Jenelle Evans’ Mother Barbara on Not Being Invited to the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star’s Wedding: “It’s Very Painful”

“And ya know, Docta Drew, I was gonna get them a Salad Shoota for their wedding gift, too!”

Well Juh-nelle…we see ya not invitin’ ya motha to ya wedding!

Jenelle Evans has made it clear that her mother, Barbara, will not be attending her upcoming wedding to David Eason, and now Babs is revealing her thoughts on being excluded from the festivities!

“She’s not inviting me to her own wedding. It’s very painful,” Barbara recently told People. “I’m just hurt with Jenelle …. She just excludes us out of her life.” 

(Can we all take a moment to marvel at the fact that People magazine actually called up Babs and did an interview with her? What a time to be alive!)

Barb revealed that Jenelle is also not inviting her siblings, Ashleigh and Colin to the September 23 affair, which will take place on Jenelle and David’s land in North Carolina.

“I guess I’ll just catch ya next wedding, Juh-nelle!”

“She’s been saying she’s having her wedding, running around with her family of friends, but you know what she says? ‘My mother Barbara is not invited,’ ” Barbara said.

(Hold up a second: If Jenelle isn’t inviting her family, and she has said that she is excluding some of David’s family, as well as her ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-stars, who is coming to this swampland affair?!)

“I just want it to be the people I am closest with, and I’m not too close of friends with any of them,” Jenelle told E! back in April.

(Jenelle recently said on a ‘Teen Mom 2’ episode that she has “no friends” so…the only confirmed guests at this point appear to be the MTV film crew!)

Barb and Jenelle have been battling in court over custody of Jenelle’s oldest son Jace. (As The Ashley previously reported, their most-recent court hearing left Jace in the custody of Barbara, but gave Jenelle some more court-ordered visitation with the kid.)

“I just want people to know that I’m not trying to keep Jace away from my daughter,” Barbara told Us Weekly back in May. “I have to protect him from certain situations. I don’t hate my daughter. All of this was because I love Jace. Jace has a great life at my house.”

The custody battle has further soured the relationship between the ‘Teen Mom 2’ stars.

“Jenelle is Jenelle,” Barb told People. “She’s all about Jenelle.

This will be Jenelle’s second marriage, as well as David’s. She had been engaged at least four times before accepting David’s proposal back in February.

For more on Jenelle’s wedding, click here!

(Photos: MTV)

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  1. Janelle is truly a narcissist. She lacks any empathy when it comes to anyone, including her children. Yet, she’s always the victim. Whenever she shows genuine emotion, it’s related solely to herself. I’m sure this is related to childhood trauma, but break the fucking cycle and stop having children that you are emotionally detached from. Even her instagram kid pics are superficial in an effort to show her “being a mommy.”

  2. Why does Barb hate David so much? How is David worse than Courtland or Keiffer? In the limited amount of screen time of David, I can’t figure how the reason for BARb’s depth of hatred. Not defending David or condemning Barb but David does seem to take care of Kaiser and Jenelle. Certainly he’s not perfect but what makes him so so terrible to Barb?!

    1. I think David is by far the worst guy she has ever been with. He has this manipulative way to control her and treats her son like garbage. Every single time I see his daughter on the screen my heart breaks because she looks genuinely terrified of him!

  3. I adore Barb and I’ve never cared for Jenelle, but I wonder why Barb would want to go to the wedding in the first place. Barb has made it clear she doesn’t like David nor does she support David and Jenelle’s relationship. It isn’t a surprise to me that Jenelle has chosen not to include her because of this. It is a surprise to me that Barb would want to attend. It does add a new element to an ongoing story line and a great reason to show all the details of Jenelle’s wedding in one scene and Barb’s reactions in another – keeping them both relevant on the show without filming together.

  4. Well since there’s a better chance of Elvis being resurrected than this wedding actually happening I think barb doesn’t have to worry.

  5. I Hate that Baabs is So Hurt by that Train Wreck of a daughter not inviting her to her wedding, Jenelle Is gonna need her before Baabs wud need her.This so called “Wedding” has as much chance at lasting as a sno-ball in Hell !!!

  6. I think we all know that Babs only has jaces best interest at heart. If she thinks for whatever reason that it just may not be the safest environment for him that’s her call. She has been his only constant caring person in that little fellas life. It totally warms my heart when jace hugs or genuinely laughs with his Meme. Unlike his so called mother.
    Furthermore shame on you Jenelle, we know you troll these sights that your not inviting your mother. The one who bailed you out of jail on more than one occasion. The one who raised your child and that he didn’t end up in a foster home. If that would have been the case sure the hell you wouldn’t ever had a chance at seeing him. You know Jenelle you couldn’t religiously pass drug screens..not even pregnant, and YOU KNOW IT!!

    1. Do you remember when she was arrested and tori picked her up from jail? She was pretty much saying how horrible Barbara was for not bailing her out of jail again!

  7. She may a bit but people like to assume that cause things happened with the kids the parents were bad. My parents raised 6 of us and the last two wound up stealing credit cards, robbing the house, going to jail, dabbling in drugs and alcohol and now just treat the family like we aren’t important. From what I’ve read, Barb was in an abusive relationship with Jenelle’ father and raised 3 kids as a single mom. even in her book she put her mom down in diary entries but looks back and said that she knows it wasn’t true. She was just giving herself reasons to be mad at her mom so she didn’t have to own up to being wrong. Her not inviting Barb she will regret one day. Despite the custody battle she did let Jenelle see Jace, she stood by her thru the abuse claims she made for all these men, she rushed her to hospital when she almost OD’d and supported getting the abortion. She wants her mom when she needs her but when she has her man that’s all she wants.

    1. Her father is very rarely mentioned whenever Jenelle goes off on one of her crying jags about no one ever loving her, dude.

      Yet, as a longtime Teen Mom2 viewer, I distinctly remember Jenelle saying once on a reunion show that it always devastated her as a little girl when she’d be standing outside waiting for her dad to pick her up after he and Barbara divorced, and her dad would often just drive right past the house, ignoring her.
      So for me, at least Barbara “didn’t” just drive by or leave her. In fact, yes, she stood by Jenelle even in her full grown ADULT drug taking years.

      And guaranteed, when this whole David and THE LAND thing goes sour, she’ll be calling on Barbara again, at least, until the next man comes along.

  8. Jenelle is Jenelle, she’s all about Jenelle.

    I love this one Babs, so little words to describe and recap the whole situation.Changed my username.

  9. I feel so sorry for Babs over the drama that her daughter keep causing. I need to ask: will Jace be at the wedding? If she lacks other motives Jace should be Jenelles reason to invite – and always respect! – Babs. If she loves her biological son she would make sure to put HIS interests first by ensuring that he never ever is put between the people he loves. Instead of constantly undermining his comfort and stability by putting down Babs, his number one caregiver and guardian. That is beyond selfish, and it breaks my heart how she hurts not only her mom but also her son.

    1. Imagine the awkward drop off when she has to hand him back to Barb after the wedding or explaining to Jace why she isn’t there.

  10. I know this is going to be unpopular but I do think Babs contributes to their bad relationship. They are both at fault I don’t know what it was like growing up in that home. I do know all three of the kids seem to be train wrecks.

    1. Babs is clearly no saint and obviously has many flaws as a parent. But, it’s not necessarily all on her that her kids are varying degrees of trainwrecks. They have a father who was clearly an abusive POS. Yet, he never seems to get blamed for the way his kids turned out. Barb gets blamed because she is the one who stayed and took care of them by herself. Barb seems to be doing the best that she can, which is more than I can say for Jenelle. Jenelle is spiteful and vindictive. She runs to Barbara when she needs something and then shuns her when she has a man taking care of her. When push comes to shove, Barbara is there for her daughter. Jenelle is just too narcissistic to realize that Barb keeping Jace is about what’s best for Jace, not what’s best for Jenelle.

      1. Technically Jenelle doesn’t have a man to take care of her… Because she makes the money… But she’s too much of an idiot to recognize this. I do feel that David does The heavy lifting where Kaiser is concerned… Feeding him… Taking him places… Engaging him… I don’t think Jenelle is much of a parent In any aspect… She was terrified to be alone with her child for even an hour at the hotel room because she didn’t know what to do with that… That was so showing her ass. Lurch may be a Putz but you can tell he is the main caregiver of all those children. And that is a sad statement right there.

  11. No good deed goes unpunished. Jenelle is so heartless. She still only does what her man tells her to do. I know she would want Barbara at her wedding but David wouldn’t like it. Jenelle you better wake up your mother isn’t going to be here forever and when it’s too late don’t be acting like you care. Jenelle is a very hurtful person. No way is she getting her life back together if she is acting like this to her mother. Barbara next time let Jenelles kid go to foster care.

  12. Babs should not get upset because this wedding might not even happen, soon enough david and jenelle will get in some fight where both of them will get arrest then she will have a new baby daddy like 6 months later. It really makes me wonder how in the world she didn’t have a baby with Keifer cause she is fertile with every guy she is basically with.

    1. Maybe Kieffer did so many drugs his swimmers don’t swim. That are he is smarter than Jenelle and every soul mate we’ve seen on the show.

  13. She’s literally kept her son out of foster care. What an ass! Don’t worry Barb. I bet they’ll be another wedding to another soulmate down the road.

  14. WOW ?! Are any of you watching the same show ? Janelle has worked Really hard to improve her life and she ?deserves to have Jace back ! The fact that DumbAzz Babs continues to fight to keep Jace away from her Own daughter is Disgusting, she is using Jace for the $ that she gets paid by MTV to be on the show, Period ! Anyone who can’t see this is Blind ! If my own mom kept my child away from me after all the hard work that Janelle has done to turn her life around I wouldn’t want her anywhere around me and my family either !! Look people, if Janelle was still having the issues that she went through before there is No way she would have custody of Kaiser. She truly deserves to have Jace back and if Babs actually cared about her daughter instead of her 15 minutes of fame than she would expedite Jace & Janelle being a family again. Then Janelle might want her mom back in her life ! When your Mom doesn’t put you and your child 1st why would you want that person celebrating Anything with you ?

    Janelle don’t worry Sweetie, Your true fans know the Real story & the struggle that you’ve overcome to be the best person you can be for all of your children!! Congratulations Girl ! You’ve worked your azz off and you ? deserve to have Jace back ! We agree with you not wanting your mom at your wedding or to film with her at all. She is Incredibly fake and she’s obviously keeping Jace from you in order to be on TV more, it’s sickening. Keep your head up high Janelle, you Deserve all the happiness in the world.

    1. She doesn’t deserve Jace back UNTIL there is mandatory Family counseling for ALL involved.
      Also, As a mom. I would have bought a house close to my child so I can integrate myself into HIS life. That’s putting 100% effort in. Not having replacement children, causing drama and placing blame on Everyone else.

      1. And how about mandatory drug screens? If that’s what it depended on she wouldn’t be in such a big hurry or at all…
        We all know how well she prioritizes everything…
        1 it’s all about Jenelle
        2 it’s still all about Jenelle
        3 yep you guessed its Jenelle again
        4 it’s still definitely all about Jenelle
        5 I think you all know where I’m going with this

    2. Barbara should be getting paid by MTV and Janelle. She’s raising a child. She’s raising Janelle’s child. Did you not see how overwhelmed Janelle was while taking care of Kaiser? Imagine when the baby comes. Jace doesn’t need to be around all of the stress and is better off at Barbara’s. She loves him and takes care of him regardless of how Janelle acts. There are reasons why the court doesn’t sign him over. Janelle can’t even fake being nice when the cameras are there. If she would then maybe it would help her case. She wasn’t ready to take care of Jace, struggles taking care of Kaiser and now will have a tiny baby.

    3. Wow from the way you are talking, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were Jenelle or David lol. Jenelle only improved her life because she has had that Mtv paycheck. She would probably be in jail or living in a trailer park if it wasn’t for the show. And even though she doesn’t do drugs anymore, she still acts very self entitled and immature. If she really wanted Jace back, she would’ve cleaned her life up right away when Barbara took custody. Instead, for years she was dating a bunch of losers, doing drugs and getting pregnant by other men. Because she took so long to clean her life up, Jace got very attached to Barbara and looked at her as his primary caregiver. Barbara is doing what is best for Jace, not for herself. She knows that you can’t rip a child out of their home just because their biological mother is ready to parent them after years of making bad decisions. It’s about Jace, not about Jenelle or Barbara! Jenelle can’t get that through her head. And what “hard work” has Jenelle really done? Learning how to not get arrested isn’t that big of an accomplishment. And Jenelle hasn’t even worked a real job. Even after finishing school to be a med. assistant, she hasn’t worked. She only lives off her Mtv paycheck. The majority of people see though Jenelle’s bullshit. The other people that side with her are probably just as crazy as Jenelle is. The point is that Jenelle needs to stop being so selfish and do what is best for her kids, not herself. Her blaming all her fuck ups on Barbara isn’t going to get her anywhere.

      1. Not surprised. Jenelle is all about Jenelle and whatever benefits her. She pops these kids out for attention from her “fan base” and whatever dick she’s riding that week. I’m curious as to who she’d invite. Half of Davids family is banned, she has no friends of her own, and isn’t inviting Babs.
        Also, this may not be a popular opinion regardless of who’s side you’re on but am I the only one who feels like she’s still on drugs? Maybe not as bad as she was but I really feel like she and Uncle Bad Touch are something in half of her Snapchats.

      2. Is she doesn’t do drugs anymore, then I’m the president of the USA

        That idiot is still on drugs

    4. Um…are you watching the same show? Have you seen the way Jenelle acts? She acts like an annoying spoiled brat when she doesn’t get her way. She doesn’t act like a responsible parent at all. And Barbara has a right to be on the tv show just as much as Jenelle. She has been on the show since day 1.

      1. Proving once again that Jenelle is selfish having Barbara film only would be more income for her son thereby leading to a more stable future for him she needs to grow up and realize when she gave birth to jace and brought him in this world of her own free will it became no longer just about her and what she wants

    5. The only thing Jenelle worked really hard at was signing her name on the document that turned Jace over to Barb. She keeps forgetting that fairly significant detail – JENELLE is the one that signed Jace over the Barb.

      So clearly we aren’t watching the same show you’re watching. What show are you watching, because it sounds like an amazing fairy tale.

    6. Hahahaha!
      Your comment made my day.

      Jenelle deserves custody of Jace?
      Barbara only keeps custody for the MTV money? LOL, good one!

      PS: you do realize that Barbara still has an actual job? you know, gets up in the morning and goes to an actual job where she WORKS to earn money? Unlike Jenelle who’s never worked a proper day job and pops out kids for money. But don’t let that stop you from thinking she “keeps” that kid for the MTV money.

    7. Uhh have you seen the last episodes? Shes a terrible mother. She cant even handle kaiser and she thinks she deserves custody of jace? Ha!

    8. HAHAHAHA Thank you for that. I needed a laugh. Jenelle working hard?! When? Was it when she failed the state boards so now she can’t even work as an MA “saving lives”? Was it that she’s managed to go a year without criminal charges pending? Or maybe it was the way she tossed her toddler around like a rag doll, repeatedly slammed a door in his face, and left him in the car crying acting like his existence was a burden to her?

      Jenelle doesn’t “deserve” Jace back. And what you will realize when you grow up is that this is not about what Jenelle deserves. This is about what Jace deserves. And he deserves stability. He deserves to stay in the only home he has ever known with the only caregiver he has ever known in his 8 years. Jenelle does not get to come back after years of neglect and claim that she “deserves” him back. Also, fyi, the court refused to grant Jenelle full custody. THAT is why she had to mediate with Barbara to get visitation rights. It was her only option. So this isn’t about Barbara “keeping” Jace. This is the courts and Barbara doing what is in Jace’s best interest.

    9. If you’re a “true fan“, you should probably know that her name is spelled “Jenelle” with an E not an A. ?The more you know!?

      Further, I dunno where you got this whole “We agree with you not wanting your mom at your wedding or to film with her at all.” thing from, cause you sure as shit don’t speak on my behalf.

    10. Ok toots you think you know Janelle so well, then how about spell her name correct or have a seat!! It’s JENELLE for Petes sake!! These fans always chiming in on wonderful Janelle and can’t even get the correct spelling of her name.
      Don’t get me wrong if you’re watching the same show as me you’d know the type of person and mother she is…she’s a soulmate babymaking child abusing POS. If you don’t believe me look for all those bruises on Kai, or the way she screams at him, or the way soulmate #709 soon to be husband treats little Kai and tosses him around like a sack of potatoes. Or least I forget how bout swampking slamming his head off the car door.

  15. I really can’t stand this girl. She almost makes Farrah seem like a decent person (almost!) She’s so entitled and selfish. One day when this show ends, she’ll have nothing and no one will want to be her “friend.”

    1. I’ve changed my mind about Farrah recently… seeing how fucked up Deb is, I feel like all of Farrah’s issues are absolutely because of how she was treated as a kid, and then suddenly becoming rich and semi-famous.
      She’s not a good person, but I think she could be, and wants to be, but has so much confusion and anger and sadness in her life and she literally doesn’t know how to be.
      Jenelle on the other hand….
      I guess we could blame her issues on how she was raised as well, but she just seems like a more rotten person to me, and such a spoiled brat who cannot handle having kids and yet keeps having them because she likes the attention and then goes on to abuse them because she’s so childish and just WANTS TO BE LEFT ALONE DUDE.

      1. If you really think about Farrah is the only teen mom who has not became a statistic out of the whole series, yes Farrah behavior is terrible, but she only has one child, got an associate’s degree, owns several businesses, owns a house and her parents actually depend on her most of the time and she is supporting her father at the moment. I have to give credit where credit is due.

        1. She only has one child because no other man wants that in their earhole for 18 years, and the see that’s she’s ok for fk ing, but she’s not gf/ wife material and only had these so called companies because of the teen mom franchise.
          She’s illiterate has no communication skills and can’t string a coherent sentence together, her poor kid is a demonic nightmare that will end up worse than her mom, and poor derick if he was still alive would have fought for sole custody of his child.

          Farrah is all about Farrah

      2. For some reason I’ve always had a soft spot for Farrah. She isn’t my favorite cast member but I’ve never hated her. There’s a difference between her and Jenelle. Farrah seems more….genuinely lost? I guess is how I would put it? Jenelle like you said is just a rotten person in and out. I could see Farrah for example, become a decent person whereas Jenelle will always be the way she is.

  16. This makes me wanna cry. What kind of monster treats their mother this badly? Especially when your mother saved your child from being taken away by CPS because of your fucked up decisions. In the early years, Jenelle left Jace at home with Barbara to go out and party. She was off with her boyfriends doing drugs and stealing Barbara’s credit cards. After all the things Jenelle did to her mom, Barbara still stood by her and was there for her. I can’t even express how much I despise Jenelle. She is a horrible, horrible person.

  17. And in her spite… She’s trying to block Barbara from filming this decrease Barbara’s income therefore decreasing Jace income. Barbara should have a nice little nest and go in for Jace.. I don’t know how much money Barb are Jace gets as cast members certainly not as much as the team moms themselves… But she could I had a good thing but now she is biting her own son… Maybe that’s the reason why she wants him because she can get more money with filming with him.

    1. Oh good point. I never thought about the girls getting extra money per kid on the show. I can see jenelle doing that. Wonder if that kailyns thoughts also.

  18. And you know what else? When she and David break up, who’s going to be there for Jenelle? Her MOM. Just like she has been there for her in-between every guy. Jenelle has said several times on the show in the past that her mom is the only one that has always been there for her. But she forgets that once she gets with a new guy. She needs to grow up. She thinks and acts like a 3 year old with her selfish ways and her temper tantrums. Jace is literally more mature than her.

    1. Exactly. She’ll be crawling back to her mom for comfort when her and David break up. Mark my words. And poor Barbara won’t even see that Jenelle is using her. She’ll just be happy that her daughter is talking to her again. Very sad.

      1. I think Barb knows she’s being used, but at the end of the day she won’t ever give up on her daughter.

        Though if there was a daughter to give up on, I think it would be Jenelle. Barb is a better person than me I guess.

  19. Janelle needs parenting classes.
    She is the worst mother. Poor Kaiser, I think he is going to have his arms torn off.

  20. Her mom has done a lot for her… but not on Jenelle’s terms. In her warped mind Barb is the villain in every bad situation in her life. And it pisses her off.

    On the show if Jenelle isn’t happy,No one is happy. It’s her way or a full on temper tantrum And the producers jump to make her happy. It’s disgusting.

    And She can image craft her life on social media all she wants. She comes off fake, pretentious and not Genuine. She wants to prove she has a fairytale life, and mostly likely is getting married out of spite. What she needs to worry about is seeking a therapist, because she has a twisted view on reality.

  21. Jenelle always said to Barbara that she will never get him back if she gets full custody. That’s how vengeful she is! It is all just to hurt her not out of Jace’s best interest. I hope he never EVER gets to his bio mom and stays at Babs. As I said, she needs to be on this world at least until Jace is 18 and can decide for himself because if she dies, he’s screwed.

    But Barbara, don’t you worry, there are plenty of fans who would love to invite you to their wedding (an idea! Can a fan who gets married on the same date invite Babs to his/her wedding please?!). And you know it is not her last one anyway.

  22. If Jenelle loved Jace and put him FIRST, she would not be doing this. She’s a selfish brat who can’t put her son before herself. Pathetic.

        1. Kieffah does not own the green hoody anymore, he sold it for good money to a fan.

  23. I can see why she doesn’t want her to be there. But jenelle shouldn’t even get married anyway. It’s way to soon.

    If anyone has any I put I would be very appreciative…so I am getting married in a couple months and I am not inviting my parents to my wedding. But it is also not a big event. Maybe just over 10 people and only people on his side of the family. I have reasons like, I am not close with anyone in my family. We kind of get along but I do not feel any sort of connection with them at all for things that happened in the past. Does anyone think not inviting them is horrible. I have thought about it and know I won’t regret it. Plus I’m not big on being in front of people anyway

    1. Not inviting your parents may very well be the thing you regret most. You may not think so now because you don’t have a good relationship with them, but you will need them one day. For your own future peace of mind, I would suggest you reconsider that. You don’t have to make them a traditional part of the wedding if that is too much for you. But you should invite them. I’m sorry you aren’t close with your family. Families can be tricky. Best wishes.

    2. @Tracy if your parents were abusive or there is a significant reason not to invite them, you shouldn’t. There are some legitimate reasons why having your family in your life does more harm than good. That said, if y’all are just “not that close,” you may find that you regret down the line not having them there.

      1. I agree with what you’re saying for some people it may be better to not have their families involved in their life but here’s where I disagree and I don’t think she falls into that category because those people are not out doing interviews about it and very rarely is it something they talk about with more than a few people so the fact that she keeps doing this makes it seem like she just wants to get attention and she doesn’t care how she has to go about it

    3. I have been told that the right thing to do is to invite them but keep telling then no, you don’t understand.

      Like I said if jenelle doesn’t want her mom there it’s her choice. Jenelle acts the way she does for a reason and we didn’t see her growing up to see how band treated her. No one will k ow the truth but we do see jenelle as a ducky person and her mom just trying to help. But again who knows what went down.

      Like in my case I don’t have a close bond with anyone in my family because my mom drank, my dad was verbally abusive for most of my life and always scared me. They didn’t raise my so kings correctly and I felt taken advantage of when I was a kid because I would do everything and still no one cared. I was made to seem like I was the one with problems and that was never the case. There was no love in my house, no together time, no i love yous Just arguments and my mom talking about my dad like he can’t do anything right and wanting me to listen to it. My parents havnt slept in the same room in 10 plus years and my dad has been sleeping on the floor in another room. So when I tell others that some people have reasokns not to invite someone to a big occasion, doesnt mean they are wrong for doing so.

  24. She can invite the cameras to the wedding, but not her own mother. And she actually once accused Barbara of keeping Jace because according to her, all Barbara wants to do — is be on TV?

    In any case, this totally effed up and insensitive move will always say a HELL of a lot more about Jenelle — than it says about Barbara.

    Yep. Forever keeping it classy, Jenelle.

  25. You know, as someone who couldn’t have my mother at my wedding because she passed away when I was in high school, this just takes it to a whole new level of dislike for Jenelle.
    You would think as a “mother” herself she would get that parents want to be there and be included in milestones like this. No matter how many times she gets engaged or marriages she has, Barb would still want to be involved. I really, really hope one day Jenelle looks back and regrets her mother isn’t in her photos or videos. I would give ANYTHING to have my mom in mine and she’s actually choosing this.

  26. We’re talking about Jenelle here. She is into ANY type of attention, positive or negative, from her whatever he is of the week.

  27. The actually feel bad for Babs. Jenelle seems to forget that if it wasn’t for her mother, Jace would have been in foster care. Would it really kill Jenelle to invite her mother?

  28. No matter what Jenelle claims, or how ‘happy’ her IG posts are, make no mistake, her life will always be a chaotic mess of a dumpster fire.

    1. don’t you think that’s the way she wants it to be she loves the chaos and she thrives on the drama case and point this whole article if you don’t want your mom at your wedding that is her call I get it but to do it this way just sad

    1. Honestly if you take away all the druggies that she knew did she ever actually have any friends? Genuine question … it seems like she would trade any kind of relationship with a man that came along then have any kind of friendship with girlfriends

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