Memorable ‘My 600 lb. Life’ Star Lisa Fleming Has Died: “Her Body Just Gave Out”

My 600 lb. Life star Lisa Fleming has died at the age of 50.

Lisa, who starred on one of the show’s most-memorable episodes last season, reportedly died on Thursday, according to TMZ, from causes unrelated to her weight.

Lisa’s daughter Danielle told the site that Lisa had lost 200 pounds since she appeared on the show, and that she was able to stand on her own. However, according to Danielle, Lisa had been dealing with several illnesses for years, which ultimately contributed to her death.

“At the end she was sick and her body was tired and her body just gave out,” Danielle told TMZ.

During her episode, Lisa—then over 700 lbs.— revealed that she had been bedridden for years, living in the same bed her mother had died in, due to obesity. During the Season 6 episode– which aired on February 22– Lisa had reached a desperate state after finding maggots in the folds of her skin.

In order for Lisa to leave her house to see the show’s weight loss doctor, it took seven paramedics to lift her. Before they could bring Lisa outside, the paramedics had to reinforce the wheelchair ramp outside of Lisa’s home in order for it to be able to hold her weight.

Sadly, Lisa is the second person from “My 600 lb. Life” to die this month. On August 2, L.B. Boner— whose incredible post-show transformation was documented on his social media pages– was found dead in a ditch in a South Carolina park. His death was later ruled a suicide.

In addition to Lisa and L.B., there have been two other people from the show who have passed away. Season 1’s Henry Foots died in 2013 due to a medical issue not related to his weight. In addition, Robert Buchel died from a heart attack while he was shooting Season 6 in November 2017.

Watch a clip from Lisa’s memorable “My 600 lb. Life” episode below.

(Photo: TLC)

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  1. Technically people don’t die of AIDS either. Fact is that she probably died of complications due to her weight just like people with AIDS die to to complications. Personally my cousin died from AIDS related pneumonia but even his parents refuse to accept it was caused by AIDS

  2. Yes it was related to her weight. Let’s be real. Woman was like 700lbs before surgery. Dr Now is always running tests on patients to make sure they can even survive the surgery. Her body may have “gave out”, but that’s because of her weight. Don’t lie, we’re not idiots.

    1. Yeah, I took it to mean *technically* it wasn’t her weight that killed her, but it certainly didn’t help. If I put on an additional 30lbs, my blood pressure is elevated, sugar levels off, I feel gross/lethargic, and even simple tasks will wear me out – I know everyone is different – but I cannot imagine what your body is going through carrying an additional 300+ lbs

    2. Are you a doctor? No? Didn’t think so. Perhaps you should go get yourself a medical license before you make ignorant statements based on uneducated opinions. There a thousands upon thousands of medical conditions that could have killed this woman that have NOTHING to do with her weight.

      You can go shave your back now ??‍♀️

      1. Sooo fun story, do you have a medical degree? I doubt it. Sure there are a bunch of medical conditions that she COULD HAVE HAD that didnt relate to her weight but the reality is there is also a ridiculously high amount of serious conditions that do come as a result. Having even 300 pounds of weight on you can really cause massive issues because no skeletal system is strong enough to handle that much weight for very long. Hence why you often see diagnosed morbidly obese people on motorized scooters and eventually losing limbs. Now let’s talk about the effect of that much chronic weight on the organ system, your heart and lungs? Ya know 2 of the most vital organs of sustaining life? Yeah the amount of constant pressure and strain on them to perform correctly for any body that size is extremely difficult. It is why when you are heavier you often have a harder time breathing after even a light jog. This woman wasnt healthy by any stretch of the imagination, but how dare you sit chastising people and acting like you know what you are talking about when you do not. Grow up and out of your self important garbage.

      2. Suck my ovary b*itch. It’s OBVIOUS this woman’s weight contributed to her death. Only a moron, like yourself would think otherwise. #suckit

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