EXCLUSIVE! Michael Abraham Talks His Upcoming Wedding & Reveals His Feelings on Ex Debra Danielsen Getting Remarried

Will Debz OG rap at Michael’s upcoming wedding?! That’s what we all really want to know!

The wedding bells keep ringing for the cast of the Teen Mom franchise!

Just in the last two months, Teen Mom OG star Debra “Debz OG” Danielsen married Dr. David Merz, and Ryan Edwards remarried his wife Mackenzie Standifer. (Not to mention Amber Portwood‘s former soulmate Matt Baier got randomly hitched earlier this week.)

However, there are more ‘Teen Mom’ weddings on the horizon! While Farrah Abraham is (still) waiting to get proposed to, her father Michael Abraham is currently engaged to his longtime girlfriend Amy.

The Ashley chatted about Michael’s upcoming wedding, and also got his opinion on his ex-wife Debz OG getting remarried.

“I’m very happy for her, I wish her only the best,” Michael said of Debra, whom he split with during the early seasons of ‘Teen Mom.’

Viewers watched Michael get into it with Debra’s new groom, David, during the Season 7 premiere episode of ‘Teen Mom OG.’ (Click here to read The Ashley‘s account of that fight when it went down back in May!)

From the sound of it, things are still not chummy between Michael and Dr. David all these months later.

“We have yet to have the opportunity to have a good relationship,” Michael told The Ashley. “At this point it’s hands off…the viewers will have to watch the upcoming season!”

Michael was not present when Debra and David said “I do” in Omaha, but he said that had nothing to do with his past beef with David.

“We were not invited and we would not have attended anyway because that was Debra’s and David’s day and we wish them all the happiness in the world!” Michael said. “We would not want to distract from their day.”

Another person who was noticeably absent at Deb’s November nuptials was Sophia, Farrah’s daughter. Michael confirmed that the little girl was with him while Farrah attended the wedding festivities.

“Sophia has always been with family (us) if Sophia is not traveling with her mother,” Michael said.

(When asked why Sophia didn’t go to her grandmother’s wedding, Michael replied, “That’s a question for Farrah and Sophia to answer, not me.”)

As for his own wedding, Michael said that he and his fiance Amy have not set a date yet, but he plans on having Farrah and Sophia present when he says “I do.”

“Sophia and Amy’s grandchildren will most likely be in the wedding party,” he said.

There are a few people who should not be expecting “Save the Date” cards in the mail, though. Michael said he will not be inviting MTV to film the wedding for ‘Teen Mom OG.’ Deb and Dr. David will also not be present.

“In good taste, no we won’t invite them,” Michael said. “It will be Amy’s and my day, the way it should be!”

To read Part 1 of The Ashley’s interview with Michael (where he dishes about Farrah’s getting ‘fired’ from ‘Teen Mom OG’) click here!

Stay tuned for Part 3!

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  1. He actually sounds sane for once. Unless you’re on great terms with your ex and they have some other connection to your family and reason to be there, I don’t think they should be invited to your wedding.

  2. I’d like to know how Mykol found a woman who believes his nonsense and puts up with Farrah? Where did she come from and is she mentally all there? Is she so in law that she is blind to eveythimg else? Gosh if so, love IS blind AND deaf!

  3. Dish Dish Dish 🙂 I am thinking him and Amy will go “off the grid” soon to try and escape this crapstorm. I know I would.

  4. This whole family is straight up toxic trash. I think Michael thinks he looks like a caring and protective father, but the way he’s bashing the whole cast all over social media for their “moral” failings while acting like Farrah shoving dildos up her asshole is comparative just shows how creepy and not right mentally he is. Farrah wants to be a sexual person publicly – that’s fine. It’s her business. However, her father should not be piping up every 5 minutes about it. It’s REALLY weird. And he’s too trashy to realize it so he just keeps whining about how Farrah is treated as if she’s not satan herself to everyone around her including him!

    Hopefully Farrah’s segments get A LOT more interesting than they were Monday night. How many times can we hear how much she hates David, thinks her mom should “live her own life and do her own thing” and use Michael as her abused puppet? I mean it’s just boring at this point. I don’t want to watch her. Amber is the one that makes the show. When she wasn’t on, they cancelled the damn thing, but Farrah thinks she makes the show. LOL honey. No.

    1. I want to know who is down voting…so curious. There’s no way Farrah has fans…Michael?

      If you down vote, post saying why.

    2. I couldn’t agree more with everything you said! I’m glad someone finally mentioned how creepy it is that he comments so openly about his daughter’s porn career. He isn’t even my Dad, but I still want to light myself on fire every time talks about her in any sexual context. I don’t care what the intent is behind it, it’s awkward & gross. This whole brood is full of deluded, narcissistic, codependent whack jobs. She could’ve been at least a good cautionary tale on the consequences of being a teenage mother, but she they all take a disturbing amount of pride in all of her adult “businesses”, she glorifies sex work rather than warning young girls against the dangers. They all need intense therapy for a multitude of issues. Here’s to hoping she’s really gone for good, my ears can’t handle hearing that mouth of hers any longer.

  5. Well, that is something you don’t hear or see a lot around Farrah ‘in good taste’.

    Don’t think Sophia has always been with Michael or Debra when Farrah was traveling or working. Farrah has not always lived close to them and she hired nannies for a while (who were fired cause they might have had a good relationship with Sophia but they wasted water and detergent).
    Especially with the moving around, Sophia has seen many different baby sitters, nannies and private and school teachers.
    For some reason, Farrah and Sophia live with Michael and his fiancée now so I do believe they watch Sophia now when Farrah is not there.

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