leah’s kids were in the car with her many times and she was high, and texting.. and had them poorly strapped in. Ryan is a POS, but Leah was a bigger POS putting her kids lives at risk and they didn’t hand her the shame edit they just gave Ryan.


      I hope Maci never gives Ryan (or his parents) Bentley anymore without a fight.

      Mackenzie is obviously thirsty as phuck to marry someone who is as strung the hell out as Ryan is and whacked out of her mind to let him drive like that. What a loser.

      1. And to claim they are getting married so quickly so they can get more custody of Bentley lol. Ummmm if you are trying to get more custody, how about don’t drive to your quickie marriage high as h*ll on camera?

    3. I wanted to Scream at MacKenzie! She NEEDED to make Ryan pull over immediately!!! He could have killed them or worse innocent people! Plus they weren’t even wearing their seatbelts! MacKenzie is just an clone of Jen. I don’t like how MacKenzie is marrying Ryan that day for legal reason’s for Maci’s son! I say Maci’s son because Ryan isn’t a father and MacKenzie isn’t the mother so she needs to mind her place. I wonder if MacKensie’s son’s father and his side of the family are worrying about what’s going on during her time with the kids?!?

      1. I think she’s in love, but I also think she is desperate to get that man to the altar. The officiant should have refused. Ryan was clearly out of his mind.

  26. Wow. Simon is obviously a dirtbag that talks so much shit but Debra has few screws loose just like her daughter so I don’t know what to believe. I just feel so bad for Sophia. That little girl being raised by a bunch of psychos. It’s so sad.

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