Another Former “My 600 Lb. Life” Star Files Lawsuit Against Megalomedia: Season 7’s Annjeanette Whaley Sues Production Company for Gross Negligence & Fraud

“Got room for one more in the courtroom, guys?”

Add another lawsuit to the heap!

Yet another former cast member from TLC’s My 600 lb. Life has filed a lawsuit against the show’s production company Megalomedia. Starcasm broke the news on Wednesday that Season 7’s Annjeanette Whaley became the eighth former cast member from the show to sue Megalomedia after having what she says was a bad experience on “My 600 lb. Life.”

Like some of the other seven former stars from the show who are suing, Annjeanette is claiming fraud, stating that Megalomedia failed to follow through on its alleged promise to pay her medical bills after she had her weight loss surgery, which was filmed for the show.

In the legal paperwork obtained by Starcasm, Annjeanette said held up her end of the bargain– following Dr. Now‘s weight-loss plan to be approved for surgery, having the surgery and losing 274 lbs. by the end of her episode, which aired in the Spring of 2019. (She started the episode at 679 pounds.)

“[Megalomedia] promised…that they would pay all medical bills associated with the television show and related medical care,” Annjeanette’s legal paperwork states, adding that Annjeanette “relied on those promises to her detriment.”

A semi-recent photo of Annjeanette, posted to her Facebook page in October 2019…

The paperwork states that, while Megalomedia coordinated the billing for Annjeanette’s surgery and aftercare, they failed to pay those bills, which meant Annjeanette had to pay them herself, despite allegedly being promised by the production company that they would be taken care of. 

Annjeanette claims the unexpected medical bills caused her to “be subjected to bill collection efforts, adding to her mental distress.”

“Defendants failed to pay for the surgeries and medical care and this has caused her injury and damages,” the paperwork later states. 

Annjeanette was/is reportedly set to star in a follow-up episode for the show which, according to Starcasm, was/is set to air this spring. Given her lawsuit, though, it’s unknown whether that episode will air.

As The Ashley has previously reported, the producers of “My 600 lb. Life” have been working on a “Where Are They Now?” spin-off, and had allegedly continued filming— according to a recent investigation by The Hollywood Reportereven after promising to stop production on the show due to the C0VID-19 pandemic. It’s possible that Annjeanette’s episode was part of that filming, although it has not confirmed.

Annjeanette (middle) meets with Dr. Now during her “My 600 lb. Life” episode…

Megalomedia has not yet responded to Annjeanette’s lawsuit. So far, the company has only responded to two of its now-eight pending “My 600 lb. Life”-related lawsuits. Last month, the company issued statements regarding the lawsuit filed by Season 6 cast member David Bolton and the lawsuit filed by the family of late cast member L.B. Bonner. Megalomedia has yet to publicly respond to the other pending lawsuits against it, which were filed by Nicole Lewis of Season 5, Maja Radanovic of Season 7Gina Krasley of Season 8, Dottie Perkins of Season 4 and Season 7’s Jeanne Covey.

In addition to the lawsuits and the bad press regarding the alleged continued filming, “My 600 lb. Life” took another hit earlier this week when news broke that former Season 5 star James King died last Friday.

Watch a clip of Annjeanette’s episode below!

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(Photos: TLC, Facebook) 

15 Responses

  1. Did these people not get anything in writing? Some of them were not even following his diet and would lie about it. Dr Now is not an idiot, he has heard every excuse in the book. You can’t expect surgery to fix the problem. Quit blaming everyone else for your mental state or because your overweight.

  2. Don’t these patients read?? I’m sure they have contracts that they signed. Ridiculous how ppl always make themselves victims.

  3. These fat hogs just want more money so they can buy more KFC. Disgusting that they go on this show and they turn around and sue!

  4. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    They all have mental issues…same thing with every one of their fat disgusting asses….my daddy left me….i was raped…people were mean to me…i cant stop eating…etc.they ALL blame every single one of their problems and also their disgusting bodies and personalities on everything but themselves. In my opinion…let them all eat themselves to death…will lighten up the load (lol) on the medicare, medicaid and social security systems. They are all fat wastes of life.

  5. This although on the surface sounds bad for the production company etc….. However, let’s just take a step back. The people involved with the show and filming and all that that includes. They perhaps did not get the end result they hoped for. The society we live in is so quick to plan someone for our failures. So let’s just sue we can get some money out of this company!! Oh please your adults. Hence why a minor can not do a show like this. At the end of the day be responsible for your self!! Sue happy people ???. Grow up

  6. The production agency should be ashamed of themselves if it’s in the contract for them to pay there medical bill. These people exploit themselves on tv for all of us to see. Im sure it’s embarrassing for them. The agency people r going straight to hell in gasoline draws.

  7. Thats ahame. Im a faithful watcher of this show. These people r working hard to lose this weight. It’s a matter of life or death for them. They exploit themselves on tv. The show is making money. The production agency needs to b ashamed of themselves. There going straight to hell with gasoline draws on.

    1. Don’t these patients read?? I’m sure they have contracts that they signed. Ridiculous how ppl always make themselves victims.

  8. It’s hard to feel bad for these people. They eat themselves to almost death. I think some just jumped on the get rich quick train.

  9. These people ate themselves to the brink of death and now they want someone else to pay for their life long bad behavior.

  10. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Why the hell do these people want help loseing weight and turn around and want to sue Dt Now tgis is so dam crazy and i would like to know if they pay for the bill for all of there surgery and conseling on the show and it isnt right for these people to do this and if they didnt have to pay for all of these and win the case then they should have to pay for all of it back and stop being little brats

  11. Lord forgive me for this but….she was 679 lbs and her last name is WHALEY??? How unfortunate ?

    On a positive note, she looks like a completely different, and much much younger, person after having lost a lot of weight.

  12. Paying the bills is either in the contract or it’s not! “ They promised ,” makes it sound that they’re alleging someone along the way said yeah, we’ll pay the bills for you… looking for a fast pay day.
    Again, if it’s not in the contract then it doesn’t exist and this needs to be dismissed.

  13. If she was so upset that they didn’t pay her medical bills why would she go on to do a Where Are They Now? episode ?

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