EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Debra Danielsen Reveals Honeymoon & Future Career Plans

“Catch my rap concert in Bora Bora!”

Now that her “DebzOG” wedding is over, Debra Danielsen is focusing on getting away with her new husband, Dr. David Merz!

The Teen Mom OG star, who got hitched last weekend in a rap-filled, under-the-sea-themed wedding extravaganza in Omaha, Nebraska, spoke to The Ashley about her honeymoon plans and what the future holds for her and David.

“We’re going to go to Bora Bora, the isle of Moorea,” Debz OG told The Ashley during her wedding reception. “I think we’ll be gone a couple of weeks.” (Debz had originally stated that she wanted to have her wedding in Bora Bora.)

Unfortunately, the couple has to put their honeymoon plans on hold until at least February 2018, due to David’s work schedule. Unlike her recent trip to Italy (which included her daughter Farrah Abraham, granddaughter Sophia and ex-husband Michael Abraham and his new fiance Amy), this trip will only be for her and David.

“We’re not dragging the whole family on this one! We going to go as soon as David is able to get back,” Debra said of her new husband, who is an Infectious Disease Specialist. “Right now he’s working in Indiana, filling in for doctors who are going on vacations. He’s contracted out until February.”

David had practiced medicine in Michigan but is now living with Debra in Iowa. He holds a medical license in the state of Nebraska, which indicates that he may move his practice close to where he lives with Debra.

Debz has a lot going on to keep her busy until she can honeymoon (and most likely spit rhymes) in Bora Bora.

“I want to start my new branding, and launch my new music,” Debra said. (She showed a sneak peek of her new music video at her wedding reception…as one does.)

“My new book is coming out in January,” she added. “It’s [my 2014 book] Vapor but it’s updated, with new pictures and new details about what’s happened in my life since it was [first published].”

“I think David and I will bring out the best in each other and have even more amazing career opportunities.”

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  1. A former reality TV “participant” (not star or celebrity, Debra) once stated that people need to realize that reality tv is not a profession, and that you are not an actor or have talent. Debra, would also recommend that you not pursue a career in “rap”. Find a day job, and then don’t quit your day job.

  2. Who actually says to the press that they’re starting on their “rebranding”? Rebranding is supposed to be subtle and interesting, we’re all supposed to be like “ooooo what’s going on with Deb? This is a whole new look/attitude/way of living for her….how interesting and mysterious.” Thats rebranding. Not going to the press and saying “hey look for my new branding in early 2018!” You can plug a new book, a new show, a new CD, whatever…. but you don’t plug your rebranding. What is she even going to rebrand herself as? Is she going to become a serious rap artist with a whole new look and sound? Is she going to become a devoted, non-crazy, helpmeet wife to David, getting her nursing degree so she can help him at work? I can’t see her dramatically changing in any way. And even if she does, now that she’s alerted us all to the fact that’s she’s just “rebranding” it won’t seem genuine.

  3. I can’t. Why? Who listens to this music? Who would buy her book? Even if I needed pasta sauce, I wouldn’t buy hers!
    I don’t get this delusion. Make it stop.

  4. LOL, now a book too?! YOU ARE NOT FAMOUS! It’s your daughter who you have to thank for getting knocked up at 16 and even with her you need to use the title ‘famous’ very loosely.

  5. I used to think people on American Idol were fake like how do people not know they can’t sing?
    Until I became a Police Dispatcher and yes there is people out there like this.

  6. Sound like a 16 and pregnant episode but they are 60 and delusional…. MTV come on, pick it up! You’ll film anything! Just give Betty credit lol!

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