Doug Hutchison Finally Reacts to His Ex Courtney Stodden’s Public Plea to Take Her Back: Says She’s Broke & “Addicted to Fame!”

“This divorce is almost as weird as the marriage was!”

Several weeks after his soon-to-be-ex-wife Courtney Stodden took to social media to publicly beg him to give her another chance, Doug Hutchison has finally responded.

Doug, who is in the middle of a divorce with Courtney, spoke to DailyMailTV about Courtney’s bizarre social media postings from earlier this month in which the singer/reality TV star/adult film star pleaded with him not to go through with the divorce. This marks the first time Doug has spoken publicly about his divorce.

“I have been left so confused and hurt. I am actually distraught by this,” Doug told the site. “I cannot understand why Courtney posted that message on social media.”

As The Ashley previously reported, Doug and Courtney split in 2017 after six years of marriage. (Courtney even hosted a “divorce party” at a Vegas strip club to celebrate her newfound freedom!) Their relationship has been tumultuous since the beginning, when they got married in 2011 while Courtney was only 16 and Doug was 51. In 2013, they appeared on Couples Therapy to repair their marriage after a separation.

Doug told DailyMailTV that he and Courtney haven’t seen each other since September and haven’t spoke on the phone since December, but he did reach out to her after seeing the messages she posted on social media about him. He claims he asked her to leave California and come stay with him in Michigan, where he’s been living since their split.

“I still begged her to come to Michigan and work on our marriage, and she wouldn’t,” Doug said. “And that spoke volumes to me.

“She is addicted to fame,” he added.

Doug confirmed that his divorce from Courtney is still on.

“Ultimately I want her to be happy first and foremost,” he said. “I love her with all my heart, we are soulmates and I will always love her….I don’t think even Superman could be married to that woman.”

Doug also spilled the beans on the state of Courtney’s finances. In the interview, he claimed that Courtney is desperate to stay in Hollywood, even though she’s broke.

“Courtney has to be out of her apartment at the end of the month,” he said. “She was telling me she was considering moving in with this other man she was seeing, so I just didn’t see how we were ever going to make it work. I said to her, ‘Darling, you are seeing other men, and going on dates, and are looking to move in with someone else. I don’t see how we can do that.'”

Doug warned the new man in Courtney’s life, entrepreneur Chris Sheng, to guard his heart… and possibly his wallet.

“The thing is she doesn’t have any money, and he started paying her rent, and she really wants to stay in Hollywood,” Doug said. “She has been telling me all along she feels caught in the middle and still loves me, even though we are getting divorced…She says she is not in love with him. I know that he has a great deal of money. I think she may have found her sugar daddy.”

Doug said he is scared for Courtney’s well-being at times.

“I know she struggles with depression and anxiety and it’s heartbreaking to see her upset,” he told the site. “I don’t want Courtney to go down that road [that her idol Marilyn Monroe did]. I don’t want Courtney to die at 36 and succumb to Hollywood’s dark side.”

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  1. Doug shouldn’t have married a 16yr old in the first place. He was rocking the cradle with a child with nothing to bring to the table and especially no money. What did he expect from a 16yr to do but be talking care of and be her sugar daddy. I don’t know how he expect that marriage to ever work in the first place and why he wasn’t put in prison for having sex with a 16 year old. Move on Doug, Michigan is not Hollywood.

  2. These people, I swear. Is Courtney addicted to fame? Most likely. But, she is a product of her upbringing. She was molded into a child trophy wife by “parents” whose goal was to pimp her out to an old pseudo-celebrity. Doug basically became her new parent when they got married and she has clearly been emotionally stunted ever since. She may have been well taken care of, but she was also babied to a point where she has no idea how to take care of herself or deal with the struggles of adulthood. I feel bad for her honestly, I think that she loved Doug because she was so dependent on him. But, I also think that her parents and marriage fucked her up mentally and she’s been left with severe codependency/daddy issues. I hope she gets the help she seriously needs, she a lifetime of issues that need resolved out of the spotlight before it’s too late.

    Also, fuck you, Doug, you ridiculous creep.

  3. She honestly needs psychiatric& addiction counsel. I’ve been following her on snap chat for a while and all you sadly see is a hot mess. She recently moved into her current apt. and now she has to move again due to $. One of her snaps also alluded to her resorting to web cam now. : ( Without a doubt, from her snaps, she’s not physically attracted to Chris, she shows no signs of affection towards him at all, she’s definitely playing him for his$ and he doesn’t care. Heads up if you follow her on snap, she’s no longer snapping at all like she used to. Thank you Doug for finally outing who this guy is she’s been with for quite some time between her other men AND that you did reply to her. P..S… Doug fan here at all, just glad to get a bit of insight. Hope she gets help.

  4. This is the fallout of child exploitation. Her “mother” and that monster used her for their own person gain. She’s stuck in the mindset of a child through no fault of her own.

    1. I was with you right up until that last sentence. She may have been used and taught to be in a childlike state of mind, but being stuck in it at her age is all on her. At some point your mistakes become your own responsibility, and I think she’s well beyond that point.

      She needs to learn some coping skills or she’s going to have an extremely difficult life.

  5. I think they both got exactly what they deserved. She got with him for fame *cough cough. And he got with her as some kind of trophy. Her mother sold her off like a side of fries. They all deserve each other.

    1. She did want fame hell when I was 16 I wanted to be famous! Her mom pimped her out to a pedophile I feel so bad for her she literally has no one. Doug is a pedophile who took advantage of a child her mom is a monster also. She never stood a chance I pray she gets help!

    2. Dude… she does not deserve what she got. She was a teenager and teenagers are widely known for not being mature enough to make major life choices. (Though there are plenty of amazing kids but they generally come from a supportive family.)

      Courtney did not have that. No mother in their right mind would encourage a relationship with a man old enough to be her grandfather. Don’t blame her or trying to rationalize that she deserves this. She doesn’t. This path happens to children who are exploited sexually.

  6. Ugh this child predator needs to shut his mouth. He destroyed a young girl’s life and is sitting back watching the fallout. Gross

  7. I don’t feel sorry for him or his heart at all. Dude is sick in the head….courting and marrying a 16 year old when he was 51, then claiming they’re soul mates…But I will say that I feel bad for Courtney. Her parents married her off to a pedo when she was 16 for fame and money, I believe Doug is older than her parents…and she has this very weird obsession with Marylin Monroe….hopefully she can get some help and stop emulating her, because we all know how it ended for Marilyn.

  8. Such a shame. She is so lost and seems like she has no one. She looks like she’s in her 30’s too. I hope she doesn’t take her life because of her family and this guy.

    1. ABSOLUTELY….marrying a teenager, claiming that they’re “soulmates”, but not thinking that would have long lasting devastating effects on her. He was fulfilling his sick pedo desires.

  9. I love how this pedo distances himself like he has no idea, nor did he contribute to why she’s so f*cked up.

  10. She could have been on a completely different path if these two adults (Doug and her mom) hadn’t fucked her life up. He had no business dating a child and her mother exploited her. He’s a real piece of work trying to get sympathy when he actively set things in motion.

    And yeah she’s an adult who can make her own decisions, but she was only a child when the relationship began. I think it completely warped her and by being used by two grown ass adults for their own gains and motives.

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