Farrah Abraham Applauds TLC’s ‘Unexpected’ For Being More Realistic Than ‘Teen Mom’

Who thinks Farrah should narrate ‘Unexpected’ in her signature “Farrah Speak?”

Farrah Abraham claims that TLC’s new teen pregnancy show Unexpected is better than the show that made her famous, Teen Mom. Farrah blasted the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise (which she got the boot from earlier this month) in a series of tweets posted this week. And, of course, the tweets were all in her signature “Farrah-speak.”

“Love ‘Unexpected’ how honest and non-scripted it is! Honest story telling! MTV needs to take notes their fake teen mom quality is not even credible to watch anymore…OG real talk,” Farrah tweeted.

Farrah doesn’t exactly have an unbiased opinion. In addition to being recently fired from 11th Street Productions (the company that produces ‘Teen Mom’) her friend and former producer, Heather Walsh, is now a producer on ‘Unexpected.’ As The Ashley previously reported, Heather was fired from ‘Teen Mom’ a while back.

Fans were quick to jump in and call Farrah a hypocrite because of her tweets.

“Farrah. Fake nose, chin, 2x fake boobs, fake butt. And you’re calling MTV fake. Wow. Look in the mirror,” one fan tweeted.

“Oh, I agree. [Teen Mom] hasn’t [been real] for a while,” another fan wrote. “But, coming from someone who was supposedly fired, it’s hard not to think there isn’t some bitterness. Farrah isn’t an example of the realities of teen motherhood either.”

Farrah’s dad, Michael Abraham joined the online conversation to defend his daughter.

“Yes [Farrah] is a pure example of teen motherhood. More so than any of them,” Michael tweeted. “She is a true single mother…Sophia’s dad passed away before she was born. Like it or not 68% of all teen parents work in the adult industry because they can’t any other work- that’s a documented fact,” he tweeted.

(For the record, The Ashley could not locate any information on studies done to prove this as a fact.)

Naturally, 16 and Pregnant star Nikkole Paulun—who is never one to miss an opportunity to get some publicity–also chimed in with her thoughts.

“Farrah’s right. ‘Teen Mom’ is so unrealistic that people don’t even know what being a teen mom is really like anymore. I hope this new show gets the message out better than MTV has,” she wrote.

‘Unexpected’ star Lexus Scheller seems to agree with Farrah, too. She recently blasted the ‘Teen Mom’ shows in an interview with Us Weekly.

“Our show’s a lot different…there’s not as much drama [as on ‘Teen Mom’],” Lexus said. “I think it’s more real. Our problems are more realistic than [those of the girls on] ‘Teen Mom’ and shows like that. I feel like our stories are better!”

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  1. With 16 and pregnant we knew these girls were struggling. With teen Mom and teen Mom two we know your getting paid. The real part was the the first season were not idiots watching the show thinking your still struggling. I don’t see it as fake your all making bank and I’m okay with that I still watch I don’t think MTV is trying to pull wool over anyone’s eyes.NO Teen mom is going to have the advantages you do and if they have real support they should know that

  2. I completely agree. But the thing I don’t get is wtf is up with the whole “daddy derek” title anyway? So if they’re alive it’s just “dad” or “daddy”. But somehow his death earned him the infamous “daddy Derek?” Ugh I cringe every time I hear it!

  3. Farrah wouldn’t recognize “real” even if it came along and ripped out all of her implants and extensions. Her lack of self awareness is mind boggling.

    She comes by it honestly, though. Clearly neither of her parents are tethered to reality or truth.

    1. Very true! No one accused him of being a smart man. I think he wad possibly thinking 68% of females in porn were teen moms.

  4. I pray for Farrah. She is such a sad, unhappy girl. Like so many of the sad, unhappy Teen Moms, her parents are nuts. She never had much of a chance. I hope she gets some real help, and some insight, so she can do better with Sophia. And maybe be a happy person in her adult life. She has a long way to go.

  5. Whoever heard of Farrah Abraham ( or Michael) if it wasn’t for 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom? Farrah, please don’t bite the hand that made your porn career (oops, sorry, your “Adult Industry” career) what it is today.

    MTV fired you. But guess what? I think I would have fired you too —if you hit one of my producers a few seasons ago in front of your house, and made my employees use a Porta Potty on your lawn.

    So please. Just have a seat and get over yourself. I’m sure Unexpected can handle its own promotion and publicity. #eyeroll

  6. I don’t get Michael. Derek dumped Farrahs ass 8 months before he died and never talked to her. She hated him on 16 and pregnant. Now it’s Daddyderek shit cause nobody else wants her. Your daughter had a dream of owning her own restaurant. Mtv provided enough cash to reach her goal. Don’t ever compare her to true single moms that would do anything for their kids.

  7. I think Farrah did love Derek and it was her parents who ruined the relationship. Deb was the one who was aggressive towards him during her 16 and pregnant episode. I don’t think Farrah has forgiven herself for his treatment

    1. It’s obvious Farrah has issues. She has romanticize the relationship with/about Derrek. If he was alive today…I guarantee she would have baby daddy drama like the rest.

  8. Like it or not 68% of all teen parents work in the adult industry because they can’t any other work- that’s a documented fact –

    Not even delving into how utterly stupid that is, I love how in a routine dumb attempt to justify his daughter’s behaviour, Michael has just basically told us that Farrah was good for nothing else but porn. Priceless!

  9. 68% Michael of teen parents Michael?
    a. That can’t be right
    b. And what do the guys do exactly?
    c. Your daughter is not a teen anymore and had many, many doors opening to her when she got and got back on the show.
    She does not need to be in adult entertainment, she likes it cause the money is good and she is money hungry and looooooves sex (as you and her wrote in her application letter to get her her own porn.)
    Don’t compare that to teen moms with no diploma or income whatsoever having to make a desperate meassures and do work they don’t want to do to feed themselves and their child.

  10. Speaking of “More Realistic”… have you guys ever taken a look at Farrah’s LinkedIn profile? It is pure GOLD, I am telling you. You should check it out, it will make your day. This girl is so incredibly dumb, #hustler and #momboss or not.

    And it is all written in classic unedited Farrah Speak, too! If that doesn’t sell you on it, I don’t know what will!

    (This would also be the perfect thing for TheAshley to snark about, by the way. Hint?)

    1. I read it a while back. I can’t remember… did she claim to have 2 or 3 degrees? Meanwhile Dr Drew has said to kailyn a number of times “you are the only Teen Mom to ever get a 4 year degree.” If farrah really did have a single degree she would have corrected Dr Drew in an instant.

      1. Yeah, you are right! And she also says on that LinkedIn that she was working towards a doctorate…

        I just can’t.

        I just.

        I can’t.

  11. Farrah didn’t have a problem with Teen Mom’s authenticity when she was cashing those Teen Mom checks. She’s bitter.

  12. Why are they comparing Teen Mom with Unexpected and not 16 & Pregnant? 16 & Pregnant was very real. Those girls had no big paychecks. Reportedly only $5,000 after the show aired. That’s peanuts to what TM girls make now.

  13. While I agree with her about Teen Mom, she isn’t one to talk about fakeness. And her father is just as delusional as her. When it was pointed out that most teen moms didn’t have million dollar homes or travel to Rome and NYC or professional hair and makeup done, Michael said that this was typical of their family. Well, My-chal, you weren’t a teen parent. I can imagine someone who had a child in their late 20s, early 30s or late 30s could have some of those things, but its not realistic for teen moms. She has a lot of this success because of Teen Mom. I bet Farrah has made more money before she was 25 than he has in his lifetime.

    As for the whole adult industry thing, did Michael basically say his daughter was unemployable and broke and that’s why she made her video? And what about now? What’s the excuse now with her three businesses and other endeavors?

    (This might be submitted twice because my email was spelt wrong.)

  14. Farrah’s dad has a lot of nerve bringing Derrick into this. Considering that Farrah and Derrick weren’t even a couple when he died. Farrah told Derrick that she wasn’t pregnant when she was 6 months along.

    Thank you MTV for giving her the boot! I hope it’s really true. Ding dong the witch is dead.

    If this new show pays the teen moms money, they will end up being just as fake. I highly doubt that this will be REALITY. It will be just like all the other shows.

    Farrah is bitter and jealous. She can’t stand it if she doesn’t have control or things don’t go her way.

    1. I agree with you. Farrah always talks about Derek like they were totally in love and in a stable relationship. If you rewatch 16 and Pregnant, he’s barely mentioned. Just another act to get attention.

      By the way, did anyone watch Unexpected and if so, what did you think??

      1. You’re 100% right. And the few times he was mentioned, it was in an extremely negative manner. I don’t doubt that his death was traumatic for Farrah either way, but she truly acts like they were going to get married.

      2. If she spoke badly of him then people would lambast her for speaking ill of the dead. He wasn’t mentioned on 16 and pregnant likely because he had died and it was a very touchy subject that they didn’t want on tv.

        1. Derek was still alive when they were filming some of 16 & Pregnant. He called Farrah at work, and It was discussed at some point that he had found out about the pregnancy. Her parents adamantly pushed her to cut ties with Derek because they deemed the relationship toxic.

          We will really never know the truth about their relationship. You have Farrah’s parents saying it was terrible and Derek was horrible to Farrah; Farrah claims they had a good relationship and it was her parents that forced the breakup, and Derek’s sister says that Derek really did care for Farrah. Three sides; three different stories.

          1. When he called her at work and asked if the rumors he had heard that she was pregnant were true, she said NO. Mind you, she was just shy of 6 months along at the time.
            She also got a new cell phone so he wouldn’t have her phone number. She also said that she didn’t want him to help raise Sophia, and she didn’t want him in their life’s.
            She didn’t know where he was buried until he had been dead for 2 years. She started dating IMMEDIATELY after his death and wanted a new bf before he died.

            I’m sure she was sad and upset that he died. However, she makes up a new history for sympathy and to look like a victim.
            She even uses people after they are dead.

    2. I have a feeling she is romanticizing their relationship in order to show the fans (or haters, particulary haters)she COULD HAVE had a stable relationship. Like she is acting the way she is because she had sth so traumatic in her life? But I’m almost positive they would have not been together if he were alive. But Sophia could have had at least one sane parent. She’s full of sh*t.

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