‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Reflects on the Harsh Realities of Fame: “I’m Having the Hardest Time Now”

“Fame is not all fun and games, kiddies!”

Kail Lowry has been in the public eye for nearly 10 years but the Teen Mom 2 star, who we first met on 16 and Pregnant, says it’s getting harder and harder to be famous.

In a series of tweets posted on Monday, Kail stated that lately she’s been having a difficult time dealing with the negativity that comes along with being a public figure.

“Out of 10 years on TV I’m having the hardest time NOW,” she wrote. “The pressure of outsiders, the criticism, the judgement. Sure I put myself out there. But never in my life have I seen or felt cruelty like I have lately.”

Although Kail acknowledged that she knew what she was signing up for when she agreed to put her life on TV back in 2009, she says that fans have become more critical in recent years.

“‘It comes with the territory’ no s**t. But it seems to get worse over time. Not better,” Kail tweeted. “Sometimes I’m numb to it. Sometimes I don’t read it. Sometimes it doesn’t bother me but sometimes it does. And today it does.”

It appears that Kail’s declaration stems from a series of paparazzi photos that were taken of her at the beach during her recent trip to Miami. (As The Ashley previously told you, Kail went to Florida to have plastic surgery with Dr. Miami but backed out at the last minute, choosing instead to try to lose weight and get fit without surgery.)

“Paparazzi f**ked my own head up after they sold the pix of me on the beach,” she confessed. “I didn’t go through with my surgeries in Miami so let’s sell unflattering pix of Kail @ the beach so everyone can see her fat & cellulite to make her regret cancelling.”

She admitted that she struggles with her weight, a struggle that’s made worse by the constant teasing she says she receives from online critics.

“I can read & write books, study for a test and pass, teach my kids manners. But i can’t tell myself to pick a f**king salad over a burger and then wonder why I struggle in the gym,” she tweeted. “Hate myself for it. Then come online & hear it from everyone else too.”

Kail’s rant was met with a mix of support and criticism.

“I’m sure you can hide your feelings behind all the money you get, spend and the plastic surgery. You reap what you sow!” one person wrote in response to Kail’s tweets.

“It’s very sad to read this, to see how cruel the world can be,” another person wrote. “I hope you can move past the criticism online, ignore it. It’s your journey, your struggle you will find a way!”

Here’s one of the videos that upset Kail:

(Photo: MTV)

73 Responses

  1. what’s the thing on top of her phone? it almost looks like a massager lol. but i’m intrigued. is it portable flash?

  2. Yes I did. Ryan is messed up. Mackenzie is very immature. Teasing Bentley was just wrong. I mean, really? I don’t think for a second, that Mackenzie didn’t realize that there was a mistake on the invitation. She did that deliberately.

  3. @The Ashley’s: what do your sources say, did she notify the press were she would be?
    One article said she was posing for the photographers.
    Of course they will use the most unflattering Kail, those magazines body shame everyone.

  4. Oh I completely agree with you.

    Did you notice when Jenn brought Bentley and Hudson over both Ryan and Mack were being jerks.

    1. Mack made fun of the way he said tux
    2. They picked on him because he wearing a Christmas sweater
    3. He got picked on for one glove at his football games.

  5. Not really relevant to this article but did I totally miss the episode where the producers talk to Farrah? I saw the preview has the actual episode aired yet?

    1. It has not aired yet but I was just thinking as well it’s pretty late in the season for us not to of seen it

      1. This coming week is unaired footage of teen mom 2, and no Teen Mom OG episode. So maybe the week after, when Farrah isn’t in France.

  6. Why do you always do this, Shea? You either have poor reading comprehension or think that inappropriate white knight SJW postings are necessary where they aren’t. You have many issues of your own to work on it sounds like.
    This is my last “kid glove” post towards this. Next time will be a bit more rough.

  7. She looks fine, who cares if she isn’t a stick figure. I don’t like her but I don’t See big deal, she looks human

  8. Unrelated, but in other Teen Mom news, Jenelle posted a Twitter rant about how parents shouldn’t withhold a child just because they’re mad at the other parent ?. She was probably referring to David’s ex keeping their son away from that psychopath, but everyone is calling her out for her blatant hypocrisy. She was on camera using Kaiser as a pawn against Nathan. She even used him as a bargaining chip to get those assault charges dropped. But, being the delusional narcissist she is, she probably can’t even see the irony. Also, good for Olivia for keeping her child away from The Land.

    1. I’m cracking up Over the clothes David’s sister is selling.. #feedkai. Imagine living in that family.. or having to have Janelle and David in your family…

  9. I dont know! Nothing is more unflattering than a flat ass no matter what your weight or body type. Except for Brianna’s butt that was a botched job and she looks like she has on a diaper. Blah! Woman should be shapely and curvy whether they are a size 6 or a size 16.

    She had a baby for goodness sake. She is no more appalling than a woman who is shaped like a 12 year old boy in my opinion.

  10. Everyone making nasty comments about her body — I hope you all have a daughter someday that ends up with anorexia from people making nasty comments about HER. And when you’re in the hospital and your daughter is fighting for her life, maybe you’ll think back to your comments about Kail. Grow up people, you all sound like 3rd graders.

    1. Everyone is saying she looks fine, it’s her attitude that is ugly. We all collectively don’t like her as a person, we are not judging her on her body. Her natural body is fine, but her fake butt looks weird. No one is bashing her, she just had a baby, big deal she gained weight.. again it is her attitude and personality that no one likes. If anything, you are the one that’s being mean right now saying that stuff to all of us. I’m sorry if you are going tori things.

    2. Yes, body shaming is awful and disgusting. But wishing anorexia upon someone’s child is equally awful and disgusting.

    3. What a horrible thing to say… Most of these post talk about how she should go easy on herself when it comes to her body that she looks fine and she should be proud of how she looks My only advice to you is keep reading the post because obviously you only saw negativity

    4. What works for me is that she IS a PIG and she LOOKS LIKE a PIG. I like when things come together nicely like that! :p

  11. She wouldn’t look as heavy if she wasn’t carrying around that fake Dr Miami ass. She was always a sturdy girl, but now her proportions are wrong.

    I also agree that as ugly as that ass is, her personality is uglier.

  12. Kailyn is playing feel sorry for me act again. If you don’t want people to see you on a public beach rent a house that’s private. I’m sure she can afford to rent a house. Kailyn is cold hearted b and always will.

  13. Of all the things to judge these moms for their bodies should be last on the list. She’s had three kids in 8 years she has an average body. Every mother I know has cellulite and lumps it’s a human body. Kail you look fine, it’s real. Attacking someone for physical flaws is on the same level as School yard bullying it’s sad and pathetic to do.

  14. Not a fan of hers but She looks decent for just having her 3rd kid. Come on people cut her some slck. Don’t do the surgery lose it the right way and u will feel better about yourself. First rule of being in public eye. Don’t read the comments or blogs or twitter etc. There are A LOT of mean people out there

  15. Idc how she looks. If she would stop photoshopping pics to promote stupid not working detoxtea and waistbelts. She did surgery before and now didn’t deliver. Could have thought of that before taking the trip. She knew what the impact of the surgery would be. I still think it has to do with Bri and their names being connected again.
    Cait gets comments about her weight everyday but I respect her for never turning to surgery. I really do.
    But again..I’s her own health she messes up for chosing junk over healthyfood.

  16. I believe that gigantic fake butt of hers is pushing down on the back of her legs and it isn’t helping the way she look at all. Also if Brianna goes thru w her surgery then Kail is gonna be really freaking out over her own body. If Brianna’s surgery turns out well and she starts getting compliments it will drive Kail crazy..

  17. Maybe it’s just me, but whenever I’m not exactly feeling great about my body parts, the very last thing I do is put on a bathing suit and head for a *public* beach.

    That goes double if I were a well known reality TV personality.

    Just saying. Enough said.

  18. Maybe if were less of a shit rotten, manipulative snatch basket she would get better reception?

    PS, girl, it’s not your body that makes you ugly.

  19. Kail, perhaps if you were less of a crapgoblin and skeezer then people would go easier on you. It seems like you want to have your wang/vajayjay cake and eat it too. Take a step back and look at it: You are famous for having babbys at a young age, have an awesome sleeve tattoo that instantly qualify you for a Gamestop Sales Associate position, blew more money on plastic surgery than most people make in a year, cheated on Javi (which must be spanish for douchebag) while he was deployed, got knocked up by an underachieving pothead that wants nothing to do with you besides money, and have done it all without feeling the monetary stress that comes with one or several babbys with different daddys thanks to selling your life for all to see on MTV (on a show which is a celebration of your mistake) so forgive me if myself and others continue to hold your feet to the fire for not learning a freakin thing the entire time. I think people would be nicer to you if you were a nicer person and weren’t constantly clenching your buffalo jaw and flaring your hostile nostrils. Now you have a podcast because you are “that interesting” and you wonder why things get worse? It will continue to get worse as more social media platforms are developed. Don’t get me wrong, all of us that watch the show aren’t perfect and probably have some bad decisions in our past, but our income isn’t a celebration of that and you will never know because we don’t sign up for a TV show that owns our placenta as intellectual property. Good luck, get a personal trainer (that you don’t f%#k), be less of a controlling crapgoblin and kindly stfu for a while. Toodles 🙂

    1. Thank you all! I was worried it would sound too mean but glad some got the haha moments in there.

  20. I’m a bit confused since the article was bordering on neutral/complimentary of her. The comment section can always be cruel but just don’t read it.
    In the wise words of Albus Dumbledore, “If you are holding out for universal popularity, you will be in that hut a long time.”
    I couldn’t care less about her weight – I hope she tries her best to be healthy and learns to be comfortable in her body. It’s her stupid decisions and her treatment of all her baby daddies that is outrageous and unacceptable. If you say you have fertility issues and that you just decided to see if you could get knocked up by a rando, you should expect a LOT of judgement.

  21. Fat shaming is NEVER okay (as someone who struggled with weight for all her life, was called names and after the weight loss few years ago STILL has a problem seeing herself as beautiful, I hear her) and why is she so critical of herself? She had THREE kids, she isn’t the type of person who can just snap back to her previous weight (and seeing how some celebrities lose weight almost the second they give birth is surely putting pressure her) so she’s fine but if she wants to work on it, she really needs to put her mind into it.

    We can criticize Kail all we want but her weight is not the reason to do so.

  22. Boo hoo ? she looks fine… Of she can’t deal with “the fame” she could always, I dunno, get off the TV? So self indulgent.

  23. But never in my life have I seen or felt cruelty like I have lately.

    Didn’t she grow up with an alcoholic mother who put her boyfriend-du-jour ahead of her? Wasn’t she raped – twice? Having her cellulite published is worse than that?

    1. She was talking about how criticism from teen Mom watchers has gotten worse over her career. She was saying TEEN MOM FANS cruelty has gotten worse. Reaching much?

  24. Her weight is the least of her problems. Her character and personality could use a major overhaul. She doesn’t seem to care about those trivial things, though.

  25. She’s ridiculous, but ANYWAYS

    totally wrong article but Ryan and Mack are so toxic together. Gone is Mack and Ryan of seasons past, the new relationship bubble has popped and is oozing pus everywhere..

    It’s like that already hit that 7 year mark and have become like Al and Peggy Bundy type relationship where each might strangle or throw a mayo bottle at each other.

    1. Uhm Mack and Ryan are whiney pieces of shit. Ryan saying he took drug tests for his lawyer, and wants to see Bentley but won’t send over test result to maci bc she didn’t ask for it? Why not send over the ‘clean’ results if you’re doing so good. Why wouldn’t you be bragging and showing everyone you are clean. They do whatever they can do to look so sad for the cameras. maci wanting drug tests results is a very responsible thing to do, Ryan knows it and still refuses to comply. He either has big eyes looking crazy or his mouth is hung open and his eyes are barely there. Same as before he went to rehab..he’s just trying harder now to hide it. Ryan and Mackenzie make me so mad how they act like mean maci is ruining their lives, Ryan has not been a dad in a while and needs to realize that trust needs to be built back. Ugh…

      Sorry, I could not w for another two weeks to say this on a recap.

      1. Also, Ryan complaining about not seeing Bentley.. so his parents bring Bentley over and Ryan never gets off the couch (he’s laying down) and then insults what Bentley is wearing and how he plays football w one glove then says bentleys new name is Michael Jackson.. literally a replay of Ryan being high that one time and says Bentley’s haircut is a mullet and it looks stupid. Man this spoiled brat makes me mad.

        1. Oh I completely agree with you.

          Did you notice when Jenn brought Bentley and Hudson over both Ryan and Mack were being jerks.

          1. Mack made fun of the way he said tux
          2. They picked on him because he wearing a Christmas sweater
          3. He got picked on for one glove at his football games.

          1. Exactly. That and seeing his dad be high on heroin all the time is another reason you never see Bentley..he’s a bully towards everyone. Even calling Mackenzie out on her fake ring she had on..and how he questioned rather or not she was stupid enough to spend over $10 on it. I have a heroin addict in my life and I can’t stand watching how similar this brat is to my sister brat..??

  26. Who even picked on her for her weight? That article was complimentary. SHES the one who tweeted about her body. Girl bye.

  27. Wouldn’t swimming in her pool be a good work out and something easy to Do?

    Questions I think about
    Did she cancel her surgery because Javi wouldn’t approve?
    Did she move because she dated her next door neighbor?

  28. I saw the pics and the article and she has radar in her back pocket aka they were manically there at the exact time when she was leaving the hospital and then had a photo shoot as soon as she got home. She hired them and sold the photos herself. The article was complementing her post baby weight. This is just for her to say relevant.

    1. I thought of the exact same scenario when I read this article… You can’t just use them when it’s convenient and not think they’re going to show up at inconvenient times that’s IF (it wasn’t a set up) to begin with

  29. You can’t complain about your weight gain when all you eat is Starbucks and Take-Out food. That’s your own problem. Do stupid shit in public, and deal with the fallout from it- including criticism.

  30. I just can’t stand her tattoos. She has way too many and they look so harsh. She can lose the weight, but she will never be able to get rid of those awful tattoos.

  31. Didn’t she call the paps herself though? It isn’t like they are hanging out waiting for Kail’s comings and goings. She is D-list. She and Jenelle routinely call the paps on themselves to look important and sought after. Maybe she should get approval of the photos before they post them if she isn’t happy with them.

    She needs therapy, long term, and she should go off social media for a while. I think hating on her over her body is over the top, when there are many legitimate reasons to think less of her. She obviously has no idea how to eat healthily,which we have seen on her SM for years with the huge daily Starbucks sugar drinks, restaurant pics, etc… she lasted one month or so doing CrossFit with Javi. She should channel her energy into learning clean eating for herself and the boys, instead of fighting on Twitter if she wants to feel better. Changing her diet will make a huge difference even if she doesn’t work out.

  32. But she can go back to normal. Maybe not right away. But she can. Stop using social media sites. Stop harassing people online causing fuss. Stay at home with your kids. Don’t date a new man or woman. Live in a normal house doing normal work and a decent low key job and you will be fine.

  33. In this case I do feel like she is her wrost critic she just had her third child in a short amount of time you have to let your body heal before you even start working out… That said I do feel like it’s always something with her I’m just tired of the articles where she feels like she’s always the victim she creates a lot of her own drama then seems to wonder why it’s there It’s getting old

  34. Maybe if she didn’t get into public twitter back-and-forths, discuss her and her exes private lives on her podcast, post on social media all the time, act like a nightmare on tv, etc. she wouldn’t be having such a “hard time.” She made her bed and now has to sleep in it. She could also stay off of social media and the internet to not read/see all of the comments about her if they maker her feel so poorly.

  35. I mean….when you do stupid things in the public eye, like get pregnant by a random “friend” while you’re still married, you’re going to get picked at for it…But as far as the beach pics…she did just have a baby, and I personally don’t think she looks terrible….just my opinion. Regardless of who you are, it must suck to get picked on for your weight when you’ve clearly got body image issues…on the bright side, at least her ass isn’t lopsided like Briana’s…

    1. I agree. Nobody is perfect, so let’s not pick on her about her weight. I actually saw on Twitter that some skank woman referred to her baby as a,”monkey.” Which isn’t cool either. I do sympathize for her on those issues. People can be awful.

  36. She looks fine….she had three babies…what do people expect her to look like? Leave her alone about her weight….cripes..why to women always need to tear each other down?

    1. Right! I actually judged her more for booking surgery less than six months after having a baby than I did for her canceling it. Give your body time to heal; there is lots of time to hit the gym and get back to your pre-baby body. I think she looks fantastic considering she has three kids!

    1. Right? I’m not one to stick up for Kail normally, but who cares if your body isn’t perfect? She has three beautiful boys that her body carried and delivered. Nobody is 100% comfortable at the beach. Cellulite, a few zits, some rolls, body hair, scars, we all have some or all of these insecurities. As women, our bodies are amazing. As long as you are trying to be healthy, who cares if you have a burger here or there? Run around with your kids, snack on some fruits and veggies, and drink plenty of water. Your body doesn’t have to be perfect, just make sure you are trying to stay healthy.

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