‘Teen Mom’ Weddings: By the Numbers

There’s no shortage of weddings when you’re dealing with the ‘Teen Mom’ stars…

Note: This post has been updated as of September 2018!

There has been no shortage of Teen Mom weddings over the past 12 months. Cast members from both Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 have been making their way down the aisle at a high rate, so it seemed like an appropriate time for The Ashley to take a closer look at all the ‘Teen Mom’ weddings!

(To simplify things, The Ashley is only including the weddings of ‘Teen Mom OG’ and ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast members.)

Let’s take a look at the ‘Teen Mom’ nuptials….by the numbers!

0       Number of times Farrah Abraham has been married or engaged

0       Number of ‘Teen Mom’ stars present at Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer’s October 2017 wedding reception (Kail Lowry and Leah Messer were both invited, though.)

0        Number of Jenelle Evans’ weddings that her mother, Barbara, has been present at

1        Number of ‘Teen Moms’ who turned their wedding album into an adult coloring book, as you do (It was Maci Bookout, by the way.)

1        Number of ‘Teen Mom’ dads who wore a camouflage tie at their wedding (It was Corey Simms…duh.)

1        Number of ‘Teen Moms’ who were pregnant on their actual wedding day (It was Chelsea…Kail was not pregnant on the day she officially married Javi.)

1        Number of ‘Teen Moms’ who wore a long-sleeved wedding gown (It was Chelsea, who wore a dress with long lace sleeves when she married Cole in October 2016.)

1       Number of ‘Teen Mom’ stars who rapped at their wedding (It was Debra “Debz OG” Danielsen, naturally!) 

1        Number of ‘Teen Mom’ weddings that got rained out (It poured during Leah and Jeremy’s second wedding ceremony.)

1        Number of ‘Teen Mom’ weddings that took place at Coonskin Park (It was Corey and Leah’s…naturally.)

1        Number of ‘Teen Moms’ whose baby daddy attended when she married another guy (It was Maci, who had Ryan Edwards as a guest at her wedding to Taylor McKinney.)

2        Number of ‘Teen Mom’ weddings that took place in New Jersey (The weddings of Kail and Javi, and Jo Rivera and Vee Torres were both held in the Garden State.)

2        Number of ‘Teen Mom’ stars who went barefoot for their wedding ceremony (Leah and Jeremy were both sans shoes as they said their “I dos” the second time.)

2        Number of wedding ceremonies Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer had (They got hitched on the sidewalk in May 2017, and had their “re-do” wedding that November. Both weddings were shown on “Teen Mom OG.’)

2        Number of ‘Teen Mom’ grooms who wore white tuxes on their wedding day (Jeremy wore one when he wed Leah and David Eason wore one when he married Jenelle.)

2        Number of ‘Teen Mom’ cast members who had their wedding “reception” at Famous Dave’s barbecue pit (They were April and Butch Baltierra, in case you were wondering.)

2        Number of ‘Teen Mom’ weddings that took place on September 24 (Jenelle and David got married on that date in 2017, while Jo and Vee got hitched on the date in 2018.) 

3        Number of weddings Leah has had in her lifetime so far. (She married Corey in 2010, and she got hitched to Jeremy twice in 2012.)

4        Number of ‘Teen Mom’ weddings that were not filmed. (Kail’s courthouse wedding to Javi, Jenelle’s wedding to Courtland Rogers, Chelsea’s first wedding to Cole, and Jo Rivera and Vee Torres’ wedding were not filmed for ‘Teen Mom 2.’)

4        Number of ‘Teen Mom’ stars who chose an aquarium to have their weddings (Kail had her wedding at the Adventure Aquarium in New Jersey,  Debra Danielsen married Dr. David Merz at an aquarium in Omaha and Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards were married outside of a Tennessee aquarium for their first wedding.)

4        Number of months Leah and Jeremy were engaged before they got hitched the first time

4        Number of ‘Teen Moms’ who were given away by their dads at their weddings. (Maci, Catelynn, Leah and Chelsea all walked down the aisle with their fathers.)

4        Number of ‘Teen Mom’ stars who got married in 2017 (Chelsea, Debra, Ryan and Jenelle all got hitched that year.)

5        Number of people present when Ryan married Mackenzie Standifer (not counting the MTV film crew)

6        Number of months Butch and April dated before tying the knot

6        Number of months Leah and Corey’s marriage lasted after their wedding

7        Number of months pregnant Kail was during her second wedding to Javi

8        Number of wedding anniversaries Maci and Ryan would have already celebrated had they gone through with their planned October 2009 wedding

10        Number of years Catelynn and Tyler were together before tying the knot

14        Number of days Jenelle and Courtland were engaged before getting married

18        Number of years old Leah Messer was at her first wedding

19        Number of years old Leah was at her second wedding

20        Number of years old Kail was at her courthouse wedding to Javi

23        Number of years old Catelynn was at her wedding to Tyler

25        Number of years old Maci was at her wedding to Taylor

29     Number of months Jo and Vee were engaged before tying the knot

140        Number of guests at Kail and Javi’s 2013 wedding

154        Number of guests at Catelynn’s wedding to Tyler

1499        Number of dollars Kail paid for her wedding dress for her aquarium wedding

1549        Number of dollars Leah paid for her dress when she married Corey

2999        Number of dollars Jenelle paid for her wedding dress when she married David

15000        Number of dollars Jenelle made MTV pay her to film on “The Land” during her wedding

4.59 million        Number of viewers who watch the episode featuring Leah and Corey’s wedding.  (It was the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 1 finale and is the highest-rated episode of the show to date.)

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  1. Leah look gorgeous at her first wedding. Too bad it was probably just the “after glow” from hooking up with Robbie the night before!

  2. The rate at which some cast members move from engagement to marriage here is ridicilous. I hope Leah learned from her mistakes and will date for quite some time before marrying for the third time (if she ever wants to again).

    1. 226 Hours. That’s 9.4 days total between Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2.
      If you include Teen Mom 3, it’s 239 hours which comes out to about 10 days.
      And if you wanna go the extra mile, and include 16 and Pregnant, that’s 304 hours (give or take), which is 12.6 days total.

      Final Answer: Just about two weeks of your life since 2009.

        OMG what a sad reality! I can’t believe I’ve wasted so much of my time watching this garbage and yet I just can’t stop! I have as of lately though not been watching as much but I do catch up on reruns or on demand though- not always but I do try. Sadly!!!

        1. I have actually stopped watching the show completely at this point, and only read The Ashley’s recaps! (I do still watch 16 & Pregnant reruns from time to time online)

    1. I also don’t consider what Jeremy was wearing as a tux it was a white linen shirt and khakis if I remember correctly.

    1. I’m surprised that hideous see-through monstrosity was three grand! But it is more classier, so I guess I shouldn’t complain. ?

    1. Speaking of Ryan & Mackenzie….are they still getting divorced? I haven’t heard much on them since the whole “Food City” incident.

      1. Oh no! They were so perfect together! Way to ruin my night. Mackenzie should have bolted a long time ago…so I give it another couple months for it to sink into her head that she can’t change him.

      2. No all she does since then is post “inspirational” quotes on her IG pertaining to “strong women” and such. Honey, your cracked our husband was hooking up behind your back and you refused to leave him. You’re not a strong woman

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