“My 600 lb. Life” Season 8 Star Coliesa McMillian Dies After Suffering Complication From Weight Loss Surgery

Another participant of TLC’s My 600 Lb. Life has passed away.

Coliesa McMillian— whose episode of the show aired in March— is the eighth person featured on the show to die, and the second this year. A Facebook support page run by Coliesa’s family reported that Coliesa had died Tuesday night in Louisiana.

She was only 41 years old. 

“I can not begin to express into words what our family is beginning to feel,” the post read. “…Tonight at 10:23 p.m. she sadly passed away from this life.”

Coliesa was 643 lbs. when her episode of “My 600 lb. Life” was filmed. She had suffered a heart attack shortly before filming the episode. Due to her size at the time of the heart attack, she was too big to operate on, so her heart ailment was never repaired.

Sadly, shortly after that, she lost her fiance, Melvin, in a car wreck.

“That devastated me, but I did what I had to do to get through it and that was to eat so I didn’t fall apart,” Coliesa said during her episode. “Now I spend the majority of my time in my bed.”

As stated above, Coliesa is the eighth person featured on “My 600 lb. Life” to die after their episode was filmed. In April, Season 5 star James King died at the age of 49.  Other participants who have since died include Season 1’s Henry Foots in 2013; Rob Buchel of Season 6 in 2017; L.B. Bonner, also of Season 6, of suicide in 2018. Also in 2018, Lisa Fleming of Season 3 passed away. In February 2019, Sean Milliken, who appeared on Season 4, died after suffering complications from an infection at the age of 29. That month also saw the loss of Season 7’s Kelly Mason, who died of heart failure during her ‘My 600 Lb. Life’ episode.

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(Photo: TLC)

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  1. Kelly’s death really broke my heart. She seemed like she had really turned a corner and was doing so well when she passed but the damage to her body was already done 🙁

  2. To be honest, I’m surprised more haven’t died. Most of them don’t follow Dr Now’s strict protocol of diet and exercise, and even at the beginning of the show, it states less than 5% maintain the weight loss. People over 600lb generally don’t have a long life expectancy, or quality of life.

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