Tenth Lawsuit Filed Against ‘My 600 Lb. Life’ Production Company Megalomedia Claims Producers Falsified a Mental Health Exam Required for Weight Loss Surgery

“Count me in, too!”

Megalomedia— the production company behind TLC’s My 600 Lb. Life— has been hit with yet another lawsuit. (That’s number 10, for those of you following along at home!)

Alicia Kirgan, originally of Season 6, made claims in her recently filed lawsuit that are similar to those found in some of the other nine show-related lawsuits pending against the company. However, Alicia’s lawsuit stands out in that she also claims that producers were involved with falsifying her mental health examination.

On the day Alicia’s Where Are They Now? episode aired, Starcasm exclusively obtained details regarding her fraud lawsuit against Megalomedia — a case that was filed the same day as the one filed by ‘My 600 Lb. Life’ cast member Destinee Lashaee. 


Similar to allegations made by other cast members (the first of which was filed by the family of the late James “L.B.” Bonner in January) Alicia’s suit claims that Megalomedia deceived her regarding the medical costs that they planned to cover. According to Alica’s lawsuit, the production company informed her “that they would cover all medical bills associated with the medical and surgeries if she would agree to participate in the show.”

Alicia states that Megalomedia did not follow through with that alleged promise and, as a result, she is reportedly “facing thousands of dollars in medical bills.” 

Another detail mentioned in Alicia’s suit — one that was also mentioned in Destinee’s — is that she was only offered a single therapy session during filming and that it was arranged solely for TV purposes. In the court paperwork, Alicia claims she reached out to producers about her mental well-being, only to be brushed off. 

Alicia’s lawsuit goes on to make an allegation not previously mentioned in any of the nine lawsuits that came before it: that producers had her falsify a mental health examination that was required in order for her to undergo weight loss surgery. 

A more recent photo of Alicia, shared to her Facebook page in November 2019…

“During both her initial filming and follow-up show, [Alicia] reached out to the producers about her declining mental health, depression and anxiety,” the lawsuit reads. “No therapy or counseling was offered aside from one scripted session with a therapist. Plaintiff was provided a five-question mental health survey a couple of hours before her procedure that asked questions with true or false answers. If she answered one of the questions ‘incorrectly,’ the producers would take the form away and give her another until she answered all of the questions ‘correctly.’”  

In the time between L.B. and Alicia’s suits, lawsuits were also filed by David Bolton (Season 6), Gina Krasley (Season 8) and Maja Radanovic (Season 7) — three lawsuits that Megalomedia has filed formal petitions to have dismissed. 

“Yeah… we’ve heard.”

Lawsuits have also been filed by Destinee Lashaee, Jeanne Covey (Season 7), Nicole Lewis (Season 5), Dottie Perkins (Season 4) and Annjeanette Whaley (Season 7). 

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram; Facebook; Megalomedia) 


  1. I watched the show every week from the beginning.It saddenings me that these patients would Sue. Cost hundreds of thousands to have the Exclusive Surgeries,skin removal.Dr. Now puts up with abusive behaviors,rude-selfish people & still provides Excellent treatment.SHAME ON ALL OF THEM INGRATES! I MYSELF Have spent over $30000 on an 1/8 of what he offers them. All I have to say is Thank you Dr. Now for your service you provide to ignorant, uneducated people.

  2. Notice how all of these people who are filing lawsuits dropped out of and/or failed the program. Even David’s follow up show started focusing on his brother because David refused to continue filming and hasn’t put out a new photo since. Alicia was absolutely controlled by her boyfriend, so I am sure he’s a huge part of this money grab. Good luck to all of them when, if they do manage to con a penny out of the company or a judge, the ambulance chaser takes over half of it and they’re worse off than when they started. Last laugh’s on all of these ingrates.

  3. And of course they have mental health problems, Alicia was 5″1 and weighed 652 pounds. Thats the point of the show you dont get to weigh 600-700 pounds and not need some therapy.

  4. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]

    1. I saw Alicia episode recently and her Where are they now last night. She is from a poor run down little town on the Illinois side by St Louis. I wondered how they got the beautiful rental house in Texas because everyone else lives in some kind of modest apt. I also saw her demolish a whole large box of Krispy Kremes for breakfast.
      Im torn about these lawsuits and Dr Now.
      I was curious how old he was so I googled him where I found out about his exwife and how he treated her during the divorce. But on the other side hes a dinosaur and hes giving these patients a chance of life when no other Dr will touch them. I dont think I could sue the man that saved my life. Even if hes a asshole.

      1. @roastbeef , I agree, the man does seem truly committed to helping these people even if he acts like an asshole.
        Doctor Now is not named in any of these lawsuits ( not that I’ve read ) , a male practice suit is EXTREMELY COSTLY, no attorney is taking it unless these people come to the table with A LOT OF cash. I believe ( as haveseveralseats said ) this is one attorney that’s looking for a fast pay day. Believe me, he’s/ she’s the one giving them a crap load of lines …has probably collected thousands from these people for “ filing fees”, and shit. This is the first one I’ve read that accused the company of fraud , all the others are a real joke.. they promised to pay my bills, that’s pure nonsense. Should the production company not settle and take this to trial these people better be prepared to come up with money aside from what they’ve put up already.

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