MTV Resumes Production of ‘Catfish’ Season 7 After Sexual Misconduct Claims Against Nev Schulman Are Found To Be “Not Credible”

“Told ya!”

Dust off your fake social media profiles, kids, because Catfish is filming again after the show’s host, Nev Schulman, has been cleared of any wrongdoing by MTV.

The network halted production on the hit reality show last month after Nev and a production assistant were accused of sexual misconduct by Ayissha Morgan, who was featured on a 2015 episode of the show. In a statement issued to Deadline on Sunday, the network reported that the claims against the ‘Catfish’ crew were “not credible.”

Last month, Ayissha posted two videos to YouTube in which she accused Nev of sexually harassing her during the filming of her episode.

Ayissha, who is a lesbian, said that Nev aggressively and vulgarly harassed her and told her that she needed to have sex with a man. She claimed that Nev told her, ‘I have a big d**k. I’ll tear your a** up.’

In addition, Ayissha stated that she was sexually assaulted by a female production assistant, who, according to Ayissha, got her drunk and took advantage of her in her hotel room.

(You can read Starcasm’s complete breakdown of Ayissha’s claims here.)

In the network’s statement to Deadline, an MTV spokesperson said that the network and the show’s production company, Critical Content, took action after they became aware of Ayissha’s accusations.

“Although we never received a formal complaint, MTV and Critical Content immediately engaged an independent third-party investigator,” the MTV spokesperson said. “We take these matters very seriously and are committed to providing a safe working environment.

“The independent investigator found the allegations made in the YouTube videos to be not credible and without merit,” the statement read. “Given the results of the investigation, ‘Catfish’ will resume filming.”

The truth is out there…and every Wednesday night ya boyz are gonna find it.

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After MTV released its statement, an exonerated Nev took to Twitter to express his gratitude to his fans who stuck by him through the ordeal.

“Appreciate the support from you and so many others,” Nev wrote. “Excited to get back to work.”

He also posted a message on his official Facebook page on Sunday.

“I am overwhelmed by all of the love,” the married father-of-one wrote. “There simply aren’t words for how I feel. A huge thank you to all of my friends, family and especially my fans for your support through this difficult time. Tremendous gratitude to MTV for handing the situation properly and standing up for the truth. Excited to get back to work!”

Nev has always maintained that Ayissha’s claims were false.

“The behavior described in this video did not happen, and I’m fortunate that there are a number of former colleagues who were present during this time period who are willing to speak up with the truth,” Nev said in a statement released right after the allegations were made. “I have always been transparent about my life and would always take responsibility for my actions, but these claims are false.”

The seventh season of ‘Catfish’ is currently in the works and will premiere July 11 on MTV.


  1. Do any of you even watch the show or know anything about Nev outside the show? First of all he has a history, so he’s not mister respectful and decent. Second, on the show he constantly takes delight in others problems/issues/drama. It’s disgusting watching him. Max is so respectful on the show and Nev is so not. I don’t believe this girls whole story, but I have no problem believing he did something inappropriate at some point. Nev shows how little he respects the ppl every week on his show. That’s also why they had to bring his wife on shows because they were getting a ton of feedback on what an ass Nev was and how mean he was. His wife is supposed to show the softer side of him so we can ignore how he acts on the show. Everyone I know that watches the show says he same thing about him. He is the worst part of catfish!

    1. Your sentence about the network getting a ton of feedback on Nev being an ass and that’s why they had to bring his wife on shows is completely false. You shouldn’t state something as fact when you are just guessing or making it up. You can personally hate Nev if you want, but don’t go around stating things as fact when they are false.

  2. I mean, did anyone really think it was true anyways?? Nev is a good add dude. Shit like that is a slap in the face to people who have legitimately been thru sexual harassment/assault.

  3. This ridiculous claim should have never even been entertained. Not a word rang true right out of the gate. He should sue her for defamation.

    1. Anyone that lies like that should be prosecuted criminal & civil. They should go to jail & pay restitution.
      They can & in so many cases ruin an innocent persons life plus they make thing harder on anyone that has actually been assaulted or abused.

      1. Remember when Farrah claimed she was “nearly raped” by an Uber driver?! Those claims are the reason why real victims aren’t believed.

  4. I hope MTV sues her for libel and slander and also for the time and money lost because filming was put on hold. It’s more than Nev and that handsome silver fox(sorry i forgot his name) doing the show. There are many people behind the scenes who count on that money for their families.

  5. My husband is a supervisor for a large distribution center. He only talks to women employees with his asst, or another witness because he is afraid of being falsely accused of inappropriate behavior. Sad world we live in today.

    1. Agreed. Once she stated she would only share the second part of the story once her YouTube video got “X” many likes, I started to question it.

      1. Exactly its like telling the police you want to file a report but only if they guarantee you that a certain number of officers will see it.

  6. If MTV will still employ child abusers (JUH NELL) I wouldn’t put it past them to look the other way on a cash cow sorry.,,Nev

  7. Knew it! Nev has always come across as the most genuinely respectful and decent person, and I was really angered by these obviously false and malicious claims.

    And can we take a minute to talk about what utter bullshit it is when adults claim others ‘got them drunk’? You’re a big girl, you can decline a drink if you don’t want to drink, and nobody poured the booze down your throat. Of course, spiking a drink is different, but I’m sick of how unwilling everyone is to take responsibility for themselves these days. Nobody gets you drunk but yourself.

    1. You might want to research his background before you sing his praises on how respectful and decent he is. He has a history to show the opposite. This girl wasn’t believable but based on his history and the way he acts on the show, I have no problem believing he did something wrong just not as bad as she says. Plus on the show he takes clear delight in others problems. Max is the decent one on the show who actually shows respect to the people.

  8. Nev is the most kind, caring, politically correct and considerate TV Host I can possibly think of. He obviously has great respect for Women, Loves his Beautiful Wife and has helped so many people sort out their lives.
    I am appalled that anyone would make such heinous accusations towards such a solid person.
    Thank Goodness he has been exonerated!

    1. You know he was expelled from college for punching the crap out of a woman, right? He really doesn’t have the best track record. There have been several issues. I never understand why people think they know someone from a highly edited TV show where they *have* to put the best face forward.

  9. That nasty Ayissha biatch is soo thirsty… Lying about being sexually harassed for being gay is horrible. This POS is looking for fame, and doesn’t care who’s lives she could have destroyed all foe her 15 minutes with her Party City wig. Trash.

  10. Can you imagine Nev saying those words? That would be like Mr. Rogers saying that lol! It’s unfortunate she felt the need to make up statements for attention, but thankfully the situation was handled appropriately and Nev and the production assistant were cleared.

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