MTV Announces Cast of ‘The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars’; Takes Camila Nakagawa Out of Cast Photo

Someone got a little fancy with the ol’ Photoshop…

Feast your eyes on the cast members of the upcoming season of MTV’s The Challenge— “Champs vs. Stars”… well, most of them anyway.

The network revealed which cast members from ‘The Challenge’ would be facing off against an odd collection of pro athletes, rappers and reality TV stars in the new season, which premieres next month. However, MTV conveniently “forgot” one ‘Challenge’ star who was originally on the season: Camila Nakagawa.

Although Camila definitely participated in the season, she is nowhere to be found in the cast photo released yesterday. It’s not surprising, though. As The Ashley told you last month, Camila had an epic meltdown (even for her) during ‘Champs vs. Stars’ after she was voted into an elimination round. After Camila allegedly got violent with a production assistant and stole a golf cart, she was kicked off the season (and, from what The Ashley hears, placed on the short list of former ‘Challenge’ competitors who are not to be called for future seasons).

While Camila is absent from the photo, the other stars– and the ragtag reality star/athlete/rapper team they’ll be facing–are shown. Just like the ‘Champs vs. Pros’ season, all competitors on ‘Champs vs. Stars’ will be playing the game to win money for a charity of their choice. The season will run for eight weeks.

The rules of the game will be a bit different than those of ‘Champs vs. Pros’ though, according to MTV.

“The winning team from each challenge will nominate their most valuable player (MVP) who will receive money for their charity, be safe from elimination, and choose their team’s least valuable player (LVP) to go into elimination.”

The men on the Champ team will be Wes BergmannCT TamburelloJohnny BananasZach Nichols and Cory Wharton. The women include Aneesa FerreiraJenna ComponoAshley Mitchell and Emily Schromm. (Notice there is one less woman than man on the squad, due to Camila getting the boot.)

The ‘Stars’ team includes Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson, Olympic volleyball player Kim Glass, NFL star Terrell Owens, rapper Riff Raff, rapper Romeo Miller, ‘The Bachelor’ franchise star Josh Murray, comedian Matt Rife, ‘Total Divas’ star Ariane Andrew, ‘Wild ‘n Out’ star Justina Valentine, and UFC athlete Michelle Waterson.

(From what The Ashley hears, this is the season that Teen Mom 2 star Javi Marroquin was being considered for. He obviously didn’t make the cut, though.)

Anyway, the show will be hosted by former ‘Challenge’ contestant (and current WWE star) Mike “The Miz” Mizanin. The season was filmed back in August.

‘The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars’ premieres November 21 on MTV.

(Photo: MTV)


  1. Not surprised she’s finally banned from the challenge..she’s been insane lately..getting wasted and starting fights..racist slurs towards LeRoy when he hasn’t done anything against her..flipping out when Jenna called her name over Tori in the last episode was batsh*t cray..I can understand feeling like someone has your back and being upset they turned but it’s the DIRTY thirty and I’m pretty sure they’re not friends..does she not understand it’s a GAME and at the end of the day everyone’s looking out for themselves cause not everyone can win in the end? She takes it all WAY too personally as if she’s the only one being voted or stabbed in the back ?

  2. I have watched a Challenge in years. Years. And I still pretty much know all of the people on the Champ team with a few exceptions. Do Johnny, Wes, CT, Aneesa and the rest of the gang have actual jobs or is this just what they do for money?

    1. Johnny constantly gets ridiculed for “The Challenge” being his job. He makes jokes about it and actually seems to be proud of it. I know CT has made a successful career in real estate. Wes was quoted on Rivals 2 the he has “a BMW, a Porsche, a monster truck, and 30 companies” and for Johnny to “suck his *bleep*” when they got into a heated argument lol. As far as Aneesa goes, I have no idea if she has a job.

  3. I thought this “spin off” was for champs of The Challange. Does that mean that Jenna, Aneesa, and Cory win dirty thirty?! Cory isn’t even in the house anymore.

    1. I think by “champs” they just mean anyone who’s made it to a final cause they still get money for completing the final just how much is based on 1st/2nd/3rd typically

  4. I admit, the Challenge is such a guilty pleasure of mine. It’s so bad, it’s good, and I’d choose this over TM/2 any day!

    While watching the current season, Camila has gone from being obnoxious and unlikeable, to a truly rotten person. Her entitlement is out of control and there is no reason for her having such a big head. Sure, she can be a good competitor, but she’s only won one season, and that’s because JBananas carried her there.

    If she never returns to tv, it will be a good thing.

    1. Omg, thinking the same. She is so unlikable, she’s ruined some of my guilty enjoyment of the show. She is NOT all that good. She won a trivia challenge and won against Gemmy. C’mon now. She always has such a temper tantrum when she’s nominated. I’m so glad to see her go. That Leroy episode, the entire cast made comments about “here we go with this nonsense”

    2. Believe it or not, I actually used to like Camila. She had a lot of heart and seemed like a funny, outgoing, likable person for the most part and she never really had any drama with anyone except Johnny Bananas (because they were hookup buddies). Even though she had a few “Camilinator” moments in the past, it was nothing compared to what she has done the past few seasons and her ego is completely out of control now (Cara Maria too). I think she needs to stay off this show and get her shit together.

  5. So wait, they will just ignore her on the show or show her meltdown and how she was kicked off? When did it happen anyway, at the start or middle of the season?

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